Stranded in Heaven


Stranded in HeavenIt was a warm fall day and I was headed home after a long day of work. The typical overworked and underpaid rang loudly in the back of my head as the radio played Garbage hammering in my head. I always linked strange sayings with things that apparently had no direct correlation. The road winded around the hill and continued for what looked like an eternity. 44 miles to home, uggh I thought.. I could use a distraction for sure. At that time the low fuel gauge buzzed and reminded me that I already forgot that I was almost empty. I continued down the road but there was no gas station in sight. I was getting worried so I turned off my normal route and attempted to make it to the closest station for gas. I continued on my quest for another few minutes when it happend, the truck had that unmistakable sound and jolted and died. Great. I was not sure exactly where I was but I knew I better get to walking to find a station before it got any darker. So I started walked down the long lonely road.About 30 minutes later I saw a gas station, thank god I thought as I walked up to the door to go inside. At the counter was a cute girl that looked tired but happy enough to help. I walked up and said “hey I need some help in kinda a bad way”. She smiled and asked what kind of pickle I was involved in. I explained about my situation and she understood and said that she actually had a spare gas can in her car and she was getting off in 10 minutes and she would be happy to drop me back off at my truck. I thought that sounded like a deal too good to be true so I said sounds great. I went out to her car and got the gas can and filled it up and then went back inside. I kept noticing that she smiled at me, and thought to myself that she is just a friendly happy person and didn’t think much more of it. There were a few more customers, but really things were starting to slow down. About 3 minutes before she was about to get off I walked up to try to talk to her. I hated to bother her when she was working, but she was happy to answer questions about work and other things. I didn’t know why, but looking in her eyes, I felt comfortable with her, kinda like those people you meet where you have only known them a short while, but you feel like your old souls that have known each other so long that it spans a past life or something supernatural like that. Before we knew it it was time tohead out. She told me to follow her and we walked out to the parking lot. We got into her car and headed out. It was probably a good 6-7 miles to where I was stranded so the trip wasn’t going to be terribly long, but I sure didn’t want to have to walk it like I did coming in. I told her I was so samsun escort thankful and that I owed you cause of your kindness. You just smiled and said I could owe you. I smiled back enjoying the playful banter. We had about another half mile left and I could start to see the truck in the darkness. As we approached you pulled in behind the truck and slowly came to a stop. I was so grateful and said thank you again. You smiled and replied back “I thought of something you could do”. My eyebrows raised and I was curious to what you were about to say next. You told me that your neck was so sore from working all day and wondered if I could give you a quick shoulder rub to hopefully help it relax. I thought that sounded fair, so I got out and we figured the easiest way was for me to sit in the back seat and you stay in the drivers seat. I quickly obliged and got in the back seat. My hands slowly started rubbing your shoulders and I started to press on your neck to help the soreness. You quickly exhaled and said it felt wonderful and a few more times should do it. I ran my fingers quickly back down your neck and up while rubbing every other time to space out the intensity. You moaned several times and when I would hit a certain spot, so I went back to concentrate on those areas several times. After about 10 minutes you were really relaxed, and I let my fingers explore a little further down. I moved down to your collar and slipped a hand in under your shirt. You didn’t say anything and I worked back up to your neck and rubbed it a little more and you moaned again louder than before. My ears perked up and I loved the fact that I was making you feel so good. I again worked down under your shirt on the other side and back up. Nothing but moans. At this time my excitement was killing me. I noticed my cock was starting to swell against my underwear and I was having naughty thoughts. I couldn’t see your face since I was behind you in the back seat, but I thought that maybe you were wanting more, I couldn’t tell, and god, I hated having to read the signs, as I was the worst there was in this field. Against my better judgement I reached down again and slowly moved my hand under the top of your shirt and moved further down. I felt the top of a nice lacy bra that felt delicate and intricate. I slowly moved my hand over your breasts and gave it a firm squeeze. You moaned louder than you had all through the back rub, my nervousness started to slowly leave and you said “shit, it took you long enough”. I smiled and promptly moved my other hand to cup your other titty. I didn’t know what to think, I had both my hands fondling and cupping a great antalya escort set of tits. As I continued to rub and gently run my fingers under your bra I could feel your nipples getting hard