Stories of Josh Ch. 03

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Big Tits

*It’s been a few months since the last installments. This one is a bit short, but I’m low on inspiration due to the lack of response to the previous installments. Thanks to those of you who do vote, and the few that actually give me real feedback. If you’d like another chapter, then let me know, otherwise this will be the final chapter, at least for a while.

These stories are based on real people, who have been renamed for privacy reasons. The situations, however, are mostly fictional, written for your enjoyment. So, please enjoy. And please, leave feedback. Tell me what you’d like to see, what I’m doing wrong, and what you saw already and really liked. Feedback is the only way for me to progress as a writer, and while I have other chapters in mind, the amount of feedback I receive may determine whether or not I decide to write/post them. Thank you.*

Josh’s tires rumbled over the gravel of Cara’s driveway as he pulled up. He shifted into park, pulled up the brake, and turned off the car. Grabbing the plastic bag in the passenger seat, Josh pushed the door open with his leg and stepped out of the Jeep. He walked slowly to the door, still unsure of whether he would tell his girlfriend of the event that had occurred just an hour ago. His knuckles rapped against the wooden door a few times and moments later it opened.

Cara looked absolutely beautiful to Josh, even though she stood there with very little make up on, her hair in a messy ponytail, and wearing her sweats. It reminded him of their first date. His loins were stirring just looking at her. It didn’t take him long though, to step forward and take his tiny lover into his arms, holding her tightly, his face buried in her neck. “God, I’ve missed you,” he said, completely genuine.

The small Indian girl couldn’t help but smile as the affection overwhelmed her, she’d missed him too, but the first thing to come out of her mouth was, “What took you so long?”

Josh released the hug and smiled, taking a step inside, “Long line at the grocery store, but I got your favorite ice cream! Vanilla with Reese’s in it.” He made his way into Cara’s kitchen, which he knew pretty well, and placed the plastic bag containing the ice cream in the freezer, “Are you feeling better?”

Cara had followed him the whole way and asked, “Why didn’t you just go to 7-Eleven? And yeah, I feel much better, I think I’ll be fine to go to school Monday.”

“7-Eleven was out of your ice cream,” Josh explained, and turned to face her, the same smile still planted on his face. He couldn’t contain himself and moved toward her, “It’s been so boring without you at school Cara, you can’t even imagine,” he let out a frustrated groan before suckling on Cara’s bottom lip, sending them rolling into a five minute make out session, which wasted no time in placing them on Cara’s comfy living room couch.

Breaking their embrace Cara looked deep into Josh’s eyes, “Something is wrong, you aren’t telling me something.” Josh actually blinked in surprise. How the hell did she know? He’d almost forgotten about the encounter with Ms. Rose himself, just being in his love’s presence. It was almost like a movie or a book, where the heroine always knows that something is troubling the hero, just by instinct. He shook his head and sat back into the couch, allowing Cara to curl up onto his chest and listen to his heartbeat.

“Alright sweetie, I do have something I should probably tell you. Just don’t get mad okay? Keep in mind that I only love you, it was just an act of lust.” Even though Cara had stated upon their first declaration of love that she didn’t mind if he was with other women, Josh didn’t believe she’d hold true.

“Stop making me anxious and just tell me Josh,” she sighed, looking up at him from his chest.

“Fine… I fucked Ms. Rose today. It was after class, she heard me talking about how we hadn’t had sex since you’d been sick, apparently she wasn’t getting much action either and she wanted some release. I just couldn’t bring myself to say no… Good news is, I don’t need to do homework for English for pretty much the rest of the year.” He braced himself for a slap, or an argument, or something, but it was just quiet, and Josh assumed she was just digesting what she’d heard.

When his ears picked up a familiar grunt, he looked over his girlfriend only to see her hand between her legs, moving against her sweatpants. “Cara, are you touching yourself?” Stupid question.

“Well gosh Josh! What do you expect, you just told me you fucked our teacher! Something like that tends to get a girl hot between the legs.” Cara explained this as if it were completely normal and Josh was worried for a second.

“So… So you’re really not mad? Just turned on?” His voice was dripping with uncertainty.

“Josh, I told you I didn’t mind if you slept with other women, just don’t lie to me. I’m proud of you. And like you said, you don’t love her, you love me.” WIth that, she squirmed up to give his bahis firmaları chin a light kiss, while continuing to work at her snatch through her pants. “So how was she? I bet she has a gorgeous pussy. I always thought she was a bit of a slut.”

