Solstice Ch. 11

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Amateur Allure

Solstice – Chapter 11

There were only a few minor air disturbances that evening, and those happened where Ariana was staying. Nomena brought the outsiders together early the following morning to be prepared for their meeting with Gades. They were fed, bathed and all dressed in white robes. Once again, Alex was dressed in the cloth that left his genitals uncovered, but until actually meeting her, a loin cloth was added.

“When Pia and I take you inside, you aren’t allowed to look at her until she addresses you. Under no circumstances may you approach her until she invites you to do so. The only people allowed to touch her are her mother, Pia, and her grandmother, Baki,” Nomena instructed them.

“Have we met Baki?” Ariana asked.

“She’s the woman who gave Alex the challenges yesterday, my mother.”

“So, what can we expect from Gades?” Alex asked.

“That’s really up to her. She’s been very sheltered. I don’t think she’s ever seen a white person, so I suspect she’ll be curious. She’ll likely give her approval or disapproval of Alex today. Her birthday was a few days ago, so she’s eighteen now. Her fertile time is in two days, so that’s when the fertilization would take place.”

“Does she have any experience with sex?” Aphrodite asked.

“None at all. Other than her mother and grandmother, she’s never been touched by another human being.”

Pia came to them and took Nomena aside to talk to her.

“Guys, Demi came to me in a dream last night. She said that Gades is going to be a bit bossy and will treat us more like livestock than equals. She said for me to boss right back at her, and to take charge of the situation,” Alex told his mother and sister.

“Are you comfortable with that?” his mother asked.

“I think so,” Alex replied.

Nomena and Pia came to them and led them to a large wooden structure behind the rest of the houses. It looked much nicer than the rest. After opening the door, Pia showed them inside to the large, but simply adorned room. There was a platform at one end with a single chair on it, and a chair on the floor on either side. Sitting about six feet in front of the platform was a bed. Otherwise, the room was empty. Alex stood with his mother on his right, with Nomena next to her, and his sister on his left. Pia walked out the doorway near the platform.

“As soon as she comes in the room lower your heads,” Nomena told them.

“Okay,” Aphrodite replied.

They didn’t have to wait long before, Baki, the old woman came in and walked to one of the two chairs, then stood waiting. She didn’t even acknowledge the guests. Pia walked out next and gestured for them to lower their heads before standing in front of the other chair. The visitors and Nomena lowered their gazes and Gades came into the room. She walked to the platform, was helped up by Pia and Baki, then took her seat. Pia and Baki took their seats.

Gades spoke to Baki who in turn spoke to Nomena. She replied in Malagasy, then turned to the visitors.

“Gades wants you to remove your clothes so that she may see your bodies.”

“No. We’ll remove our clothes when everyone else removes theirs,” Alex replied.

“Alex, I can’t tell her that,” Nomena said.

“That’s the only way we’re getting naked,” he replied.

Nomena spoke in Malagasy. The visitors heard two gasps when she did. Gades spoke again.

“Gades said you are rude, Alex,” Nomena said.

“No, I’m simply stating a fact. Rude is when you have guests, make them look at the floor like servants.”

“Alex, I cannot…,” Nomena began.

“Tell her what I said,” Alex replied.

Nomena hesitated, then spoke again. This time there were more gasps and a chuckle before Gades spoke. Gades stood and was helped off the platform, then began walking toward the door.

“We were sent by Zanahary for your benefit, not ours. If you leave, we’re going back the United States. You’ll get no help from us. Tell her that,” Alex said.

Gades stopped and turned to them. She spoke in English. “I am not accustomed to receiving visitors. If my behavior has been inappropriate, I apologize,” Gades said.

She walked to Aphrodite and offered her hand, then to Alex and finally, Ariana. Each shook her hand and looked up at her. She was completely covered in a white hooded gown with only her eyes showing. Gades pulled her gown off over her head and dropped it to the floor. She was naked, and beautiful. Her skin was perfect and dark chocolate in color. Her completely hairless body was gorgeous. Alex and his wives dropped their robes. Gades smiled at them then spoke in Malagasy. The other three women in the room removed their gowns. Gades looked at her three guests and marveled at their white bodies as they looked her over. Gades stepped in front of Alex.

“I have never seen a naked male before.”

“What do you think?” Alex asked.

“Interesting,” she said, smiling. “You are all three very beautiful.”

