Student Exchange 2


Student Exchange 2Helen and me have been married long enough for us to have celebrated our Silver Anniversary a few years back (you do the math) and I have to say that life as we go through our fifth decade couldn’t be better for the pair of us .. or maybe it could; we’ll see.We live in South London in a large house inherited when Helen’s parents passed on but, despite having no mortgage, money has always been tight and we are careful with our spending. (I haven’t told Helen of my secret indulgence of buying a weekly lottery ticket; she would not be pleased!)Our k**s emigrated a few years ago to work and settle on the other side of the world leaving us as ‘empty nesters’ with spare bedrooms and space in the capacious loft. It was an obvious solution of how to supplement our income that we decided to let the rooms knowing there is a large Business College nearby which caters for post-graduate and overseas students for whom they were forever seeking accommodation. So it was that we began to have short-term tenants on a regular basis. At first we insisted on only female students given that Helen was a little nervous at the thought of having to deal with males on the loose, so to speak. I was quite happy at her preference for the thought of having other females, especially younger ones, around the house fed my suppressed desires and fantasies. I had another secret (that I believed was unknown to Helen) and that was from my ‘Home Office’ in the loft there were a couple of places – peepholes, I suppose you’d call them – through which I could spy. It was in preparation for our new role as landlords that Helen decided improvements and redecoration were required. To save money she decreed that I could do the work given I claimed to be a handyman! Replacement of the ceiling mounted light fittings in the bedrooms was one task but when I did the job ‘somehow’ gaps were left; gaps which were undetectable from below but large enough that when I lay on the loft floor I could see everything in the rooms below.So it was from the beginning of us taking in these students I used to go up into the loft to ‘work’ and be rewarded by the sight of scantily clad females as they went about their routines in the supposed privacy of their bedrooms. Admittedly, lying on the wooden floor was not the most comfortable position to enjoy the delights but the thrills that flooded over me as I wanked my stiff little dick made the sacrifice worthwhile.We had ‘enjoyed’ the company of women for a few months when in desperation the student accommodation coordinator asked if we could accommodate three young Caribbean men. Helen initially declined the request but for whatever what reason she rapidly had a change of heart when she was shown their pictures. I was unsure at the time what caused her to reconsider but subsequent events revealed that she had been just as sexually repressed as myself and the appearance of these three men was the key to unlocking the door to a whole new world for the pair of us. I have related in a previous chapter just how that all panned out so will not dwell on details here rather than say we have both accepted that we have found our true selves and will not be going back to the mundane existence we had prior to our ‘coming-out’. She is definitely the Alpha Dom in our relationship whilst I am the subservient Beta to her desires; my cause isn’t helped by the reality that I only have a small penis and she has definitely discovered that she likes big cocks to service her rapacious pussy.Our Caribbean guests returned home to Barbados after their college courses were completed and left us with a raft of memories and, more touching, an invitation to Helen for her to go and spend a holiday with them in their Bajan homeland. I was uncertain whether the invitation included me but that is a bit academic as for the moment we are unable to take up the offer as the airfare is an extravagance beyond our means but it is a prospect that very much appeals to her; big cocks in the Caribbean sunshine, “what’s not to like?” she joked.However, the experience of having them stay with us did produce something more positive for it determined in Helen’s mind that in future our tenants would be ones who had the potential to provide us with our extra-curricular entertainment. So it has been that since the Caribbean experience that whenever the accommodation coordinator has contacted Helen she would quickly ascertain the prospect of the suggested tenants to fulfilling her demanding criteria. For myself I was quite happy to go along with her decisions for I knew that there would be plenty of collateral benefits and ‘afters’ for me.