Sluty raunchy SIL part 2


Sluty raunchy SIL part 2So it’s the second day of my naughty sluty in laws being in town. Last night was a wild drinking tease adventure. If you read my first story you know what I’m talking about. We didn’t do much bc of how drunk all the women got the night before. Mil was totally unaware that we dance and she felt my hard cock against her big ass, how see toon off her thongs for me and played with her pretty pussy in the rear view mirror as my wife was passed out drunk. As I stoked my cock as j drove and she watched. We just hung around the house was lazy all day. My MIL just asked a few ? About the night when we all were watching tv. Of course I left out some stuff reading my SIL body language and reactions. However I did bring up dancing how fun it was MIL lol and saying she haven’t dance in a very long so I replied i could tell she had great moves. She then looked right at me and said I did to while giving a naughty look like she remembered how she got me hard and was grinding on it. She then said we should of took some pics bc we all were dressed up looking good. My wife was in and out of it all day bc she was super drunk and I fucked her pass out ass while her little sister watched and maybe filmed it on her phone in the door way. She went up stairs and rested most of the day. Leaving me and in laws down stirs. Most of the day. My mil was wearing some sexy leggings and a regular tee. The leggings were a dark purple with some light green diamond shape things all over. Which hugged her hips and ass I couldn’t tell if she had any panties on. My SIL still had on those supper short and tight joggin shorts on and tank top on. It’s around lunch time so I ask if they wanted something that I could go pick up and the agreed. As I pulling out the drive my SIL is running out and jumps in my truck totally is cool with me. How she sits in the truck with her legs spread wide open hugging that phat pussy of hers I’m totally checking her it out as I drive looking out the corner of my eyes with my coasta sunglasses. She can’t tell where in looking but most definitely knows bc she adjusted her legs and put them in the dash lowering her body and arching her hips froward. I still have on the same basketball shorts which totally show my cock as it’s slowly growing it is on my left thigh visible to her. She also has on sunglasses so I really can’t tell where she is looking but she is holding her phone texting and laughing. So I grab it and give it a nice little tug and I catch her looking but play it off by braking tapping making her slide toward more and making her shorts ride up even more. So we are at intersection and I’m looking to the left trying to see cars coming but really looking at her pussy and long tan legs. I’m in a daze as no cars are coming she says you can go I’m like my bad I was zoned out and she yes on what my ugly legs I say yea kinda but far from ugly! She snaps up with a smile saying really they aren’t and I so omg they are amazing long toned and tan. illegal bahis siteleri She the says she can tells bc I haven’t took my eyes off them and her pussy. We if you sit like that I can’t help it duh I am a man and your a smoking hot sexy girl. She then ask if she is sexier at her age then my wife was and I laugh and she kinda gets upset thinking I was about to say no way and when I said that you are way hotter and your body is 10x better then her was. She smiles ear to ear and starts to blush getting way more comfy and flirty. She then says I can touch and grab her legs since I’m starting at them as she turns her body towards me scoots over towards me and put her leg on my crotch with her right leg on the floor. So her middle leg and knee are resting right on my crotch and calf is on my know half hard cock. I reply really as I look between her legs and shorts are so riding up her leg that one of her pussy lips is now hanging out the side of her pants. As I can’t stand any more so I put my hand right above her knee cap and and inner thigh as I do she lets out a slight moan and I flex my cock for her as I look at her and know has her sunglasses on top of her head staring right at me as she bits her lip as I’m running my thumb up and down her thigh and Sean of her shorts I can see big nipples standing up in her tank top as she moves her calf up and down my cock as we pull into the grocery store I say we are her and she well dam and sit up. I unlock my doors but my passenger door is broke and has to open it from the outside as I roll down her window she is now on knees bending out the window trying to unlock the door as her phat ass is right there hanging out of her shorts and I give her a real hard slap and say hurry up as I smack her her ass it jiggles so Nicely and half hand print is beat red as she looks back and says I hit like a bitch. I giggle and say that’s for teasing me and she laughs and says there more to come to get ready and that I should wait a min or two so my hard cock isn’t at full attention how she knows I wore those shorts bc they hug my cocj and its sexy. I then reply no shame in my game bc I have such a goddess with me and the I tell her to wear her glasses so we can check women and men checking us out! She then pulls her shorts up and rolls them at the wast band and roll ups her tank top and right above her abs and take a ring off her right hand and puts it on her left and says omg this is going to so fun. As I adjusts my cock some what she over to me gives me a big kiss on the lips no tongue and puts her arm around my waist and we walk into the store with my right arm around her neck. She then a gets a cart and walks in front of me and says don’t be shy babe so I get right behind her and push the cart as my cock is resting on her ass as she walks she sways her hips more then normal as I grab her by the hips kiss her neck and whisper how much of a slut she is and good she looks as I bit her neck she lets out canlı bahis siteleri a low moan and says how turned on she is and how she knows my wife doesn’t do anything like this. That’s