“So are you,” Ariana said.

Gades looked at her. “You are the one who will stop the storm?”

“I’m kocaeli escort going to try,” Ariana replied.

“Zanahary told me you will succeed and that we must follow your instructions for you to be successful. We will do exactly as you say.” She turned to Aphrodite and bowed. “You are the embodiment of Zanahary?”

“That’s what she told me. We call her Gaia,” Aphrodite replied.

“Alex and Ariana are your children?”

“They are, but Alex is also our husband.”

“My mother tells me you are both with child.”

“Yes, we are.”

Gades touched Aphrodite’s lower abdomen and smiled, then stepped to Ariana and did the same.

“You will make me with child?” she asked Alex.

“If that’s what you want,” he replied.

“I am a little apprehensive. I’ve never been with a man.”

Alex smiled, “I think you’ll enjoy it.”

“My mother and grandmother certainly did. Where did you learn to make sex?” she asked.

“My mother and sisters taught me.”

“And you will teach me?”

“There are things that I can teach you, but I think being taught by a woman works better on much of it.”

“Will your mother and sister wives help teach me?”

“I think they could be talked into that.” His mother and sister smiled and nodded.

“My mother and grandmother have both been with you, yet they describe completely different experiences,” Gades said.

“Your mother had never experienced an orgasm. I wanted to make sure she did. Your grandmother gave me a challenge. I knew I’d complete the challenge but wanted to give her something to remember.”

Gades turned to Nomena. “Have you also been with Alex?”

“I have not, but I’m hoping to get that opportunity before he leaves,” Nomena replied.

Gades turned to Alex. “Would you do this for my Aunt?”

“I’d enjoy that very much.”

“I have never witnessed mating. Would it be possible to show me?”

“May we use your bed?” Alex asked.

“Of course. We’ll get seats for everyone and all watch.”

She turned to her mother and spoke in Malagasy. Both women in the chairs left the room and returned with cushions for the non-participants. Alex took Nomena’s hand and walked her to the bed. Everyone else sat on the cushions. Gades sat between Aphrodite and Ariana.

“Will you explain things to me as they do this?” Gades asked them. Both nodded.

“Have you been touched before?” Ariana asked her.


“May I touch you to demonstrate?”

“You may. I can also touch you?” Gades asked.

“Of course,” Ariana replied.

Alex sat on the bed next to Nomena and began kissing her. As he did, Ariana did the same to Gades, making sure she could still see what was going on. Having never even been kissed before, Gades was fascinated. As Alex progressed to touching Nomena, Ariana followed his lead by touching Gades in the same way.

“You can touch me too,” Ariana told her.

That was all the prompting the girl needed. Her hands began by exploring her partner’s breasts, and soon had one in her mouth. No one noticed, but the clothing they had left lying around was stirring. When Gades’ fingers began exploring Ariana’s pussy the stirring increased but was still subtle. Aphrodite noticed and tapped her daughter on the shoulder, pointing it out.

“Oh well,” Ariana said, smiling.

Ariana stood and led Gades to the bed and laid her back. She knelt between her partners legs and kissed her pussy. Gades moaned and raised up on her elbows to watch. She saw that Alex and Nomena were eating each other.

“Ariana, I would like to taste you also.”

Ariana climbed on the bed with her, then laying on their sides, the two young women began licking each other. At the first touch of Gades’ tongue to Ariana’s clit, the loose clothing began spinning on the floor. Pia and her mother, Baki, both noticed. Baki spoke to her daughter. Gades heard her.

“My grandmother is worried you will make another Tadio,” she told Ariana.

“No tornados for now. Tell her to relax. I’ve figured out how to control that.”

Gades spoke to her grandmother and returned to licking her partner’s pussy. As Ariana got more aroused the movement of the clothing increased. The only one that seemed to care was Baki. Everyone else continued what they were doing as if nothing unusual was happening. Nomena came loudly a moment later and Alex followed her. Ariana wiped a small amount of cum from Nomena’s lip and offered it to Gades, who apprehensively licked it away.

“Interesting taste, it’s salty. Ohhhhhhh!” Gades called out, as she came a few seconds later.

Ariana touched some to her tongue. As she came, the clothing was flying around the room in a whirlwind. All four relaxed together enjoying their post-orgasmic bliss, and things in the room settled back to the floor.

“That was an orgasm?” Gades asked.

“That was an orgasm,” Ariana replied.

