Stocking cards at a poker game


Stocking cards at a poker gameFriday night I hung the phone and told my sweet Ana that some of the guys from the neighborhood would come home to play cards.My wife smiled and suddenly her eyes lit on, asking me if Aaron would be part of the team. I stared at her, knowing she had been horny for Aaron, a handsome giant muscled black guy. He was divorced and I had noticed he was enticed by my sensual wife…My sexy Ana was dressed in her tight jeans along with a flannel long sleeve shirt. She said that she should change to a sexier outfit; but I told her it was not necessary, since her round butt looked perfect in these tight jeans. I knew she would try to flirt with Aaron.Both Aaron and Nathan arrived together. These two black guys had been lifelong friends, since they were born and raised in this same neighborhood. I invited them to join us, offering them some drinks…After a long while drinking and chatting, Nathan announced it was time to play poker. We sat around the picnic table at the back yard, but instead of poker, we started to play black jack.Losing hands were taking a tequila shot each round. All three of us guys were feeling pretty good, but my sweet Ana was more than a little fuzzy after so many shots. Aaron was a big flirt which my sensual wife enjoyed. It was after midnight when my wife began to act tired of the game. She told us she was bored and asked if we knew any other games. Nathan immediately replied we could play strip poker…I was surprised when my wife responded it was fine for her; but I was sure she did not really know how to play poker. Without any of us moving, Nathan then dealt each of us five cards while explaining the game. I had the losing hand in the first round and replied saying nobody wanted to see me take anything off. But Anita said she wanted to see naked men and hard cocks…We all got a good laugh and I finally pulled off my shirt.Nathan dealt another hand. Over the next few rounds, both Nathan and I were naked while Aaron had only his shirt off.My sexy babe osmaniye escort had removed only her shoes and shirt, leaving her with a sexy lacy bra and her tight jeans… Both niggers could not take their eyes off from Ana round firm tits…My wife then said she would be the winner and she would have two black dicks and a white one to taunt and ogle. From this point, her luck suddenly turned, because Ana lost every hand, until she eventually had to remove not only bra and jeans, but even her tiny thong…I was sure Nathan had stocked the cards, to get my wife totally naked. Now her perfect body was fully exposed in front of these nigger bastards. But I saw Ana was enjoying her nakedness…I noticed Nathan had popped a full boner quickly; I was also hard. My wife objected saying it was not fair because Aaron was not stripped like the rest of us. But the bastard laughed, saying they could keep playing until he lost his clothes as well. My fuzzy wife was not thinking clearly and she fell in the trap.Anita agreed, but then Aaron warned her, since she was now fully naked, if she lost, she would have to accept a dare.As I expected, Aaron won the next hand and he dared her to come over and undress him. I noticed he was giving her an order, not a polite request. But my sensual My wife did not complain…Nathan and me just watched in suspense as Anita moved in front of Aaron and unfasted his pants. As his black dick sprang out free, he was already rock hard and huge. The bastard was at least ten inches’ long. Anita gasped when she saw it so close to her face.That huge black dick had nearly slapped Ana in the face when it sprang free and now she had her mouth just two inches away.But then, without even any hesitation, Ana’s hand reached up and gripped this huge dark thing between her delicate fingers.With my sensual wife slowly stroking Aaron’s cock, he reached down grasping her exposed tits. Nathan then stood up and he moved behind Ana, stretching down to grab her ass cheeks…One of Aaron’s hands moved escort osmaniye to my wife’s head as he pressed her forward until his thick cockhead was against her red lips. Ana just opened her mouth and allowed this lucky nigger to push his thick bulbous head inside. Nathan had Anita’s cheeks spread wide as she widened her legs apart while kneeling in the grass. His hand traced around the outline of her tight rosebud, before finding her wet pussy lips, where he thrust his finger deep inside of that soft dripping cunt. I saw Ana was already soaked, so Nathan’s finger was up to his knuckle quite easily. She moaned, while she had about four inches of black cock inside of her sweet mouth…I was fully excited, so I knelt down beside my pretty wife to play with her tits and erect nipples.My wife was grunting around Aaron’s thick cock that stretched her mouth full. I glanced over my shoulder, to see that Nathan had grabbed Ana’s hips and he was now buried deep inside her cunt.He pounded her furiously hard and fast. The bastard commenced to come inside my wife’s womb after about two minutes as he held himself tightly against Anita. He kept his hard cock inside of Ana’s cunt. Through her muffled sounds gagging on Aaron’s black cock, I noticed she had reached her own climax as she was pounded form behind by Nathan…When Nathan finally pulled out from her, he had a trail of sticky white cum following his cockhead. Ana’s labia were separated and swollen, being cum covered. I wanted to slide in my wife’s pussy after Nathan; but before I could get into place, Aaron pulled his dick from her mouth. He then lifted Anita from under her arms to a standing position. She was bent over the picnic table while Aaron lined up behind her. I stood quiet and watched as Aaron opened her thighs wide. He then spread her ass cheeks even further until her asshole was gaping open. Her abused pussy was parted and leaking cum. Without any warning, Aaron suddenly shoved his entire hard black cock inside my wife, prompting osmaniye escort bayan her to scream out in pain.Her discomfort quickly turned to pleasure as she muttered for him to fuck her. I moved around the table at my wife’s face and put my cock at her mouth. Ana took me inside her greedy wet mouth and, between grunting in pleasure, she sucked me while getting fucked.I was ready to blow my load but wanted to cum inside her pussy so I stepped back away. I watched as her face became contorted; Ana still whimpered in discomfort briefly. I then realized the real reason; this bastard nigger was now fucking my sensual babe in the ass. He was driving balls deep very hard.But my wife appeared to be enjoying the feeling of being sodomized in such a brutal rude manner.Aaron pumped her tight anus just a few strokes and Ana began to shudder wildly in orgasm. She screamed like crazy as she came.But the nigger was not going to give up so fast.He pounded my wife’s anus for at least another twenty minutes, until he announced he was going to cum.Instead of pulling out, the bastard shoved his dick balls deep into my wife’s tight puckered anus while holding her tight by her shoulders so she could not move forward away from the full length of his massive black cock. Aaron remained impaled deep in my wife’s ass, while Ana cried and sobbed, muttering some unintelligible words. She came again as she felt the warm semen filling her bowels.Aaron finally pulled out his dick from my wife’s ass with a very audible pop sound. Both lucky bastards stood naked; their cocks slimy with my wife’s juices dripping while they high fived each other. Anita stood there, still bent at her hips onto the picnic table. She was too exhausted to move; almost passed out.My black neighbors laughed at me, saying I was a lucky man, having such a filthy white slut at home. They dressed up and left, promising we would have another poker game night very soon.I went back to Ana, who had recovered a little and was sitting on a chair there, enjoying the cold breeze at the back yard.I noticed her both used hole were gaping and oozing fresh semen.I asked her how she was feeling, after those niggers had abused her cunt and ass so brutally.Anita smiled, saying she knew Nathan had stocked the cards…

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