******It has been a few months now since we settled into this new routine of her making her selection. The college would forward a request for us to host a short-term tenant and on the basis of the attached picture and a short bio that she insisted upon she would make up her mind accordingly. To date she has been unerringly accurate in her assessments.The new tenant would arrive at our house and it was made very plain from the start that I was there to serve; she was there to provide ‘extras’. She would flirt and tease with him (it was always a ‘him’) whilst I would be running around doing the mundane tasks of looking after the comfort and well-being of our guest. She soon made it clear that she was available to provide for his sexual needs and that I was agreeable to her doing so. The look of realisation on our guest’s face when this was expressed was priceless and my little cock would stiffen at the prospect of what the next few weeks would bring.*******Our latest tenant arrived as expected late one wet February evening. Hearing the door bell I opened the door and was taken aback to see a diminutive little chap standing there rather than the anticipated big black man. I bid him to come inside and get out of the rain. Helen came into the hallway and if she was disappointed at having her expectations confounded she didn’t show it. She gave a big smile and held out her hand. The little man stepped inside leaving his bag for me to retrieve and as he went to shake her hand she instantly moved to give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. He was a little confused by her welcome but I noted he was in no hurry to release her hold or attention.She released him from her embrace and he said, “Hello, I’m DeMario.”She stepped back, “Hello DeMario. Let’s get that wet coat off you and get you warmed up.”Not looking at me she said without a pause, “Gordon, take DeMario’s coat and give it a shake and get it hung up to dry off.” Already she was making it clear to him who was in charge in our house.I took the coat, did as I was told and returned to the living room standing to one side to await further instructions.“Gordon, take DeMario’s bag and we’ll show him his room.”I adopted the subservient attitude sending out the signal to him that I was the one who would be doing her bidding without question; just as we wanted as we began to settle into our little game.I let them go up the stairs and followed a few minutes later with his suitcase and went to the bedroom to find that Helen was going through her well-practised routine of showing the guest the amenities. She would stretch to demonstrate how to open the upper window and in the process her dress would rise to reveal her stocking tops; she then went to the dresser and bent over to tug at the bottom drawer apologising for the fact it was a little obstinate to move. She would contrive to make sure her short hemline rose to give him a fleeting view of both her stocking-clad legs and a flash of her panties. Then she led him to the bathroom along the landing and spent a few minutes demonstrating how the shower worked; the toilet flushed; the heated towel rail, etc. Every action required her to bend or stretch and generally reveal aspects of her beautiful body. I doubted whether he took in any of her instructions as the ever growing bulge in his trousers testified his attention was clearly elsewhere. They returned to his bedroom as I was hefting the case onto the bed.“Oh my goodness,” said Helen, “I didn’t realise that you were soaked through. Let’s get you out of those wet clothes.” She clucked like a mother hen as DeMario stood there, bemused, as she began to undo his shirt buttons. “Gordon, go downstairs and get the kettle on and make DeMario a warm drink. I’ll give him a hand to get unpacked”.I smiled to myself as I went down to the kitchen suspecting that she had more than just unpacking in mind. Game on.*******Later as we lay in bed I spooned up behind Helen and gave her a cuddle. Through her cotton nightdress I could feel the warmth of her pussy as my hand rested over the mound. “So, tell me, what happened after I had gone downstairs; did you give him a proper welcome?”She giggled, “What do you think?”She continued and told me that she had peeled off his wet shirt and told him to get the shoes off whilst she returned to the bathroom to run him a hot bath. When she had returned to the bedroom he was standing there looking somewhat dazed, barefoot and wearing just his trousers. Without any signs of embarrassment on her part she had stood in front of him and he offered no resistance as she unbuckled his belt and zipper and tugged his trousers down. She giggled again, “Gordon, it was unbelievable. I was amazed. He’s such a little man and he wasn’t wearing any underwear; as I pulled his trousers down the most enormous cock popped out.“He stepped out of the trousers and the thing seemed to have a life of its own. I swear it was pulsing as I watched it get stiffer. He made no move at all, I think he was totally confused by what was happening; I took this to be a good sign for it meant that he would not be objecting to anything I might do.”“So what did you do?” I said as my hand slipped down and felt the warm fuzz of her pussy hair.