stay over takes a strange turn part 2


stay over takes a strange turn part 2When The girls got back they were shocked at what they found when they went in to Sally’s room, David was still laying on her bed with his panties pulled down and cum dripping from his used hole. They girls ran over to him to find out what had happened and when he told them they were quite shocked as there was no sign of a brake in or anything like that and the doors had been locked. Sally decided it was best for the other girls to go home and they would have their sleep over another time and her friends agreed and got dressed and went home while Sally talked to her brother. She just could not work out how someone had got in with out leaving any sign and then she thought that it could only mean one thing and that was that their father had done it but she thought he would not have it in him to do such a thing, especially to his own son but it could only have been him. She told David what she thought and he could not believe it but even he new deep down that it could only have been him who did it but he still did not know what he could do about it. David got up and went and had a shower while Sally went down stairs to wait for their dad to come home and shedid not have to wait long before he came staggering through the door totally drunk out of his mind and she could see why he could have fucked his own son as he would not have known what he was doing in that state, little did she know that John new exactly what he was doing and that he would want to do it again and not just with his son but also now with his sexy young daughter. John walked over to her and sat down on the sofa beside her and he started to make advances on her by putting his hand on her legs, but she would push him away and he tried grabbing at her breast and ended up ripping her top but again she pushed him away and John was just too drunk to really do anything and just collapsed on to her lap. She did not move to much as she heard David coming down the stairs and she hoped he would not see them but he did and David saw his sisters ripped top and walked canlı bahis over to her and pulled his father off Sally making him drop on to the floor and he picked his sister up and took her up to her room and bent over to lay her on the bed and when he tried to sit up she held him tight in her arms and just kissed him on the lips and at first David wanted to pull away but then remembered what she had done to him earlier and how much he enjoyed it and soon he was kissing her back. Sally started to undress David as she continued to kiss him and as soon as he was naked she pulled him on to the bed with her and she pulled him on top of her and she could feel his already hard cock pressing against her pussy and it slid into her with ease and the both made love to each other for the rest of the night. Sally woke up well before David and she just laid on the bed beside her brother and could not help but think about what their dad had done and she was soon getting turned on thinking about him fucking David while he was dressed in her clothes and she started to wander why he fucked him and she thought maybe he wanted to really be fucking her instead and the more she thought about it the more turned on she got and she wandered if he was still out of it down stairs so she sneaked out of bed and headed down stairs where she found him still laying on the floor and she sneaked over to him hoping not to wake him and she got down on to her knees between his legs and she took his cock into her mouth and she started to suck him until he was hard and then she moved up and put one leg either side of him and slowly let his cock slip inside her and he very carefully started to ride his cock and every time he moved she would stop hoping for him not to wake before she had finished. It was not long before she could feel herself starting to cum so she started to speed up letting her orgasm take over and then she felt her father’s cock shooting it’s seed deep inside her and she collapsed on top of him as she tried to catch her breath. John still did not move and she thought bahis siteleri was still asleep so she got up and tried to sneak up stairs without waking him and her brother and she went in to the bathroom and she heard someone walk past the door and she slowly opened it and looked down the hall and she saw John walking in to his room and she thought to her self that surely he was not awake when she fucked him and just shrugged it off and got into the shower and she lent back against the shower was letting the water run down her naked body and she found herself thinking back again over what had happened over the past few hours and she started to rub her hands over her breast and down to her pussy and she started to play with her self letting her fingers play with her fathers cum as it came out of her pussy and she quickly made herself cum and decided that she should get out and go and see if David was awake yet and maybe have some more fun.She got out of the shower and dried herself off and walked out of the bath room and just as she was about to go in to her room she heard a strange noise coming from her fathers room so she sneaked down the hallway and peaked in to her fathers room and her eyes shot open she saw her brother dressed in her sexy tight red dress and fishnet stockings on his hands and knees on their fathers bed and as she peaked round the corner more to see what he was doing she could not believe her eyes when she saw him taking their father’s cock deep down his throat and as she watched she found herself getting more turned on and she let her right hand slide into her panties and she slowly started to rub her already very wet pussy and she just watched and when John got up and moved round behind David and started to work his cock in to David’s tight hole she was getting more and more turned on by the second and she just loved watching her father’s cock sliding back and fourth out of her brother’s ass and she started to think what it might be like to have both their cock fucking both her holes so she decided to make her move, canlı bahis siteleri so she undressed and she walked in and sneaked up behind her dad and rapped her arms round his chest and kissed him on the back on his shoulder and he looked round behind him and smiled when he saw his naked sexy young daughter behind him.”Do you want to join us sweetheart?””Yes Daddy” she said and she moved round and climbed on to the bed and she moved up and swung her leg over her brother’s head and looked him in the eyes and smiled. David was a little embarrassed at first but the sight of her sexy wet pussy in front of him soon put him at ease and he buried his head between her legs and he started to lick her while his Dad continued to fuck him deep and hard until he came inside his son. Sally was getting close to cumming when her dad came round beside her and eased his cock into her mouth and she started to suck him while trying not to bite him as her orgasm swept through her body and she squirted into her brothers mouth. David moved up the bed and laid down beside Sally and she quickly swung her legs over him and she let his cock ease in to her pussy and she slowly started to ride his cock and she looked at her dad and asked if he would fuck her ass while she takes her brother’s cock in her pussy and John looked at her and smiled and he quickly moved round behind her and he watched her sexy ass rising and lowering as she fucked her brother and he moved in closer and pressed his cock against her tight entrance and slowly eased it in and as he did she gave out a loud moan and she started to ride both their cocks making sure she took their full length inside her holes and she did not stop until the three of them had cum and both her holes were full of her brothers and dads cum. The three of them laid on the bed for a few mintues trying to catch their breath and they started chatting about what was going to happen next and John told Sally that for now on David would always be wearing girls clothes and she would have to call him sister rather than brother and that they would all be having sex every day and that she would have to use a strap on, on him with her girl friends. The more he told them, the more Sally got excited and could not wait for all the fun and games they could look forward too in the future.

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