Skinny 23 year old sucks off old chub


Skinny 23 year old sucks off old chubSo yesterday (8/4/18) I had a long work day and was just about worn out but still horny as hell since I hadn’t jacked off a couple of days because I had set up with a guy to come by my shop and suck me off. Well, as often happens he didn’t text when he said he would and he didn’t reply to my text. DAMN! I saved him a super huge wad and he doesn’t show up to take it! Isn’t that just how it goes for me so much. All these guys want to suck cock but then when I put my cock out ready for a willing mouth it’s a no show again. Well I pull up the Xhamster and decide to just sit back and tug out what I know will be a massive nut but would be even bigger if my cocksucking buddy was where he should be on his knees for me! Of course I left Growlr and Grindr open too but not like anything was going to happen there for a 54 years old chub in a small town…then I got a notification on Grindr from a nearly blank profile, but says 23 years old…no picture but from info there it taller than me and skinny. He says “Hello” (amazing start ain’t it) so I reply “How are you doing this evening’ and get back “Good and you” I have had enough of this so I reply “Well actually I am a horny old fat man that needs to get his cock sucked maybe by a skinny young guy”. Now I expect that to be it, but I get “That might be possible, pictures?”. So I send 3 cock pictures one where I am holding my big balls out and tell him my balls are full and need to be emptied. He replies “HOT!” and says he can host if I want to come by. I remind him I am over twice his age and he is good with that and says he likes older. I say “OK,, I don’t have much time just want to cum and go” and he says “Fine, I’m good with just sucking you off”. That is what I like to hear! He sends a location, less than 1 mile or about 5 minutes drive time from where I am. I say “On the way”, he replies “Great!”. I know this sounds too easy and impossible and I couldn’t believe it either.In 5 minutes I was in his apartment unsure what to do and suddenly very nervous. He said “pick your seat or we can go in this extra bedroom if you want a bed…” I said “yeah, let’s go there”, hoping it wouldn’t be as well lit as I was feeling a bit body shy when I saw he was as tall and fit as described, and really sexy! When we go in the room he has to move stuff off the bed, he says he just uses güvenilir bahis şirketleri that room for storage really, I guess he was thinking we would just be in the living room in a chair or on the couch, I was glad to have a less bright room and hadn’t actually been on a bed with a man for many years. I got undressed and laid down and he was about to get on bed fully dressed to suck me, headed between my legs like a good cocksucker, I wanted to see his tight young chest and hopefully work his nipples some so I said “at least take off your shirt buddy”. He seemed surprised and stood back up to take it off and I was stunned by his beauty, slim and fit, usually I only like bigger guys but he was a sexy thing. He hesitated and had his hands on his waistband of jeans, I looked and said “take them off too I want to see all of you”. He seemed pleased and when the jeans went down, no underwear, (nice) and he was almost completely hard so he must have liked my naked body ok too. I was laying back not hard at all and was totally soft (naked nervous) and I reached for him to come up to me, to my chest before he sucked me, he seemed surprised again I said “I want to see those nipples up close and personal”. I could see that made him happy and in a flash I had my mouth on a pieced young nipple, it was so hot! Only one was pierced, I couldn’t decide which one was hotter. He leaned up and was looking right at me and said “do you kiss?”. I didn’t know what to say, a young handsome man was a foot from my face, I could feel his rock hard cock on my leg, I was well on the way to a rock solid 54 year old erection myself and I said “I don’t know, we can try.” He leaned down and our lips met and I never kissed so hard that I could remember I got my arm around his neck and held him so tight he couldn’t have pulled back if he wanted (he didn’t want to). It became a blur of passion, kissing, me biting his nipples hard him kissing my chest and me holding his head to my nipples, he was softly nibbling when I told him go ahead and bite, I’m not tender. He took me at my word, they are still a little red today! After the chest rubbing and making out I put my hands on his shoulders and said, “you gotta get down there and suck my cock”. He didn’t have to be told twice, he was amazing, licking all over including my balls, which is my favorite and going canlı bahis şirketleri up and down my thick meat like a hungry puppy! I was moaning and groaning and thrusting my hips as I