Spring break


Spring breakNote: not my story, but a good one…My freshman year in college I got the chance to go to spring break with a group that was mainly seniors and juniors. I didn’t know it at the time but it was probably because I had a car. We were having a great time taking over the streets of Palm Springs, and generally being drunken maniacs. I was hanging with Steve, Bruce and Sheila, and I got IDed going into a bar. I think Steve and Bruce would have passed on going in, but Sheila wanted to check out the bar and she was the type of girl who got what she wanted so I was left hanging outside.I was bummed. I sat in the parking lot thinking of my next move, and that’s where Alice spotted me.”What have we got here?” she asked. “Are you too young to get in the Elephant? Did your friends ditch you?”Alice was probably in her early 40s. She looked more like a professor than someone who should be raging at spring break. She was Filipino with a pretty nice body, and more important she was talking to me, so I decided to see where this went.”I’m just catching my breath,” I lied. “I didn’t see you in the club. I would have noticed you.””You didn’t see me in there because you weren’t in there,” Alice shot back. “Let me see some ID. I am not flirting with you unless I know you are 18.”I liked the idea that she was flirting with me, so I grabbed my wallet and fumbled for my license.”Quickly,” Alice snapped her fingers and then grabbed my ID. I could tell she was a little drunk. “Okay, looks like you are 18. You will do. You are my prisoner tonight OK?”Whatever was going on sounded fun, and I was a little high, so I didn’t have to think for a second before I said OK.”What’s going on here?” A high pitched Betty Boop voice almost cried as she came up behind me.I turned and faced 2 more mid 40s ladies; a blonde with stunning blue eyes and a slightly fuller figure than Alice, and a busty Latina.”This is my prisoner,” Alice told Connie, the blonde with the Betty Boop voice.”We’ve got strawberry daiquiris back at the hotel. Do you have anything to bring to the party, prisoner?” Laurie, the Latina woman asked.”My name is Mac.” I answered. I was feeling a bit surrounded, but all 3 were buzzed and I was hoping a little horny.”That’s not what I asked.””Yeah, I have a joint. Let’s have a party.”Walking to their hotel room was a blur. All 3 of them were older than my professors and all 3 managed to grab my ass at one point on the way to the room. They were here on a business convention and hadn’t even known about spring break. Connie seemed a little annoyed by all of the k**s roaming the streets, but she was nice to me.We got to their room and Laurie grabbed my joint while Connie started making drinks. Alice put on some music and in no time I was feeling pretty great. Then Alice came over and started kissing me. I felt a hand on my cock and another hand pushed up my shirt and started gently flicking my nipples. Alice was stroking my hair while we made out and I was in heaven.”Lift your ass; I want to see what you’re really bringing to the party.” Laurie ordered. It was a little bossy but I did what I was told and Laurie yanked my pants off.”Nice,” she said, which relieved any anxiety I was feeling. Connie pulled my shirt over my head, and just that quick I was naked in a room with 3 older women.I got a little nervous, but Alice told me to relax. Laurie was slowly jerking me off and Connie was sucking my nipple and I have never felt so good.Alice got up and when she came back she had some furry handcuffs.”You’re our prisoner, but you’re getting all the fun. That’s not right is it?” Alice asked.”I’m not complaining,” I smiled.”Oh honey, I am complaining. Do you want to be our prisoner or do you want to go?””I want to be your prisoner.””Good answer,” Alice said and I very willingly let her cuff my hands behind my back. The furry cuffs didn’t look that real, but when they clicked, my hands were firmly locked.”Now it’s time for you to repay the favor a bit. Would güvenilir bahis you like that?” Alice said looking deep into my eyes.”I would love it.””Good, let me check out that tongue.”Alice was wearing a skirt and when she hiked it up, I could see she had no panties on. She straddled my face and slowly rubbed her pussy back and forth across my face. Because of the cuffs, I couldn’t lift my head very well, but I gave her a lick when I could. Eventually she rested on my face and told me to get licking.I tried to lick the alphabet which is what someone at school had told me to do.”You’re new at this, but don’t worry we’re going to give you a crash course.”I know it seems dumb now, but that was the first time that I realized I might be going down on more than Alice. I loved eating her pussy, but I didn’t want to have to eat all 3 of them out. I figured I’d work it out later, because it seemed crazy to complain while I was getting jerked off and my nips sucked.”Up higher,” Alice ordered. “OK good. Now lower, and in and out. good little doggy.”She kept giving me encouragement and I did everything I could to please her. My face was covered in her juices, and her pussy has glistening. It was dark and hairier than the girls at school. I loved the musky scent, and was really getting in to pleasing this woman.She kept encouraging me “Yeah, that’s it, slurp it up.” She turned to Laurie and said, “This k**s