Slow Dance


Slow DanceSlow DanceOne of my wife’s friends was over after work one Friday night. I jumped up and washed the dishes as they sat at the table and talked. My wife’s friend Kathy, is big and she was complaining to my Holly about being so fat and unattractive. She is big, but she has a very pretty face and huge tits. Attractive BBW in my book. Holly joined in saying how she felt the same. Obviously out of sympathy as she is nowhere near the size of her friend. Holly has the curves of a mature woman. It’s just that some of them aren’t where she wants them, but I can’t get enough. Kathy said “I know exactly what we need. I’ll take you out to my favorite place. I promise you that after an evening there you’ll feel better about everything. You wanna go? It’ll be a riot.”“Sure, dinner is over and the dishes are done, I’m in.” said Holly. Then she turned to me her eyes imploring…..??? “go cause a riot” I said assuring her that I was AOK with her going out on a Friday night with Kathy and not me. “Have fun and don’t forget to bring home the pastries for tomorrows get together.” I reminded her as they stood to leave. Kathy turned to me and said “don’t even wait up for her tonight”Great, I thought, I‘ve got the whole evening to myself. Internet, here I cum. LolKathy’s favorite place turned out to be a hotel bar out near the airport Holly told me the next day. My wife said that when they got there, the bar was full of almost all black men. Presumably airline employees. Then as they sat down at a table to order drinks, Holly asked Kathy “How does this place make you feel better? It’s making me a little nervous.”“you’ll see” Kathy answered.Just then a large black man approached Kathy as if he knew her and asked her to dance. She immediately accepted and winked at Holly as she took his arm and stood up. The contrast of her friend’s plump white hand on his dark skin was a little hot thought Holly. She watched as he led her to the tiny dance floor. Then winced as she noticed his hands exploring her friends big ass. “oh well, at least it’s dark in here” she thought. “Would you like to dance” a deep voice from her left inquired. Startled, Holly turned around and looked into the eyes of a handsome black face. “Ok , I guess” she responded a little warily. I hope he doesn’t expect the same.Holly looked over at Kathy who was smiling oblivious to everything around her. And thought sure, getting hit on by strange men is always a pick me up. But how far does she let them go?Holly turned around and started dancing with the handsome stranger. The song ended and he hadn’t attempted anything improper. Holly couldn’t tell if she was happy he had been a gentleman, or offended for him not having tried anything. They walked back to the table where he politely thanked her for the dance. As soon as she sat down 2 new drinks arrived at the table and two new gentlemen asking for a turn on the dancefloor. The girls looked at each other laughing and accepted after taking a sip from their drinks. This went on for hours. Free drinks and dancing all night. About halfway through the evening the girls are freshening up in the ladies room.“I see why you come here, it’s nice getting the attention of all these different men. Although, I must say, some of them are pretty forward, and more than a little crude” Holly commented to her friend.“oh lighten up” Kathy laughed. “You need to let go, open a button on your blouse. No, open two buttons, and show these guys what their really missing ”Kathy’s ample bosom was already on display. Kathy chided her again and Holly reluctantly undid the top two buttons on her blouse.They returned to their table and had just sit down when two of their previous dance partners approached. This time they switched partners. Walking to the dance floor just as a slow song was coming on. Holly’s new partner grabbed her by the waist and pulled her tight against his body. Forcing his right leg between her thighs, he pushed firmly against her mound. “lighten up” she reminded herself allowing him to stay put. Encouraged, he reached down and grabbed a large handful of her ass. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back. She couldn’t remember the last time a strange man had boldly taken such liberties with her body. illegal bahis It was naughty she told herself and exhilarating at the same time. The song was winding down. He held her at arm’s length and gazed from her blond hair to down to her work heels, then lingered at her hard nipples. Another slow song. Holly took a deep breath as her partner reached around her waist and pulled her close once more. She knew she was tipsy, and this guy was trying to get into her panties, but it felt so good. He moved both hands just above her hips and began grinding himself into her. She responded by rubbing her mound up and down the length of his stiffening cock. Dry humping him on the dance floor.