Slavegirl Island 3.2


Slavegirl Island 3.2Chapter Three (Part Two)PERSONAL NARRATIVE OF CONRAD RASCEAU, 30 YEAR OLD OVERSEERI met Miss Valdi in the Common Room at about 9.45 the following morning. I was feeling in fine fettle and was looking forward to my new duties. As far as she could, Miss Valdi looked happy too. She wore a pair of black leather thighlength boots, a black leather cache-sex and a black leather bra. Round her neck was a leather collar studded with silver. Tall, angular. She looked very formidable. At that time, I was wearing my loin-pouch but I would take this off in the Training Room. It is customary for male Overseers to train slaves in the nude. They can see what’s coming then!I gave Miss Valdi a list of our new charges which had been handed on to me. This was as follows:LARA, 22-year-old American. Made her living in computers but. If she had used her arse, would have made a lot more. A really fantastic rear.HANNAH, 16, American. A black servant-girl who, I am sure, with proper training, will turn into one of the most exciting sex-objects ever.DEBBIE, English, 17. a*****ed from Boarding School. Very prim and proper and should give a lot of pleasure to many. Body still in budding stage.KIRSTEN, 18, Danish. A real beauty. Blonde, superb looks and figure. Will be very popular, I’m sure.“Quite a bit of variety there,” commented Miss Valdi.“Yes. Rather unusual to have a black.”“I like the sound of the Danish piece.”“I like the sound of all of them,” I grinned.“Let’s get down there then.”We moved off and descended the steps into the slaves’ quarters.This was the four girls first day of training, so it was certain they would be in a highly emotional state. Allowances would be made, but not for too long. Since they had arrived they would have been kept naked in a cell, each one isolated and in heavy chains. Just to acclimatise them a little. Miss Valdi and I entered the Initial Training Room. The four naked girls were standing in a row, arms chained aloft, legs spread, ankles shackled to the floor. The usual procedure.There was the familiar sound of sobs, moans, cries, pleas and protests. I removed my loin-pouch and those sounds seemed to increase. Miss Valdi and I moved along the line. The girls were easy to identify. The Danish one was really lovely; like a film star. I reckoned I was going to have a great time with her over the next few weeks. Debbie the young English girl looked defiant. So much the better. As I went along, I fondled tits, arses and cunts at will. Therewere shrieks of horror. Debbie called me a ‘vile monster’!I slapped her bottom for her cheek and she screeched that she would kill me. Plenty of spirit there. The black girl was quietest of all. She had a calculating look about her. Lara was a typical American product, rather chocolate-boxy, but she certainly had a marvellous arse on her.Miss Valdi stood before them legs astride, a slim training switch flexing in her hands. As I think I have explained, these switches sting adequately but are not particularly damaging… thus they can be used with consider-able frequency.A newcomer, naturally, finds them far more painful than they truly are. When she first feels a real cane, she quickly discovers the difference.“As you have all been informed,” said Miss Valdi, “You are now slave-girls. You are owned by a Miss Bianca… and you will, henceforth, serve her, her staff and her guests.”“This is madness!” cried Lara.“Let us go!” called out Kirsten.“I… I demand to see the British Consul,” stated a breathless Debbie. Only Hannah remained silent. That bit about the British Consul always makes Miss Valdi and I laugh. We fell about.“None of you are going anywhere,” I said, moving closer. They eyed my male nudity with horror and revulsion. I didn’t mind one little bit. “You are all going to learn to be obedient and submissive. And to please those who now own you. In whatever way they want.”How incredulous they looked. They couldn’t believe anything that was being said, yet facts were staring them in the face. They were naked and in chains. Helpless. Wasn’t that an indication of slavery? They simply didn’t want to believe it.“Very shortly, you are going to be introduced to a slave,” said Miss Valdi. “You will note closely how she behaves. For that is how you will shortly be behaving. You’d better believe it. Don’t make things more difficult for yourselves.”“Let us go… let us go!” screamed Lara. Miss Valdi moved forward and gave her two wrist cuts across her bottom. Lara screamed louder, trying to shy away. It was the first pain of that nature she had felt. It frightened her.“You b**st… you b**st!” cried Kirsten. Miss Valdi calmly flicked her switch across a pair of beautiful boobs.“Perhaps you’d like to feel this across those excellent tits of yours,” said Miss Valdi.“NO… OOOOOO!” Kirsten, blue eyes wide, recoiled as far as she could. Miss Valdi smiled.“Then watch your mouth, girl,” she said.Then the far door opened and Andros, one of the Arab Overseers, came in, leading a slave on collar and chain. It was Renata, a voluptuous Italian girl of 22 years. She was not crawling but moving on all fours, hindquarters high in the air. Her buttocks rolled from side to side, her breasts swung pendulously beneath her. There were gasps of amazeddisbelief from the newcomers.