Shopping with My Step-daughter.


Shopping with My Step-daughter.Shopping with My Step-daughter.I get a call from your mom saying that you are going to a party and you need help picking out a new outfit. Being the guy I am I tell her I don’t want to go shopping. She begs and pleads until she say that I can pick out something special for her to wear just for me. Now how could I pass that up. So I say yes and tell her that I will pick you up after school and will go from there.I pick you up, and you lead me to shop after shop looking for the perfect dress. Until finally I tell you its time to take a break from looking at dresses and time to find that something special for your mom. You give me a naughty little smile and asks where I want to go. I tell you that I know a nice little shop not far from here that has some very special things in it if you know where to look. So we head off.We get there and walk through the door. My eye is caught by a vision behind the counter. I take a closer look and see her name tag says Jill. We make our way to the back of the store and I start to pick out the smallest sexiest outfits they have. I see you looking they with a small grin on your face. I tell you that I’m picking something out for just me and your mom. As I look through what they have you see they are getting smaller and smaller. I can feel my cock getting harder as I think about now each out fit will show off more of her amazing body. The last one I look at is this very small halter top with an almost nonexistent skirt. You rip it from my hand and run into a dressing room giggling. When you comes out of the dressing room my jaw hits the floor. Your top is so tight and small your breasts are almost popping out and the skirt is so small that when you turn around I can see almost all of your fantastic ass, and I also see that you are not wearing any panties. I can’t stop myself from leaning forward to get a better look and see that you are starting to get wet. As you turn to go back into the changing room I take a quick look around and follow you in. I grab you from behind as soon as the door closes and pull you tight to me. Pressing my rock hard cock against you. One of my hands moves to your pussy and starts to rub it as the other moves to her breast and starts to play with your nipple. I whisper in your ear “Can you feel how hard you’ve made me? I can’t go walking around like this we will have to do something about this before we leave.” You look back at my and say “But daddy we might get caught.” I just grin and say “you should have thought about that before you teased me.”I take my hand and reach between us and undo my pants letting them fall to the floor. Freeing my cock I pull you back to me again pressing my cock into the crack of your ass. I let out a moan as I feel your ass wrap around my cock. I start to move it up and down as I continue to finger your wet lil pussy. I pull the top you’re wearing open to free your breasts as I keep playing with them. I whisper in your ear “We will have to try and be quiet we wouldn’t want the sales girl to hear us now would we?” I take my hand from your pussy and bring it to my mouth and suck your juices from my fingers. “You taste so good sexy.” I say as I move my cock so it starts to rub along your pussy and hit her clit. The feel of your hot wet pussy rubbing along my cock is driving me mad. I move you to the seat in the room and drop to my knees. I spread your legs apart and see your pussy glistening with your juices. I move my head between your legs to with in inches of your pussy and breath in deep. I look up into your eyes and say “You smell so good, I can’t wait to suck all the juices from you.” I stick out my tongue and just brush it across your lips and clit. I can see the muscles in your thighs twitch and a moan escape you as I lick you again. I can hear foot steps outside the dressing room as I clamp my mouth over your pussy and drive my tongue as far into you as I can get it. I hear Jill ask if every thing is okay. I slowly work my tongue in and out of your pussy as I wait to hear your answer. “Ummm… yes… Jill everything’s…*ohh*… fine sorry I stubbed my toe thank you for asking.” you say. I reach up and play with your breasts as Jill walks away I look up and say “I don’t think she believes you.” and suck hard on your clit. My cock is throbbing as I work you closer to the edge of the seat. I grab my dick and rub it along your lil pussy lips getting it nice and wet. I let out a moan as the head of my cock rubber across your clit. I move it so it lines up with your pussy and slowly start to push my cock into you. I can tell you are trying not to moan as inch by inch my cock sinks into you. “I love the way my cock feels in you baby…” I