a fun ride.”Laurie told Alice “He is getting hard as a rock, with out much help from me. I think he loves eating pussy.”Alice shot back “Well don’t let him cum, I have big plans for him, and we’re going to need to keep his full attention.””Keep licking puppy.” She purred to me and gave me a little slap. It was odd being talked about that way, but somehow it was a huge turn on.A few minutes later, Alice started bucking like mad. “Eat that pussy bitch. Get your mouth up higher. That’s it. Slurp it all up.” She went nuts when she came, grabbing my hair and bucking against my face. I couldn’t breath for a little bit as her pussy seemed to almost grab hold of my face. Laurie gave my balls a squeeze which kept me from cuming with Alice.Alice was relaxing on the bed, and she said “Oh my Connie, you gotta try that k** out. Scoot on up.”Next thing I know Connie had mounted my head and hiked her skirt up.”Are you comfortable?” she asked”Yeah I guess,” I told her, and I started licking away. My tongue was sore from Alice and it wasn’t really what my plan would have been, but I was aching to cum and I figure the sooner I got her off the sooner they’d return the favor for me.”That’s nice” Connie told me. “Slow and steady wins this race. Try flattening out your tongue.” Connie was already pretty wet when I started and her pussy gave way to my tongue pretty easily. At points I could get my whole tongue deep inside of her.Laurie was back to giving me the best hand job ever. It was loose and she’d reverse it every time. I figured I deserved more than a hand job because of all the work my mouth was doing, but I wasn’t in a position to argue. Every time I felt close to cuming she’d give my balls a squeeze and slow down for a bit. It was really driving me crazy, but probably making me a more enthusiastic cunt licker.Alice moved up to watch my licking. “You’re doing a great job k**,” Alice told me. “Just one more test to pass. Connie flip around so you can play with his nips some more.””You like that right?” Alice asked me as Connie shifted position and started gently flicking my nipples.”Yeah I like it a lot,” I told Alice. I don’t know what it was about her, but I felt hypnotized. I really wanted her to be happy.”OK, there’s something Connie would really like. Get that tongue out and start licking.” I looked up and saw Connie’s butthole in my face.”But that’s her asshole I said. I really didn’t even want to end up going down on everybody, but I am trying to be a team player, but I am not licking anyone’s butt,” I told Alice.”Laurie, stop jerking güvenilir bahis the k** off. I think he’s leaving,” Alice said.”C’mon,” I told her. “Isn’t there something else I could do?””Listen k**,” Alice explained to me. “Connie is doing something nice for you. Connie has a cute butthole and she wants you to kiss it for her. Just give it a kiss.”I stretched my head up and gave it a kiss. I was hoping that would be enough, but I needed to cum.”There that wasn’t so bad. Now give it a lick. Wow good lick. That’s good keep licking. You’re picking this up pretty quick.””Look how hard his dick is getting without me even touching it. It’s a lot bigger than it was a second ago,” Laurie laughed.”He’s a natural ass licker. You’re doing great k**, keep licking.””Gawd, this feels great,” Connie moaned. She was playing with her pussy while I tongued her butthole. “I will never doubt you again Alice.”Alice moved in close to watch me lick Connie’s butthole. “Try to push your tongue inside her. That’s good. Fuck her butt with your tongue. You’re really a pro at this. Earlier this evening some frat boy jerk spilled a drink on Connie and told her she was way too old to be at Spring Break. She just wanted to go home, but I promised her I would get one of you punks to suck her asshole before the night was over, and she didn’t think I could. You’re proving me right and really helping Connie’s self esteem. Plus your cock is telling us all that you love it. Thank Connie for having such a delicious asshole.”Connie lifter her ass up to see if I would thank her. “Thank you Connie, your butt tastes delicious,” I think that I was the most shocked to hear myself say it. It was like someone else was speaking.”You are such a dirty puppy,” Connie laughed. “You’re welcome, why don’t you have a little more.” She sank back down and I did my best to rim and tongue fuck her ass while she masturbated.After a little bit Connie started gently bucking and moaning. “Yeah that’s it. Eat my ass you dirty fucker. Lap it up, bitch.” It was shocking to hear Connie who had seemed the least outgoing talking like that. She kept rocking on my face pushing down and lifting up as she got closer to orgasm. Finally she came, and her butthole grabbed my tongue as I was rimming her. Her whole body was convulsing. Exhausted, she rolled off my face and she was glowing. I was somehow embarrassed and proud at the same time.”I’m next,” Laurie called out. Her pussy was the darkest and it was already matted with her juices. I had only given her a few licks up front and got a quick taste of her musky pussy when she flipped around and said, “I think you might like this better, and I know I am going to love it.”I started to lick Laurie’s butthole a little tentatively at first.”Get in there,” Alice told me. “It’s not every day you get to rim a hot Latina. And thank her for