sissy’s first party – part 1


sissy’s first party – part 1It had been a long 2 weeks since i moved in with my tv mistress Kate and not what i expected. I wasn’t allowed to share her bed despite me proving myself a good little cocksucker and had to reside in the spare room.Kate had immediately put me in chastity on day one with little clitty locked tight in a small bright pink chastity cage, and i was introduced to my new wardrobe immediately which largely consisted of skimpy frilly pink lingerie and short pink slutty dresses and high pink shoes.i was to wake every day at 7am and spend an hour preparing myself, makeup, nails hair and dress in only lingerie and heels before waking mistress every morning at 8am sharp with a cup of tea and long slow sloppy blowjob. My days consisted of training to walk, talk and behave like a sissy slut every afternoon i was tied to the bed infront of a large screen tv playing sissy hypnoses in a dark room filled with poppers aroma a suitable plug …… all i can think of now is cocks and i am totally focused on my ass as a pussy and its permanenty pulsing with anticipation, i am in a permanent slutty state and my old world is long forgotten.Tonight was going to be special though and Mistress Kate came to me at lunchtime to announce we would be attending our first party as a couple. She gave me the most beautiful short pink chiffon prom dress and instructed me to dress in my sluttiest pink lingerie and heels and be present to leave the house at 4pm, and that it would be a long night.On time Mistress kate and i left the house for a short drive to a beautiful home in its own private grounds, i was so on edge with anticipation as i tottered upto the front door in my pink stilletoes, the cool breeze blew up my skirt exposing my pink sissy thong as we got to the front door.Entering the house Mistress Kate took me by the hand and led me into a beautiful lounge full of people mostly good looking guys, some beautiful TV’s and a few submissive sissy’s Mistress Kate leaned into me and said behave you little slut you will do as your told tonight and don’t embarrass me, i melted as she said it looked at her and said i will do whatever she asks.A beautiful young girl dressed as a maid came and offered us a couple atakum escort of glasses of champagne and looking me up and down commented to Mistress Kate, you have done a good job with her. Mistress kate looked at me and said there is still work to do but she has potential, Charly what do you say, in my most effeminate voice i curtseyed and said thank you sweetie to the hot maid. Mistress Kate turned to me and said You will never have any chance of fucking a beautiful girl like that again. My clitty strained in my cage as i dropped my eyes and said no mistress.A tall older guy came over too us and said Hi Kate how’s it going, this one of your new girls? Hi Mike said mistress, yes this is Charlotte or Charly as we sometimes call her, she’s been training for 2 weeks now and she’s coming along nicely. Her skills with her mouth are excellent but she needs to learn how to use her pussy, its been plugged religiously and is hot and moist all the time but she hasn’t been fucked properly so i don’t know how she will perform.I can put her through her paces if you like Kate? I nearly fainted would mistress really just send me off with this man? Yes she would, and she did. Sure mike take her now if you like and report back, i blushed bright pink my pussy pulsed and my little clitty strained against the cage, if i’m honest i would have fucked anybody at that moment. Mike took me by the hand and said come on Charlotte lets go upstairs.He lead me back into the hall and up the stairs, the people watching had a look in there eyes that said this girl is going to get it! Upstairs was as beautiful as downstairs and Mike led me to bedroom with a balcony and a guy and a dome tv where smoking on the balcony, This will do he said. I hesitated as i didn’t want to have an audience, he sensed it and said come on slut you have to be able to perform infront of other people. Leading me into the room he took a seat in a large chair oposite a four poster bed, me stood in front, Taylor Swifts was playing and i swayed to the music waiting for his instructions. His large hands grabbed my legs and ran up under my skirt cupping my chastity cage and tapping it gently, it was driving me mad, and the 2 people on the balcony had escort atakum turned to watch. Undress me Charly he said, so i sat on his knee and slowly unbuttoned his shirt removing it from his shoulders i kissed his chest and down his hard torso getting on the floor on my knees i unbuckled his belt and pulled down his trousers in one quick move, he was commando and a beautiful cock sprang up to meet me, at least 8 inches and smooth with a superb end. I was on autopilot and immediately took it deep into my hot wanton mouth working the shaft up and down with my tongue keeping pressure on the underside of his helmet, i knew i was good at this.Standing up Mike pulled me to my feet and turned me round, he slowly unzipped my dress from the back and let it slip down to the floor, as it brushed past my cage i gave a little shiver.Get on all fours on the bed sissy Mike said, i dutifully obeyed and crawled into the centre pulling a pillow with me to rest my head, my peachy bubble but was sticking straight up framed beautifully with my stockings and thong.Mike walked so i could see him at the side and said, what do you want sissy…. Please fuck me i replied, please please please fuck me. 2 weeks of chastity and sissy hypnos had built up to this moment and there is nothing i wouldn’t have done right there on the bed. Mike put on a condom and lubed his georgeus cock infront of me saying This is all for you beautiful girl.I felt him get on the bed behind me and got close between my legs, leaning over me he kissed the back of my neck and his cock pressed between my pussy cheeks, the lube adding to my wetness and i wiggled my ass around to tease him….. i couldn’t wait any longer.He reached forward and put a bottle of poppers under my nose pinching each nostril in turn as I inhaled once, twice, three, four, five times, my head was swimming and my pussy pulsed like mad as Mike carefully pushed his large soft swollen head through my pussy…. omg it felt amazing i savoured every second, and without any warning he pushed his whole shaft deep into my pussy making me gasp out loud and left it there before pulling out completely leaving me desperately needing him. OMG Please put it back in i said….. the people atakum escort bayan on the balcony where commenting, look at the slut she’s totally hot for it, go on Mike fuck her.He leaned over me his cock naturally entering me fully again and i gasped with pleasure as he repeated the poppers dose i pressed my body into the pillow biting it hard to help control the pleasure. Mike fucked me slowly with long strokes…. slow in and faster back out…. i felt every inch and very quickly pre cum was leaking into my panties like mad. He started to speed up and naturally i started pushing back onto him, savouring every inch of his hard cock sliding in and out of my pussy, and then it happened. I had heard of sissygasms before but nothing prepared me for what was coming as mike continued to fuck me my pussy tightened around his large cock, huge amounts of cream came gushing out of my caged clitty into my panties my body shook involuntarily as i kept pushing back so hard onto mikes cock. My orgasm must have turned him on because quickly i felt his cock harden and twitch and he slammed into me and held his cock there for what felt like an age before he collapsed over me and we rolled sideways. He left his cock inside me as i felt it go soft and kissed the back of my neck, whispering….. you have a very good pussy Charly, i will give mistress kate a good report.My hair was a bit of a mess and my face was flushed bright pink, i was wobbling on my heels as he helped me back into my dress, zipping it slowly, before leading me back downstairs. I seem to have a sexy swing in my hips as i tottered behind him, my panties soaked with my own cum and my pussy red hot from the fucking i’d just receivedMistress Kate was at the bottom of the stairs and i couldn’t look her in the eyes for some reason, maybe it was because ii had cum in my panties and she might be mad. Any good she asked Mike…. Yes very good Kate, would fuck her again no problem.Mistress Kate put her hand up my skirt and felt my panties and said You came didn’t you? Yes mistress i did, I’m sorry. Its ok Charlotte did you like it? Thats how you will derive pleasure in future now your clitty is locked away. OK? Yes Mistress Kate, it was wonderful, thank you for letting him fuck me, and i kissed her on her cheek.Now why are you back in your dress Charlotte….. i want you to remove it so everybody can see you in your lingerie, and most important see that you have cum in your pretty pink panties.

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