say, “it’s like it was made just for you.” “Mmmmmmm daddy your so naughty.” you say through clenched teeth. I stop for a second as my cock reaches as far in you as it will go. The feel of your tight lil pussy twitching around my cock is almost to much for me. I slowly start to pull out taking my time as I enjoy the feeling. Once I’m to the point that just the head of my cock is still in you I start to push back into you. I do this over and over again. Every time increasing my speed and power. Till I can feel my balls slapping against your ass and all I can hear is the sound of my cock moving in and out of your wet lil pussy. “Mmmmmmmm bad daddy your going to get us caught.” you moan. I can feel my self getting closer and closer to cumming but I don’t want to end just yet. I get to my feet so I can switch places with you. I sit in the seat and watch as you lower your self onto my cock. “You look so sexy.” I say as inch by inch my cock disappears into your tight wet pussy. I moan again as you settle into my lap. This gets the attention of Jill again and she comes back to check. I can hear her at the door asking again “Is everything is okay?” as you start to move your ass in my lap teasing of things to come. I can hear Jill knock and ask again as I fight to keep from cumming. “Yes Jill everything is fine could you find a outfit for me while I try this one on?” you say. I can feel the muscles in your pussy getting tighter as Jill asks “Witch one would you like to see.” I can’t help but smile as I start to work my cock in and out of you as you try to come up with an answer. I whisper in your ear telling you to ask for the smallest sexiest one they have. I can feel your juices running down my cock. As Jill leaves she stops and asks “Have you seen the guy you came in with?” I almost laugh out loud as I ram my cock up into your pussy. “Um yeah honey he went to the next store over.” you say. As Jill walks away I say “I don’t think she believes you we better hurry before we get caught.” I grab your hips and start to pull you down with more intensity trying to bury my cock in you as far as it will go. I reach around and start to play with your clit. I feel your juices running down my cock and onto the floor. “OH FUCK BABY!” I moan as I feel myself getting close to cumming. I stand up keeping my cock in you and bend you over the seat. I grab your hips and pull you back as I thrust forward. The feel of your pussy twitching around my cock, is telling me you are getting close to cumming too. “Cum with me baby.” I say as my cock fucks you as fast and hard as I can. “Mmmmmmm finger my asshole daddy.” you moan. “Yes you dirty little girl.” I say as I use your pussy juices to wet my finger and start to work it into your tight lil ass. I feel your ass clamp down on my finger as it slowly works its way in. I pull my finger out and replace it with two. I hear you moan as I work them into you, and I can feel your pussy tighten around my cock. “Ooh fuck your ass is so tight babby I think I’m going to have to fuck it before we leave.” I say. I pull my cock out of your pussy and line it up with your asshole and start to push forward. You let out a moan as you feel me push my throbbing hard cock into your asshole. “Oh fuck I love the feel of your tight little bahis şirketleri ass around my cock. I want to fuck it every day.” I say as inch after inch of my cock works its way into you. It feels like a fist around my cock as I start to fuck your ass. I start to pick up the speed of my fucking as your ass gets accustomed to the size of my cock. I hear you moan and whimper as my balls start to slap your pussy as we fuck. I look up and see Jill in the mirror. Her shirt pulled up over her tits and her pants around her knees, with one hand pulling her nipples and the other finger fucking her pussy. I stand you up keeping my dick in your ass as I whisper into your ear “We’ve been caught, but it looks like she wants to play too. Should we let her play or just make her watch the fucking a hot piece of ass like you needs?” I cup your tits as I keep fucking into your ass. As I watch the Jill watching us.I motion Jill over and tell her to get under you and lick your pussy while I fuck your tight ass. I feel you jump a little as Jill finds your clit and starts to suck on it. I start to fuck you again and can feel you start to drive back onto my cock. Jill starts to work her fingers into you as she licks your pussy lips and suck the juice from them. I hear a moan escape from you as your ass twitches around my cock. I look down and see Jill ramming her fingers in and out of your lil pussy. I can feel her fingers in you as she fuck her own pussy with her other hand. “Oh fuck your ass feels so good.” I say as I ram my cock into your ass driving your pussy into Jill’s face. I hear her moan as Jill starts to cum. “I’m going to cum!” I say as I pull you back on to my cock. I look down at Jill and tell her to make you cum with me. I see a small smile on Jill’s face as she dives back into your pussy. Sucking your clit and finger fucking you with one hand, Jill uses the other and starts to play with your breasts. Looking over into the mirrors I see how hot Jill looks with her eating you out as I fuck your ass.