“I like orgasms,” Gades said grinning.

“Want another one?” Alex asked.

“Yes, please.”

Ariana kocaeli escort bayan dipped her finger in the cum and touched it to the girl’s tongue. A moment later, she came again, moaning loudly.


It was just before midnight when Alexandra’s phone rang. She looked at the caller ID. It was her father, Cletus.

“Hi Dad. You’re up late.”

“Have you been looking at the Weather Channel?”

“No, Demi and I have been having a little girl time. What’s up?”

“You might want to look at it. There’s a big storm building in the Indian Ocean.”

“Okay, we’ll take a look.”

“I’ll let you go. I love you, Ally.”

“I love you too, Dad.”

They ended the call and Alexandra flipped on the TV and turned it to the Weather Channel.

“…a big one. The projected course is a direct hit to southeastern Madagascar. The mountains usually deflect these and either send them northward or northeasterly and harmlessly back out to sea. If it continues to grow, as we’re expecting, that’s not likely to happen.”

“What will happen?” another commentator asked.

“Projections indicate it will move directly across the small island nation and either continue moving westward toward Africa or turn northward and go right up the middle of Madagascar. If it turns north, God help the people of Madagascar.”

“Joe, how big is this storm expected to get.”

“It’s category two now. By landfall, in about forty-eight hours, it looks like category five and worse than anything we’ve seen here.”

“The cat fives we’ve seen here in the US have been devastating. What’s different about this storm?”

“Imagine a cat five making landfall at Miami. There’ll be an initial storm surge, with the worst on the north side. Rather than crossing Florida and moving into the gulf, it turns northward and travels right up the peninsula. The storm surge on the eastern side of Florida will still be bad but about half the initial thirty or forty feet. This storm is rotating clockwise. The storm surge would continue the full length of the island on its west side. Everything on the west half of Madagascar will either be destroyed by the hundred-fifty mile an hour winds or drowned in a thirty-plus foot surge. It would devastate the country.”

“Let’s pray the projections are wrong.”

“We’ll know more as it gets closer to the island.”

“That’s the latest we have on cyclone Miora. We’ll continue covering this developing disaster.”

“Damn, they even named it after her,” Demi said.

“It looks like Ariana has her work cut out for her,” Alexandra added.

“No kidding. Gaia wouldn’t have sent her if she didn’t know what she was doing.”

“I hope not.”


After cleaning up, Gades and her group joined the rest of the village for a big lunch. The visitors were still a hit with the children and were surrounded by literally dozens. They were all girls with the youngest being only eight. There had been no babies in the eight years since Gades’ father had died. The only males in the entire village were the three old men and Alex.

“Mom, does the elixir of vitality work on all males?” Alex asked.

“As far as I know.”

“Even old ones?” he asked.

“I believe so.”

“Do you have the stuff to make it here?”

“Alex, what are you up to?” his mother asked.

“If the village men had the elixir it could add a little variety to what the women have available to them.”

“Everything in it is natural. I’d have to talk to Nomena about the ingredients. Even if they do have it, I think we’d better talk to Baki before we do anything like that.” Aphrodite replied.

Gades stood to address the villagers. Everyone got quiet as she spoke in Malagasy. “I have decided to accept the visitor that Zanahary has sent us. In two days, Alex and I will join to make our child.”

Chanting began as Nomena translated what she had said. Many of the villagers and children ran to Alex to welcome him. Aphrodite and Nomena went off together to have a talk. About ten minutes later, they went to Baki and soon after that left the group together. They returned carrying an urn a short while later and served drinks to the three older men. Not long after that, the three men, who were grinning, left with their wives. The twins, Lanja and Lanta, went to Alex and escorted him to their home. During the afternoon there was a procession of the women to and from the homes of the older men. As the women returned, one at a time, they went to Aphrodite and kissed her on each cheek. They were all grinning as they did.

The twins, once inside their house with Alex, removed their sarongs and all three were naked in no time. Together, they pushed him onto the bed, and both knelt next to his groin. Their hands explored his cock and balls; and after a few minutes they both began licking his length and his sack. They took turns licking away the pre-cum and were soon taking turns sucking him. As Alex neared orgasm, he tried to warn them, but they didn’t seem escort kocaeli to care as he filled both mouths with his cum. Both girls came seconds later, moaning loudly. Alex grabbed one and pulled her pussy to his face as the other straddled him, then slowly descended onto him. Each took turns trying out different positions and brought both Alex and themselves to orgasm multiple times. Nomena came to rescue him from the insatiable pair about an hour later.

