So you want to be part of Taylor Swift’s Girl


So you want to be part of Taylor Swift’s GirlMichelle Trachtenberg couldn’t believe her eyes when they wandered along the letters on her phone’s screen. ‘Hey Michelle. So you want to be part of Taylor’s Girlsquad? She is in town right now. Her and I have talked about it. She would like to meet you. Hyatt Hotel, presidential suite, be there between 9:45 and 9:50 PM or don’t be there at all. – xoxo, Karlie’For a few moments Michelle breathed deeply, wondering if Karlie was just messing with her, if this was all just an intricate joke. This text message originated from a loose exchange Michelle and Karlie Kloss had a few weeks back. The whole conversation had taken maybe about three minutes and it had barely registered in Michelle’s mind who hadn’t really given it that much significance. Just the usual “Hey, how are you?” – “I loved your movie!” – “I love your latest editorial and I get excited whenever I see you as part of Taylor’s Girlsquad!” But right there… Michelle remembered that for a moment the practiced smile on Karlie’s face had seemed a little like a mask, those beautiful eyes of the model seemed almost to muster her, to gauge her. And right now there was a knot in her stomach. Should she just send a message back stating that this was all a misunderstanding, that she never applied to be part of that illustrious group of people? No, she couldn’t. This was Taylor Swift! The biggest star in the western world. Maybe world-wide. You don’t leave Taylor Swift hanging. Besides, this was a fantastic opportunity to network, simply from a business perspective. It would be foolish of Michelle to say no to this.’Sure! I’ll be there!’, was the text she finally sent. Throughout the day Michelle felt like a schoolgirl getting ready for a date with the quarterback. Sure, she tried to rationalize it, she tried to see it like an adult, but every few minutes her thoughts started to circle around what might happen, her big, blue eyes went to the clock on the wall and counted the remaining minutes, her hands wandered over the clothes on the shelves, trying to pick out something to wear that was classy, elegant, sexy but not too sexy and just something that was an extension of her personality. Despite being an adult there was a heap of clothes on her bed before she found the right one, all outfits she tried on and dismissed. The one she went with was a simple, short, olive suede dress, not too tight, not low cut. She wore a pair of tan pantyhose under that with black pumps and she put her dark hair in a ponytail. And that was the outfit she wore when she stood in the elevator, a quickly moving contraption made of gold and glass, allowing Michelle vision of the foyer as it disappeared under her. The fluttering butterflies in her stomach were not only caused by the rapidly ascending elevator, but also by the thought of just what was coming her way. She had never met Taylor before, but what she had heard was stunning. The celebrities she had talked to who met her were all impressed with her, some were completely charmed, others almost intimidated by her business prowess and near perfect ability to connect to others. There was a reason why people in powerful position or other celebrities flocked around her apparently. These were the thoughts accompanying her when the doors of the elevator finally slid open and Michelle stepped into the light of a golden chandelier. The hallway was stunning already, the walls covered in rich carpeting and mahogany paneling, fresh flowers in decorative vases spreading their scent. Even between celebrities there was a difference in treatment, Michelle realized. And she had just set foot into the world where only the best was just good enough. While she was still in awe as she beheld her surroundings, she barely noticed the small, young girl approaching her. She was tiny, barely 5’2, and her most prominent feature was the bright red hair. Her skin was tan and she showed a lot of it, wearing a rather short business dress in grey tweed and high heels. She had dark, soulful eyes and somehow she seemed awfully familiar. “A-Ariana?”, Michelle asked, blurting out a name that came to mind. The other girl reacted by furrowing her brow. “What? No. I am Felicity, nice to meet you! I am the personal assistant of Miss Swift. And I am glad you could make it, Miss Trachtenberg.” Michelle’s eyebrows shot up in a surprised arch when she heard her name treated properly for once and not butchered. Granted, it was a mouthful, but the small redhead obviously was a competent person. “So am I.”, Michelle answered, “Of course I am a bit