They’d talked about sexuality before, Josh knew that Cara was attracted to the female body, and Cara knew that Josh had always been curious about sucking or fucking a cock, though he held no attraction to the rest of a man. “Well, it was a nice pussy. Much looser than yours, darker too of course. She knew how to work it though, and for some reason she let me cum inside of her.”

“Oh God Josh! Really?” This apparently got her all riled up because she quickly shimmied her sweats off, revealing her lack of underwear today. “Did she fuck you better than me?” She asked this as she stood up, standing in front of her lover, and peeling her sweatshirt off as well, then taking off the t-shirt beneath.

It had been so long since Josh had seen those tan, perky breasts, and that delicious mound, covered by a healthy bush. His cock was hard instantly, and he wasted no time unbuckling and unzipping in order to yank his jeans and boxers off, as well as discard his jacket and sweater. “No way, she was good, but it was missionary, and much too quick. You’re ten times the fuck she was.” And with that, he leaned forward, grabbing Cara’s hips to pull her onto his rigid cock.

To his slight surprise, Cara pushed his hands away and shook her head, “No, allow me. I want to rock your world, and I know the best way to do that is reverse cowgirl.” A huge grin crosses her lips as Josh took hold of his cock, stroking it anxiously. Cara turned around and placed one foot on the couch to Josh’s right, and then backed her gash up over his prick. Parting her dark, fuzzy lips, she began to lower herself onto that familiar, mushroom head. As she took about an inch or two, she moved her other foot up, and Josh held her waist to support her as she got ready to ride him.

While making sure she’s got her balance, Cara began to sit down further on Josh’s rock hard cock, sinking a full six inches into her pink canal before beginning to rock and gyrate on his dick, swirling her hips to makes sure she applies a good amount of pleasure to his entire shaft. Before long, she begins to bounce, fucking her boyfriend in earnest, lusty grunt escaping his lips as she leans back against him, her breasts bouncing wildly as they fuck, hot erotic moans escaping her throat. Cara’s eyes close, as they tend to do when she experienced such awesome pleasure, and while one hand supports her fucking, the other pushes at her erect nub, fingering her clit fast and hard. “Was Ms. Rose better than this Josh? Did your teacher fuck you like I do?”

“Oh,” Josh moans as his hips thrust his meat further into his girlfriend’s tight tunnel, hips pelvis making her Indian backside shake and jiggle each time he pounds her. “No, not at all, you fuck me better than anyone could, even our slutty teacher. I love to fuck you Cara, I love pounding into your ass like you’re nothing but a filthy whore!”

Cara let out a long, lusty moan as she sat herself firmly in Josh’s lap and rotated her hips nice and slow. She was in climax mode, ready to blow, and dreaded that she’d have to get off of his wonderful dick because he wasn’t wearing a condom. As her moan subsided Cara felt her heart nearly explode when she heard someone clear their throat, “Ahem.” Her eyes shot open, complete and utter fear replacing her lust as they focused on her mother, standing in the doorway to the living room.

The small girl wasted no time in jumping off of her boyfriend and scrambling for a blanket, which Josh did as well, both covering up, their cheeks burning and hearts pounding.

Josh was horrified, Cara’s mom was supposed to be gone until late that night, but here she was, walking in on her only daughter being violated by a boyfriend she wasn’t allowed to have.

“Mom…” Cara’s voice was slight and shaking with fear. She knew she’d just shattered her mother’s image of her, and she knew she was fucked in the worst way possible. She’d be thrown out of the family for this, she’d be without a home, and her family would shun her completely.

“It’s not how it looks!” Josh tried that lame old defense even as he knew it was exactly how it looked. I mean how could this situation not be how it looked?

Cara’s mother had a stern look on her face, but her mouth curled into a smile at Josh’s words. When she spoke, her voice was heavy with a South Indian accent, “This is not how it looks? So you were not just fucking my bae-tee? You were not talking dirty to her about your teacher? Apparently you like the older women, young man?”

Josh decided now that the truth was probably a better approach, given the awkward obviousness to what he and Cara had just been caught doing. “Okay, yes, I was having sex with your daughter. And yes, I also had sex with my English teacher earlier kaçak iddaa today… This seems really bad, but Mrs. Patil, I’m in love with your daughter. God, or Vishnu, or even Yaweh, knows that I love Cara with every fiber of my being. Please, just don’t blame her for this. Cara loves you and her father more than anything else in this world, and if you disown her because of something as silly as loving someone, then… Well in my all too honest opinion, you never really loved her to begin with.”