and excited. I playfully pinched your nipples between my fingers and could feel you press back against the seat. After a few more minutes you said you needed to get more comfortable.You quickly got out of the front seat and opened the back door. You told me to scoot over and I moved back into the other seat. You were now facing me with me up in the corner. I noticed you kept looking down, so I quickly glanced that direction and hadn’t noticed my rock hard dick printing through my pants. I nervously laughed and you just put your finger over my mouth as to shush me. You wasted no time grabbing at my waist and pulling my pants down. My underwear didn’t hide my secrets either. My cock was so wet and hard they were begging to be freed from my underwear. You kissed my neck and then moved down to pull my underwear down with your teeth. You slowly moved over it kissing the shaft and head and continued teasing it with your hair and lips. You positioned yourself several times while teasing my cock and I didn’t realize it at the time, but you had unbuttoned your jeans during the commotion. You came back and slowly and started kissing my dick again and you slowly started jacking it off, taking turns with your hands and mouth. I moaned louder and louder the faster you went then slowing it down with some hand twists and flicking the head with your tongue. I couldn’t stand it hardly anymore, so I pulled you up and put your back to me and moved my hand down your jeans. Expecting to find resistance, I was shocked when my hand effortlessly moved down past your waist and I felt your panties. I got so excited while I slowly but steadily started rubbing your panties, feeling your hot and wet pussy underneath. I moved my left hand up under your shirt and freed your tits from the bra so they were now free to be played with while my other hand continued teasing and rubbing your clit. You slowly started grinding against me and I pushed back with equal force. Before I knew it your panties were soaked from excitement. We continued this for a few more cycles, but by this time we were almost tearing off each others clothes. Your shirt was off and I was completely bottomless. You stood up and turned around to face me. You sat in my lap with my hard cock pressing up against your pussy, the only thing stopping it from slipping in was your soaking panties. You felt it throbbing against your lips. You slowly pulled your panties to the side and I quickly teased your clit ankara escort by rubbing my cock back and forth against your wet lips and gently slapping it with my dick. You screamed in excitement, and moved back and forth while it rubbed your clit. After a few more minutes my dick finally found its way in and slipped inside your hot pussy. First just the head, as it explored it’s new found home. The first few pumps were nice and slow, exploring each others parts. Your juice was running down my cock by the time I was fully bottomed out in your pussy and we started getting a good steady pump. While my right hand grabbed your breasts and my tongue flicked and played with your nipples you rode me hard while my other hand was firmly grabbing your ass as it grinded back and forth and up and down. We both were moaning so loud as I slipped in and out of your pussy. Every thrust, every grind, felt better than the last. We continued enjoying each others bodies for several minutes when I tapped you and changed positions. My dick gasped for air as you dismounted from smothering it from your juices. You quickly got on your hands and knees and you locked your legs around me for some intense doggy. I quickly slid inside you and continued to pump, the slapping of your ass against me echoed in the car in between the moans. Slap, slap, slap, your tits were bouncing back and forth with each thrust, slap, slap slap. My hands cupped your tits as they banged back and forth, thrusting deeper and harder. After only a few minutes of this we both were ready to cum. I pulled out and quickly flipped you over, and intensely started licking your pussy up and down, thrusting my tongue deeper and deeper while holding your clit apart with my other hand. It didn’t take long and you were pushing my head deeper and deeper into your pussy while my tongue fluttered over your lips. I slowed down and more intensely ran my tongue over you. You yelled ‘fuck’ so loudly as you came along with your other moans. I slowed down and gave your clit one last kiss. When i raised up my throbbing cock was ready to explode. I ran my hand over your pussy and got it lubed up and started stroking. After a few seconds I could feel my cum getting ready to explode. I took aim and slowly started stroking when you quickly took over. Your hands moved effortlessly back and forth on my dick. I was seconds away and moaned with pleasure. I blew my load all over your tits with each spert feeling just as good as the last. You continued to stroke until you emptied my balls completely. I collapsed back on the seat next to you. I never had expected this day to go this way at all, and sometimes it unrealized how a bad situation like running out of gas could end up so well. We exchanged numbers and we both had a good experience to dream about at night. I stood outside with the gas can and watched you drive off in the distance. I got my truck started and smiled and hoped there would be more visits and drop ins the future.

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