surprised. I mean, I adana escort wouldn’t have expected to…”“Yes, yes, yes…”, Felicity interrupted Michelle, waving her hand through the air dismissively, “Enough with the introductions though. Miss Swift is a busy woman and we would be in trouble for letting her wait. Come along.” Felicity turned on her heel and despite her being smaller than Michelle, the actress had trouble keeping up with the bubbly personal assistant. She stopped as suddenly as she had walked off, standing in front of a door made of dark wood that showed intricate carvings. “This door leads to Miss Swift’s office room here in her presidential suite. She is awaiting you.” For a moment she looked down to the floor and then back up, the look on her face almost imploring. “You know that Miss Swift is a busy woman, right? So when you go in there, please don’t waste her time. This is a great opportunity. So please, if she asks something of you, even if it is…” She pursed her lips and weighed back and forth on her high heels, “Just do it okay? Believe me, it will be worth it.” Felicity was back to being all smiles again and playfully slapped Michelle’s ass. “Now hop-hop and head inside, will you?” With that the redhead turned around, leaving Michelle behind who frowned and rubbed her hand over the suede of her dress, feeling the curve of her ass where Felicity had slapped her. No, she had not imagined that. She shook her head and pulled her dress straight, taking one last deep breath. And then she entered. The room was dimly illuminated by just one small desk-lamp shedding an almost old fashioned, warm, golden light. Next to the desk it was on were two swiveling brown leather chairs on tripods, one of them facing the room, the other facing the wall and turning its back-rest to the room. Taylor Swift sat behind the desk in the dim blue light of a laptop’s screen and when she noticed Michelle she smiled brightly and shut the device. “Michelle!”, she said, getting up from her chair. She looked stunning. Her hair was perfect, her make-up too. Taylor wore a block dress, reaching about mid-thigh down her body, with a pair of patterned pantyhose and boots up to her knees, as black as the dress itself. Her blonde hair was open and shone like golden silk in the dim light. Yet the thing making the biggest impression on Michelle in the few seconds she was with Taylor was her aura. She seemed utterly, unshakably confident. Something about her was truly, for lack of a better word, stellar or otherworldly. She seemed like she was too good for this world, too good to be human. Uneasily Michelle bit her bottom lip and lowered her eyes, noticing then that she had stared at the biggest popstar in the world who was slowly approaching her. Taylor came to stand right before her and Michelle could see the smile on her lips from the corner of her eye. The blonde seemed to revel in Michelle’s instant insecurities in the face of such utter perfection. Taylor reached out with her hand, the touch of her fingertips on Michelle’s chin sending electric jolts through her skin and up her spine, and lifted her gaze until they were eye to eye. Taylor was significantly taller than Michelle, especially in those high-heeled boots she wore, and the blonde tilted her head to the side, a playful smile pulling the corners of her lips upward. “Glad you could make it after all.”, the blonde said, her voice lower in volume this time. Suddenly she let go of Michelle’s skin, the actress almost wishing that she had held contact a while longer and repressing the urge to reach out for the singer. Michelle watched her take a seat on the leather chair that was facing the room, her shapely, toned, perfect body causing the leather to creak, a lovely sound. “Come here.”, Taylor said, no, demanded. It wasn’t an invitation, it felt like Taylor Swift was actually giving her an order. Michelle was a bit taken aback but did neither make mention of it nor did she refuse the order. Slowly she did come closer, coming to stand before the blonde and looking down on her. “Did Karlie tell you anything at all about me? Anything about the things we do?”, Taylor asked. In answer Michelle shook her head. “No, we didn’t really talk that much at all. Just a few exchanged sentences really.”