“This is a trained slave,” announced aliağa escort Miss Valdi. “Her name is Renata.”“Oohh… how can she?” gasped Debbie.“A slave-girl,” continued Miss Valdi, “has to adopt a number of postures immediately upon being so commanded. If she does not do so satisfactorily, she is, of course, punished. The postures are numbered. You would be advised to learn them fast. Now watch Renata.”A pause.“Renata… posture number 1.”The Italian sank to her knees, pressed her nose to the floor, thrust her hindquarters as high as possible and parted her thighs.“Oh God, it… it’s disgusting…” That was Debbie again. I did not think she was going to take too kindly to her training.Miss Valdi tapped Renata’s bottom with her switch. “Note the height of this girl’s backside,” she said. “That is important. Any bottom not pushed high enough will suffer. Am I making myself clear?”They had all fallen silent now, but for heavy breathing.Fear was creeping into them. This was real. They had been told things they did not believe. But this was real. Here was a woman degrading herself beyond belief.“Position Number 2,” ordered Miss Valdi. At once, Renata rose and stood erect. Then having parted her thighs wide, she bent over and touched her toes. There she remained, bottom curving tightly, everything on display.“O-Ohh… n-no… how can she?” wailed Lara.“You, my girl, are shortly going to find out,” promised Miss Valdi.“Posture Number 3.”Renata now knelt erect, placing her hands on top of her head, shoulders well back. “Note,” said Miss Valdi, flicking one of Renata’s nipples, “that this girl is sticking her tits well out. That is correct. You will do so also.”Kirsten had begun to sob.“Posture Number 4.”Renata lay on her back, drew up her thighs, parted them, then thrust up her cunt provocatively.“Stoppppp… stoooppp… you can’t go on like this!” That was Debbie. This time it was she who felt Miss Valdi’s switch across her bottom. “You monster… oh you monster… oh stoppp… stooppp…”Miss Valdi came close and gripped Debbie by her hair. “I am looking forward to giving you your first proper caning, girl,” she said menacingly. Debbie’s face crumpled in terror. For the first time, I think. She was beginning to understand that all this was REAL and not some kind of game of bluff to frighten.“Posture Number 5.”Renata lay flat on the floor, face down, arms and legs spread-eagled.“Posture Number 6.”Renata adopted the same posture but now lying face upwards.“Those,” said Miss Valdi, “are the basic postures that you are going to start learning today.” There were gasps of dismay.“NOOO… OOOO…” cried Debbie.“Before she goes,” continued Miss Valdi, “Renata will demonstrate that she has proper respect for her Overseer.”Renata got on to her hands and knees and crawled to the Arab, raised herself, placed her hands on his thighs and began to kiss and lick his cock and balls with an almost feverish intensity. There were cries of shocked horror from the girls.“Oh stop… this!”“How can she, how can she?”“It… it’s disgusting…”“All right, take her out,” ordered Miss Valdi. The Arab collared Renata and led her away. She turned to the four; only Hannah seemed reasonably calm. The others were whimpering, eyes wide in shock. “You will have noted,” went of Miss Valdi, “that Renata had no body hair. That is the custom here. Yours will now be removed. Conrad… if youwill be so good…”This is something I always enjoy doing. I went into the annexe and fetched a battery-operated electric razor. The sight of this caused quite a furore. There were screams and shouts… that I couldn’t do such an awful thing. I went first to Lara who wildly tried to back away. Impossible inher chains. “Stick your cunt forward, girl,” I ordered. But I knew she wouldn’t do it. Instead, she twisted and turned frantically. Still, in view of the way her thighs were splayed, it was a simple matter to remove the mousy blonde down from her mound.“You b**st… you filthy swine!” She was going berserk. It was all quite normal. It is understandable that a nice girl in such a situation would be quite upset! I mean, having a nude man shave her pussy was most undignified.Young Debbie came next and she made just as much fuss as I shaved off her dark brown pubes. Indeed, the language she used was quite un-schoolgirlish! Then Hannah whose hair was jet black. She made no fuss and kept quiet. I gave Miss Valdi a meaningful glance; here was something rather unusual.Finally I came to Kirsten who was a lighter blonde than Lara. More fuss. The girl went off in a stream of Danish, which I do not imagine was too complimentary to me.She had a superb looking cunt… a prominent mound, now smoothly bare, perfectly-formed cunt lips which pouted provocatively. Yes, in due time, I’m really going to enjoy this one, I told myself. When I had finished the shaving, I coated each cunt with an ointment which would keep them bothsmooth and hairless. They didn’t like that one a little bit.But I did!Miss Valdi stood before them again, flexing her switch.