Straight married couple… turn Swingers… pt 02


Straight married couple… turn Swingers… pt 02
Link to Part 1:

Summary from Part 1:

Wife and I shared fantasies… never thought we would live them out… High school buddy came to visit, drinking and cards ensued, ended up having a mmf threesome where my wife promised me a ffm threesome even though she wasn’t into girls.

and now… our story continues…

Jason fucked my wife, Drea, so well with me over that weekend, that we immediately started our quest for what we would later learn is the legendary unicorn. A sexy single female that is willing to join a couple for a no strings attached roll in the hay, although friendship is certainly preferred.

We didn’t know how to go about it. We would hit bars, but Drea was so used to hitting on guys, and she had no game to hit on girls. So after a few pitiful fails, I hit the computer. Quite literally googled something to the effect of “Girls wanting to join threesome”. The query wasn’t very fruitful, but we came across the website adult friend finder, and we created account. It was a quite simple profile. A picture of my wife’s gorgeous body, cut off just above the lips to keep anonymity, and her in lingerie below. Something similar to this below (yes this is a real picture of Drea)

We didn’t have very much luck on that website. The few leads we had ended up being single guys faking to be couples trying to get in our bedroom. A couple of them even were bisexual men wanting bi play with us, which totally wasn’t on our menu…

Then one day, we got a message inviting us to a “Bi Girl Party” at a local ritzy beach town. We replied, with the concern of a couple and a husband of someone who has never been to such a thing. The host, Carl, was more than happy to provide us with a phone number, and we called them that evening.

We asked hard questions…

“Is this being recorded for porn?”

“Is this a free for all?”

“Is this safe”

Carl, a seasoned man in what we would learn is commonly known as “The Lifestyle” deferred to a much younger lady half of a swinger couple that lived with him (he actually had two married couples that lived with him in his posh house)… Her name was Katy. She had a sweet voice and assured us that the party was legit. Bring a side dish, they had an optional buy in to help out with the main course that was provided every time. Single Bi girls came in for free (but that was an extreme rarity, and we never saw one.. hence: Unicorn), but couples were asked to bring a $20. They hosted every 2nd and every 4th Saturday of the month.

It was a 45 minute drive that saturday… Drea wore her amazing hipster booty jeans that nearly showed her crack (if she took her belt off, which was suggestively low on her ass, her booty cleavage would be ample), and a sexy black midriff shirt… We get the address… it was high in the coastal hills… the top street in the town… we found the address from our mapquest printout (yes, this was circa 2003) türkçe bahis passed it intentionally and made a block. I parked about 6 houses down.

“Drea… I seriously don’t know if this is going to be a bunch of horny guys wanting to club me over the head and **** you… lets wait and see what we see first…” My concern and nerves were incredibly high… I don’t recall if Drea had the same concerns that I had, but she agreed to my manic protectiveness.

After just a few minutes, we see a nice car pull up, and a gorgeous lady comes out with a trench coat showing nothing but big sexy hair, a little ankle and fuck me heels… her guy opened the door for her, and they walked into the house with our address. That was enough to have us exit the car.

We knocked on the door. Culture shock would be an absolute understatement. Guys dressed to impress in typical club wear, and their girls scantily clad… some legit in lingerie… their asses hanging out gloriously from their thongs. My wife was very overdressed… We met the host, Carl… the co host that we spoke to on the phone, Katy, and her husband Glenn. Katie passed us off to Glen for the tour of the house and the rules.

“So, this is the kitchen obviously,” Glen began his tour, ” As you can see we have a ton of food. One of our regulars owns a sushi restaruant, so he always brings a few trays of sushi, Carl always does the pork shoulder, so feel free to bring some side dishes if you like. And in the back is the cantina, if you are going to drink, you can bring a bottle to help out with…”

As Glen was talking, a gorgeous curly haired readhead walked up to him with a shot of goldschlager. She dropped to her knees, unbuttoned his pants, pulled out his flaccid, yet obviously sizable cock, and dipped the tip of his cock into the shot, which made him stop his sentence, wincing hard… she handed him the shot, and sucked his cock aggressively to take all the taste of the shot off his dick… he took the shot, shook his head and stated: “Ooof.. damn party trick… okay, moving on then..”

Glen showed us all of the rooms, where the condom bowls were in each bathroom, the back yard that had a gorgeous pool and a spa with a rock wall… then brought us to the cantina and had the guy behind the bar make us a few drinks.

After a few hours of flirting and drinking, and sexy ladies brushing up against me and Drea (I remember feeling pretty tipsy and caressing a girls back down to the small of her back, her thin waist line, and to her thong line… after doing this a few minutes my senses came to me and I was like: “Is this okay?? Am I being okay? And she was like, *Yeah*… so fucking hot…)

So after a few hours, an announcement was made that it was time for initiations.. *OH Shit!* iniatiations??! We were assured it was okay, and that it was just for the girls. We all, maybe 30 or so of us, piled into the living room. Drea and I made it onto one of the three couches (yeah no joke), and some were sitting on the open sided stair case, some perabet giriş sat on the floor. Carl came to the front and leaned onto a white plastic chair and started laying down the rules of the party.

