stable boy


stable boyI was so excited at starting my new job as a stable boy I almost couldn’t contain myself, that morning I showered and shaved my body completely smooth, I couldn’t help but pleasure myself before leaving the shower god I just couldn’t wait. Getting dressed I rolled on my favourite stockings I got a shiver as the silky texture worked its way up my freshly shaven legs I just so love the feeling, I put one my lacy red thong with garter straps and matching bra, I admired myself in the mirror for a few minutes before I covered it all up with my boy clothes, simple jeans and shirt that hides my bra.I arrived at work a little early so I could get a look around and meet my boss. My boss took me around the stables where id be working and showed me where everything was as we were heading back over to the yard house, my eyes lit up when I saw the most beautiful girl walking across the yard about to pass us going toward the stables, just as we got close my boss said “morning Kim, this is Anthony your new stable hand, Anthony this is Kim she’ll be showing you the ropes so if you’ve any questions Kim is the one to ask” I said “hello” as she looked me up and down she replied “I hope your stronger than you look or you wont last long here” and kept on walking, my boss chuckled and said “I’m sure you’ll be fine and don’t worry about Kim she can be a little hard on new starters but she’ll warm to you”The time had come to start work so I made my way back over to the stables where I met Kim, she pointed me to a brush and told me to get started on mucking out while she took the horse out into the fields. I got on as instructed and completed my task without any problems. When Kim returned she gave my work the once over and said “ok you’ve done alright in here but this is easy lets see how strong you are as now we have to move a load of bails as there in the way of some maintenance work that needs doing” I followed Kim to the bails and she instructed me as to where to move them all too and again she went and carried on with her daily routine. They weren’t too heavy but I did start to orhanlı escort feel it about halfway through, I was having to bend right down and wrap my arms around them to hoist them into my arms and heave them over to there new resting place. I was just beginning to struggle a bit with one of the bails when I felt and heard this almighty crack on my ass, I yelped out in pain and jumped around, there was Kim standing there grinning with a whip in hand, I was just saying “what the fuck” has she pushed me over onto the bail, she stood over me, id started to shake a bit as I said “what the fuck was that for” Kim replied you know exactly what its for bitch” I started to go red just as Kim bent down and ripped open my shirt exposing my bra and tops of my panties. I was completely silent trembling in shock, “well what’s all this then” she asked looking at me and laughing, I really didn’t know what to say and just then she climbed onto of me pinning me down, as I tried to move she shoved a rag in my mouth so a couldn’t talk, taking my arm she started to wrap a leather strap round my wrist tieing it to the whip handle, as I tried to squirm she slapped my face hard and said “I wouldn’t fight me not unless you want everyone to see you like this” I really didn’t I nobody knew my secret and I wasn’t ready to let the world know so I submitted myself to her, she tied my other hand to the other end of the whip, moving my bound arms over my head and under the bail I was lay on I was stuck there as she stripped the rest of my boy clothes off. My eyes started to well up a little bit as Kim just stood there looking me over. “So you like to dress as a girl do you” she said with a smile “I bet you like to get fucked like a girl too don’t you” I just lay the froze unsure of what was really happening, with that Kim turned and walked away out of sight.When she returned she had a small tub in one hand and another whip in the other, I began to squirm again to which Kim struck me hard over my tummi with the whip and said “what have I told you about that” again I surrendered myself, aydınlı escort Kim opened the tub she had hold of and dipped the handle end into it, I knew then what was happening, id toyed my ass in the past but this was something new id never been with someone whilst dressed before, I was both a little scared and excited at the same time which Kim noticed by the growing bulge in my panties, she just laughed as she pulled my panties to the side and lifted my ass up a little, the next thing I felt was the whip pushing at my tight ass, I gasped as she thrust it into me slow at first thankfully but it still hurt a little but my cry’s were mumbled by my gag, she gradually got faster and faster as she fucked my ass with the whip handle, after a short time the pain subsided and I really began to feel the pleasure as my hips came to life as I started to push back into her, she could see how turned on I was and stroked my hard cock with her free hand, this sent me over the edge I just couldn’t take it any more and I came hard exploding cum all over her hand and my stomach. She withdrew the whip and laughed as she said “you enjoyed that didn’t you, you little girlieboy, I could only nod as my body trembled god I was in heaven, Kim scooped up most of my cum and removed the gag shoving her fingers into my mouth instructing me to suck them clean, to which I did, this wasn’t really the first time id tasted my own cum so I had no problem in sucking it down. I lay the for a minute as Kim was stood looking at me when I asked “what happens now” in a nervous tone as I didn’t know what to expect. She smiled and moved closer to my head, she stood right next to me and I thought I guessed what was coming but was shocked when she said “well my little cock whore its time for the real thing” I was a little confused and just as I opened my mouth to speak she whipped out the biggest cock id ever seen she shoved it deep into my mouth, I almost gagged my head was spinning all over the place Kim was a transsexual my thoughts were all over the place but I quickly regained what was happening tuzla escort bayan as she had hold of my head and fucked my throat hard, id never sucked a cock before but had dreamed of this moment for sometime now and I wasn’t going to miss it now as I sucked her swelling cock she began to moan gently giving me encouragement I was doing ok, as she trusted back and forth I could taste she precum as she leaked it all over my tongue, I was sucking her for what felt like hours when she withdrew and walked round and spanked my ass hard.Kim took a hold of my legs and positioned herself rubbing her cock against my ass saying “I hope you ready for this” I nodded in acceptance and stammered “god yes please fuck me” well Kim didn’t need asking twice as she thrust hard slamming her cock deep in my ass, I screamed out in pleasure as she bucked her hips fucking me hard, I was moaning louder with each thrust as she tore into my ass fucking her little cock whore hard, pulling me into her as she continued to pound into me calling me all sorts of names asking my if I like be fucked by her big cock, I was crying out “oh god yes I love you cock, god fuck me harder Kim oh fuck” this seemed to spur her on as she found another gear and slamming even harder after I few minutes passed I knew she was close as her paced slowed down a little and her moans got louder, then with one last forceful thrust she came hard filling my ass with her cum,,”oh gawwdd yes ummm fuckkk” I cried out biting my lip to try and keep my moans down, Kim stood there holding me as she ground her hips as the last few drops entered my ass. Releasing my legs she flopped out of my ass and cum dribbled out and down my ass, again she scooped it up and made me suck her fingers and cock clean. “you good little cock slut” she said grinning “your ass is mine now whenever I want it you get that” I couldn’t talk I was that drained I could only nod “good she said, “now after work your coming home with me, see if we can make you look like the little cock slut you are” I could only manage a sighed “oh yes miss” Kim then untied me and suggested I go clean up and finish off with the bails, to which I did.God I couldn’t believe what had happened and we both spent the rest of the day talking and getting to know each other a little better until we finished work and I went home with her

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