Sleepy Time Anal

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“Linda? Linda is that you in the shower?” asks Greg.

“Yes, Greg. I’ll be done in a minute,” answers Linda, Greg’s wife. Linda woke up before Greg this Saturday, just like every other Saturday. Greg felt slightly annoyed. He wanted to have the chance to fool around with his wife before they got up for the weekend. However, it looks like she was anxious to start her day!

Greg, still slightly disgruntled, creeps up on the bathroom door, which is slightly ajar. He peers in towards the mirror and is lucky that the shower curtain is not fully closed. He can see his tall, sexy wife in the reflection of the bathroom mirror. Greg slowly unzips his pants and begins to fondle his stiffing cock.

Linda is clearly not aware of the show she is putting on for her husband. That is because she is very near sighted and she is not wearing contacts or glasses in the shower, for obvious reasons.

Linda just finished washing her hair and takes the loofah in her hand. She applies a generous amount of soap to the loofah and begins to slowly soap up her body. She is really taking her time and this is having quite the effect on Greg. His once flaccid cock is nearly at full stiffness.

However, what Linda does next sends him over the edge. She only has her ass left to wash. She rubs the loofah over her ass cheeks in Greg’s full view. As Greg continues to play with himself he imagines the loofah is his cock and Linda’s hand is guiding it over her ass.

Then she runs the loofah up and down her ass crack several times.

“Oh shit,” thinks Greg, “If only she were doing that with my cock… I think I’m going to cum…”

Greg feels his orgasm approaching as Linda cleans her asshole with the loofah. “Oh, I wish so badly that were my cock!” thinks Greg. Right before Greg is about to cum; he stops and thinks, “Maybe that can be my cock. I better save what I have for Linda.”

He tucks his aching cock back into his pants. He retreats just as quietly as he crept up to the door. As he turns his back as Linda shuts off the water ending her shower.

By the time Linda has gotten ready for the day Greg has made a pot of coffee, and is still in his robe checking the news on his iPhone.

Linda grabs her “to go” coffee thermos and pours herself some coffee. “Thanks Greg, baby, this is just what I need. I have so many things to do today. I have to go do my volunteer work this morning and then the girls and I have book club this afternoon.” Linda says.

“When should I expect you back?” asks Greg.

“In time for dinner. I’ll pick something up for us before I get home,” says Linda.

They kiss and Greg watches Linda’s sexy ass walk out the door. “Oh well, she’ll be back eventually,” Greg sighs.

Linda and Greg go about their respective days. Linda busies herself with her volunteer work and book club. Greg spends his day with miscellaneous chores around the house.

About an hour before Greg thinks Linda will be home he güvenilir bahis takes a shower to clean up. As he showers, he thinks about the sight he saw earlier. Greg thinks about Linda in the shower soaping her self up. Her beautiful full breasts… Her long, sexy legs… Her pretty, pretty pussy… But especially her sexy, hot ass… Greg loves Linda’s hot ass.

Greg is always trying to play with Linda’s ass. Kiss it, lick it, massage it, finger it, and most of all… fuck it. Truly, he worships his wife’s wonderful ass. His fun is always limited though. Linda barely likes ass play, and only when she is really turned on.

Thinking of Linda’s beautiful, womanly ass has got Greg hard in the shower. Greg finishes up in the shower and quickly gets out to take some naughty pictures for Linda. With his cock at full attention, Greg grabs his cell phone and snaps a few pictures of his rigid member. He is so hard that his cock head is flooded with blood and is a deep red. The veins in his dick are at maximum thickness. His cock is fully prepared to deliver a load of cum. Damn his wife turns him on…

Greg takes a picture of his cock from the side in all of its glory. One picture of his hand wrapped around his cock. Finally, he takes one last picture up close of his cock head and pee hole. He sends then all to Linda followed by a text that says, “Can’t wait to see you…”

Time goes by, Greg doesn’t hear from Linda, and his cock eventually returns to its flaccid state.

Near their usual dinner time Linda arrives home. She has dinner with her, but she never says anything about Greg’s sexy texts. They eat, relax, and go through their usual weekend evening routine of watching a little TV and snuggling on the couch.

After their routine and as they climb into bed, Greg asks Linda, “So, did you see anything interesting today?”

“Well, I did, baby, and you know what I saw. But I have a terrible migraine tonight. I think it was just too hot today. I’m so sorry, hun. Tomorrow night, I promise, ok?”

“Ok… That’s fine,” answers Greg, but secretly he was disappointed.

They turn off the lights and as Linda nods off to sleep as Greg gently caresses her lower back. His hand wanders down below the elastic of her pajama bottoms with his index finger. Greg starts gently rubbing the top two inches of her ass crack.

Up and down…




Linda lets out a moan that signals this feels good to her. Greg does this most nights as Linda nods off to sleep as he watches TV. This is not usually a sexual thing; it is an intimacy thing. However, Greg has other plans in mind for Linda’s ass tonight…

After watching another TV show Greg stars to become bored. His hand finds its way from the top of Linda’s ass crack to his cock, where it starts to play with his stiffing cock and his sensitive, full balls. Greg proceeds to play with himself, and it is now clear to Greg that türkçe bahis his interest in the TV shows is waning.