“Well, I reached out and tried to take his big cock in hand illegal bahis but I couldn’t even get my hand around it; it was so thick.”I groaned softly in her ear as the vision of what she described began to form in my mind. My own cock began to swell and it took but a few seconds for my unimpressive full 4 inches to be prodding against her butt. She rolled over onto her back and my hand slipped between her open thighs and my fingers rested between the swollen lips of her wet pussy just as she intended.She continued, “I asked him if he minded me holding him like this. He didn’t say a word, he just shook his head, so I began to rub and stroke my hand up and down his length. God, Gordon, it was so big and so, so hard.”Her breathing began to get shallower and not meeting any resistance I started to slowly move my hand in and out between her thighs letting my fingers slip inside her slippery cunt as I moved up and down. At the same time with my other hand I began to softly wank my rampant cock.“Then I reached down so that I could feel the head. I looked down at it and, Gordon, his knob was like a beautiful purple plum. It was lovely and round and was just begging to be sucked. I pushed him back so he was sitting on the bed and I got on my knees and you should have seen the look on his face as I began to lick that lovely plum. It didn’t take long for his pre-cum to start flowing – God, how I love that taste – and then with a little bit of help with my spit I soon had it all shiny and wet so that I could begin to take him into my mouth.”My own cock was now beginning to dribble pre-cum and as my hand softly rubbed my little shaft I could feel the slickness begin to cover my hand. She turned and saw what I was doing and straightaway pushed my hand away. “Now, now, you naughty boy. You know you aren’t allowed to do that when I’m telling you a story.” Chastened I released my hold on myself but continued to finger-fuck her; just as our game rules allowed.“I undid the buttons on my blouse so he could have a proper look at my tits and see just how stiff my nipples were and then I leaned forward a little more and opened my mouth as wide as I could and began to suck him into my mouth. His knob was so big that I didn’t think I could take it but he kind of pushed himself toward me and suddenly my mouth was full of lovely black cock.”I think I whimpered at this point as I envisaged how she must have looked; a complete tramp on her knees with her rose-bud mouth struggling to accommodate this dark invader.“He quickly but gently began to fuck my mouth but there was no way I could take it all in and I’m guessing he knew this as he contented himself with me dictating just how much. As his cock slid back and forth I used my tongue to lick the underside of his shaft and then whenever he pulled out enough I was able to give that lovely knob a special bit of tongue attention.” She was almost panting as she told me this and I could definitely feel her cunt becoming wetter as my fingers continued to probe her.“I could taste the pre-cum and it was lovely and sweet as I lapped at the shiny purple knob.” I knew that she was probably exaggerating but this was all part of our game and my cock was pulsing against my stomach as I pictured in my mind the scene she was describing. “As I licked and sucked on him I reached down and cupped his balls in my hand. Oh my God Gordon, they were so big and soft. It was like holding a furry Hamster,” she giggled. I smiled and groaned in response.“He was in complete heaven as I let him push his cock back into my mouth and face-fuck me. I took him as far as I could whilst all the while I tickled and stroked his nice hairy balls with one hand and grasped his cock with the other. It didn’t take any time at all before I felt him tense up and to feel his cock literally begin to throb in my hand. He suddenly pulled out of my mouth and with me still holding his lovely big black cock he began to spurt and shoot his spunk all over my face. It just didn’t stop, there was spurt after spurt and it felt wonderful to have him cover my face and to feel the warm cum drip down and to drip onto my tits.”I groaned again as I envisaged the sight of a black cock pumping hot cum over my darling wife’s face and how it must have looked as it flowed down and dribbled from her chin onto her breasts. Helen giggled as she saw my reaction to her description, my cock erect and throbbing. She murmured, “Tsk, Tsk, you poor boy. You really wanted to be there didn’t you; you really would have loved to have seen that, wouldn’t you? And I made you go downstairs to make him a drink and wait; poor boy.”I was mute and could only nod my head. I felt so ashamed at my inability to assert myself and to have gone against her wishes; the rule that said I had to wait until she said I could cum.She smiled to herself as I continued to fuck her sopping cunt with my fingers; my little stiff dick sticking up with pre-cum streaming down its short length. Then without any hesitation her hand covered mine and she began flicking