So nervous, but so ready! Mature n young.


So nervous, but so ready! Mature n young.-The first photos Joshua sent me-I was so nervous. I had never done anything like this before, but it was all I could think about. I had been attracted to cock my whole life, dreamed about it even, but never dared to try. I could sense something about Josh almost from the beginning. Maybe he sensed it in me too, I don’t know, but there seemed to be a mutual connection. Things started out slow, testing the waters maybe, some conversations, then some texts. Before I knew it, driven by lust, I was nervously texting me, “Let me see you.”Joshua sent me these pictures here. My jaw dropped, not only from surprise, but from desire. His cock was beautiful. I could only imagine what it would be like to wrap my lips around that full, engorged head! To feel him in my mouth and taste him. “What young guy wasn’t always horny?” “What young guy wouldn’t like his cock sucked?” I thought illegal bahis to myself, “He probably wants this as much as I do!” I texted him asking if he could meet.Josh snuck out of his house and met me near by. After some quick, nervous, Hi’s we drove to a near by park and walked out behind some trees. We were both so nervous, trembling almost, but I wanted his young cock so bad! I moved to my knees before him and touched his hard cock through his pants, I heard Josh breathe in sharply, he wanted this too. I undid his pants and let them fall around his ankles. I could see the outline of his beautiful dick and the shape of his huge head. I kissed it through his underwear and it made him moan under his breath. I think I moaned too. I eased his underwear down and slowly exposed his hard cock. Standing straight up, held down by his waistband, I kissed the sensitive underside of his bare, exposed cock’s illegal bahis siteleri head. Josh shook with pleasure.Easing them down more, exposing more of his cock, I kissed and tongued every inch. Josh was almost panting now. Pulling them down all the way, I took his big head between my lips and moved them slowly back and forth. I loved the way he felt in my mouth, but by the way he was shaking, I knew we was probably going to cum very soon. I pushed further down on him and felt my chin press against his balls and my nose touch his stomach. What a wonderful feeling. Josh’s body rocked and he quickly came deep in my mouth. He must have needed this so bad. Feeling his warm sperm flood into my mouth forced me to swallow and I felt a tingle come over me as his jizz slid down my throat. I continued to gently suck him, knowing how sensitive his young cock must be and swallowed more of his seed.I was canlı bahis siteleri so hard, I asked him if he wanted to suck me too, but I could tell he was nervous and unsure. “I should get back” he said, “Maybe next time, but could I just see you?” I stood and pulled my hard cock out through my fly and felt his eyes just stare at it. “I need to cum so bad!” I whispered to him and started to stroke myself. Josh watched wide eyed. I whispered, “Will you touch me?” With out answer he took my hard, aching cock in his hand and started to slowly jerk me off. “Oh, that feels so good” I whispered and he quickened his pace. Standing close to him, we leaned in on each other and I slid my hand down his back and held and squeezed his ass as he stroked me even harder.”I’m gonna cum” I said softly and Josh replied, “Yes!” He furiously stroked my hard dick until I shook and shot stream after stream of white, hot cum out and into the grass in front of us. I moaned softly as he milked every drop out with his wonderful hand. Afterwards, I drove Josh back near his house, but before he got out, he asked, “Can we do this again sometime?” I replied, “I sure hope so, Josh!”

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