Greg looks over at Linda and thinks, “It is a damn shame that I’m playing with myself when my hot, sexy wife is next to me. I know she wasn’t feeling good earlier, and I’m not sure she wants to be woken up. Especially just because I am hard and horny.”

Against all of Greg’s better judgment, his hand wanders under Linda’s pajama pants and again finds its way to her ass. Greg begins to rub her ass crack again. Linda moans and moves her ass closer to Greg, inadvertently giving Greg better access to her behind.

After rubbing her ass a little more, Greg grows wild with lust; wanting to explore her ass more. Ever so carefully Greg inches Linda’s pajama bottoms down. Her pajama bottoms are now a little past the bottom of her ass. Greg expands the range that his finger roams. Now his finger is running the full length of her ass crack. Deeper exploration is only hindered by her lacy thong underwear.

Greg simply can’t wait any longer. All the teasing his cock has endured through the day has reached its limit. His cock must cum soon.

Greg starts removing her panties. His heart beats harder and faster knowing that he is exposing her beautiful assets. Eventually, he has her panties down to her pajama bottoms. Greg scoots both her pajamas and panties down a little further to get even more access.

Greg licks and sucks on his index finger, getting it lubed to molest her. Greg parts her ass cheeks and slowly moves his finger tip to her asshole. Slowly and gently he runs circles around her asshole, but this is met with resistance.

“Nuh-uh…” Linda sleepily mumbles, as she unconsciously moves Greg’s hand away from her wonderful ass.

“Fuck,” Greg thinks, severely discouraged. He quietly and slowly gets up to pee once his throbbing hard-on retreats from the rejection.

Greg returns to the bedroom and notices that his wife is so sleepy that she has not pulled her bottoms or panties back up. Greg lays next to her, admiring her naked rear end. The thought strikes him to begin gently molesting her pussy.

Greg reaches around her waist and rims his fingers up on down the v-shaped perimeter of her pussy. He works his way down to her clit and begin gently rub it in a circular motion.

“Mmmmmmm…” moans Linda, and moves her legs slightly to open up her pussy to Greg. He continues rubbing her clit, noticing that she is becoming increasingly wet.

Linda’s hips begin to move back and forth in a humping motion. Greg takes that as his cue to begin fingering her pussy. He slips his index finger in her and begins to work her slowly. Making sure the palm of his hand rubs her clit with each stroke. Greg feels her wetness increase significantly as her breathing increases. Greg slowly works another finger in her pussy. Soon, he is fucking her with two fingers and massaging her clit.

The entire time Greg güvenilir bahis siteleri is watching his beautiful wife’s face for any sign of consciousness. He notices her eyes open slightly. Greg thinks she is waking up and he asks his wife, “Are you enjoying this, baby?”

All she replies back is incoherent mumbling. “Shit,” Greg thinks to himself, “she is still asleep!”

Greg continues working her pussy and with his free hand he reaches up to grab the lube above their bed. He opens the lube and rubs it onto his hard cock.

Greg thinks back to this morning, when Linda was in the shower soaping up her sexy ass. He rubs his cock over both of Linda’s ass cheeks, as he fantasized about her doing with his cock when she was washing her ass with the loofah. He continues acting out the fantasy with Linda’s ass by himself, imagining Linda’s hand guiding his cock into her ass crack and rubbing it between her ass cheeks. At last, he takes his cock and rubs it against her asshole, as if she was using his dick like she used the loofah.

With his cock positioned as Linda’s asshole, Greg just can’t take anymore. While he finger fucks her pussy, Greg pushes against her asshole and his cock head pops in.

This finally wakes Linda up.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Linda asks sleepily.

“Well, I’m fingering your pussy,” Greg says sheepishly.

“I know that. What is that in my ass?” she asks.

“It’s my cock. I’m sorry I’ll take it out,” Greg says. Nearly scolding himself.

“Don’t take it out. Everything you are doing feels amazing,” she coos.

“Good. It all feels amazing to me too,” Greg tells her.

The conversation has now woken Linda up. “Fuck me, Greg. Fuck my ass and pussy, please…” she begs Greg.

Greg does as he is told. He slowly inches his cock deeper into her ass. Greg and Linda both feel more turned on than they have felt in ages. Greg can sense that his lovely wife is turned on immensely by the way she wiggles and squirms to assist his fingers and dick ass they fuck her. Before long, the entire length of his shaft is sliding in and out of her asshole. He props his body up and she turns her head back to him. They exchange passionate kisses throughout this steamy, lustful fuck.

Linda involuntarily begins to arch her back. Greg knows she is on the verge of cumming, and he also knows that he is about too cum, as well.

“I’m going to cum soon,” Greg whispers to Linda. “Please don’t make me pull out.”

“Cum in my ass,” Linda says. “I want us to cum together, and I want to feel your cum in me.”

This sends him over the edge, as he shoots his cum into her ass. The feeling of Greg’s hot, thick cum streaming into her sends Linda over the edge. Her pussy begins contracting around Greg’s fingers and her ass does the same around his cock.

They both groan and writhe in ecstasy. As their orgasms gradually subside, he removes his fingers from her, but keeps his softening cock in her ass. He wraps his arm around her and kisses her back gently.

“Sorry I molested you,” he days half heartedly.

“Molest me anytime,” she replies as she squeezes his cock with her ass and turns her head to smile sleepily at him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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