her clitoris with a finger whilst I continued to fuck her with all four fingers of my own. She closed her eyes and I could only imagine what thoughts must be going through her head as the gasps and groans of her climax began. I knew that I mustn’t stop and as our hands worked in unison I could feel the wetness in her hot pussy increase and feel her juices beginning to flow making squelching sounds that added to the sounds of sighs emanating from her mouth. She squealed and gasped her way through an intense climax and as she came down from her high I slowly withdrew my hand from her cunt. She slowly opened her eyes and turned to look at me. “Ok, your turn. Shall I give you a little rub?” Her question came too late for I had already taken my slippery wet hand and grasped my equally slippery wet cock and within seconds my cum was spurting and splashing onto my stomach as I enjoyed the most delicious release.“Oh, you are so naughty,” she said with a giggle. “Is it any wonder that I get my pleasures from other cocks that can last a bit longer than that?”She traced her fingers through the pools of cum on my heaving belly making trails. Once her forefinger was well and truly covered with my seed she took it to her mouth and licked the tip like it was lollipop before offering her finger to me. I opened my own mouth and she pushed the dripping digit toward me and I took it like a baby’s dummy, sucking and licking every last trace of my cum from her extended finger.She smiled as I did so and when I was done she told me to go and clean myself up. It was the last act of the evening and when I returned to the bed we snuggled down to sleep, content that we had played out a game; just as we always did.******The following day and DeMario made his sheepish appearance in the kitchen as I was busying around making breakfast. I greeted him in a friendly manner and enquired after his well-being and whether he had enjoyed a good night’s sleep. He was clearly confused at my demeanour and had obviously been expected a quite different greeting.I invited him to sit down and asked what he would like to eat. I provided his ‘order’ and as he ate I steered the conversation to the events of his arrival and the reception that Helen had given him. I assured him that this was the way we behaved in this house and that I was totally comfortable with her providing him with a few extra ‘home comforts’. He still didn’t quite understand what I was suggesting or trying to tell him.At that point Helen joined us; she was still dressed in her nightclothes with a loose robe tied around her waist and had been standing at the doorway listening to our stumbling conversation. Any doubts or questions he may have been harbouring were quickly dispelled when she said, “What Gordon is trying to say is that he doesn’t object to you fucking me while you are staying with us. Indeed, he will be very disappointed if you don’t but you might have to get used to him being around while we do so.”DeMario mouth visibly dropped and I could almost see the wheels turning in his head as he absorbed this invitation. He didn’t say anything other than, “I’d better be getting off to college; don’t want to be late on my first day.”He stood up from the table and picked up his brief case. Helen told me to get his coat which I did and held it and helped him into it. She walked him to the front door and before he could leave she wrapped her arms around him and gave him a kiss. She smirked and said, “Have a nice day and make sure you come home as soon as you can. We are all going to have such fun.”And so it proved. ******The following three weeks of DeMario’s stay followed a pattern. I would get up and go down stairs to get his breakfast ready while Helen would go to his room to make sure he was awake. Eventually he would appear in the kitchen where I had laid out a meal at the table. Helen would follow a little while after (looking a little agitated I have to say) and after he had eaten off he would go off to college as a dutiful student. At the end of the afternoon he would return to the house to find me waiting to greet him. I would ask after his day – I had no idea what he was studying – whilst getting him a cup of tea and let him know that Helen was waiting for him upstairs ready to run him a bath, if that’s what he wanted. He always wanted.They would reappear after an hour or so again looking very flushed. I suspected that she may have run the bath too warm for him and despite me saying so my advice to turn down the temperature seemed to fall on deaf ears for every day it was the same. No matter, by the time they reappeared I had cooked a meal; usually something that he had requested and I was pleased to make. After we had finished eating I would stay in the kitchen to tidy away and wash-up whilst they would go to the living room and settle down on the sofa to supposedly watch TV. Oddly enough it seemed illegal bahis siteleri there was hardly ever anything on worthwhile watching (or so she