Sleeping with Mom Ch. 02

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While mum was voluptuous she wasn’t tall, about 160 cm. I stopped roaming over her bottom with my hand and began to explore in a more serious fashion. I ran my hand along her lower buttock and slowly worked upwards towards her crevice. Her hand, the one that was running over my chest and stomach, slowed its pace a little. By now I didn’t think she would suddenly change her mind and back out but I wondered how far we would be willing to go. I doubted she would want to have sex with her own son and wondered about how far I would go- I was enjoying this hugely but thought it was one thing to touch your mum like this and a completely different matter to have sex with the person who gave birth to you.

I edged my hand slowly between her cheeks because I wanted to savour the moment and because I wanted to slowly heighten the pleasure for mum. With the thumb edge of my hand I could feel the slight deepening where her cheeks dropped away to her anus and as I pushed my hand in further I could feel the smooth texture of her skin change and the increased heat from the skin around her opening. I wanted to explore her bottom more fully but thought now wasn’t the time.

I shifted my position slightly so that I could reach my hand further down and touch her vagina. I didn’t want to make some half-hearted attempt to reach it from where I was and grope her like an over-excited teen. Rather I wanted to be able to slowly work my way inwards in as sensual a manner as possible. As I continued to stroke the soft skin where her thighs widened she stopped stroking my chest altogether and instead pressed her hand down gently but firmly. I could feel the increasing warmth as I got closer to her vagina. When I felt the first of her pubic hair I ran my hand down her thighs towards her knees. I had to stretch to do this and mum accommodated by edging up the bed towards me. She parted her lips and softly gave me a sucking kiss on my neck.

I continued stroking her in this teasing manner for some while. Each time I pressed my hand in towards her vagina I could feel the heat, more hair and then the dampness that became wetness as the edge of my hand moved towards her lips. She still lay motionless except at one point where she arched her back slightly and pushed her bottom out to make it easier for me to continue between her legs.

It was heavenly when my thumb touched between her lips. I loved this with anyone- the pleasure you have to have from someone to be so intimate with them, the trust and willingness to do it. My penis jolted under her thigh as I felt how wet she was and how easily her lips parted. The heat was extreme and the skin was now incredibly soft and pliant. I couldn’t stop myself from teen porno pushing my thumb a little way further inside her and loved how the well lubricated lips parted to accommodate me.

Mum pulled my face down towards hers and kissed me forcefully, pressing her lips hard against mine. I continued moving my thumb back and forth inside her entrance, thrilled at how easily it parted the folds of skin and how wet she was. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and gently ran it around the inside of my lips and across my teeth. I let her do this, as it felt like she was exploring my body like I was hers. I couldn’t believe this was happening- that I was able to touch mum in this way never mind her very positive response.

She pulled her hips slowly backwards and my thumb slid out from inside her and then from her knickers. I was aware of my thumb and the edge of my hand smearing the satin on the way out. She sat up at my side, her weight resting on her left leg, and looked down at me lying there. In a low voice she told me to help her take her nightie off. I sat up, which pressed my erection into my stomach, and put my hands on her hips, underneath her nightie. She raised her arms above her head and I pulled it up over her head, watching as her stomach, then breasts came into view. Her breasts were full, heavy and her nipples were erect and the areolas rough looking in comparison to her soft flesh. Her chin and lips appeared again as we lifted her nightie off over her head. I threw it onto the corner of the bed beside me.

She sat there naked except from the lacy satin knickers. A soft sliver of orange light from the car park lights ran down her right side. I looked up into her petty face and brown eyes, which looked back with an expression of arousal I had never expected to see on my mother. The skin on her neck and shoulders looked soft and smooth, I ached to touch her large breasts and run my hand down over her belly. Her hips curved like I remembered them from my adolescence- full, shapely and arching away from her back before curving round underneath her.

She looked steadily at me and ran her gaze down my body. It aroused me to see my mum run an appraising look like this over me. I was still clothed and my penis, clearly on view now the duvet had been drawn back, lifted the grey material of my shorts. She told me she wanted to feel my skin against hers and leaned forward to lift my t-shirt over my head like we had with her nightie. It was clear she had no doubt that I’d comply and I got goose bumps and shivered as I felt her run her hands up my sides as she lifted my t-shirt up over my head.

