Social media encounter


Social media encounterThe car park isn’t busy. There are cars, but all are empty. Kim enters the car park on foot and walks towards the only and empty bus stop. She checks her phone.“I will be in a Subaru Forester . See you in 30 minutes, “ said the last message she received 30 minutes ago.She just waits for him to show up here. She is 27 years old and decided to live a little more. After a relationship of 4 years she wants to try more, experiment more. And this is the first thing she tries; finding a sex date via social media.She sees a car matching the description entering the car park. The car stops in front of her. He is wearing a black jacket, jeans, white shirt, and he has short brown hair. He looks really cute, is the first thing she thinks. He opens his window.“Hi, I am Mark. I hope you didn’t have to wait too long.”“Hi, Mark. Not at all. I just arrived, “ Kim answered while opening the passenger’s door.Mark puts the car in drive and they leave the car park behind them. They drive for a short while and they enter a small, empty road.“I think this will do, “ Kim says while looking around.“Okay, I’ll stop here, “ he replies.Mark stops the car and puts it in park. They both unbuckle their seat belts and Mark also unzips the zipper of his jeans exposing his already swollen cock. Kim is surprised: It is bigger than the pictures he sent her while they were chatting on social media.“Do you like what you see?” Mark asks with a naughty smile.“Yes, I do! It looks much bigger than in the pictures. And I like big, “ she says with a big smile.Kim moves forward and touches his cock with her hand. It feels so good. She starts to jerk him off slowly, he told her online he likes it that way. She wraps her hand around his cock and he starts to moan softly. He moves his hand behind her and starts to stroke her back. She feels his touch very good since she is wearing a very thin blouse.Kim and Mark have already talked to each other on social media for about two months, but they have never met in person and are still a bit like strangers to one another. Online they would talk about their kinks, what they like to do when in comes to sex, and what they don’t like. A few weeks ago they talked about a fantasy. It was about two strangers having sex in a public spot. They had created this complete scenario of what they would do and how. Four days ago Kim took a brave decision and asked Mark if he would like to take fantasy and turn it into reality. He didn’t really hesitate and agreed to do it. And here they are, in the car, in a quiet spot next to a road.Marks cock is fully swollen and Kim decides to go a bit further. She moves her legs under her so she is sitting on her knees and she moves over Mark. Now she can put that big cock in her mouth. First, she starts to lick the tip. Just with the tip of her tongue, she licks the head of Marks cock. He seems to like this. Then she moves her lips around the head of his cock and slowly moves her head down, pushing his cock in her mouth. She hears him moan louder. She moves her head up and down.While she is sucking him she puts her ass up, so she is on her hands and knees. Mark sees this as a great opportunity to move his hand from her back to her ass. He puts his hand on her left ass cheek and she doesn’t mind it at all. He slowly strokes her ass cheek with his hand. Each time he goes up with his hand he moves up her skirt a bit, almost revealing her naked ass. She is not wearing any underwear, just like they discussed before when talking about this fantasy.Kim is still sucking his big cock and she likes every second of it. She feels his illegal bahis hand on her ass and he knows exactly how she likes it. Like he read her mind Mark grabs Kim’s ass more firmly. Kim stops sucking his cock and starts jerking him off instead. Mark moves his hand from the top of her ass down to her pussy. Kim starts to breathe louder as she feels his finger move between her ass cheeks, over her asshole, to her wet pussy. He slowly puts a finger in her pussy and starts to finger her. She starts to moan and keeps stroking his cock.After 4 years she is single again. The sex was the worst part; they did it maybe once every 3 months. Kim thinks that he was cheating and he didn’t want to give her any attention because of that. After 4 years she’d had enough and threw him out. She wasn’t sad for a long time. She decided to fulfill most of her fantasies that she had created over the years. The first being have sex with a stranger.She is very wet now and Mark puts in more fingers. If somebody would be passing them he or she would have a lovely view through the window on Kim’s ass and pussy being fingered. Mark removes his fingers from her pussy. His fingers are soaking wet. He moves his hand a bit higher and starts to massage her asshole. After a few times, he slowly moves one finger in her ass. Kim starts to moan even louder.Kim starts to suck his dick again. She is trying to fit his whole cock in her mouth, but it is too big. She even gags on it a few times.