Soft Kisses


Soft KissesThe tips of our tongues barely graze the each other as I explore the softness of your lips, breathing in your breath as you breathe out. You then, in perfect sync breathe me back in as I exhale. There is slow, steady gentleness of our breath that carries with it a faintness of the wine we savored earlier. As I run my tongue over the smooth polished surface of your teeth, I take my hand and lay it flat across the width of your belly. With gentle pressure I push in against your abdomen and then start to slide my hand down toward the bulge of your pubic mound. Just as I reach the place where the soft wisps of hair start, I detect a quick little catch in your breath as you inhale. I pause and instead of continuing down, I slide my hand over to your hip and slowly work it up the side of your body, over your ribs and stop just under your breast. Pausing for an instant, I glide my palm up and over the firm, yet soft roundness of your breast. I feel your nipple catch on the side of my thumb and then slip under my palm until it rests in the middle of my hand, growing firm and hard against my palm. I cup and gently start to squeeze your fullness. Your breath quickens and your tongue is suddenly, excitingly exploring mine. I ease the pressure on your breast and slide my hand down and encircle the nipple with my forefinger and thumb. Gently rolling it between my fingers, your breath is ragged and your lips press into mine, your tongue becomes frantic, forcing its way into my mouth and then sucking my tongue into yours. You reach up, grab and squeeze your other breast. I disengage our tongues and spread soft kisses from your lower lip, down to your chin and up and across your jaw to your ear. My tongue explores the curve of your upper ear and then plunges inside. A groan escapes your lips. I squeeze your earlobe with my lips, then work my way down the front of your throat to the top of your shoulder just above your collarbone, licking and sucking. You flinch and try to protect the sensitive soft skin, but I am insistent and refuse to yield the deliciousness of your body. I work my way to the hollow at the front of your neck then down to the roundness of your right breast. I reach up with my free hand and gently squeeze your breast, forcing the areola to stretch and expand and the nipple to enlarge and protrude. I run my tongue around your nipple, relishing the softer, silkier skin of the areola. I slowly lower my lips onto the areola, open my mouth wide and try to suck your entire breast into my mouth. I harden my tongue and begin flicking the nipple back and forth. Alternately suckling and nipping your nipple, it gets get hard between my lips and you arch your back trying to force your breast into my face. My right hand is squeezing the other breast and by turning my head a bit, I can see and enjoy watching the nipple being rolled between my fingers. My cock has gotten hard and stiff. It desires contact and I press it into the skin of your thigh just above your knee. I wrap my leg around your leg so you can’t pull away so to make as much contact as possible with your leg, and I grind my throbbing cock into your thigh. Watching the nipple of your left breast being rubbed, rolled and pinched between my fingers makes me want to take it into my mouth, so I shift over to my right and start sucking on that delectable morsel. With my hands on the outside of each of your breasts I press them into each other until the nipples are almost touching and I can alternately suck one and then quickly and easily move over to the other and suck it. I am becoming frenzied by the joy and excitement of having such lovely breasts so close and accessible to my hungry mouth, that I fear that I am going to get carried away, be too rough and hurt you, but then I feel your body start to tense and your breath quicken as an orgasm ripples through your body. The sensation flows from your suckled nipples straight down to the core of your pussy and sends waves of pleasure bouncing back and forth between these two erogenous zones.I calm myself and ease off my sucking your nipples and squeezing your breasts and let your breathing and body relax back into a gentle state of erotic pleasure. Releasing your left breast, I begin kissing and stroking, working my way down your belly until I reach the waiting mound above your pussy, which seems to be begging me to be touch and kiss. I nuzzle, kiss and lick this gentle rise below your belly, the revealing mons, the mount of Venus that marks the beginning of the magic region that darıca escort waits just below. I press my face into the bulge and try to imagine being inside you.You have thoughtfully trimmed your bush for me so that I can not only see the object of my building desire, but taste and feel the waiting lips, the smooth, silky folds covering the opening of your special place without the hair of your bush in the way. I kiss and give little licks down the outside of the outer labia on the right side of your pussy, allowing my fingers to trace the left side, mirroring my lips opposite, being careful not to get too close to the sensitive inner lips. I kiss and move down the inside of your thigh almost to your knee where I discover glistening, salty wet drops of pre-cum that escaped from my penis where I was rubbing it on your leg. I eagerly lap up the drops you have caused to flow, then cross over to the left knee and slowly kiss my way back up the inside of your thigh to lick up the left side of your swollen labia. When I have worked my back up to your pubic mound, go back down and I lick up first one side, then the other. I can smell the sex exuding from your pussy; it makes me even harder, I want to taste you, have your essence on my tongue, and on my lips. I take my thumbs and placing them on either side of your labia, I gently pull and spread the lips of your pussy and admire the beauty of your womeness. A crystal clear drop of fluid escapes and flows down from the opening. Slowly I bring my tongue closer; you can feel my warm breath on your pussy. The tip of my tongue makes contact, lightly