“Mmmmmm…daddy….” you moan while grabbing your ass and spreading it “Cum in my ass daddy.” I groan as I slam my cock as far into your ass as I can go. I can feel Jill starting to lick my balls as I start to cum in your ass. “FUCK!!!!” I yell as I fill your ass with my cum. I can feel the muscles in your ass grabbing my cock, milking the cum from my balls. I look down at Jill and tell her to make you cum now, and push her face into your wet pussy. My cum starts to leak out of your ass as my cock continues to twitch in your ass. “Cum for us baby cover this little sluts face with your cum.” I say as I start to move in your ass again. “Mmmmmmm yesss daaaaddddyyy.” you moan. I can feel all the muscles in your ass twitching as you start to cum. Jill clamps her mouth over you pussy as your juices flood her mouth. Every one of my thrust making you to cum more and more. I pull my cock from your ass and grab Jill by the head, as I feed her my cock I tell her to suck the cum from it. That’s it get my cock nice and clean so I can fuck my lil girl again I say. Once my cock is nice and clean I take a seat and have you lower your self back onto my cock. I slid back into your wet pussy with you facing me. I suck on your nipples as Jill moves behind you and starts to lick your asshole. I start to trust up into you as she works her tongue into your ass making you moan. “Yes sweetie.” You moan and reach back and spread your ass more for her. I can feel her lick my cock as it moves in and out of your pussy as she work her fingers in you ass. I reach up and play with one nipple as I suck the other. I feel your pussy start to twitch as you slam down on my cock. We hear the front door of the store open as you let out a loud moan. Jill quickly grabs her clothes and goes to check to see who came in as I keep fucking up into your tight wet pussy. I look over and see she is back and she has someone with her. It looks like her boy friend. She has her hand around his cock as they watch us fuck. she whisper something in his ear and he starts to move behind you. You moan as you feel him rub his hard cock on your asshole. I feel him bend you over a little more as he starts to press his cock into your tight ass. Jill comes over and starts to suck on your tits as inch after inch of his cock works into your asshole. I can feel his cock start to move in and out of your ass and I start to fuck your pussy. I set my pace so as he is thrusting in to your ass I’m pulling out of your pussy. Jill moves so that hers pussy is over my face and she lowers her self down. I feel your pussy clamping down on my cock as we fuck you. She leans forward and sucks one of your nipples into her mouth and gives it a little bite. She looks over your shoulder and says “That’s it baby fuck this hot little girls tight little ass.” She starts to grind her wet pussy into my face as she goes back to sucking on your tits. He leans forward and says “You like having my cock in your ass while he fucks your pussy don’t you.” Jill suddenly get up and stands over me, she move forward placing her pussy in front of you. She looks at you and says “Lick my pussy as they fill your pussy and ass.” I can only watch as her pussy moves closer to your mouth. Just before her pussy makes contact with your mouth I pull out of your pussy and stop her I move from under you. I guide the girl under you so her face is right by your dripping pussy. I tell Jill she doesn’t get to tell you what to do, and as punishment she has to watch her man fuck your ass as she eats your soaking wet pussy till you cum. As she starts to lick you I see her mans ball hitting her in the face. I move between her leg and line my cock up with her asshole and start to push forward. As I start to fuck her ass I lean forward and start to suck on your nipples. “Naughty daddy.” you moan. “Oh fuck, its so hot watching her eat your pussy as he fucks your ass.” I groan. I can hear her moaning into your pussy as I fuck her ass. Her man thrusts make your pussy move back and forth over her face covering it with your juices. He starts to grunt as he is about to cum. He pulls you back hard onto his cock as he fill your tight ass with his cum. He falls back exhausted pulling out of you. His cum starts to leak out of you