said) and I would find them cuddling and generally making out whilst the TV was studiously ignored. So it was from the first night that we put our carefully crafted ‘script’ into place, as per the rules, Helen would be waiting for me to join them before getting more serious. I would take my place on an armchair where I could watch them without being too obtrusive. I would pick up the Newspaper or a book and make a play of being engrossed in my reading but from my dark corner I could watch her not-very-subtle ‘performance’ as hands strayed and their clothing became loosened and disarrayed. Behind my newspaper I would become increasingly aroused as the game played out and Helen, whilst seemingly engaged with her part in the entertainment, would be keeping an eye on me and my reactions. When she gauged the time was right she would look up and purposely suggest that I might have a task to do elsewhere; anywhere that meant I had to depart the living room and leave them alone. I would do so but only to melt into the shadows of the hallway from where I could watch her go all the way with him as they stripped off completely and indulged in what she called ‘porno sex’. Some evenings she would decide that she wanted the comfort of a bed rather than the lumpy sofa and I would be poised to duck into the kitchen so that they could pass by with me being out sight as they made their way up the staircase. I would wait a discrete few minutes and follow and stand outside whatever bedroom had been chosen and there I would unzip my trousers and stroke and play with my stiff little dick as I watched her shamelessly cavort with him whilst she worshipped and surrendered herself to his big stiff black cock. I lost count of the times that as I stood in a trancelike state that my cum would spew and spurt over my hand to spill down the front of my pants. I tried to pace myself so that I could match my orgasm to his but invariably the excitement of witnessing the sight of his cock either in her cunt or her mouth was just too overpowering for me and I suffered the old humiliation of my premature ejaculation. Even worse was to be told off later by Helen that I had soiled the carpet and she would have me know of her displeasure by chastising me in earshot of DeMario and instructing me to clean up my mess. But, hey, it was all part of ‘the game.’******It was on his last night, a Sunday, that Helen said she had something special in mind for us. I didn’t ask what for I knew better to question. We went through the usual ritual of having nice meal; them going through to the sitting room and for me to spend time in the kitchen clearing up giving them time to get comfortable.This evening they had wasted no time in getting know each other better for when I ventured into the room they were already embracing and pawing at each other. I sidled past the sofa and with newspaper in hand I settled into my armchair in the corner of the room. They ignored my presence and I watched as DeMario leaned over and helped her unbutton her blouse to reveal her breasts nestled in her half-cup bra. He, like me, drew in a deep breath at the sight of these gorgeous globes and he completed the revelation by pulling the white lace-fringed bra down letting her tits spill over and exposing her nipples which, no surprise to me, were already erect and looking just like they were little hard brown marshmallows. DeMario must have had a similar thought as he straightaway bent his head down to taste them with his darting tongue. As he licked and nibbled at her she arched her back and wriggled to remove her blouse and bra giving him unfettered access to her breasts. Already I could see that his cock was tenting in his loose sweatpants.As I sat behind my newspaper sneaking an occasional glimpse I could feel my own cock hardening and becoming stiff in the confines of my trousers. I shifted in my seat in an attempt to give myself a better view (and to make myself more comfortable!) When I next sneaked a look it was to catch my breath for not only was DeMario now openly fondling her tits but she had managed to pull down his sweatpants and there was his black erect swollen cock sticking up inviting her attention. She needed no invite and immediately grasped him with her hand and leaned down to give the bulbous head a kiss.It was just as she had described to me after her first ‘encounter’; a thick shaft topped by a big shiny purple knob looking like a ripe plum. I don’t suppose he was any bigger than any of the three other Caribbean fellows that had pleased her a few weeks ago but his small frame made it appear that he was massively endowed. I continued to make a play of reading the paper and despite keeping my main focus on the two lovers there was something at the bottom of the page that caught my eye. I couldn’t believe what I was reading and tried to hide my excitement but I must have given an audible gasp which diverted Helen’s attention. She looked over to me and gave me a quizzical look. I