when I turn her around and make out with her right there in the middle of the isle her hips hit the cart and mor it a little out of the way as we are kissing tongue and all I open my eyes after about 30s thinking that was it she pulls me tighter and kisses me so passionate and there is a man standing right behind her so I grab her ass with both hands so tightly and let go grab it again and it’s such a hand full I lift her up slightly and now the man is taking pictures or a video with his phone I start to giggle it for him as she is standing on her tippy toes. We break the kiss off and turns the other way quickly she grabs my hand and say that was the wildest,romantically, sexiest kiss she ever had holds my hand. As we walk down the isle my mind is so far gone my cock is now sticking straight out like a blind mans staff!!! I have to pull it up to my waist band as we walk around the store and she is strutting her stuff like a model and I’m watching women and men check out my sluty smoking hot SIL we grab the most random shot ever and some wine and beer. As we are leaving the store she stops the cart and moves the beer under the cart as it about to fall off. She bends over locking we knees and arching her ass out as we are right in the middle of the doors and cash register I turn around and every one is locked in her ass hanging out the shorts and some wives yell and shove there husband as they get caught checking out the prime teen ass Bent over and I smile as we leave the store as I’m putting the shit in the back she pushes me against the truck and we make out again as she grinds her self on my cock moaning how that was the naughtiest thing ever how much of a sexy slut she is and how wet her pussy is from all the attention and making out she grabs my hand and runs it up and down her pussy! I can feel the heat and wetness through her jogging pants as I stop kissing her and shove her into the truck from my door and she slowly a crawls over the seat on fours. As we drive off my cock is rock hard and we are just riding not saying a word. I look over and I see her running her thumb up and down her pussy as she plays on her phone. She then takes off her seat belt and slide over to me and leans on my shoulder and she says how was that for a tease and showing off i said one of the hottest things I ever did and how I wish her sister was like that knowing it was throwing fuel on the fire she lol and says really. She then says can I see your cock so I say sure I grab it by the head with my pointer and thumb and run it down the length of it in my shorts showing my shaft and mushroom head under the thin layer of basketballs shorts she then flicks my head and says asshole so I then kinda shove her away so i can pull up my pant leg just enough to where my swollen mushroom bahis firmaları head pops out its shining with precum. What a tease asshole she says as I lol and slowly wiggle free my pants and my cock springs out and sticks straight up almost to the wheel. She omg wow is so big and beautiful length and girth lovley mushroom how lucky her sister is bc she gets it all the time. I didn’t think my cocj is that big or beautiful but o guess 7+ is big. She says the biggest she had was 6 and it was skinny. She reaches down and grabs it so tight and hard and I play it off and push her hand away saying she asked to see it not touch it. Also says how big my balls are as well. Now she has both hands wrapped around my cock say it doesn’t even fit in both hands as my mushroom head is about 1.5″ out the top. She has a death grip and my mushroom is turning purple as I say enough. She moves back over and has her back against the door spreading her legs wide open and ask if I wanna she her pussy and say of course i do she is rubbing her clit up and down and slowly pulls her shorts over exposing her full pussy lips teasing me slowly only showing lips as she ask me for more. Please babe please she is know pulling her legs up too her chest and slowly pulling them up her long legs till they are off. Her pussy is dripping wet her full pussy lips are swollen and she has a bare pussy with a neatly patch of light brown hair in a triangle design above her clit. One of the sexiest pussy I ever seen she slowly parts her lips and I can she tight love tunnel and all the justices running down her inner thigh as now I’m slowly stroking my cock with my left hand as I watch my SIL PLAY wit. Her oussy as I try not to wreck my trunk. She ask if I was taste and smell her sweet young pussy. I move my hand up her leg and as soon as I touch her slit she kicks me in the face and says see not touch as I move my hand she now has two finger inside her pussy knuckle deep pulls them out moves toward me rubs them under my nose as I inhale her sweet Aroma as she shoves them in mouth I taste the sweetest nectar I have ever Tasted. She ask how it’s smell and taste and I say the sweetest and tasty ever way better then my wife’s. How sexy her oussy is her full lips and sexy triangle. She then ask if I wanna eat her pussy? I would do more then eat your oussy I want you to sit on my face ride and grind that oussy all over my face while I lick suck and nibble her oussy till she creams my face as she moans saying she her sat on a face before and i said I love to spread her phat ass apart and eat her asshole also she moans again says like in face plant her s*s ass last night as now I’m stroking my cock faster and faster she moans cum for me baby cum for me as I’m let go of my cock it erupts rope after rope of hot cum she reaches out and catxhes the last three ropes in her left hand dips her right fingers in it and smears it all over her pussy as she rubs her clit and asshole with my cum as drinks the rest of my cum out her hand like a raunchy fucking slut as we both get dressed her mom calls and ask what is going on we have been gone 2hrs and she said we forget beer and wine and double backed. We are pulling up now. This is also a ture story of my naughty sluty SisInlaw more to come

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