Straight Boy Bottom – Chapter 4


Straight Boy Bottom – Chapter 4Chapter 4 – Much Needed ReliefMy team had gone to a region swim competition, a week-long event about 4hours away from my school. It was a huge deal, but it did mean going aweek without much privacy. I made it almost the whole way through the weekbefore I ran into trouble.I had just finished my last event, and it had been a grueling day. I hadpushed my body to its limits, and earned a silver medal for my efforts. Ihad gone back to my hotel room after the meet to shower off and change intocomfortable clothes, intent on taking a nap before joining the other guysfor celebrations. I took a long, hot shower, and elf the bathroom withjust a small towel wrapped around my waist. I looked around the room, andmy roommate was still not back. He probably was already in the hotel barwith the others. I noticed an envelope on the table which had not beenthere before my shower. Opening it, I saw a note from my coach:Derrick:Congratulations on your medal, I’m proud of how hard you worked for it.Now that your events are over, I arraigned for a reward to help you relaxand enjoy the rest of the competition. Enjoy.I looked at the note for a minute wondering what he meant, when a knocksounded on the door. I opened it, to find a guy in a white shirt and khakishorts. He was young, mid-twenties I guess, and in good shape. He hadblonde hair and blue eyes and a big smile on his face.”Hey, are you Derrick?” he asked.”Um, yea.””Hi, I’m Jack, I’m here to give you your massage.””Massage?” I asked, confused.”Yea, ordered by a….” he looked at the card in his hand “..Coach Hurley?””Oh” I said, realizing that this was my reward for pushing myself so hard.”Come in.”Jack quickly set up his table, and had me lay down on my stomach atop it.Since I was in a towel already, the massage got underway quickly. Hislarge, warm hands touched the stretched and sore muscles of my back,kneading the oils into my skin. I moaned immediately, realizing just howmuch I needed this after all the training and competition of the previousweek.Jack spent a great deal of time on my sore back, shoulders and arms. Afteronly a few minutes I was putty to him, just mindlessly moaning as heworked. He moved lower, to my lower back, darıca escort and I suddenly realized a hugeproblem.For a couple of months now I been getting regularly fucked. And byregularly I mean at least 4 times a week, sometimes more (to be honestsometimes I had cock in me more times than there were days in the week).Nathan and his and Gwen’s friends, not to mention the insatiable Josh, hadgotten me used to regular ass play, and now I had gone 6 full days withnothing. And now a young, well built guy had his magic hands kneading thetop of my ass.I moaned, for an altogether different reason than before. Jack moved downto my feet, and worked his way up my legs. My leg muscles were tight andsore too, and he worked out all the kinks. Slowly he worked up my calf’s,then my thighs.He’ll be done soon, I told myself. I just have to hold out. I can dothis.Then he took away the towel that was covering my ass. His large, oil slickhands came down on my glutes, and I moaned softly. He squeezed and workedthem masterfully. My legs u*********sly spread a bit. I felt his fingersbetween my cheeks. My heart was racing now, I had no idea what to do. Ifelt one of his oil-slicked fingers touch my hole, and slowly massage it ina circle.I had to say something. But what? “Dude, what are you doing?”He chuckled behind me. “I go where the tension is. And you’ve got a tonhere my friend. I can help you with it.” His finger started to slideinto me as he spoke. I gasped, as he proceeded to slide his finger intome, back and forth. I moaned, and my ass lifted oh so slightly to meet hisfingers.Oh fuck, I was so screwed. A second finger joined the 1st. My legs spreadmore. I heard him chuckling. “See? Told you I knew what you needed.” Ashis fingers worked my hole, his other hand continued to massage my glutesand the small of my back. By the time he added the 3rd finger, I hadcompletely surrendered. To him, or to my own deviant wants I don’t know,but I just let it happen. My ass was pushing back to meet his fingers,greedily wanting more. Then suddenly, they pulled out, and I was empty.”What?” was all I could manage. I opened my eyes landlocked back to seeJack pulling off his clothes. He had a great surfer body, tanned andmostly escort darıca smooth, with some light blonde hair on his pecs. He stripped downto his