“Hmmm…”, Taylor made, staring off to the lamp on the desk and absentmindedly rubbing her fingers over her patterned pantyhose, “That might make things more interesting. And more challenging as well.” Her eyes snapped back to Michelle’s and the intensity in Taylor’s blue eyes made Michelle’s heart beat wildly in her chest, escort adana her head throbbing in the rhythm that Taylor dictated. “I will now talk to you about the possibility of you joining my squad, you know that right? And you know that we are a pretty tight-knit group of people, we do things that make us bond. And frankly, I don’t know if you are able to keep up with the things we do.”Michelle swallowed after hearing that monologue from Taylor, feeling reprimanded. She would have lowered her eyes, but the firm way in which Taylor fixed her eyes did not allow her to look away. “I mean… I… I don’t know…”, Michelle began, but Taylor shut her up by simply lifting her index finger, never saying a word and never taking her eyes off Michelle’s. She reached out and put her hand on the chair that had its backrest pointed at the room. Taylor turned it around and Michelle looked at it. The chair was identical to the one Taylor sat on, black leather cushioning, but in the center of the seat-cushion there was a pitch-black dildo, held upright by straps that were tightly fastened to the swiveling center of the chair. “Take a seat.”, Taylor said, her voice was almost casual, cold, a very matter-of-fact tone. She did not mention the dildo nor did she ever look away from Michelle’s eyes. In fact, she seemed even more attentive than before, looking for any sign of Michelle being scared, appalled or disgusted. But the pale brunette simply chewed on her bottom lip. Her eyes wandered up and down the erect, black, rubber cock and then to Taylor’s unwavering gaze. Finally Michelle took a step toward the second chair under Taylor’s watchful gaze. She grabbed the hem of her suede dress and pulled up the thick fabric, exposing her tan pantyhose and the red underwear underneath, satin with lace inlays. Michelle blushed a deep shade of pink. She used one of her hands to hold her dress up and the other to awkwardly pull down pantyhose and panties at once, having to move around her waistline. With her pantyhose between her knees Michelle slowly lowered herself onto the chair. She gasped as she felt the blunt tip of the rubber cock push against her shaved pussy, swallowing hard. Luckily she was aroused by this whole situation and the tip of the cock used her body’s wetness as a lubricant, finding the opening between her outer folds and stretching her open as she lowered herself further. Michelle sunk down very slowly, biting her lip as the thick, long cock entered her further and further, inch by inch filling her out. Finally she felt the cold leather of the chair on her lower thighs and stopped her descent, looking to Taylor for approval. And indeed, the popstar smiled at her. Taylor got to her feet and nodded. “Very, very good Michelle.”, she lauded the actress, standing before her with both hands on her hip, “But I do think you can get it in a little deeper, can’t you?” And with that Taylor’s hands reached for Michelle’s shoulders, putting weight on them. At the same time the singer straddled the brunette, sitting down on her lap. Michelle bit down on her lip to suppress a moan and shut her eyes tightly as the added weight of Taylor pushed her down completely, the sound of creaking leather now also emanating from her chair. Once the cock was all the way in Michelle, the actress was able to relax more. Her insides throbbed and contracted around the dick as they got used to its girth and length. Michelle’s breathing was shaky, but Taylor was totally calm, wiggling her hip against Michelle’s. The straddling position caused Taylor’s own skirt to scoot up and Michelle realized she wore stockings and not pantyhose, as well as the lack of panties. Taylor Swift’s pussy, the holy grail for so many people around the globe, was right there, petite, dainty, soft pink, hairless and glistening in the light of the desk-lamp, giving testament to the arousal the blonde felt. Taylor’s manicured fingernails wandered up Michelle’s neck and to her ponytail, which she grabbed, softly at first but then more roughly, pulling Michelle’s head back. Taylor leaned in and followed a trail of kisses from Michelle’s pale clavicle, over her neck and jaw to her lips. The warm breath from Taylor’s mouth sent shivers over Michelle’s skin. For a few seconds Taylor hesitated, then her tongue pushed forward, penetrating Michelle’s lips. The actress couldn’t help but engage in the kiss, slithering, warm tongues meeting and dancing around each other. She felt the roughness of the roof of Taylor’s mouth, the smooth, hard surface of her teeth, made slick by her spit. Their kiss was passionate and heated, adana escort bayan smacking sounds joined by the groans and gasps whenever the slight shifts in position caused by Taylor’s carelessly grinding hips caused the dildo to penetrate