“Shall we take it outside?” Kim asks with the most naughty face she has ever shown.“I thought you’d never asked, “ Mark replies.They both get out of the car. Kim walks to the hood of the car and puts her hands on it and moves her ass back. Mark loves the view of this. Her ass is just showing a little bit under her short skirt. He quickly takes a picture with his mobile phone to capture this wonderful view.Kim is waiting patiently for Mark to stand behind her. She doesn’t have to wait long before she feels his hand moving from her back to her tits. He starts to squeeze them. Her nipples are getting so hard. Mark notices this too and starts to pinch them. Kim is breathing really loud and moans harder too.“How would you like to be fucked in the open on the hood of this car?” Mark whispers in her ear.“I am waiting for that, “ she whispers back.She feels her skirt being lifted and a finger entering her pussy.“Don’t tell me that is your dick. I would be very disappointed, “ Kim reacts.“Don’t you worry. I am just checking if you are wet enough.”He removes his finger and the next thing Kim feels is his dick entering her pussy. He keeps pushing it in until his big cock has disappeared in her pussy. It is the best feeling she has had in ages! Her eyes roll back and she breathes out really loud. He starts to move his dick up and down in her soaked pussy. Kim lays herself down on the hood, making it easier for Mark.Before Kim came to the car park she was very nervous. Was it the right decision to leave her safe house for this? Can he be trusted? What if it is a creep with an enormous beer belly and a small dick? For a minute she didn’t want to go and just stay home watching her favorite television show. Now, when she is bending down on a car hood getting fucked by someone she hardly knows, she loves every second of it and she agrees with herself that this is the best decision ever.Mark is fucking her harder and harder from behind. He has his hands on her ass and grabs it very tight. All of a sudden she feels that he is spanking her ass. SMACK! She loves it. She pushes her ass back more, so he can fuck her harder.“Give it to illegal bahis siteleri me! You know what I like!” she yells at Mark while moaning.Mark slaps her ass even harder, leaving his hand print on her ass cheek. He starts to pound her harder and harder. Kim tries desperately to find a place to hold on, but the hood is too big and too slippery. All of a sudden she feels a finger running from her neck down to her lower back and between her ass cheeks. She feels the finger stop at her ass hole. While Mark is fucking her roughly he puts his finger in her ass and starts to finger her.Kim feels she is about to come and it feels like it will be one of the best orgasms she has ever had. When they were discussing this fantasy she told Mark everything she would like and he did the same. Mark knows she likes it rough and he is doing a really good job! She knows he likes to come in a girls mouth and Kim is planning to make him end like that.All of a sudden Mark takes out his dick from her pussy and also his finger from her ass. She is stunned because she has no idea why. The next thing she feels is his tongue licking her ass hole. What a great feeling! He moves his tongue around her ass hole and even puts his tongue in it.He stops again and starts to finger her ass hole until it is wide enough.“Do you think you can take it?” he asks in her ear.“Yes, I think so.”He takes his dick in his hand and moves it to her ass. Kim starts to rub her pussy. Mark slowly pushes his dick into her ass. It is big, but she likes it. The combination of anal and rubbing pussy has been a real turn on for her. She played with anal toys before, but she thinks it won’t hold up to the real thing. Now she gets to know how it really feels.His dick is in her ass now and he starts to move up and down slowly. Kim starts to moan even harder and rubs her pussy really hard. They stand there for a while. Kim starts to finger her pussy and feels his dick through her pussy. It is so hot!“I think I will come any second now, “ she says to Mark.“Please come for me. I know you will love it!”Kim moves both hands between her legs. With one hand she starts to rub her pussy and with the other she fingers herself. This feeling, together with the pounding in her ass, is so good. She starts to scream of pleasure. And then, after a few minutes, she explodes. Mark starts to fuck her ass less hard and Kim stops fingering herself but keeps rubbing her clit. She is shivering all over the car hood while having one of the best orgasms she has ever had.Marks takes his dick out of her ass and Kim gets up. Her face is very red and the smile on her face says enough.