Straight Boy Bottom: Chapter 2


Straight Boy Bottom: Chapter 2Chapter 2 – Alone at LastSo in the last chapter you learned how it all started. My girlfriend Gwenhad a thing for taboo sex, and as it turned out, so did I. Afterintroducing me to ass play, she started to use a strap on on me. I wouldbe lying if I didn’t say I loved it. after awhile she convinced me to lether friend Nathan fuck me while she watched. I would also be lying if Isaid I didn’t love that.So there I was, a straight (I swear) guy who had just been fucked in theass by another dude and loved it. I didn’t know what to do or think.After 2 weeks of semi-normal life, Gwen wanted to do it again. I resistedat first, but then eventually I gave in, because every time she mentionedit, I got hard. Also, she stopped using her strap-on toy, and I started todevelop a serious urge to get fucked.Nathan fucked me again, and once again, it was awesome. He took me frombehind again and fucked me deep and slow, making me cum again. After that,Nathan joined us at least once a week, fucking me while Gwen watched. Gweneven resumed using her strap on on me, now that I was cooperating.One morning I was at Gwen’s apartment by myself. She had class early, butI had the day off, so I slept in. It was better than staying in my dormroom, as I had two roommates. Plus, she’d fucked a few loads out of me thenight before, something we definitely couldn’t do in my dorm. I couldn’timagine the embarrassment if my roommates walked in on her plowing me andcalling me her little bitch boy.I thought of the previous night as I took a long, hot shower. My handsroamed my body, feeling the smooth lean muscle. I flicked the smallbarbell piercings in my nipples and sighed as they sent jolts through mybody to my cock. I didn’t even notice the shower door bursa escort slide open.I felt big, strong hands on my sides, which then slid around to my chest.I jumped at the touch, tried to turn but the other man was much strongerthan me. He pushed me against the stone tile wall, and I felt his large,naked body press against my back.”Hey there sexy” he whispered in my ear. I relaxed slightly.”Hi Nate.”He chuckled. “Gave you a bit of a scare did I?” His hands were roaming mywet body not, slick with soapy water. I nodded, my heart was still racingfrom the initial panic.”What are you doing here?”He rubbed his body against me more. “Isn’t it obvious?” Nathan and I werenever alone, it was always the three of us, or me and Gwen.”Um, Nate, Gwen’s not here.””Shhh. I know. But I also know how needy you are.” He moved his hands tomine, and pushed them against the tile, pinning me in place. I felt hiscock hardening against my back, growing longer and thicker. “And its beenover a week since I got to play with you.” I struggled weakly.”I’m not gay” I said. He laughed.”Yea sure you aren’t. How many times did Gwen fuck you last night?” Iturned red, which is really obvious on my pale skin. “Two times? Threetimes?” His hand went to my ass, and gripped it. I moaned involuntarily,earning a chuckle from Nathan. His finger pressed against my hole and slidin smoothly. “Still some lube in there I see” Nathan said, chucklingagain. He slid his finger in and out, pressing my prostate firmly. “Shesent me here you know.” He added 2nd finger, opening me up wider. My cockwas rock hard and leaking now.”Fuck me” I whispered involuntarily.”Excuse me?” he asked.”I said fuck me” I growled.”I thought you didn’t want it without Gwen here?””She sent you here, she’s ok with it. Now fuck bursa escort bayan me, please.””No.””What?” I asked incredulously. Why would he be fingering my ass if hedidn’t want to fuck me? He pulled his fingers out of me and turned mearound, pressing my back against the tiles.”First I wasn’t a concession from you.” I raised my eyebrows in confusion.I had agreed to one-on-one gay sex with him without a girl in the room, afirst for me. “Kiss me.””Dude, that’s fag stuff, come on.””Look down” he said. I looked down, saw our wet naked bodies against eachother, and our hard cocks. He was bigger than me, in every way. He hadbig arms and shoulders, solid peeks, a slab of iron for a stomach, and abig thick cock. “Look at your body. It’s hot, but its small, lean andtight and smooth like a good bitch. Look at your 6 inch pecker, and thenlook at mine. It’s 8 and half inches long and as fat as a beer bottle.And you’ve had it in your ass several times, something which many gay guyscan’t do comfortably. Which of us is the fag?” My ears turned red,embarrassed. Nathan shoved his whole body against mine, and his lipspushed against mine hard.Kissing Nathan was a lot different from kissing a girl. For one thing, hewas bigger, chicks don’t usually pin me to walls. His lips were stronger,and his tongue much more aggressive, invading my mouth, wrestling with myown. My hands went to his sides, feeling his solid body and the heat thatcame off of it. He kept kissing me as he lifted me up, and rested my legsaround his waist. I gripped his hips with my legs to support my weight,and I felt his cock maneuvering into position. His tongue was still in mymouth as his fat cock head began to push into me, opening up my well usedass. I moaned into his mouth as he slide further escort bursa into me. He broke thekiss so we could look each other in the eyes as he bottomed out in me. Mybright green eyes looked into his dark brown ones as I felt my bodyadjusting to his large invasion. Up until this point, none of our sex hadbeen face-to-face, and this felt far more intimate.Nathan began thrusting upward, slowly at first, but then picking up speed.Our fucking sent smacking sounds echoing through the bathroom, and my moansmight have woken the neighbors. Nathan began fucking faster, slamming upinto me. He kissed me hard, forcefully, owning my mouth like he was owningmy ass. He growled into my mouth as I felt him start to cum. He buriedhis down in my ass and his tongue invaded my mouth as he dumped his loadinto me.After about a minute of slowly pumping the last of his load into me, andkisses that turned from rough and dominant to tender and soft, Nathanpulled out and lowered my feet to the ground.”Nice job bitch boy” Nathan said, grinning. “Now, a treat for you.” Heknelt in front of me, and took my hard cock into his hand. I moaned, myhard cock had not been touched the whole time and was ready to burst. Hetook the head into his mouth, and then quickly swallowed me to the root. Ileaned against the wall moaning incoherently as Nathan gave me the best(and shortest) blowjob of my life. My fingers ran through his dark hair asI came in his mouth, pumping hard, then slower as I came down from my high.He stood up in front of me and grinning, He leaned in to kiss me again, andas we kissed I tasted what was unmistakably my own cum as he shared my loadwith me. My first instinct was to pull away, but Nathan held me fast andfed me my load, which I accepted.After that we toweled off, and retired to the bed, worn out. I fell asleepon Gwen’s bed with Nathan spooning me, both of us naked. Yea it was gay,but I wasn’t going to argue about what felt nice.////////////////////[email protected]

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