I lay back down as she threw my t-shirt onto the floor in a self-assured travesti pornp manner. I’d thrown her nightie onto the bed but mum seemed to know I’d not need my t-shirt again tonight. I felt slightly self-conscious lying bare chested on front of her, as she turned her gaze back onto me and let it roam up and down my body. It settled briefly on my shorts and the raised material caused by my erection. She looked at me again with a slightly strange expression and then gave the slightest smile before reaching for my waistband and beginning to draw it down. I lifted my hips, a little surprised at how quickly I had lost the initiative and found myself to be the more vulnerable partner.

This feeling quickly melted away as mum discarded my shorts like my t-shirt and her eyes returned to fasten on my penis. The smile appeared again but this time it lasted longer and I realised that while I thought I knew my mother I had never seen her smile that way before. I was surprised to hear her say that she liked it, looking at my erection as she spoke, and placing her hand on my thigh just above my knee.

She slowly ran her hand up my thigh, caressing the muscles and gently squeezing as she went, and leaned forward to kiss me again. Her breasts swung forwards and grazed my ribcage as she leant towards me. She kissed me slowly and softly to begin with before sucking my lips between hers and gently licking them with the very tip of her tongue. All the while her hand kept working its way up my legs and found my penis.

Her hand ran up my shaft to the tip and then slowly back down as she kissed me. Then she gently gripped it around the middle as she leaned backwards to look at me from a kneeling position. Her expression was relaxed but serious and aroused, almost exultant. She leant forward and kissed me again as her hand slowly began to pump up and down. I could feel her warm hand and its gentle pressure as my foreskin slid up and down over the exposed head. Mum continued kissing me for a little while and then sat back up so she could watch me as she continued.

Her expression had changed. Her lips were parted and her pupils dilated. She was clearly turned on but she was also looking at me in the same way as she does when she tells me that she loves me as her son or when I do something that she finds touching. This was proving to be the most unbelievable and erotic sexual experience of my life and my penis twitched in reaction.

She continued looking down on me with the same expression and I looked back unselfconsciously. I suddenly realised that my orgasm was building and I felt so disappointed that it could all end so quickly before I realised that the sperm was going to tricky masseur squirt over my belly and chest and that some would likely hit my face. This didn’t marry up with the cool, in control lover image I had been trying to foster when exploring between mum’s legs.

I decided I had to tell her I was going to come. Self doubt had kicked in and told me that I didn’t know how she’d react. I was surprised to hear her say that she thought I was going to come soon as she continued on. Seconds later she smiled warmly at me, which was unexpected and, in the circumstances a little unnerving, before leaning forward and placing her warm, wet mouth over my penis. It jolted upwards in her mouth at the sensation and flood of emotion.

I was now looking at the crown of her head, which was almost lying on my stomach as she gripped my penis near the base and slowly and deeply sucked it. Disbelief flooded through me and then I was coming in her mouth. Mum didn’t slow at all as my orgasm began. As the sperm began to mount up she stopped the steady sucking motion and began to swallow before continuing sucking and then swallowing again. Half my girlfriends had swallowed my sperm when giving me oral and I understood why the others didn’t. I thought I might have been repulsed by it if I was a girl. Mum, however, kept sucking and swallowing all my sperm despite it being, I thought, pretty unpleasant stuff and her son’s.

As my orgasm subsided and I finished ejaculating mum continued sucking. The head of my penis was now ultra sensitive and I involuntarily arched my hips off the bed at the intensity of the feeling. Mum slowed but didn’t stop sucking until I began to soften. Then she sat up and looked down at me again. This time her face was glazed with a slight sheen of sweat and her hair looked a little dishevelled.

I was still in a state of disbelief that slowly subsided as I wondered what would happen now. Mum answered my question by pulling the duvet up over her shoulders and then lowering herself on top of me so that we were lying face to face. Our bodies felt wonderfully warm pressed against each other like this and I was highly conscious of the soft skin of her belly and thighs, the gentle pressure of her breasts and the scratchy sensation of her lace knickers against my softening penis and pubis.

After she supported her weight on her arms she shifted her position so that she had her arms under my shoulders and reached her hands around into my hair. Our faces were centimetres apart as she looked me straight in the eye and told me she had really enjoyed sucking me and loved when I came in her mouth. Seeing my expression of disbelief she kissed me and this time our tongues found each other. There was a slightly salty taste to her tongue but I kissed her back ever more passionately. My own hands fell to her back to pull her to me before I allowed them to drop to squeeze and caress her buttocks and pull her hips into mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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