attempted to maintain a blank expression which she interpreted as me being ready for our game to move to the next level. She smirked, “didn’t you say you had some work to get on with in your ‘office’?”Her question delivered in a commanding tone was in reality an agreed signal that formed part of our game. She had recently discovered my little secret of the spy-holes in the bedroom ceilings and far from being angry with me she had encompassed this as being an opportunity for her to perform to a hidden audience; another little kink and fantasy that she had been harbouring. She loved the idea of me watching her as an unseen voyeur.I put my paper to one side, stood up and left the room to go upstairs. They looked at me as I passed by but I didn’t make any eye contact, rather, I focussed and got a clearer look at DeMario and his massive black cock being grasped by my wife’s small white hand. The bulbous end was already wet but whether this was Helen’s saliva or his own pre-cum was just an unanswered thought that flashed through my mind as I stumbled up the stairs. My loft ‘office’ had been equipped with a camp-bed and pushing down my restricting trousers and pants I laid on my stomach and made myself comfortable, my little stiff dick pressing into the padded cushion. I didn’t have to wait long to hear the sounds of them following me up the stairs and I listened and tracked their route along the passage to DeMario’s room, the room above which I was laying with my eyes peering through the gap in the ceiling so carefully crafted by my amateur DIY efforts.Helen knew exactly where I was positioned and she took care to lead DeMario who was now completely naked to lie on the bed so that I would have a clear view. With his clothes no longer obscuring his body I could see just how big this boy was and I had doubts that Helen and her tight pussy would be able to accommodate him. How wrong was I?He lay there stroking himself as Helen slowly and teasingly peeled off the rest her clothes; soon she was as naked as him. She moved around to the end of the bed and with a smile and a glance up at the peephole she climbed onto the bed and shuffled forward on her knees to straddle DeMario. She reached behind her and took hold of his cock and I swear I could see juice leaking from her as she manoeuvred herself above him and rubbed this monster along her gaping pussy lips. In no time at all the bulbous head was glistening as she coated him with her love juices. I held my breath and squirmed in time with their movements and as my stiff little dick rubbed against the bed I became aware I was leaking in sympathy as the cushion beneath me became wetter by the second. I dare not touch myself for I knew what the consequence would be. Indeed, I had to keep closing my eyes to be denied the sight of the scene below and so contain my excitement!I gathered my breath, opened my eyes and focussed once more through my spy hole; I was just in time to see Helen lift herself up and without hesitation impale herself on that monstrous black cock. In one swift downward movement she took him in to the hilt and I watched aghast as her pussy lips spread and seemingly gobbled him up so that all that could be seen of her violator’s genitals was his hairy balls as she settled down on him with a groan and expelling of breath. They remained still for a few moments and from my viewpoint I could only visualize an image of her breasts being pressed against him as she lay on top whilst he wrapped his arms around her to give her a loving hug. The few moments passed and she began to rhythmically rock back and forth and I watched fascinated as his slick shaft came into view as she lifted herself up and then, after a pause, to see his cock disappear once more as she slowly pushed herself down. Each time she moved a groan and moan of pleasure would escape her open mouth.She pushed her hands against his chest and sat up still engorged on that magnificent cock. He responded by reaching up and although I couldn’t see from my viewpoint I knew that he was massaging her breasts and, no doubt, pinching and tweaking her nipples. She wriggled and squirmed and I could hear her squeals of delight as he attended to that most sensitive part of her beautiful body. She leaned her head back down and kissed him. His hands moved to her waist and with her willing assistance he began to lift her up and down so that they began to get into what can only be described as proper fucking. I peered through my spyhole and caught myself purring as I watched the rounded cheeks of her butt being helped in and up-and-down motion; I couldn’t see the actual coupling of cock and cunt but the combination of the sounds of their moaning together with the squish and squelching caused by him pumping into her left nothing to my canlı bahis siteleri imagination. She threw her head back and I would like to think she was trying to catch my eye as her passion and approaching orgasm overtook her. In truth her eyes were half closed