and covers Jill’s face. I can see the look of lust in your eyes as you grind your pussy down on her face. “That’s it baby make her tongue fuck your pussy and cover her with your cum.” I say. I start to thrust harder in her ass moving her under you making her lick you from clit to asshole. “Yes daddy.” you moan as you feel his cum start to leak down onto her face. I can hear her moan as she sucks on your pussy lips. “It sounds like she likes the taste of your pussy, of course so do I” I say as I ram my cock in and out of her ass. I can feel myself getting closer to cumming. I pull out of her ass and quickly clean off my cock. I move behind you and start to press my cock into you pussy. Jill keeps licking as my cock sinks back into you. I can feel her licking where my cock and your pussy meet. “My cock feels so good in your pussy, it makes me want to fill it with my cum.” I say as I fuck you as hard as I can. I moan as my cock rams into you. I feel the muscles in your pussy gripping my cock. “That’s it cum with me and cover her with your cum.” I groan. The guy mover between Jill’s legs and rams his cock into her making her moan into your pussy. The feel of her licking my cock pushes me over the edge and I start to fill you with my cum. I slam my cock into you with every spurt of cum trying to get it as far into you as I can. As I fall back spent my last spurt of cum lands on the Jill’s face. She clamps her mouth over your pussy and starts sucking my cum from you. Watching me fill you with my cum pushed her man over the edge and he slams his cock into her as he fills her with his cum. The feel of him cumming is too much for her and she starts to cum bucking her hips up to meet his thrusts. She illegal bahis takes her hand and play with your clit as she sucks the cum from your pussy. I lean forward and grab you from behind. My hands move to your breasts. I feel my cock rubbing along your ass as the girl continues to eat my cum from you. You let out a low seductive moan, and I feel you start to twitch as your orgasm builds. “That’s it cum on her face.” I say as my cock grinds in your ass crack. I feel you start to shake as you cum. I look down and Jill has her mouth clapped to your pussy as she drinks your cum. I look at my watch and see we have spent most of the day here. I tell you we better get going if we want to still find you your dress. We are going to have to buy this outfit, looks like I got my cum all over the back of your skirt I say. Jill looks up her face covered with cum says don’t worry about the out fit it’s on me just make sure you come back the next time you need a new one. I run my hand along your ass and slip a figure in to your pussy as I say I don’t know about you but with customer service like this how could we not come back. I feel your muscles twitch as I work my fingers in your pussy. As Jill starts to get up her face comes in line with your pussy. She gives you another lick. She looks up and say you taste so good as she clamps her mouth over your pussy and starts to suck on your clit again. Her man mover behind her and slides his cock into her ass making her moan. Watching this has me rock hard again and I slip my cock into your pussy feeling her lick it as it sinks into you. “Oooohhh yesss daddy” you moan as we hear the door open in front again. Jill pulls away. “Damn it” she says as she grabs her clothes and goes to see who’s there. I don’t want to stop fucking you it feels so good I pull you down to the floor with me and spin you so I can suck on your breasts as we fuck. The Jill’s man moves behind you and runs his cock along your ass. He asks “Is it okay if I join you?”“Of course.” you say as you let out a moan. I can feel him starting to press his cock into your ass. I hear him moan as he sinks into you. I look up and see the lust in your eyes as you are filled with two hard cocks. I feel your pussy twitching around my cock. I start to move my self in and out of you as I suck your nipples. I can hear you both moan as he starts to fuck your ass. I can feel him moving in and out of you. “Fuck this feels so good.” I groan as we get into a rhythm. Jill comes back and with a look of shock on her face she says “That is so fucking hot and rips her clothes off. “Who was at the door?” you moan to Jill as you feel us both ram our cocks into your holes. “It was just my friend wanting to know when I get off work.” she says as she lowers her self on to my face. Her pussy starts to grind on my face as she lean forward and starts to suck on your nipples. “I locked the door this time.” she says as she switches from one nipple to the next. “Mmmmm good girl.” you moan. I can feel her mans thrust shacking you as he rams his cock into your ass. Jill leans forward enough