underwear, a pair of tight white briefs which displayed his amplehard cock nicely. I eyed it as he pulled down his briefs, and out floppedthe hard, thick member with a significantly flared head. God that wasgoing to feel good.”Do you want to suck it” he asked, grinning as he stroked it slowly while Iwatched. I shook my head.”No, just fuck me. Please.” His grin was huge. He climbed up onto themassage table, a feat of agility in itself, and laid down atop me. I couldfeel his body weight on me, and his cock rested between my oiled up asscheeks. He humped my ass firmly, his cock slowly being coated in oil as hedid so. His cock slide it’s full length across my needy hole, and everytime the fat head passed by without going in, I whimpered. It was all Icould do not to beg him. My hips rose to press closer against his cock.”Damn, you must want it bad” he said. “When’s the last time you gotfucked?””Six days” I moaned in answer.”Wow, and already this in need?” He was talking right into my ear now, hishot breath against my neck and face while he slowly stroked his cock withmy ass cheeks.”Well I get fucked almost every day at home” i said, the words comingunbidden from my mouth.”Wow” he said, sliding his cock past my hole again.”Sometimes more than once a day” What was I doing?!?”Damn, your boyfriend is a lucky man””No boyfriend” I answered simply, No point in bringing a complete strangerup to speed on my entire weird situation.”Even better” He said, and finally pushed his cock head to my hole. Igrunted as it popped open my hole, and then moaned as his thick cock slidinto me to the base. My cock grew rock hard and started to leak as hepressed his crotch into my ass, burrowing as deep as possible. I buried myface in the towel under my head and moaned.As he pulled backward I whimpered slightly, feeling empty, only to moanagain as he pushed back in deep.”Oh God yes” I moaned as he slid in and out. He established a quick butsteady rhythm, sensing my deep need. He fucked me like that for a longwhile before he pulled out, and led me to the bed. he turned darıca escort bayan me to facehim, then grinned as he pushed me backward onto the bed. I landed on myback as he climbed up on top of me between my legs. He leaned in andkissed me on the lips, his tongue invading my mouth. As he kissed me heslid his cock back into my waiting hole, making me moan into his mouth.I suddenly realized that this was my first time being fucked in missionaryposition. All of the guys Gwen had had me be with wanted me from behind.I loved it from behind, made me feel more like a toy being used, but thissensation was also wonderful in another way. Jack kissed me deep while hefucked me deep, invading me over and over, taking my body from both endssimultaneously.”I’m close” he whispered in my ear. “Where do you want it?””In my ass” I gasped. It was where they all came. I gasped again as hegrasped my cock in his fist, and began jerking me along with his fucking.After only a few strokes of his fist I was cumming, my load shooting allover both of our chests. My ass tightened around Jack’s cock as I came,drawing his orgasm out. He moaned as his lips and teeth dug into my neck.i felt him shove his cock deep into me as he shot his load. After a fewmore thrusts he looked into my eyes, smiled, and kissed me again, softlythis time.Jack started getting dressed and I helped him pack his massage gear up.”Thanks for helping me loosen up” I said at the door. He smiled and kissedme again before he left.I hopped in the shower to clean up quickly, then got dressed and ran downto the hotel bar where I knew some of my teammates would still be.Drinking was prohibited to anyone who had to swim the next day, but as theweek was nearly over, many of us were finished.As I expected, a group of 6 of my teammates were around the bar, andgreeted me loudly as I walked up. I was quickly given a shot, followed bya second a few minutes later. I ordered a beer after that, and walked tothe other end of the bar where I saw my coach.”Hey Coach” I said, all smiles.”Hey Derrick””Thanks so much for the surprise, it was just what I needed.””Great! I’m glad you liked it. You sure seemed happier and more relaxedwhen you came in.” I grinned hugely.”Yea, just what I needed after a hard week.”Coach chuckled at that. He leaned in close and said “If I’d known a dickup your ass would make you this happy I would have got you one a long timeago.”////////////////////////[email protected]

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