and I doubt if she was capable of focussing on anything as her moans turned to grunts and a****l-like whimpers as the ultimate pleasure began to wash over her. I couldn’t take my eyes off the scene below me and I was beside myself with a combination of emotions tugging at my insides. On the one hand I was consumed with jealousy that she was enjoying raw sex with another man and not me, her husband, whilst on the other I was thrilled beyond comprehension at seeing her humiliate me in such a blatant fashion. My little cock was as hard as it had ever been and I squirmed and rubbed myself against the padded cushion beneath me deliberately trying not to take myself in hand and bring myself to the same agreeable conclusion. And what a conclusion it was for suddenly DeMario gave a cry to match the whimpering from my Helen and it was clear that he was climaxing and shooting his spunk deep inside her. I looked down and could see that she was also in spasm as her own orgasm consumed her. With a final moan and jerk she suddenly lifted herself off him and his cock emerged with an audible plop and still spewing cum poked up obscenely between the gap between her thighs. She collapsed back down upon his chest and for all the world looked as if she had lost consciousness as she lay there lifeless with his cock nestled between the cheeks of her butt coating her as spunk continued to seep from him.I held my breath and was relieved to see her come back from the dead as she slipped off of his prone form and flop onto the bed alongside him. He laid there his arm across his face, his chest heaving as she moved down the bed to position herself to take his slightly deflated and slippery cock in hand. She looked up in my direction, gave me a wink then with a smile leaned down and put out her tongue to lick at the cum-covered penis. The tentative licking quickly turned into lapping and she looked just like a cat at a bowl of cream as she got into a rhythm of licking, lapping and kissing this obscene phallus. DeMario took his arm away from his face and looking down at her gave an appreciative moan and placed his hand on the back of her head. She reacted to the murmurs and the approval of his hand by getting onto her knees. With her head now spoiling my view I could only imagine that she must be taking him in her mouth and sucking at him as I watched her head bobbing and heard the slurping and sucking. It was all too much for my fevered mind and I turned away from my spyhole to collapse back on my bed. Without touching myself my cock suddenly began to spurt and spew cum over my prone body. I lay back feeling a mix of sexual relief, embarrassment and humiliation of not being able to control myself. My heart was racing and I was overwhelmed by a sensory overload so much so that I actually passed out and fell into a deep sleep.How long I lay there was a mystery but I came to my senses to realise all was dark and quiet. I rolled back over and looked through the spyhole but there was nothing to be seen as there were no lights illuminating the room below although I thought I could hear DeMario snoring. I was trying to fathom out what time of night it might be when I was jolted into awareness by a stage whisper coming from the direction of the stairwell. “Gordon … Gordon, are you awake; what are you doing? Come on down; it’s time we went to bed,” hissed Helen.I stumbled to my feet, half pulled up my trousers and underwear and staggered toward the stairs to see Helen, naked, looking up at me. By the reflected light from our open bedroom door I could see she had that triumphant smirk on her face. “Come on; for heaven’s sake, what have you been doing up there?” My open flies, the stains down the front of my trousers and the blobs of drying cum over my bare chest were answer enough. She turned on her heel and went into our bedroom and I dutifully followed. By the time I entered she was already in bed waiting for me to join her. I quickly stripped my clothes off and slid beneath the duvet which she was holding open for me. She snuggled up to me and I was instantly enveloped by both her arms around me and the distinct reek of sex. “Were you able to see everything?” was her greeting. “Did you enjoy watching what we did?”I murmured what I hoped was an approving “Yes” and turned to face her. She pressed against me and the feel of her breasts against my chest; the warmth emanating from her soft body; the wetness that I felt as she moved and slid her leg over my thigh was her unspoken way of telling me that was what she hoped I would say. It was all part of our game.She pulled off the duvet and I reached down and pushed my hand between us and was thrilled when my fingers slid into her sopping cunt. She moved to lie on her back and covered my hand with hers encouraging me to begin finger-fucking her; I didn’t need any encouragement for it was exactly what I had been hoping she would allow me to do. I don’t think I had ever felt her to be so wet and I knew what I was