“you want that don’t you?” he asked, whispering in her ear. His hot breath on her neck causing her to shudder. Before she could answer, he took her hand and led her out a side entrance to the bar that opened into a large hall flanked by conference rooms. Other couples were embracing in the shadows and making out on couches. Edging along one side of the hall, he tried the door to one of the conference rooms. It opened and he pulled Holly inside. As the music was still audible from the bar, in this darkened room, they resumed their dance.Emboldened by her compliance so far, he began feeling her tits. Her head was now spinning. Things were happening way too fast. She looked down and saw a black hand disappear inside of her blouse. Looking up she saw that he was staring directly into her eyes. He moved his hand across her skin, following the contour of her breast. He firmly pinched her hard nipple, then continued on until he had her whole breast cupped in his large hand. He squeezed. Holly closed her eyes and a low moan escaped her lips. His hand slid back and he unbuttoned her shirt. He pulled it open to expose her breasts in the dim light. Reaching out, he lightly pinched her hard nipples, gently pulling them toward him. Then he roughly squeezed and rubbed her tits until she gradually moved her hands to the front of his pants. With her open palm she felt down the length of his cock. Sliding his hands up to her shoulders, he gently but firmly applied downward pressure. Holly knew just what he wanted, but resisted for a moment more. He pushed harder and she went down to her knees. Kneeling in front of him, she unzipped his fly. His stiffening manhood pushed the front of his trousers close to her face. She reached up and undid the button above the fly and pulled his pants down past his knees. Her cheek rubbed against his penis still hidden in his boxer shorts. She ran her hands slowly up the back of his thighs. Inching further upwards, she felt the prominent curve of his muscular ass. Reaching the waistband of his underwear, she slid them down and gasped as his cock sprang free.“Oh my GOD…Holy Shit…” she thought. Long, thick, and black, mmmm, if only Mike could see his proper white wife now. She reached up with both hands and pulled his thick cock closer to his face. She wanted to enjoy every inch of this. Interrupting her reverie, he backed up and sat down on one of the settees near the door. She crawled over the short distance and settled in between his legs.She pursed her lips and lightly kissed the bulging end of his cock. Her lips parted and she slid her mouth down his long black shaft. Ever so slowly, she twisted her mouth from side to side as she slid up and down his shiny pole. Stopping for a moment, she rubbed the head slowly across the top of her upper lip and licked the underside with her warm wet tongue. Pre-cum began to ooze from the tip of his manhood. She licked the salty fluid and sucked him in deeply.Stroking his shaft as she sucked, she coaxed him into a gentle rhythm. After a while his tempo increased, and she was no longer controlling things. In fact, he was not so much receiving a blowjob as he was literally fucking her mouth. Holly held on as his cock assaulted the back of her mouth.When he was just about to cum, Holly grabbed him with both hands and began vigorously stroking him into her mouth. Then, suddenly, he pushed back on her forehead as he pulled his shiny member out of her mouth and began stroking it furiously. She looked up into his eyes just as he shot his hot cum all over illegal bahis siteleri the left side of her face, striking her nose and chin. Still holding her back ropes of cum landed on her upper chest. When he finished spraying his cum on her, she reached up and pulled him into her mouth tasting the last of his cum.She played awhile with his cock twitching in her mouth. Then when he absolutely couldn’t take anymore, he pushed her away and collapsed in a heap in front of her. Leaning back, she wiped his thick cum from her face. She then put the middle finger of her right hand sensuously into her mouth and slowly licked it clean.Looking at the mess on her chest, she shrugged her sexy shoulders and rubbed his cum into her skin; around her tits, and across her chest. Her skin glistened in the subdued light. When she was finished, he stood and helped her to her feet. They embraced awkwardly. Hearing the strains of music from the dance floor, they started once again to slowly move in unison. He was nude from the waist down and her tits were hanging out of the front of her shirt. He still had his shirt on and she still had on her skirt. When the song was over, they sat down and had some more of their drinks.“you’re one hot lady” the stranger said.Thank you she responded. “I’ve never done anything like this before….uh….I think we should be getting back now though, my friend will be wondering about me.”“Oh I’m not done with you.” He said. He stood up and took her hand. She raised herself off of the settee and stood before him uncertain. He reached for her shirt and slid it off of her shoulders. Tossing it to the floor, he said, “now turn around and lean over that couch.” He ordered. Placing her knees on the cushion of the settee, she leaned over and held on to the low back, waiting. Inching up to her backside, he pulled her skirt up over her hips, and her panties down to her knees. She eagerly helped him take them the rest of the way off, and watched as he threw them over his shoulder. Reaching around, he fondled her sticky breasts, then reached for her bottom. He palmed her ass, with both of his strong hands, before sliding them sensuously down the outside of her ample thighs, where he felt the warmth of her womanhood as he approached ever closed to her dripping pussy. Gently pulling her thighs apart, he probed her velvety opening with his rough fingers. Two long fingers slipped easily into her soft wetness. “Mmmmmmmmm”…. She moaned. Using his thumb he began to rub her swollen clitoris. She shuddered as he touched her there. Feeling a tremor course through her body, he hesitated. Resuming his stimulation, she clamped his fingers tight inside of her, and she climaxed almost immediately.Pulling his fingers out of her throbbing pussy, he began to slide them up the crack of her thick ass, applying pressure as her passed her tiny puckered hole. She winced, wondering if this was his goal. He continued upward. Holly playfully swung her hips from side to side. He grabbed them firmly and positioned her to accept his large cock. He pushed it up to her engorged labia and forced himself inside of her for the first time. It felt amazing she thought as she spread her legs farther apart. He pushed it in deeper. “you’re so ….big” she said feeling the pressure of his thick flesh inside of her. He backed up, then pushed again.