Spanky bottoms


Spanky bottomsSpanky spankingI I would love to have had bare bottom OtK spanking OTK from Mrs McCluskey…Were called into the heads office the girls were made to tuck their skirts into their waist bands, take of their knickers so their pussies and bottoms were on show. Then it was my turn to take of my trousers and underpants all the girls could see my throbbing erection, Mrs McCluskey looked at it and smiled.One by one the girls were called and put over the headmistress’s knee. We all stood behind and had a great view of the naked bottom and a bit of vulva. The girls waiting could see my throbbing penis which was starting to produce a few beads of pre cum. The girls were well and truly spanked all over until they were a very warm and a deep shade of red. Then it was my turn.I was called over to bend over her knee my cock hard against her skirt clad thighs and all the girls looking at me.Mrs McCluskey knew how to spank, each smack was hard, she started at the top of my buttocks and worked her way down one cheek at a time, with each smack I was rubbing against her thighs exposing my tight balls to view.She then summoned the girls round to face me and let me niğde escort look up to see their pussies. My bottom was throbbing, my cock was slowly leaking. Mrs McCluskey told the girls to stand with their legs apart and rub their clits.She then started to spank me very hard, each spank making me rub against her thighs more. I think it took less than a minute to cum all over her skirt.I was made to stand up so all could see my still hard cock dribbling, I couldn’t help myself I had to wank the rest of the sperm out. The girls seemed to be enjoying masturbating too.I still hard a semi hardon when Mrs McCluskey told use to stand in a line and take of our shirts (and bras for the girls)Well that did it for me my cock started to get hard again. We all then to stand in a row while Mrs McCluskey went to the cupboard to fetch a light but evil looking cane.One by one we were made to put our left hand out and got three hard whacks, starting with the palm, just below the fingers and then the finger tips. This was repeated on our right hands, it was really painful.Mrs McCluskey explained that it would stop us rubbing our bottoms better and the sore finger tips niğde escort bayan would stop use masturbating for a day or two.The girls were dismissed and I was kept behind.This was due to the mater of the mess I had made on her skirt.She took the cane back to the cupboard only to take out a slightly thicker one.‘You have two options 6 months detention or the cane on your bottom and a treat’I was between a rock and a hard place but before I had a chance to answer..‘Bend over the desk, hold the sides, nipples just touching the top and legs apart’So there I was at her mercy. She rubbed the cane over my bottom and gave a few light non painful touches.Then I heard it before I felt it whoosh, contact on the middle of my bottom. It stung then got hot.While I was taking that in I heard ‘That’s one of twenty four’The next thing knew was the pain of the first stoke was over taken by the second just slightly above. The third was just below the first.By this time I could tell that my right buttock was getting the worst of it being the tip end of the cane.The next three were all in different spots.‘Mmm that six, this will be a bit different now, nipples on desk!’She niğde escort pulled up my right cheek and gave the bottom of my bottom such a hard stroke with just the tip of the cane I screamed. Then exactly the same to the left side.‘Eight’The next four were in-between the stingers on the middle.Then for the first surprise, she could cane left handed and with great accuracy, each stroke was duplicated stripe on stripe. That really does hurt you get double tip ended.So with a very sore stinging bottom I was aloud to stand up.‘You may rub you bottom’Which I did, it didn’t help much until Mrs McCluskey walked to the other end of the table and slowly unbuttoned and removed her shirt, showing her lovely cleavage, she was watching me as she undid her front loading bra. She caressed her ample breasts and came towards me. She pulled my head between her tits and gently cupped my balls. Again my young penis sprang to life, she slowly gave it a few strokes and then moved away.She took of her spunk covered skirt so she was just in her white knickers. She took my hand and rubbed over her pants between her legs, I could feel the warmth a wetness. Soon I had my first fingers inside a woman.Soon we were totally naked on the study floor and she guided me in to her silky, warm wet pussy. It was just right ten minutes later I was no longer a virgin and lots of teenage spunk dribbling down her thighs!

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