“Do you want more?” Mark asks.“Yes, please. I think it is your turn now, right?”Kim jumps on the hood on her butt and crawls a bit further. She leans on her elbows so she can see Mark. She opens her legs, showing her nicely shaven pussy. Marks smiles and walks towards her. He bows down and starts to lick her pussy. Kim closes her eyes and enjoys this hot feeling. Her pussy is still tingling from her orgasm.Mark places his hands on her ass cheeks and pushes her pussy on his face. He moves his tongue over her clit and in her pussy. She is shivering with pleasure and she hopes she can come again. But before she has a new orgasm, Mark gets up and takes his dick in his hands and starts to slap Kim’s pussy with it before shoving it inside her. Kim gasps at this feeling and her eyes are big. Mark starts to pound her hard.All of a sudden they both hear a loud honking and a car passes by, they never heard it coming. The driver is waving at them with a big smile. He did canlı bahis siteleri not stop but slowed down while passing Kim and Mark. They both laugh but continue quickly after the car disappears around the corner.Kim lifts up her blouse, revealing her tits. They are not small, but not big either. She starts to play with them while looking Mark deep in his eyes. He is still pounding her pussy and sweat appears on his head.“I am almost coming!” Mark yells.“Stop!” Kim says, “I want to do it right.”Mark stops and pulls out his dick. Kim gets off the car and kneels in front of him on the ground. She opens her mouth and he knows what to do. He inserts his still swollen cock in her mouth. She takes his dick in her mouth and uses one hand to jerk him off while giving him a blowjob, with her skirt still above her ass making it visible if someone would pass.They stand like this for a while. It has been quiet the whole time, except for the car that passed by earlier, but now they hear a bell ringing. Kim stops sucking Mark and looks around. She sees two people on bicycles coming their way. They are still a bit away and have no idea what is happening on this side of the car.“Shall I continue or wait till they pass us?” Kim asks Mark.“Nah, keep sucking. See how they respond.”So Kim starts sucking his dick again. The two people come closer and Mark sees it is a man and a woman. They seem to begin 30. They are talking and laughing. They pass the car and the man sees Kim and Mark. He stops and calls the girl.“Wow, nice going here, “ he says.The girl is now next to the man. They both are looking at Kim and Mark. They see Mark enjoying this and they see the back of Kim with her ass in the open. Kim and Mark don’t seem to be bothered by them and just keep going at it. Kim starts to suck harder and harder and is moving her hand on his cock even wilder.“Yes, I am almost coming, “ says Mark.This is more reason for Kim to suck even harder. She gives everything she can. She feels his cock getting bigger and Mark is moaning hard and harder. The couple that is watching seems to like the show and they keep watching.Kim removes Marks cock out of her mouth and starts to jerk him off with everything she has. All of a sudden Mark is having an orgasm. He explodes and starts to shiver. He blows his sperm in Kim’s face. At first, she moves her head back a bit because she did not expect that. But she likes it and get’s closer to receive it on her lips, nose and a bit on her eyes. She keeps jerking him off until he is done. When he is finally done she puts his dick in her mouth and sucks it dry.“Wow, very nice going man, “ says the man that is watching.“I know the feeling, hun, “ says the girl with a smile, “ I love that too!”Since the show is over, the couple gets on their bikes and drive off.“Thank you for the show!” the man yells when they take off.Mark grabs a towel from the car and wipes his dick clean. Next, he gets his pants and puts them on. He also has a towel for Kim. She cleans her face with a smile. He helps Kim up.“That… That was fun, “ Kim says.“Yes, it was. It was so hot that those people stopped and watched.”Kim makes up her dress and looks in the mirror to see if she got all the sperm off her face. They both get in the car. Mark brought some water and they just sit there for a while.“I had fun, “ Mark says.“Me too, but I think this is a one time only.”“Yeah, maybe that is a good idea.”Mark starts the car and they drive away. Mark is dropping Kim off at the car park again. Kim is walking home with a smile. She really liked this and she wants more! There are are so many things she wants to try. She is thinking of going online as soon as she gets home to find out how to realize her next fantasy. She has always been intrigued by the idea of group sex. But also the idea of having sex with a woman. She has to do some research.

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