“Alright guys, welcome, this is a fully consensual party. We encourage safe sex, there are condoms of all sizes in the bathrooms. Guys, don’t jump in on the ladies unless you are invited or we will throw your asses out… and for god sakes, if you use a condom, don’t put it in my damned slipper” .

Yes that is the readers digest version of a 15 minute speech he gave every time we met.

So with the speech out of the way, Carl announced it was time for initiations. He pointed at Drea, and had her sit on the plastic chair that he had been leaning on. She looked nervous… he kneeled beside her and started fumbling with a radio. After a few moments, we had bass and some pop music pouring through the room.

Three girls, wearing barely anything other than their thongs strutted in from the cantina and surrounded Drea. Two behind drea on each side of her neck, and one right in front of her. The curly readhead that did the goldschlager “Party trick” was one of the ladies. Each were armed with a bottle from the bar. The put a towel around Drea’s neck, leaned her head back and “mixed a margarita” in her mouth. Once she swallowed it down, the three ladies welcomed her into the group.

Two of the girls began nuzzling her neck on either side, running their hands all over Drea’s body and tugging at her clothes ever so slightly. The third girl was on her knees between her legs, sticking her amazing out as far as she could, caressing her thighs and working her pants. Drea, being straight her entire life was tense, glanced at me and gave me a “Doing this for you babe” look. Half the song was through (typically initiations were just one song), and there was a visual change in Drea.. her shoulders dropped… she was enjoying these hands running underneath her shirt, teasing and her undergarments… she began allowing them to start removing articles… her face changed to that of euphoria instead of nervousness… she looked over her left shoulder and found the curly redhead girl there.. she reached up, and to my amazement grabbed the back of her head and pulled her close and began kissing her.

I was petrified with arousal… I couldn’t move. The girls removed articles of Drea’s clothing and threw them at me… soon she was completely naked.. all three girls making out with her, kissing her hips… grabbing at her body…. my cock was hard, and I really had to pee. I had to pee since Carl was doing the announcements, but I wasn’t going to miss a moment of this.. Her hips began to writhe, her breath deepened.. and after several songs, Carl finally interrupted…

“As much as I hate to stop this, we do have another girl to initiate…” so my wife came and sat by me and kissed me one of the biggest fuck me kisses she has ever given me.

I pried myself away and told her I needed to use the perabet güvenilir mi restroom. I snuck out and took one of the longest pees of my life. I got myself situated, came back out, and the couch where I left her was empty. Okay, maybe she went upstairs to use the restroom there.

I sat down, and feasted my eyes on the gorgeous brunette petite spinner in the plastic chair… but wait a second… now there was four girls inatiators… my naked wife, bent over showing her pussy and amazing ass to everyone… was kissing the thighs of the new girl… Instant hard on yet again…

After initiations, we were scooped up by the cohosts: Glen and Katy… the curly redhead and her husband: Ryan and Jessie… the six of us went into a fairly small bedroom, with a really big bed… We later learned Glen and Katy were aspiring porn stars (they never really made it) by the names of Tiger Johnson and Lilly Lixxx… Jessie was a stripper in a local Spearmint Rhino… and all of them were very comfortable with their sexuality. Katie went down and ate Drea’s pussy, and pulled out her “Rabbit” vibrator. Drea had never had a toy before. I watched as she writhed and came over and over as Katie worked the rabbit on her pussy. Moments after, I see my wife go down and eat a pussy for the first time… The moaning and grinding and sweat was incredible..

After an erotic eternity, the girls turned to the boys. . . Jessie (the Redhead) began kissing me and going down on my cock… her husband went on the floor with Drea… I hate to admit it… I had performance anxiety… Glen and Katie were fucking like the aspiring pornstars they were…. my wife was moaning on the floor looking at me for approval to fuck (because we agreed it was only to meet girls for a ffm threesome)… I gave her the approval and she didn’t even bother to go to the restroom to get the condom, she stuffed the big cock in her and started orgasming profusely… here I was, a gorgeous redhead girl giving me some of the best oral I have ever had… and I couldn’t get it up. I closed my eyes…. I tried watching my wife… I tried watching the pornstars.. absolutely nothing worked. And Jessie kept working incredibly hard. The most crazy thing ended up happening… me, fully flaccid, came hard into Jessie’s mouth. Something I had never had happen before, and never had happen since…

The night was crazy, we ended up going into the spa with the other new couple, and going back inside and swapping with them as well.. there wasn’t as much going on, so I was able to fuck that spinner brunette doggystyle and do okay. After that, Drea went and fucked Glen… Katie apparently started her period so she told me no.. but we made out on the floor as my wife levitated on Glen’s cock.

We fucked until 7 in the morning… ate breakfast… and drove home.

The incredible thing… I couldn’t get a great hard on the entire night…

We got in the car. I asked Drea: “What was your favorite part?”

As she reminisced about all the craziness of the night… she fucked 3 guys, and blew another… I fucked 2 new girls… the stories got me a raging hard on…

I quite literally looked at my pants: “What the fuck man, now you get hard?!!”

Hope part 2 is enjoyed… I look forward to writing part 3..

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