Mrs. Patil’s smile widened at this, “Relax boy… What is your name?”


“Well, relax Josh. I do not wish to get rid of my daughter, Josh. I love her, like she loves me. I do not agree with all the ways of our religion; but my husband does. I will gladly do you the favor of keeping this relationship a secret. However, you must do me a favor…” Mrs. Patil had taken a few steps into the room now, arms crossed over her rather plentiful bosom. She wore a rather colorful blouse, complimenting her Indian heritage, but her legs were covered by slightly baggy jeans that one might see on any old house wife. As she came closer, Josh could tell that she had one day been as beautiful and shapely as her daughter, and even now she had a beautiful, motherly face and very motherly curves.

Josh thought he knew, but he asked anyhow, his eyes darting over to his cowering girlfriend, trying to assure her that everything was still alright. “What favor would that be, Mrs. Patil?”

She was standing just a little ways away from the pair of young lovers now, “My husband… Cara’s father… He doesn’t attend to certain needs… My needs. He has not given me an orgasm in over five years I’m afraid.”

“Ma-ta-jee!” Cara exclaimed in an almost uncharacteristic Hindi accent. Josh hadn’t really heard her speak her native language before, it was kind of hot, even though the language wasn’t exactly beautiful. For a moment Josh wondered why his girlfriend’s use of another language had caught his attention a bit more than her mother’s obvious sexual intentions. Thinking back on events from earlier in the day, he wasn’t really all that surprised by his reaction to this. This day was too strange to be real.

To Cara’s obvious surprise, Josh’s next words were, “Okay Mrs. Patil, I’ll do it.” Cara let out a surprised gasp to his left, and as he turned to look, he saw her drop her blanket momentarily, her attractive chest peeking out before she caught the blanket and covered back up.

“Josh, you’ve got to be kidding! This is crazy!”

“Oh come on Cara, it’s not like the two of you have never seen each other naked. And look, your mom can help us be together. This is like a blessing Cara, you have to admit it’s almost perfect!” As he looked Cara in her beautiful brown eyes, he could see her mother undressing eagerly out of the corner of his eye. “Cara, if your mother is with us, then it will be much easier for us to see each other, to hide it from your father, and your future husband.” Placing the blanket he had covered his body with to the side, revealing his semi-hard prick, Josh looked to Mrs. Patil who was stripped down to her bra and panties. “I’m not going to make you join us Cara, you are welcome to leave, but I’m going to do this for us, and for your mom. You’ve got to feel bad for her.”

After a slight nod from Cara, as she pulled the blanket tighter around her throat, Mrs. Patil unsnapped her bra, and slid down her panties, revealing her most private of areas to her daughter and Josh. Josh knew that Cara’s mother was concerned about having sex with a younger man right in front of her daughter, but he didn’t blame her for her actions. Five years without decent sex had to be really tough, and her lust after catching the two of them, and hearing their dirty talk, mixed with all of that pent up sexual energy, it had to be unbearable.

As the older woman stood in front of him, Josh admired the sight. She was definitely a MILF. Her body didn’t appear all that old, she had obviously kept herself in shape over the years, perhaps in hopes of attracting some young man to have an affair with. She definitely wasn’t a teen anymore, but the years had treated her well. A somewhat heavy bosom sagged slightly, with large puffy dark nipples capping each glorious globe. Her midriff wasn’t tight, but she still had an hour glass figure, with wide hips like her daughter’s branching out. Her thick hips and thighs surrounded a dark, overgrown bush that covered her pubic mound and pussy lips. She hadn’t been keeping it groomed, but Josh didn’t really mind.

Standing up, and pretty much towering over Mrs. Patil the same way he did Cara, Josh moved forward and took one soft melon into his palm, while leaning down to slurp his tongue around the stiff nipple that became even harder in his mouth. Josh did not plan to kiss or really caress Mrs. Patil as he often did to Cara as they made love. This was not love, it was sex, and Josh was going to treat it as such. After kaçak bahis teasing one nipple for a bit, he’d switch to the other, swirling his soft, wet tongue around that tangy, rock hard flesh. While he teased her tits, his erect dick pushed firmly into her belly, and a long, warm hand closed around it, yanking at it expertly, and almost urgently.