“With the help of your mother’s elixir, it looks like you get a little time off,” Nomena told him.

“After those two, I can use it,” he chuckled.

“Did you enjoy being Oreo stuff?” Nomena asked.

“You bet I did. Your daughters are something else.”

“I suspected they would be. Ariana has asked to have a meeting with those of us who will be at the ceremony.”

They walked back to the big house and met with the group. Ariana explained her plan for dealing with the storm and how they would approach it. Baki left for a few minutes, and when she returned, spoke with Gades. Nomena turned to Ariana.

“My father says there is no indication of a storm. The skies are clear,” Nomena said.

“I hope he’s right, but we need to be prepared. I suspect Zanahary knows what she’s talking about,” Ariana replied.

Nomena spoke to Baki and the others in Malagasy. They all seemed to be in agreement with Ariana. It was also agreed that the members of this group, except for Alex and Gades, would refrain from orgasm until the ceremony itself. When the meeting was adjourned, Gades requested Alex stay behind with her. After everyone else had gone, Gades took Alex’ hand and led him to the bed.

“Earlier today, Nomena took you into her mouth. I would like you to teach me this. What is it called?” Gades asked.

“The common name is a blowjob.”

“I wish to learn a blowjob. Show me what I should do,” she said, as she knelt between his legs.

Alex removed the loin cloth covering himself. “Start by using your hands and stroking it to get it hard.”

Moving as if she were handling something very breakable, she began stroking. Her other hand cupped his balls. As he grew, she smiled, looking up at him.

“Like this?”

“Exactly. Now use your lips and tongue to lick and tease it.”

She began licking his shaft and his balls, as she had seen her aunt do earlier. When pre-cum appeared on the tip, she licked it away. A few seconds later she looked up at him.

“That makes me tingle,” she said, grinning.

“As you stroke with your hand, lick around the head and tease it. That’s where I’m most sensitive.”

She did as he had instructed for several minutes then took the head into her mouth. When Alex moaned, it reassured her that she was doing well and began taking in more. She was soon combining her hand and mouth movement together. Alex put his hands on her hairless head and guided her.

“My aunt had the entire thing in her mouth. It chokes me when I try to do that.”

“She’s had more practice than you have. You’re doing beautifully,” he reassured her. “Gades, if you keep going, I’m going to cum.”

She didn’t slow down or hesitate and soon Alex was very close. She could feel his grip tighten as his breathing became deeper and more rapid. He held her head still and began moving in and out of her mouth, then came suddenly. It surprised her when he did, and she attempted to pull back. Alex held her head still and filled her mouth with multiple streams of warm cum. Just as he was finishing, the effect of his cum hit her. She came and pushed her head onto his full length. The last two shots went into her throat. When Alex eased his grip, she pulled off and swallowed.

“Did I do it correctly?”

“You were perfect,” he replied. She smiled and stood. “If you’ll lay down, I’d like to eat you.”

“Ariana suggested we do this just once. She wants us all to save ourselves for the ceremony and storm.”

“Can I get a raincheck?” Alex asked.

“I don’t know raincheck.”

“It’s when you agree to do it later.”

“After the ceremony, we can do the raincheck,” she agreed.

She climbed onto the bed next to him and they chatted for a long time. Alex dressed and they joined the others. Alex spent much of the rest of the day playing soccer with the children. Many of the village women spent the afternoon and evening with their men who had been enjoying the effects of the elixir. Since there would be no sex that night between the visitors, the elders agreed to let them share a single house.


When they went outside the following morning, the entire village seemed animated. They went to Nomena.

“My father said there is a storm coming. If it doesn’t turn north, it will arrive tomorrow. He and my mother are recommending we postpone the ceremony.”

“No, the storm is part of the ceremony,” Ariana insisted.

“How do you know this?” Nomena asked.

“Zanahary told me. The storm and the fertilization must take place at the same time.”

Nomena turned to her parents and spoke in Malagasy. She and Baki seemed to be arguing. Gades joined them and listened to both, then finally spoke. After speaking she turned to the visitors.

“We will not postpone the ceremony. Zanahary has told me that when the clouds of the storm first touch the sun tomorrow, I am to be fertilized.”

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