Step brother part 2


Step brother part 2So it’s almost the end of summer vacation and my step brother and I haven’t seen each other in what feels like forever. Of course I’ve masturbated to the thought of our first time and there’s no doubt in my mind that he doesn’t do the same damn thing. My mom planned a camping trip for a whole week in Maine. I thought this would be the perfect time to have another fuck session with my step brother, seeing he was able to come. I was so excited that I merely orgasmed to the thought of his throbbing cock in my ass again. My step dad and I went to pick him up at his mothers. Of course we weren’t alone so we couldn’t really do anything. We did both sit in the back right next to each other though, me in the middle and him behind the drivers seat. Thankfully my step dad had to stop and run into Burger King real quickly to use the bathroom. We found this the perfect time to at least fool around. As soon as he walked into the building i started to unbutton his pants. Once his pants were fully undone, i started rubbing his cock, feeling it grow through his boxers. Just the feel of his dick through his underwear almost made me cum. I hadn’t actually touched it before. Then his cock popped right through the hole in his boxers. It looked so much bigger in light and with my eyes fully open. I then put my head down and started with the tip of his dick. I licked it, tasting the bit of pre cum already flowing out of his hard cock. This was my first time giving a blow job and I didn’t really know what to do. I just tried to think of all the pornos I had watched and just tried to do my best. Once i was done sucking the pre cum off his tip, i slowly tried to fit the whole thing into my mouth. I was surprised with how far I got before I started to gag. I could hear him groan as my nose grazed his pubic hair. I was satisfied with the thought that I was doing well enough to make him moan like this. He then started to move his hip, fucking my mouth. This was much more harder because I couldn’t control his cock but it turned me on ten times more. I was gagging and my spit was dripping down his balls because I just couldn’t swallow well enough. Then he grabbed my head and started to really fuck my mouth really hard. I was finally getting into rhythm and wasn’t gagging so much. I could tell he was really loving it and then I felt it. He came right in my mouth. God this felt so great and it tasted so good. I orgasmed right then and there as I licked up and swallowed all of his cum. I noticed my step dad still wasn’t back so i started to play with his balls, slowly sucking them away from his body. He apparently was enjoying it kırıkkale escort because of the way his legs were tensing and how deep his breathe was. I accidently slipped my tongue a little too far and I licked his asshole. I thought he was going to cum all over me again when I did this. Realizing he enjoyed it so much I started to finger his asshole while licking it. My free hand still jerking his once again hard cock. I was truly amazed by how much he liked this. I then stuck just one more finger in his ass and started pounding harder and harder, still stroking his cock but in the same rhythm as i was fucking his ass. This led him to scream. He wasn’t screaming because of the massive orgasm he was about to have though. He was screaming to tell me that my step dad was walking back to the car. Right that moment he came all over my face and the back of the seat. I quickly grabbed a few napkins in the front, through some at him, and used the rest for my face, using the window mirror to see where all the cum was. This was so exciting just being way too close to getting caught. Thankfully, we finished cleaning up before my step dad got back. Because of the great seating we arranged, I was able to keep my hand in his pants for the ride home, both of us smiling at each other as he also stuck his hand into my pants to play with my cunt.By the time we got home, we were both high off of the excitement of fucking in both public and practically right in front of my step dad. We got everything in the camper and made sure we both sat on the couch, that way we could both lay on each other if we wanted to. My step dad gets hot a lot so we had the a/c blasting. This was great. We grabbed a blanket and through it over our laps. Again we were able to play with each other for this very long ride to Maine. What made it ten times hotter was my brother and sister are right in front of us, totally clueless, and our parents were in the front seat. Just the thought of being so close to exposing our little secret was a good enough cause for our extreme horniness. It seems like this day just keeps getting luckier for the both of us. We are in a huge camper and we stop at Wal-Mart to grab a few things. We both went in to use the bathroom quickly (to clean out our pants) and were able to hang in the camper until they were done. There was a lot that they needed to grab still so we had a lot of free time on out hands. What could we possibly do you might ask? Well we fucked of course!! Since I gave him an awesome blow job the last time we were alone, he started with eating my pussy. He was so excited to see my tight bald pussy that he escort kırıkkale barely waited until we opened the door of the camper to start pulling my pants down and sticking his