feeling was not just her own fluids as silky slick juice oozed from her pussy and covered my hand. Satisfied that I would continue to “fuck” her in this manner she moved her hand away from mine and began to caress her tits and tease her stiff nipples. Her moans belied the pleasure she was feeling. I knelt up alongside her not taking my hand from her warm wet cunt and leaned down to kiss and nibble at her breasts. She put her hand on the back of my head and stroked and smoothed my hair as I lapped and sucked at her tits just like a suckling baby. Her moans of pleasure increased and I felt my cock begin to stiffen. Helen opened her eyes and with me still enjoying the tastes; the feel; the softness; the aromas of her she focussed on my little stiffy which I knew must be leaking its own emissions. “Why don’t you turn around and let me touch you while you do that?” she whispered. “Even better, why don’t you go down on me and clean me up. You know how much you want to, don’t you?”I groaned at the wicked suggestion and quickly repositioned myself on the bed so that my face was above her gaping pussy which was seeping DeMario’s spunk. My cock was in easy reach of her hands and as I leaned down to begin lapping at the well of nectar I felt her fingers grasp me with a gentle grip. I found paradise as my tongue pushed its way into her warmth and I sucked and swallowed without any thought of what or where the juices I was consuming had originated. The sweetness, the taste, the smell all combined to make a heady emotional mix and time stood still as I indulged in my ultimate pleasure of cleaning my beautiful wife in the most intimate way.I spread her swollen pussy lips and pushed my lapping tongue inside her as deep as I could ensuring as I came up for breath that I gave her equally swollen clit some attention. As I continued to lick she began to writhe beneath me and we got into a gentle rhythm of me fucking her with my tongue while she softly wanked my stiff little cock. We continued in this dance for what seemed an eternity until I started to sense my orgasm beginning to build. She must have sensed it too and I was slightly disturbed and confused when I felt her other hand sliding down over her pubic mound as if to push my head away. I lifted my head slightly with a sense of disappointment that was instantly dispelled when she hissed, “Oh God, don’t stop, keep licking … oh fuck …” Relieved I did as she commanded and as my tongue continued to seek out her nectar it was joined by her fingers slipping and sliding into her warmth and wetness whilst her thumb played on her swollen clit. A few seconds later we both came together with a shattering climax.As ever after such an intense orgasm I fell back and lay in a comatose state losing all sense of time. Who knows how long it was before I could gather my thoughts; my breath; my ability to speak? I felt like I had been to heaven but, even better, as I surfaced it was to find my wicked angel was still with me.Helen looked at me with an expression of pure satisfaction on her beautiful face. “That was a bit good, wasn’t it?” she said as she examined her shiny fingers; one hand covered with my spunk and the other still dripping from the juices that she had squirted when she had cum.“What a great night,” she continued, “did you enjoy yourself?”I kept the thought to myself that her question was a perfect example of being a rhetorical one and said, “That was the best we’ve had, I’m thinking and, do you know what, the best is still to come.”She looked at me quizzically, “What do you mean; what are you up to?”I took her hand in mine and said, “When we were downstairs in the Sitting Room and I was supposedly looking at the Newspaper and I disturbed you; do you remember?”She still looked confused, “Erm, yes.”“Well, you may not know it but I have been buying a weekly Lottery ticket. My numbers came up in this week’s draw.”She looked at me wide-eyed, “What, you’ve won the Jackpot?”“Not quite,” I said. “I think I’ve got 5 numbers. Not quite the Jackpot but worth a lot of money; I need to check and find out exactly how much tomorrow.”For the first time ever she was speechless and could only hug me as a response. I filled the silence by saying, “However much money it might be, you need to realise that we shall be able to do that Barbados thing. We don’t have to worry about anything now.”********The next morning after Helen had given DeMario a special farewell we had things to do. I started my day by calling the Lottery hotline and it was confirmed that I had won a 6 figure sum. I decided I was going to reassert a little bit of the Alpha male lurking inside me and elected not to tell Helen just how much but I did share with her that we were rich and that we needed to get ourselves down to the travel agents.I started this chapter by asking, “Could life get any better?” The answer is, you better believe it, but that, as they say, is another story.******

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