“oh, it’s too big”… she whimpered… ‘but it feels soooo good”With that, he began pumping his oversized cock deeper and deeper inside of her. He stretched her pussy far beyond anything I had ever done. “ohhh yessss” she cried out. Waves of pleasure washed through her as she climaxed again.“Oh my god, that was good” she exclaimed as he slowed down and the waves subsided. He completely withdrew then hesitated and plunged his cock back into her. Her pussy was stretched tight around his thick cock and she could feel every inch of him penetrating her insides. He kept this up for a while. Empty, then full. Empty, them full. Keeping it up until she climaxed once again. “I like that slow dance” she said. He was getting close to his own climax and started humping her again. Sensing that he was near, Holly begged him to fuck her hard. “fuck me…Fuck me with your big black cock “ she beggedHe canlı bahis siteleri plunged himself deep inside of her one last time, and she felt his spasms as he ejaculated into her unprotected womb. With his cock still buried deep inside of her hot married pussy, he rocked her hips back and forth on his black spear, until he was soft again. Holly squirmed forward and his limp pole slipped out of her.“oh my god , that was good” she exclaimed breathlessly.“ya, let’s do that again sometime” the stranger said disinterestedly as he looked around for his pants.Holly suddenly realized that she had a pussy full of black cum and no way to clean herself. She scooted her dripping wet lady parts across the settee which solved her immediate dilemma, but what about the ride home? She located her garments and quickly dressed, following her unknown lover back to the dancefloor. She took a detour to the ladies room and tried to put herself back together. Dried cum on her face and disheveled hair. “jesus Holly, you look like some slut that just got the fucking of your life. Oh ya, haha.” Walking back to the table, Holly saw Kathy still dancing. “How does she do it?” she wondered. Kathy looked up and they waved to each other. When the song was over Kathy returned to her seat at the table. “Where were you?” she asked Holly. “I was beginning to think you got a room with one of these baggage handlers.” She laughed. “no, I just got a glass of water and some fresh air.” Holly lied. “You sure were right about this place, I haven’t felt this good in a long time. Now can we get going?”Holly was anxious to hurry home and shower the cum off her chest and clean up her throbbing pussy that was still dripping black cum.“oh, okay spoilsport.” Kathy chided. “I’m ready to go home and wear out my vibrator anyway” she laughed. Kathy thanked her profusely for accompanying her on her feel good mission. Apparently Kathy’s spirits were elevated from their evening out, she couldn’t have any idea how satisfied Holly was with their trip.They called an UBER. Holly hoped that Kathy didn’t notice the smell of sex on her as they rode home. Little chance of that with the overpowering smell of alcohol. They dropped Holly off 1st and Kathy said “let’s do this again real soon”Holly just said “call me” and turned to walk up to the front door.The ride home in the air conditioned car, had dried up her sweaty cum soaked chest. Her pussy was another story. It felt like a swamp down there and she couldn’t wait to take a shower.“Hopefully he will be asleep…..” she thought as she let herself in.Tiptoeing upstairs, she noticed the light on in my office. “Holly is that you?” I asked. “did you remember the pastries?”“sorta, all they had was hot creampie.” She giggled “want some?” she asked. As she approached my chair, she wiggled out of her soiled panties and spun me around. “are you drunk?” I asked.“shut up and lick your wife’s pussy” she ordered as she lifted her skirt up. I noticed a heavy hormonal scent as I stuck my tongue out and approached her messy slit. It seem to glisten in the light from my computer monitor.Just then she grabbed the back of my head with both hands, forcing me to my knees and my face into her womanhood. I began to lick her hot pussy. She seemed really wet, like she was really turned on. Maybe some guys were hitting on them tonight I thought. Next she started grinding herself into my face. “how does that taste?” she asked. “MMMmmmm…” was all I could manage.Her grinding became more rhythmic and I could tell she was getting close. I kept licking her, waiting.“you like the taste of that black cum?” she asked. “that’s right, oh, lick me clean honey”Black cum, hot creampie, then it hit me, just as the biggest orgasm I ever saw Holly enjoy washed over her. She held my head against her as her whole body shook from my tonguing. My hot little wifey got fucked by some black guy and I am eating his cum!!! What the FUCK? “oh that feels so good….you have no idea. That might be the best orgasm I have ever had” she whispered.“I didn’t think anything could top the feeling of his huge black cock stretching my insides, but you just made that a memory. Now fuck and I will tell you what happened.I was dumbfounded. What just happened? Why is my cock harder than it’s ever been. We jumped on our bed and I fucked her sloppy pussy for all I was worth. I was so excited I only lasted a few minutes. I pulled out and jerked off on her face. It was awesome. “Can we do this again?” I ask.

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