to work her head between our bodies and starts to lick your clit. Doing this grinds her pussy harder into my face. I reach around her and grab you breasts playing with your hard nipples. “Oooohhhh yes baby.” you moan as you grind your ass on his cock. I feel you pressing down on her ass pushing her pussy harder into my face. Her tongue licks my cock, and your pussy at the same time making me moan into her pussy. I hear her man grunting as his cock speeds in and out of your ass. I can tell he is getting close to cumming. “FUCK YES!!!” you scream. I can feel him start to cum as he rams his cock all the way into you. As he dose he pushes you down onto my cock. When he finishes Jill moves around behind you and starts to lick your freshly fucked ass. The feel of her tongue on my balls makes me buck up into you. “Ooohhhh honneeyyy.” you moan through your teeth. “Oohh fuck baby it feels so good I want to cum.” I say as Jill grabs my balls and starts to play with them. I grab you by your hips and start to slam you down on my cock trying to drive my self as far into your pussy as I can. “Oh god daddy.” you moan. “I’m going to fill you with my cum.” I moan as I near climax. Jill sucks my balls into her mouth as she reaches around and starts to play with your clit. “OHH FUCK I’M GOING TO CUM!!!” I yell as I ram my self into you. You grind your pussy on my cock as you start to cum. The feel of you cumming sends me over the edge. I ram my self into you as I start to cum. It feels like so good filling your tight wet pussy with my cum. I feel the girl lick the spot where my cock and your pussy meet sucking up all our juices. I keep thrusting into you driving my cum deeper into you. I start to play with your clit trying to make your orgasm last longer. “Oooooohhhh yes daddyyy.” you almost scream. I pull you down on me and bring your breasts to my mouth and suck on your nipples. Jill sits up and I can see her face is covered with our cum. Her eyes have glazed over and she smiles as she grabs her panties and starts to clean her face with them. I can hear some one knocking at the front door. Jill gets dressed and goes to check who is there. I can still feel my cock twitching in your pussy as we lay on the floor panting. I look at you and say “We really have to get going now.” As you start to stand I can feel you pussy still trying to hang on to my cock as in start to leave your pussy. I look at Jill’s man and say “You can keep those and I’ll keep these.” As I grab her panties and he grabs yours. I can hear a slight pop as my still hard cock leaves your pussy. Just then the girl returns and to both of our surprise there is someone with her. She says “I told my friend about this hot couple I was having so much fun with, and she insisted on meeting them.” She sees the look of surprise on both yours and the new girls faces. She asks you “What’s going on?” You look at her and say your friend is my friends older sister, Amanda. “How did I not know you where Amanda’s friend?” you ask your self. As you say that Amanda looks at us with a look of mixed shock and lust. Amanda asks you how long we have been doing this. I notice her eyes shifting between your dripping pussy and my still hard slick cock as her hand starts to move ever closer to crotch. “Dose she know what her hand is doing?” I think to my self. ”Oh my…” you gasp “uhhh its not what it looks like!” you say trying to cover yourself. “It looks like you had his hard cock in your pussy.” she says. I notice that Jill has moved behind Amanda and I see her hand starting to work its way into Amanda’s pants. I hear a moan come from her as Jill’s hand reaches her pussy. I look up at her and say “You know you liked seeing her with my hard cock. Why don’t we go home and you can join the fun.” I see that Amanda’s eyes are closed as she starts to give in to her feelings of lust. I use this opportunity to get to my feet and move behind her. I replace Jill’s hands with mine. I can see the look of shock in your eyes as my hand finds its way into her panties. I look your straight in the eyes as I say “She’s soaking wet baby.” As I sink one of my fingers into her wet pussy I ask her “Did you like seeing her with my hard cock?” She lets out a moan as she says “Yes.” “What was that I couldn’t hear you.” I say as my thumb moves across her clit. “YES!!!” she almost yells. I pull my hand from her panties and bring it to my mouth. “She tastes almost as good as you do baby.” I say with a grin. You watch us feeling your pussy start to get wet. As you watch us you come closer you lean in and suck my finger moaning. “I think she likes your taste too.” I say as I push my fingers back in to Amanda’s pussy. I take my other hand and move it to your pussy and slide a finger in