held his head and face fucked, he never backed off unless I told him to lick my balls more, in a few minutes he had me on the edge so close, I couldn’t get off that fast, he had said he had plenty of time (I didn’t but when would this ever happen again?), so I pulled him up and said ‘lay on me again” . He came up beside me and as he came up to lay on me instead I pulled his hips up toward my face, he was surprised, I was too, I said “I need to taste your cock a little”. He was solid as a rock and like velvet and fit into my mouth with some stretching, he had a nice long cock, not thick as mine but the tightest balls I ever saw were right there at the base like it was all one muscle! It was then with my hand on his ass I realized how tiny it was, so small! My hand was al over it as I pulled him into my mouth and he gently thrust. I really don’t think either of us thought this was going to happen. I confess sucking cock is not really my thing, so I didn’t do it much, but I did like it and he seemed to like it a lot. I pushed him gently back and got him back on top of me and he started with the kissing again, he was so into it I let him do it quite a but and I liked it too. This time I held his head in my elbow and pulled him close to my face but then I let him lay on me as I kneaded and slapped his ass…HARD! He didn’t pull away or block my hand but pressed harder against me. I said “if we had more time I would get you over my knees and really spank you!”. He said quickly “maybe next time we will have more time I want to see you again”. I was stunned, I said “yes, if you want to I know I want to”. I was not expecting that either I thought this was my one chance at this young stud ever. The making out, rubbing and ass slapping had to come to an end because I had to get home to my wife at some point, so I gently pushed him down and said “It’s time for you to get me off”. That was all it took to get him back between my legs with mouth going at the perfect speed and suction on my cock. He already knew I liked my balls licked so he alternated with some of that and I was moaning and writhing around like I don’t know if I ever had a cocksucker so hungry canlı kaçak iddaa for my old cock. (I do know of one that is as good but we can’t ever seem to meet anymore!) I was in old chub heaven as he was working me up, he paused once to say “you weren’t lying these balls as so full”. I said in a few minutes they will be empty so you need to decide where that load is going, he went back to work with no reply. I held his head some and face fucked because I like it and I think he did too. I was SO close and I said “I’m about to nut a massive wad so you better get off unless you want it in your mouth”. He began to suck a bit harder and I said “I warned you”. WHAM I shot as big a load as I ever have and his cheeks bowed out and he never backed off I could feel my load all over my cock in his mouth! he was swallowing but I kept blasting like a hose, he never even slowed down sucking. I had come up somewhat off the bed and saw him take my load, but I fell back exhausted as he made sure I was completely clean, I am usually sensitive but he was so gentle and I didn’t stop him for a couple of minutes. I finally said “come up here and kiss me”. He came up and I kissed him and he was careful to not get tongue in my mouth I said “it’s ok I don’t mind the taste of my cum and we did a little tongue swapping. I reached down to his still hard cock and said “what about this”. He said “really I am fine just getting you off, you have to get home to your wife” and he was right. As we got dressed we small talked a bit and I was thinking he reference to “next time” was just a comment made in passion and not real, but I didn’t say anything.At the door I pulled him close in a hug and said I can’t believe a tall young handsome man like you was so good to me. He said “you might be surprised what guys like me are into”. I said yeah, “I might”. He opened the door and as I stepped out he said “I really hope we can do this again, please”. I looked at him and saw he meant it, I said “well I don’t know how to get ahold of you your profile is almost blank but I would really like to do that and more with you”. He told me to get out my phone and showed me how to favorite him and said “now you can text me and I can text you there even if we are not both on. I got into my truck and pulled out but stopped before I left the apartments and texted him “thanks again you were so hot”. Immediately I got a text back as he was texting too I think and it said “Please stay in contact, I want to see you again”. I replied “next time I am going to eat your ass”. He replied “HOT!”.I do hope to see him again and he sure changed my mind about just messing around with guys my age!

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