smokingmy wife of 18 years is still to this day a secret smoker, in more ways than one. even from the early days of courtship we have agreed that i was almost at the end of the line when cocks were being handed out. over the yours we have fantasized and had pillow talk about her taking at least one large cock with me in the room to watch and be teased. well shortly after we got married our fantasy came to fruition with a bit kırıkkale escort of a twist. we were on holiday in the states when it happened! my mrs would make some excuse or another to get out the condo to have a fly smoke. the apartments had a concierge at the front entrance and this is were i discovered she was going to smoke.late evening the day before our return home she appeared to be taking longer than kırıkkale escort bayan usual to return. being concerned for her well being i set off down stairs to see that she was ok. with no one around i walked to the back of the concierges area and could not see any one. As i walked to the rear exit to the car park i noticed people in a back room, the door was open enough to see in and at first glance i escort kırıkkale it did not register in my brain to what i was the room was my wife and two black guys. what i was looking at firstly made my stomach drop and then the sight made me feel excitement, as what i was looking at was my wife with her jeans and underwear at her feet and defiantly the largest cock i have seen in the flesh sliding in and out of her from behind. the other guy was getting wanked of by my wife at the same time occasionally putting it to her mouth and sucking on it.i have no idea why i just left but i did and i have never mentioned what i saw to this day.and who says a fly smoke wasnt good for you.

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