Stories of Lizzy Chapter 1


Stories of Lizzy Chapter 1Lizzy let herself fall on to the couch, weary from all the household chores that have occupied her for the better part of the morning. She closed her eyes as she felt the tiredness and dread wash over her. Not the tiredness or dread of household chores, but that from a simplistic and mundane lifestyle. Every day, her life revolved around the usual works of cleaning and washing. The little reprieve that she could afford herself was a nice afternoon alone at home, sitting by the pool or windowsill, with a nice cup of tea and a good book. Things were worse now, that her husband was out of town for a business trip for 2 weeks. Boredom was as sure as her feeling older than 42.But recently, she preferred the pool, for it gave her an excuse to be in that tiny bikini she bought at the store a month ago. The pool on the ground level of her apartment was a perfect place bahis şirketleri for her to parade her body. Subconsciously, she dreamed of attention, the attention given to her firm and tanned body, her cute ass and perky breasts. She loved how the guys would stare from the corner while she pretended to be too engrossed in her book to notice. She craved that attention, which was as absent as her husband. The gaze of other men, seemed to ignite the fuse in her body. She will find her legs spreading and closing unknowingly, creating a pressure on her clitoris as she tried very hard to get back to her book. In most cases, it would end up with her picking her towel and heading home, so that she could strip out of her bikini and pleasure herself.That afternoon was no different; the culmination of afternoon heat, sexual tension and suggestive gazes of other boys and men at the pool bahis siteleri made it unbearable. Hurriedly, she wrapped the towel around her body and made her way back up to her apartment. Fumbling with the keys, she threw open the door and let it shut close by itself. She threw herself on the couch, her top strewn on the floor and her bikini bottom scrunched up in knots at her ankles. Her legs were spread, knees lifted and bent, she began exploring herself; imagining it was the fingers of another human. From the ball of her ankles, she will trace her fingers up her slender calves, indecisively making circles and going back and forth, making its way to the back of her knees, which always made her felt a little more ticklish than usual. She ran her fingers along her inner thigh, stopping short of her pubic bone. She knew that pleasure was just 5 cm away from güvenilir bahis siteleri her; wasting no time, she fitted two fingers into her mouth, moistening them with her saliva. She can’t help but chuckle about how different a cock would taste in her mouth right now. “What a silly thought”, she brushed it away casually and began thrusting her own hand into her mouth, imagining it was a cock; a nice hard one that smelt good and tasted great. She took her hand out of her mouth which seemed to be overflowing with saliva now and started massaging her vulva. That erotic touch and a primed state of mind caused an involuntary moan as her glistening fingers met the wetness of her pussy lips. She pushed her lips apart and began massaging the tender pink area that was usually hidden between the folds of her vagina. But today, they saw the light, the muscles and nerves underneath dancing in convulsion. Those tiny creases of skin hiding thousands of nerve endings below it came to life and began firing thousands of signals to her brain; confusing her at once and all she could let out was a long moan of relief, just then, there was a faint knock on the door. . .

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