Josh could sense how bad Cara’s mother wanted him, and he wasted little time twirling her around and pushing her down onto the soft couch, causing her full breasts to bounce and jiggle. His thick cock twitched noticeably as he watched the older woman readjust herself on the couch, her tits wobbling, and her hairy cunt spreading its lips as she spread her thighs wide and began to play with her clit. Mrs. Patil was soon moaning in Hindi and purring at him as he positioned himself to enter her.

With one strong thrust he was deep inside of the warm, slick canal. The inner walls of her pussy hugged loosely at his throbbing cock as he pulled out almost fully and slipped back in with gusto and a groan. The thick, curly hair along Mrs. Patil’s cunt lips felt strange, but not all that bad, but Josh fucked her a bit slowly at first to avoid rug burn. His butt clenched with every new thrust of his hips, and he looked over toward Cara, who seemed to be watching rather intently, though her eyes were unclear. “Ungh!” Josh grunted after one powerful buck, and he could feel Mrs. Patil’s cunt tighten and grip him a bit, coaxing his thick shaft. “Your mother is surprisingly tight Cara,” he remarked, becoming a bit more turned on by talking about such an act at this moment. As he said this, however, he felt as though he may have crossed a line with Cara.

To his surprise, Cara stood up, though still wordless, and placed the blanket she’d been using on the chair behind her. Padding over to where her boyfriend was fucking her mom she peeked in, quite curiously, just as Mrs. Patil’s cunt made a lewd squelching noise around Josh’s pumping prick. “Wow, mom, you’re really hairy down there.” Josh was definitely surprised by that comment, and even more surprised when Cara disappeared behind him and pried his legs apart so that he was spreading them quite wide. She then wiggled her way between them to get a closer look at the indecent act in front of her eyes.

Josh groaned as he felt his balls accidentally hit Cara in the forehead, and apologized briefly as he moved to reposition himself a bit, pulling Mrs. Patil forward on the couch a bit, and closer to Cara. “Oh, mom, your butthole is even kind of hairy…” Josh almost expected Mrs. Patil to reply, as if they were having a nice little conversation while he pounded her, but the older woman was too busy moaning, her eyes rolling a bit, and he wasn’t even sure she could hear Cara’s light voice.

Despite his girlfriend’s somewhat peculiar actions, Josh continued his duty, and his cock and balls pounded harder and faster into Mrs. Patil with every passing second, he knew she had to be getting close, because he sure was. Then, he felt something brush against his balls, but paid little attention until the woman on her back cried out, “Oh!! Bae-tee!” causing Josh to stop his fucking for a moment, pulling out completely and glancing down between his legs. Cara was down on the ground, leaning into her mother’s ass, spreading her cheeks just a bit with small, tan hands and munching quite earnestly at the older Hindu woman’s asshole.

“Shit, Cara!” Josh exclaimed in his head, and uncontrollably his cock twitched in his hand and began spewing hot, thick ropes of cum into the air, covering Mrs. Patil’s belly and pubic mound. As he involuntary orgasm grew weaker his cum splashed once onto the curly pubes in front of him, and then he dumped two loads on his girlfriend’s head by accident. And apparently the sensation of her daughter on her asshole and this young man’s seed on her belly and cunt was more than enough for Mrs. Patil, because she was writhing and moaning and crying with pleasure, while Cara just lapped on like a good, devout little daughter.

The entire sight made Josh collapse into a chair, his knees quite weak at this point. His chest heaving quite heavily, sweat dripping down his forehead as he held his shriveling member in his palm, leaking cum still. His eyes were a bit blurred from this brief exhaustion, but he gazed upon his girlfriend who was now lapping at her mother’s pussy, eating up his cum there and then on her mound and belly. Josh smiled to himself, as he looked at the two white globs of cum sitting atop Cara’s head, “I think you may need a shower Cara.”

Sitting up, and moving her daughter away, Mrs. Patil laughs to herself, “Yes, I think you do. I probably do as well, but I’ll leave the two of you to clean yourselves up. I have some errands to run.” With an adoring kiss upon her daughter’s lips and a smile toward Josh, she gathered her clothes and went to her bedroom to change.

Standing up, though still a bit shaky, Josh moved to help his girlfriend off of her knees, sweeping her into his arms with some regained strength and giving her quite a passionate kiss. Breaking the kiss after a few moments, he smiled, “I’m very surprised in you Care-Bear.”

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