“You have to learn that an Overseer is not addressed in the insolent fashion in which you have been addressing Mr. Conrad and myself. Only Hannah has sensibly held her tongue. The other three of you will now be gagged. And, in addition, you will get your first taste escort aliağa of a real cane at the midday Punishment Session.”There were gasps of dismay and disbelief. They looked at each other in horror. They had started out hoping that it might be all a bluff. Just to frighten them. Possibly so that an increased ransom might be obtained. Now they were realising it wasn’t like that. This was for REAL…I produced three ball gags, made of red rubber, about the size of tennis balls. They had thin straps which buckled at the back of the head. I came to Lara. Her eyes were brimming with tears, shining with terror.“P-Please… please… d-don’t…” she whined.“Open your mouth, slave,” I ordered. She kept it firmly closed. No problem. I gave a thump in her solar plexus, robbing her of breath and causing her mouth to gape. I quickly popped in the ball-gag and fastened it tight. Laramade choking-gulping sounds and her eyes bulged. Obviously she didn’t like it at all! Nor did Debbie and Kirsten. I had to give each a thump in turn in order to get her mouth open. Obedience was not something one could expect at that stage of their training. Only Hannah was ungagged and still very subdued.“I trust that will help you to control your tongues in future,” said Miss Valdi. “You will find that the gag gets quite uncomfortable after several hours. And, if need be, I can have you wearing a gag twenty four hours a day. Also, I warn you, I can gag you with a far more uncomfortable gag.It is an iron, pear-gag. Show it to them, Conrad.” I took one of the serrated, iron gags along the line, seeing their eyes dilate in terror. It was heavy and exceedingly uncomfortable to wear for any length of time. Still, they were effective in making a girl watch her tongue.“We will now begin with posture exercises,” said Miss Valdi. “We will start with posture Number 1, as recently demonstrated by Renata. Your nose is to the floor, your backside is raised as high as possible and the thighs aresplayed wide. You may think it is undignified but the object is for you to display your female charms fully and unreservedly. Remember, the body you once thought was yours is now owned by others. Bear that constantly in mind.” she glanced at me. “Unchain Lara please, Conrad,” she said. I unshackled the ankles and then the wrists, at once securing the wrists to the manacles on the collar about her neck. Immediately I released her, Lara made a wild dash for the door but, of course, she could not open it… She charged hither and thither about the room, snorting down flaring nostrils. “Get hold of her, Conrad,” said Miss Valdi. It wasn’t difficult; the girl was weak with terror.“Get her arse up.”I bent Lara over and pushed her head between my thighs. She would feel my cock on her neck. Then I put my hands under her flanks and pulled her hindquarters up. As had been said in her notes, she had a fantastic rear. It was most fulsome and it projected sensuously. “Calm down, you stupid American bitch,” said Miss Valdi. Then she laid six stinging strokes of the switch across that lovely superb bottom.Snorting and whining, Lara squirmed madly. A lovely sight.“Let her go.” Lara slumped to the floor.“Posture Number 1,” said Miss Valdi. Lara didn’t move. Two more strokes fell across her flanks. She kicked and twisted. “Get your nose down and your arse up!” Lara tried to crawl away. Four more strokes, all across her bottom. “I can do this all morning!” yelled Miss Valdi. “Get that nose down and that arse up, I say!” Lara stopped crawling. She had been made aware that that instrument – which she found so, so painful – could go on falling across her indefinitely. She HAD to do something!In fact, she had to do as she had just been told, utterly degrading though it was. Still snorting and whimpering, she put her nose to the floor and pushed her bottom up fractionally.“Higher,” demanded Miss Valdi. It came up just a little.“Much higher!” Two cuts from the switch had Lara squirming with pain. But they also had the effect of making her push her hindquarters up considerably higher. “Better,” said Miss Valdi, “but still not high enough.” She sawed theswitch across Lara’s behind and the nates contracted in dread. She made herself push higher. “Now, girl, I want those thighs spread. And spread wide. you will be showing your cunt and arsehole to full advantage.”Lara’s shoulders were heaving. The effort of will she was having to make was beyond anything she had known before. But sheer terror of that biting switch was driving her on. She parted her thighs a little. Instantly, Miss Valdi lashed the switch twice across the tops of those thighs. “I said wide!” There was a groaning sound from Lara’s depth and then thethighs parted to Miss Valdi’s satisfaction. She nodded and gave me a smile helped. We both knew that Lara had taken the first tiny, faltering step down the slope that led to completely submissive slavery. “Stay exactly where you are, slave … and keep that ass high, “said Miss Valdi. “Debbie next, I think, Conrad. ” I went to fetch the youngster, who resisted as best she could. She obviously had quite a bit of spirit. She got the order from Miss Valdi, but just stood there shaking her headin disbelieving horror. I suppose it is a bit hard for a 17 – year-old to have to show her cunt to all and sundry for the aliağa escort bayan first time! So she, too went between my thighs and got a stinging half dozen. But it wasn’t enough. She still wouldn’t get into position. I pulled her up again and thrusther bottom towards Miss Valdi. This time the girl got a dozen. Thin weals were criss-crossing all over her tightly rounded young bottom. When she came up again, she was streaming with tears and dribbling round the edges of her ball gag. Despair filled her eyes. She knew she was defeated.