Stand In Granny Landlady


Stand In Granny LandladyWhen I was 20 years old I had a job as a barman in a local village pub called The Mill. It was run by Jim and Jayne and I had been working there for 18 months and had become a trusted member of staff. It was only a small pub so at busy times Jim, Jayne and I managed admirably but as the space behind the bar was limited we had to work as a team to avoid bumping into each other. Jayne was in her late 40’s and I had a secret crush on her……..Jayne and I became very close but that is another story! Jim and Jayne were going away for a winter break and an elderly couple, Don and Vera were coming in to manage the pub while they were away. I was working on the day Jim and Jayne were due to depart but only Vera was there when I arrived as Don was too unwell to travel. Vera was 75 and was a large matronly lady, massive breasts, wide hips and an ample arse, wearing a below the knee floral dress, tan granny tights, low heeled court shoes and was made up to the nines! I had never seen so much makeup and her perfume was overpowering. I had a thing for older women but she really didn’t float my boat at all. Jim and Jayne left and the first customers started to arrive. It was a busy lunchtime and we were rushed off our feet but given Vera’s age we managed to keep up with the customers. I was pulling a pint when Vera squeezed behind me and as she did so she ran her hand across my backside. This made me feel a little uneasy but I brushed it off as it may have been due to the lack of space behind the bar. But about 10 minutes later it happened again! What was she playing at! Then again and again but this time she squeezed my backside and as I turned to say something she smiled at me and moved away to serve another customer. The lunchtime session finished and I left to go home. As I was leaving Vera asked me if I could help that evening, she said that she didn’t want to be left alone just in case it was busy. I did have plans but didn’t want to let Jim and Jayne down so I said that I would change them and be there for 7pm. Vera thanked me and as I was heading out of the door she said “You won’t regret it and I will make it worth your while”. My first thought was more money…how wrong was I to be.I arrived back at the pub just before 7pm and Vera was already serving customers. She was still wearing the same outfit and as I came round behind the bar she greeted me with a smile and an unexpected peck on the cheek. I felt myself blushing and moved swiftly into the back room to hang up my coat. I had a quick check in the mirror and saw Vera’s lipstick on my cheek. I grabbed a tissue and after three attempts, I finally removed the lipstick mark. Composing myself I went into the bar to begin work.The night was busy pinbahis to start with but quickly went quiet and by 10:30pm the pub was empty. Vera was standing in the entrance to the bar area smoking a cigarette, it was allowed in the good old days, but I needed to get through to clear some tables.“Excuse me Vera, I need to get through please” I asked. But all she did was lean forward giving me just enough room to squeeze through. I went through backside to backside and as I did so she backed up making it even more difficult to get through. As I cleared the tables I caught her looking at me as she smoked her cigarette. What was she up to I thought to myself? Was she trying it on? For the first time I felt a stirring in my groin then said to myself, well if she wants to have some fun then let’s play! I put the glasses on the bar and walked back round to where Vera was standing. My cock was now getting hard at the thought of what might happen and as I asked Vera to allow me through she just moved forward again. This time I went through facing her backside and as I did so she backed up again. I deliberately thrust my hips forwards so that my hardening cock rubbed against her backside and I placed my hands on her hips and then ran them down her amble arse feeling the outline of her knickers and to my surprise suspenders! The old girl was wearing stockings and suspenders. She wiggled her arse and reached her hand round and grabbed my cock through my jeans. She then said “I think we should shut up early” and then moved away to lock the door and pull the curtains. Once she had finished she poured herself a glass of wine and lit another cigarette and went and sat down in one of the armchairs in the bar and kicked off her shoes.“Be a dear and come and massage my feet, they’re killing me”. Was this happening to me…I loved old ladies feet especially when clad in nylon. My cock was fit to burst. I went over to Vera and knelt in front of her and took her right foot in my hands and started massage it. Vera rested her left foot on my leg and started to rub it up and down, brushing it against my cock.“Mmmmm that feels so good” she said. “What does? My massage or my cock?”