grazing the perineum, the spot right above your ass. Slowly, gently working my way up, up to the opening of your vagina, I gather the silken drop on my tongue. Higher, I move slowly, purposely up to the morsel of your clit, teasing it with an ever so slight flick of my tongue, then past to your mound.I pause to taste the sweetness on my lips, before moving back down to repeat the same motion, but this time with just a little more pressure, a little more width to my tongue. I work my way back up. I feel your clit has grown begging for attention as my tongue passes, but I move on, up, up.Then once again, moving back down…This time I push with firm pressure the full width of my tongue, moving from just above your asshole to your vagina, up and over your clit. I repeat this over and over, licking the full length of your pussy from bottom to top until you are thoroughly wet and slippery with the juices flowing liberally from your pussy and mixed with my saliva. As you begin to anticipate where my tongue is and where it is going at each spot, the next time I am passing the opening of your vagina, instead of a cursory pass, I stop and I plunge my tongue in, as far as it can reach, lapping your essences until you come in my mouth. I taste your juices. I kiss my way up to your clit and take it between my lips, sucking gently. I open my lips, and keeping your clit encircled with them, I gently suck and lightly lick and flick your clit with my tongue. I begin circling it with the tip of my tongue until you explode again in orgasmic ecstasy. I pause just long enough for the waves to calm, and then plunge my tongue back into your vagina, deep as I can until once again you shudder in orgasmic joy. Then back up to your waiting clit, I gently suck on it while working a finger into your wet, well lubricated, dripping pussy, curving my finger up until I feel that special spot inside, the upper wall where the G spot resides. With a “come hither” motion, I rub and stroke it with my finger while sucking and licking your clit until once again your whole body writhes with pleasure, then I insert a second finger and I ‘walk’ my fingers on your G spot as one orgasm is followed by another until it becomes one, long steady, crashing wave upon wave of pleasure.Just when you think you can’t stand any more, I withdraw my fingers and my tongue, move up your body, keeping your legs spread by placing them on my shoulders. I am towering over and looking down at your folded body, legs resting on my chest and shoulders, knees almost next to your ears. Your pussy is tilted up and vulnerably exposed in this position and I place the head of my throbbing, dripping cock at the waiting entrance of your sopping wet vagina. Slowly and gently I push at the entrance and enter you. This is the first glorious moment of co-joining when we become “One” with all the physical and emotional spirit of soul that it suggests. Inch by inch, the warm soft escort darıca flesh of your willing pussy yields to swallow my hard cock. I pause occasionally and pull back out just enough to make sure the slippery juices of your pussy are fully coating my cock to ease the friction of insertion. Waves of pleasure are flowing between us as deeper and deeper I go, filling and stretching your vagina until my full length is buried inside you and our pubic bones crush against each other. We push against each other, crotch to crotch, hips tilted to give and receive every last millimeter of cock I have to offer. We hold that position and pressure for many glorious seconds. Then I slowly pull back until the ring at the head of my cock just emerges glistening wet and slippery, and then I ease back in, inch by inch. Slowly In, Slowly out…In, out…A ring of pleasure is vibrating the head of my cock and traveling down the shaft towards the root with every inch that slides in. The pleasure ring is then milked back toward the head of my cock as I pull slowly back out of you.In, out…You start to shiver, your pussy tightens around my cock, your face distorts. Then I slam into you, hard!Once, twice, five, ten times! Hard! You explode again, panting, new feelings, new pleasures wash over you, a guttural scream escapes from your throat.I feel myself starting build, I must stop. I must withdraw. I do so, pausing and waiting for the sensation to pass, I move up and nuzzle between your breasts, cup them in my hands and press them into my face as sharp quick pants escape from your throat and your body continues to shudder in aftershocks of pleasure.Back in control, I crawl up on hands and knees until my waist is even with the top of your head; and I position my cock above your face. You open your mouth, purse your lips and cupping your hands on the cheeks of my ass, you pull me down, guiding my cock, still glistening with the juices of your pussy, into your waiting mouth. Your lips encircle the shaft of my cock as your tongue strokes the underside of the head. You can taste yourself on my cock; taste the clear drops of fluid that escape from the opening at end of my cock. The deliciousness of the flavors, the feeling of my hard cock in your mouth, you give a small shiver and you come again. Relaxing your throat, you pull me deeper into your mouth, swallowing, swallowing; you guide me down your throat, down until my balls are resting on your chin. The feeling of my cock all the way down your throat as you continue to swallow is ecstatic. You force your tongue out and lick my balls. Oh my god, I’m in heaven, the feeling is overwhelming! I feel myself starting to build again. No! Not yet. I slowly pull up, out and away. Your lips tightening around the shaft of my cock as inch by inch I withdraw from your mouth.I drop down to your face I kiss your lips and taste the intoxicating combination of myself and you on your tongue. It makes me want more. I want to taste more of your delicious pussy. I want it! I slide down, forcing your legs apart and gripping the calf of your right leg just below the knee, I hold it up in the air spreading and exposing the swollen subtly darker edges of the inner labia and lighter pink, engorged, object