“If you don’t do it this time, you’ll get two dozen!” rasped Miss Valdi.That settled it. Groaning and sobbing, Debbie knelt and put her nose to the floor. Slowly her bottom came up.“Higher! Higher!” So higher it came. Fear of more pain was the dominant force, overcoming the abysmal shame and degradation.“Now let’s have those thighs wide.” A couple more cuts were necessary to make Debbie obey. Then she, too, was positioned in the required posture. Things were moving along quite well but it was very much a beginning.If you had told these two girls, a few weeks previously, that they would be doing what they were, they would never, never have believed. Probably called you a lunatic. Yet now, unbelievably, they WERE doing it!Hannah’s lustrous eyes looked a shade fearful, but she was quite docile. She moved before Miss Valdi and, on getting the order, went at once into the posture. She seemed quite uninhibited about it. Is she a submissive masochist, I asked myself?Does she actually like this sort of thing? It was something very rare. Also, I pondered, there wouldn’t be much fun in training a girl if they were all like Hannah! Miss Valdi shrugged. I got the impression she would have liked to have used her switch on the darkie. She had an excellent,neatly-formed figure and, as so many negresses are, was very lithe and graceful in her movements.Now it was Kirsten’s turn. She had seen what had happened to the other two and was shaking with dread. Her blue eyes were wide with pleading. I joggled her breasts and squeezed them. “You’ve got very good tits, my pretty slave,” I said. It was true but, at that moment, I do not think Kirsten was very appreciative of the compliment! I unchained her and patted her lovely bottom. “Now, you don’t want to feel Miss Valdi’s switch across here, do you?” I asked. She shook her head wildly. “Then just do as Miss Valdi says.” Miss Valdi favoured the girl with a humourless smile, flexing her switch into a semi-circle. One could sense the awful struggle going on within the girl. Terror of that switch… yet the deepest horror of what was being demanded of her. Terror won.Kirsten knelt nose to floor, thrust her hindquarters high, parted her thighs wide. That lovely cunt of hers was displayed to me so invitingly. I could hardly wait to make use of it.“Excellent,” said Miss Valdi, tapping Kirsten’s bottom lightly with the switch. The soft flesh twitched and quivered. “You are a sensible girl, Kirsten, even if not quite as sensible as Hannah. If you obey, you will suffer less. It is as simple as that.”Miss Valdi made it sound simple but just how difficult it was, we all knew. Every instinct in a woman’s being is against such immodestly indecent display. Yet it is an instinct which, somehow, has to be overcome. It takes the most tremendous effort, and it takes a long time to do it without making that kind of effort.We surveyed the four sets of raised hindquarters with approval. Four new slaves just beginning to learn. Debbie’s bottom was the most marked, of course. But these thin weals were not a serious matter… though they might think so. A girl could be covered in scores of such weals and suffer noreal damage. Those training switches were most cleverly designed. Sufficiently painful yet able to be used with profusion.“I think we can now move on to the next posture,” said Miss Valdi. “This one you perform together. It is Number 2. You recall it? It is very simple. Simple bending and touching the toes with the thighs splayed wide. WIDE, remember! So now, all of you, I want you into posture Number 2.”Hannah was up first and then bending. Debbie followed, then Lara. Kirsten was last. Over they went; feet slithered as they parted thighs. Kirsten got two swift cuts across her buttocks. “I said wide!” barked Miss Valdi. Kirsten parted her thighs remarkably wide! Of course, this second step was less difficult than the first. They had already been utterly shamed. What difference did it make, really, whether you were kneeling with thighs wide or bending over with thigh wide? They were showing all they’d got, just the same!Miss Valdi walked up and down behind the bending figures. Occasionally she sawed her switch across a girl’s buttocks. Oh how they flinched and twisted in case it might fall! Finally, two postures had been well and truly learnt. It was time to give our new charges a break before proceeding.A break! All four were put back in their chains. They swung there helpless. Lara, Debbie and Kirsten had saliva oozing from their ball-gags. They were definitely beginning to feel uncomfortable. Eyes were full of pleading. Lara kept shaking her head as if to indicate her intense desire to have therubber ball removed. Miss Valdi regarded them dispassionately.“Yes…” she said, “it is not very pleasant, is it? Remember this when next you feel a desire to abuse your Overseers.“We left the Training Room and went off to have coffee and croissants in the Common Room. A good beginning had been made, but there was still a long, long way to.

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