having such a great ass too.””Thanks Laurie. I love your asshole and pussy. Sorry if I started out a little slow,” I said. “My jaw is getting tired.””You’re welcome dummy,” Laurie said. “But, that jaws going to get a lot more tired.”Alice whispered in my ear “Do you want to fuck me k**? Would you like that?”I nodded vigorously while I was working on loosening up Laurie’s butthole so I could get my tongue in it.”You have to control yourself and promise not to cum in me. Do you promise?” Alice asked.I nodded again, but I didn’t know how I would be able to stop myself.”If you cum in me, I am going to make you clean it out so don’t do it unless you really want to clean it out.”With that Alice was mounting my cock. She and Laurie were facing each other and they gave each other a high five while I jammed my tongue up Laurie’s butthole. Alice’s pussy felt wonderful, but I didn’t want to clean it out so I tried thinking of other things. That didn’t last long. I got a slap from Laurie. “Lieeck it”I started trying to just focus on Laurie’s butthole and not think about my cock, but when Laurie bahis siteleri started cuming, I lost it. She was grinding my face yelling “lick that asshole” and I came so much that my balls went up inside my body cavity.I was utterly exhausted. I dimly remember Laurie rolling off of my face, and then in a haze I saw Alice mounting my face. “I guess you really wanted a cream pie.” I would have got up but I was handcuffed and exhausted. I struggled a little but Alice’s cunt was right in my face. It was a bit torn up and glistening with both of our juices. I heard Alice whisper ‘lick’ and in a trance I started licking.”Is he eating it?” Laurie asked”Yeah his face is right in there and he’s sucking it all out.” Connie told her. She was watching up close fascinated by how easily I had betrayed myself.After I had sucked her pussy for a while, Alice scooted around and said “I think a little dripped down to my butthole. Be a dear and clean that up too.” I didn’t even put up a fight this time. I just started licking my cum off of her asshole.”That’s nice, keep going and see if you can lodge that tongue up in there I think you might make me cum again.””Look, he’s getting hard again from licking his cum off of Alice’s ass.” Betty Boop, or Connie, yelped.”Do you want another cream pie?” she asked. “I’d like to ride that cock, but only if I get my pie eaten.””Answer Connie sweetie.” Alice said as she lifted her ass up off of my mouth.”Yes please.” I said, half defeated but half mad with horniness.Connie started riding my cock, and called out high five to Alice. I heard their hands slap but my head was so lodged in Alice’s ass that I didn’t see it this time. Connie’s pussy was really warm, and I just felt very snug in my awkward position. My tongue was exhausted but seemed to be running on auto pilot and I was pistoning it up into Alice’s sweet ass. It took Alice a little longer to cum this time, but when she did she exploded.”That’s it. Eat that ass. Eat it frat boy. Love my asshole.” She cried out as her whole body shivered on my face.I kept licking as I felt myself explode into Connie again. I was thrusting my cock up into Connie’s hot cunt and my tongue up into Alice’s ass like an a****l.Alice collapsed and roll off of my face.Connie started scooting up, and said “Wow you tore my pussy up. Have you ever had this much fun?”I didn’t answer, and Alice said “You look exhausted. We better give you a snack.”A voice in my head told me I didn’t want to eat this old woman’s torn up cunt, but that voice didn’t say it out loud and I started slurping away. It was comforting knowing that I didn’t have a choice in the matter.My cum was dripping out of her. She poised her pussy above my mouth and I had to quickly catch the white cream that was sliding down to my mouth. Then I delicately lapped at her pussy lips. Once she had relaxed on to my head and my face was buried in her sucking away, she seemed to completely relax, “You are so nasty! Don’t stop! That’s amazing!” I couldn’t reply. My mouth was full of pussy and our combined juices.”Look, he’s getting hard again,” Connie happily squealed.”He’s not getting a cream pie from me Connie, but it’s fun watching him eat his load out of you,” Laurie laughed.Once her pussy was clean, Connie flipped around and had me eat her ass while she toyed with her nipples.”I want you to beat off while you suck my asshole. I want know that sucking my asshole is the hottest thing in the world to you.”I started stroking my cock while Connie played with her pussy and I ate her ass.”Wow you are really getting in there. Get some pics of this with my phone Laurie.”The last thing I heard before she started coming and banging my head into the mattress, and I started coming and shaking was “sooo nasty.” I think I lost my breath and passed out for a minute.When I woke up Alice had undid my cuffs. I was too exhausted to move. She started rubbing my wrists to get the sensation back in my hands.”Do you want to go back to your room now k**? Or do you want to sleep here and give us an extra nasty wake up call?””Extra nasty wake up call I answered.””You learn fast k**. Why don’t you gently lick my ass until I doze off and then get some sleep yourself? You’re going to need it for what I have planned for tomorrow.”

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