of my desire. I use my free hand to open the inner folds and lips of your pussy even wider and I bury my mouth into the soft deliciousness of you. My tongue searches deep inside your vagina for the source of the delectableness. I am rewarded with a gush of slippery, salty wetness that coats my tongue, my lips, and my chin as your body again convulses in orgasmic pleasure. The pungent rich aroma of sex fills my nostrils. I move my attention to your swollen clit, exposed from its protective sheath, standing upright like a tiny penis, and I suck and lick it as I slide my finger back into your pussy. You buck and squirm; grabbing hands full of my hair and grind my face into your pussy.I can’t stand it anymore, I thought I wanted more head, but I want to fuck you so bad… I pull out my finger, push my face away from your pussy and using the leverage of your right leg still held high in the air, I roll you over onto your stomach. I slip over to the side of the bed and step off onto the floor. I grab your hips pulling you over to the edge of the mattress, I lift you up onto your knees, spreading and positioning them right at the edge of the bed. Your elbows and head rest in the center of the mattress, with your ass up in the air at the very edge of the bed. Standing behind you, your pussy is darıca escort bayan at a perfect height, angle and position, an inviting target for my throbbing member. All I have to do is step forward and plunge myself into you.But I need one more taste… I drop to my knees, grabbing the cheeks of your ass and spreading them as far as I can, I expose the wide open essence of your beautiful pussy and I give one long slow deliciously wet lick from your clit, up into the swollen lips of your vagina then right up to your perineum, the very edge of your ass (maybe later, I think).I stand back up with my tongue coated with your wonderful juices, the aroma of your sex in my nostrils, and holding my cock, I ease myself into your waiting, willing, dripping pussy. Your vagina clasps me and with willful contractions, you seem to suck me in, inch by inch until the cheeks of your ass meet my thighs. I pull you hard onto me, tilting my hips up and pressing my thighs into the cheeks of your perfect round ass. My cock, in this position acquires that extra bit of depth and I feel you shiver with pleasure.I hold on to your hips and push myself away and then pull you back to me. The view from above is exquisite. Your wide hips with my hands clasped at your hip bones are gorgeous. I admire the roundness of your ass, the thinness of your waist, the taut muscles of your back and shoulders. I can see my cock, glistening with your juices sliding in and out of your pussy as you take every inch of me. I can see the entrance of your vagina, expanding and contracting, pink and engorged where my cock enters you and slides back out. I can see your asshole, a small brown pucker just above where my cock enters your pussy. Delightful! In this position, I can pull you to me as I thrust forward, I can push you away as I pull back. The control is heady, powerful, and euphoric. I push, I pull; fast then slow. Your pussy tightens around my cock, I see you tense, grab handful of sheet and you come, and you come. And you come again. Quick, sharp little squeals involuntarily escape from your throat. Your pussy convulses around my cock.The sounds, the sight, the intoxicating smell of your pussy and a feeling begins to overcome me. I sense the pressure starting to build. My knees start to vibrate; a shiver starts from behind them, runs up my thighs, through my ass, up to and through my spine into the very base of my skull. Step by step, with each stroke, higher and higher the pressure builds; with pleasure increasing upon pleasure with every stroke in, with every withdrawal out. I feel my face contort; my eyes involuntarily squeeze shut as I start to lose control. Faster, faster I am slamming my cock into you with unrestrained craving. My legs and your ass are slapping together with each full stroke into your pussy, flap, flap, flap! I am listening to you scream with delight; “Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Oh God, Fuck Me!”And then it happens. A tidal wave of unbelievable pleasure rocks my body as I erupt into you. Spasm after spasm of spurting come is released into you. Three, four, five, I lose count; involuntary shudders rack my body from the top of my head to my toes as each load explodes into your pussy. You are pounding the mattress with one hand, pulling your own hair with the other as the hot lava of my orgasm fills your pussy and you are sent spinning off into space on a pleasure trip of your own.I awake from my ecstasy to realize I am standing still but we are rocking back and forth together, I am holding onto your hips, your ass is in the air, the front of my thighs pressed against the back of your thighs, my cock buried deep in your pussy as I continue to pull you to me. I never want to let go of this feeling. Occasional aftershocks continue to shake my body. As I come to my senses, I start to slowly pull my cock out, but that just begins a new, different pleasure and I quickly pull you back to me and push myself back in. A few more slow long strokes and the tremors dissipate and I feel myself softening. Shakily and weak kneed, I pull myself out of you and I see a string of white creamy come dripping from your pink swollen pussy. I consider for a moment of burying my face back into your wet, dripping, come filled pussy to get one last taste of our mingled juices, sucking out the nectars of our pleasure; smearing the culmination of our love-making all over my lips, cheeks and chin, to share the results of our tryst with you in a wet sloppy kiss, a final decadent moment of magnificent debauchery. Instead, I fall heavily into the bed next to you and pull your body next to mine, in absolute contented amazement of the pleasure that two humans can give to each other. And knowing that while it seems inconceivable, I know it can always get better. I kiss you softly…

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