“Both, you naughty boy!” Vera replied.I continued to rub her foot but I wanted to smell and suck her toes so much, so slowly I moved her foot up and brought my head down until her toes were under my nose. The smell was wonderful and as I inhaled I slipped her big toe into my mouth and worked along each of her toes. Vera continued to smoke her cigarette as I repeated the same to her left foot. Placing both her feet on the floor I ran my hands up and down her chunky calves and continued up each leg. As I reached her knees Vera opened her legs and pinbahis giriş I saw was greeted with the sight of her gusset with grey hair from her pussy poking out either side. I leant down and kissed her thighs reaching her stocking tops and lifting her dress up to her waist. No suspender belt but a girdle with suspenders attached! Granny Perfection! I pulled her forward and lifted her dress and full slip over her head. Our faces were close and even though her makeup was heavy and not appealing I was overcome with passion and kissed her full on the lips. Vera responded and opened her mouth and forced her tongue into my mouth. My hands were running over her fat body and I released one then the other of her enormous breasts pulling her nipples and rubbing my hard cock against her pussy as we kissed passionately. I felt her hands trying to find my belt so I eased off her and let her undo my belt and jeans. She hooked her hands into my jeans and boxers and pulled them down in one releasing my rock hard cock. She grabbed it with her hand and looking into my eyes said “Is this for me?”“It’s all yours Vera” I replied and with that she reached into her mouth and removed her false teeth dropping them into her glass of wine. I was going to get a gum job! Could this get any better????? Leaning forwards she licked and ran her tongue around the tip of my cock and then ran her tongue along its length before cupping my balls and then taking its full length in her mouth. The feeling was amazing as she worked my cock in her mouth, her gums rubbing doing the business, and speeding up until I could hold back no longer and blew my load into her mouth and throat. Vera just kept sucking and swallowed every drop. She released my cock and slumped back into the chair with a look of complete satisfaction. I was still rock hard looking down at this 75 year old pensioner with her massive breasts hanging out of her girdle and her legs wide apart. I dropped to my knees and started to kiss and suck her breasts whilst rubbing her pussy through her knickers. Pulling her knickers to one side I ran a finger along her slit. Whatever you hear about old ladies not getting wet is a myth! She was soaking and first one then two fingers slid in making her moan with pleasure. Fortunately her knickers were over the top of her girdle so I swiftly pulled them down over her stocking clad legs and exposing her hairy pussy in all its glory! Grey and hairy and in need of a good seeing to! I moved in close spreading her legs further and absorbed the look and smell of it. Parting her lips I made contact with my tongue making Vera jump slightly. I worked my tongue along her pussy until I reached her clit which was large and swollen almost like pinbahis güvenilir mi a small cock. I licked and sucked on it whilst fingering her with two fingers taking it slowly for full enjoyment on both parts. Vera grabbed my head pushing it further into her pussy and then lifted her backside off the chair and screamed out as she came. She then pushed me away and I thought that I had done something wrong. Looking at me she explained that her hips were hurting and with that turned over presenting her massive arse in my direction. I parted her cheeks and looked at her brown star of pleasure. Her breasts were almost touching the floor and pussy was hanging down waiting to be fucked. I removed my clothes and knelt behind her. But first I had to taste her arse hole. Parting her cheeks again I worked my tongue over her hole, licking and probing…..she tasted so good and not at all unpleasant much to my surprise.“No-one has ever done that to me before” She said.“And I’ve never done this before. Do you like it?” I asked “I love it!” was all she could reply as she thrust her arse back to me for more attention. I licked her until my tongue was exhausted and easing myself up I slid my cock into her pussy. She wanted this and had been the initiator, so I gave her my full length in one go.Vera squealed out and gripped the armchair……”It’s been so long” she said“How long?” I asked“Before you were born young man, Don unfortunately is impotent”“Well you’re getting it now!” I replied and started to thrust deep into her, slow at first but then as I felt my own orgasm coming I quickened the pace. This was amazing and at the point of cumming Vera let out a scream and we came together………but I wasn’t finished! Pulling my cock coated in Vera’s juices and my own cum out of her pussy I parted her cheeks and drove it home into her arse hole….she screamed out as I thrust into her, thinking I had gone too far she shouted “Oh my days! Oh my days! Never before! That feels so good!” I needed no second invitation and fucked her virgin arse for all I was worth……looking down at this large elderly 75 year old woman and seeing my cock fucking her arse, and feeling the muscles in her back passage working my cock it wasn’t long before I came again filling her arse with my cum. I slumped on top of her back sweating but as I gained my strength I stood up as my cock popped out of her arse. I lay back on the floor and Vera lay down next to me with my cum dribbling out of her pussy and arse. I looked at her and her makeup was a mess! I laughed and told her that she needed to redo her lipstick. She just laughed and moved into my arms and we kissed passionately.“Is that what you call making it worth my while?” I asked.“Oh yes it is my darling” replied my 75 year old lover.“Well I think I may have to work every night if that’s what’s on offer. But I think it’s time for bed Vera” I said.“Don’t go. Please stay with me sweetheart” She replied.And I did and so began two amazing weeks…………To be continued????????

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