finger up my cunt. We actually spent about a minute outside as he sucked my clit out in a public Wal-Mart parking lot. This in itself was super hot and made my cum really quickly the first time, only making him that much more hornier. We finally opened the door and he laid me on the stairs sticking both his finger and his tongue up my pussy. This felt so fantastic. Especially with the bit of wind that was slapping my pussy since we didn’t get far in enough to shut the door. I was starting to get really worried that someone might see us and we weren’t able to see if the family was coming back so we decided to stop for a moment to get in, shut the door, and position ourselves where we could see the Wal-Mart entrance. Once we were situated he starting to really suck my cunt. It was almost as if there was a vacuum cleaner on my pussy. This felt amazing, so much better than when he just licks me. he really knew how to please a girl. I started to hear a weird noise and i noticed that he had his cock out and was wacking off while he ate my pussy. I was getting really close to an orgasm and then he started to hum on my wet cunt. I had never heard of people doing this before but it felt amazing. Once he started humming my cunt I came just about three time all over his lips. Then he started to suck my pussy dry, eating any cum that had escaped around my thighs and the crack of my ass.He then, very forcefully, pulled me down so that I was laying completely flat. He then ripped off my shirt and unsnapped my bra. He then started to play with my tits and pinching my nipples. He then took off all of his clothes and laid down on me, his cock between his stomach and mine, and his mouth and hands all over my breasts. I was getting really anxious because I could feel his cock sliding back and forth and all I wanted it to do was slip into my now very wet, tight pussy. I guess from jerking off and eating my pussy he got extremely horny and was very close to cumming because just his cock barely sliding between our bodies made him orgasm and cum all over our stomachs. I was then very glad that he didn’t stick it right into my cunt. Once he finished cumming, he started to slide his tongue from my tits to my belly, slurping up all of his cum. This seriously surprised me and turned me on so much more. Once we were both clean of cum, he stuck it right into my pussy. It hurt at first but it was a good hurt. I liked it when he was rough and didn’t slowly kırıkkale escort bayan put it in me, the same way he fucked my ass the first time. He pounded me so hard and fast that I came several times and he had to quickly pull out. We both realized it was too close of a call when he came all over my stomach again so I got up, had him lay on the couch, and I hoped right on his dick. This time he fucked me in the ass though. I could clearly see the door so I was definitely not worried so much about getting caught right now. I started bouncing on his cock and we both were really enjoying it. There happened to be a man in the car next to the camper window who saw us. Of course I was so into what we were doing that I really didn’t care and didn’t bother pulling the shade down. Knowing someone was watching just made this ten times hotter. When I looked down after a few minutes of roughly riding his cock, I saw the man jerking off in his car. I thought this was super hot and I just stared at him while I rode my step brother. I was getting really tired and I started to just rub my body back and forth, his cock so far inside of me. With my weight on his balls I knew he was going to cum very soon. I also thought the guy in the car was going to cum very soon too. When I looked over to hopefully see hit shoot, he was gone, his car still there though. I then heard the door ope. Of course I was extremely scared that it was my mom but had no time to hop off. When the door swung open, it was that exact man. He was half naked, only wearing his shirt, and he was stroking his cock like a champion. He then came over to me and started to scream. Then the man started to cum all over the top of my pussy, which made me cum the greatest orgasm I have had yet, and then my step brother came into my ass. This was so great, to have both a strangers cum all over me and my step brothers cum inside me. Once we were all done cumming all over each other, the man gave us his number so that we could have a threesome some time in the future. Of course we took it.He then left, got in his car, and came one last time as he played with himself, waiting for whoever was still in Wal-Mart. Of course we weren’t done. We were too young and horny to ever stop. He then threw me up against the table table and stuck his dick into my pussy this time. Again nowhere near gentle, which made me scream in ecstasy. He then pounded my pussy violently. All you could hear was the sound of my ass slapping his stomach. Then we heard a noise. It was the very back of the camper. Shit! I thought as we started to pull all of our clothes on as quickly as we could. When we were fucking doggy style, we didn’t keep watch of when they were coming back. We both, in almost a laughing frenzy, through ourselves to the couch and tried to make it seem like nothing had happened. Everyone got into the camper and we were off to a very sex-packed week.

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