Michelle even more deeply. Finally Taylor retreated, clearly excited, her chest heaving up and down heavily from the exertion of the passionate kiss. Threads of spit formed between the lips of the two girls until they snapped apart. Taylor leaned back, placing one hand on Michelle’s juicy, pale thigh for support, and let her other hand dip down. She squeezed it between Michelle’s legs feeling the heat of her stretched, impaled pussy and exploring the wetness until she found the throbbing, hard knob of the actresses’ clitoris. Intently Taylor looked at Michelle, a fiercely burning fire in the singer’s eyes, the muscles of her jaw clenching and relaxing as she started to rub over the clitoris, sometimes slowly circling it, sometimes rubbing it hard and fast and even pinching it every now and then. At the same time Taylor started to bounce her toned dancer’s body. The springs and the leather of the chair creaked and howled, joining Michelle’s moans that increased in volume and intensity with every second. Taylor’s movements caused the rubber cock mounted to the chair to fuck the thick, curvy actress. For her it was all a haze of burning arousal. Like a fever dream she saw everything through a veil. Her mind never had a chance to adjust, Taylor had thrown her in the deep-end. It was all too surreal. What was she supposed to do? Was this right? Should she stop this? No… The answer was no as the intense sensations Taylor’s fingers were giving her demanded. And Michelle shook her head and arched her neck back, closing her eyes tightly and grinding her teeth as Taylor’s fingers started to move even faster. When she opened up again she saw the blonde look down, puckering her lips and letting a bit of spit dribble out. Like warm raindrops it hit Michelle’s pussy and immediately Taylor used that lube to continue rubbing the girl’s pussy. The brunette dug her nails into the armrests of the chair, the expensive, antique leather breaking under the pressure and flakes of it dropping to the ground. This was the moment of her orgasm. Taylor’s touch became electrifying, each small movement sending shock-waves through Michelle that built up and up until she couldn’t take it any longer. For a few seconds it had seemed like every single muscle in Michelle’s body had tensed up and now she suddenly let go, collapsed deeper into the chair, her head dangling to the side, her mouth open and drool oozing down her chin as a gurgling sound escaped her. Only the muscles within her were working hard and contracted with incredible speed around the cock that impaled her. Michelle gasped for air and moaned our every bit of that lungful of air in an extended howl. Slowly Taylor relented in the assault of Michelle’s clitoris, sitting still on Michelle’s lap and bringing up her fingers. They were covered in glistening cum. With a feline smile playing around her lips the blonde brought her fingers to her mouth and she licked them, making a pleased sound as she swallowed. “Well aren’t you delicious?”, she said teasingly, “Here, taste yourself.” Taylor shoved her cum covered fingers into Michelle’s mouth and the actress ran her tongue over them, washing down the taste of her own climax with her spit and swallowing reluctantly. Taylor stood up from the chair and pulled her dress down, stroking over it. She looked prim and proper again, almost too perfect to be true. “You may stand up too.”, she announced, her voice very matter-of-fact once more. Michelle put her trembling hands onto the armrests and slowly got up, leaving behind a puddle of wetness on the expensive leather of the chair. On shaky knees she reached down and pulled her pantyhose and underwear over her cum-covered lap. She was so sensitive that even the soft touch of the fabric forced her to bite down on her tongue to suppress a whimper. Unlike Taylor, Michelle did look like a mess. Her hair was completely disheveled due to Taylor pulling it, her milk-white skin was covered in a sheen of glowing sweat and the front of her dress was stained by drool that had dribbled out of her mouth. She was totally out of breath and her chest rose and fell quickly. Taylor took a seat behind the desk and leaned back with a smile. “Good news Michelle.”, she announced happily, “I think you’re in.” The actress still struggled to grasp what had just happened and her voice was colored in disbelief as she answered: “Th-thank you Miss Swift.” Taylor gave one court nod. “Welcome.” She lifted her hand and pointed to the door. “Oh and please turn the chair around again when you leave. Victoria Justice will be here in a few minutes.”

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