you. I feel your pussy grip my finger as I work it in and out of you a few times. I take my finger and bring it to Amanda’s mouth. She takes it illegal bahis siteleri in her mouth and greedily sucks on it. I think she likes your taste as well baby. “Mmmmm daddy how many times have you jerked off to Amanda?” you moan. “When ever I’m not jerking off to you baby.” I say. “Her tight little ass, her breast. You two could almost pass as twins. And I know she has been spying on me. I have seen her peaking through my door as I jerk my hard cock thinking of you. When she comes over to pick up her lil sister.” I hear her say something but can’t make it out. “What was that?” I ask as I continue to finger fuck her. “Fuck my like you do her.” she says. “That’s up to her.” I say. “Fuck her daddy.” you say. “Your wish is my command.” I say. “But she has to make you happy as well.” I pull her pants and panties down together. I lay down as I move her between your legs. I tell her to eat your pussy as I line my cock up with her tight wet pussy. You look down on her as she licks your clit. “Oh my god daddy that feels so good.” you moan. “That’s it Amanda eat all my cum out of her lil pussy.” I say as I ram my cock into her pussy. The impact of my thrust drives her face into your pussy. I hear her moans I pull her back into my cock. “You like the taste of my cock and my li girls pussy don’t you?” I ask. “Yes I love it!” she says as I ram back into her. “Is she a good pussy licker baby?” I ask as I hear her moan into your pussy. But you are lost in the feeling of her eating you out.All I can hear is you and Amanda moaning as I ram my cock into her. I look over and see Jill on her knees, her man behind her ramming his cock into her soaking wet pussy. Their eyes are locked on us. I see you squirming as Amanda tries to snake her tongue as far into your pussy as she can. I pull my cock from her pussy with a pop. I say “Now time to see if your ass feels as good as my lil girls ass does.” As I start to press my cock head against her asshole. Amanda’s head pops up. “No not my ass!!” she says. She lets out an feral moan as my cock starts to sink into her ass. She looks at you and asks “What should I do?” “Enjoy slut.” you say as you push her head back down moaning. “Oh fuck your so tight.” I moan as my cock sink inch by inch into her ass. She starts to push her ass back against me making my cock go ever deeper into her. I look up and see her move her hand and start to sink a finger in to your ass as she sucks hard on your clit. I hear a grunt from the corner of the room and see Jill and her man fucking watching us with lust in their eyes. She turns her head and tells him to fuck her is the ass as well. Amanda lifts her head and says “It feels so big in my ass, but it feels so good. We should do this more often.” She moans into your pussy as I start to slowly fuck her ass. “Yes we should slut.” you moan. “She’s almost as tight as you.” I say as I start to fuck her harder. Driving her face into you pussy. She reaches her other hand back and starts to play with her pussy. Her other hand is trying to match my trusts as she moves her finger in and out of your ass. I can see your starting to get close to cumming as you grind your pussy into her face. covering it in your juices. “Have you had your ass fucked a lot Amanda?” you smirk moaning. “No.” she says. “A friend of mine gave me a dildo and told me how good it felt. So I tried it a couple of time put it never felt this good. I can’t believe I’m letting your daddy fuck my ass as I eat your pussy.” she says. “You like this huh Amanda.” you smile as you moan. “Yes!” she says “I love the taste of your pussy mixed with his cum. I don’t ever want to stop sucking your pussy.” She dives back into your pussy. Hearing this makes me fuck her harder causing her to drive her finger deeper into your ass. You let out a loud moan and have to put her head to keep it in place. “Naughty girl you.” you moan. “That’s it Amanda make her cum.” I say as I ram my cock into her ass. “I want to see her cum all over your face as I fill your ass with my cum.” I tell her as I fuck her harder. I can feel her ass twitching as she gets closer to cumming. I look up at you and can see the look of pure lust in your eyes as Amanda licks you wet pussy for all she is worth, her finger moving in and out of your ass as fast as she can. “Who knew my friends sister was sooo naughty.” you moan as Amanda fingers your ass faster and faster. “Birds of a feather.” I say as I slam my cock into Amanda’s ass. She lets out a grunt as I fill her ass with my cock. “FUCK I’M GOING TO CUM!!” she scream as her ass clamps down on me, keeping me locked in her. “Oh fuck.” I groan as I start to cum. Blast after blast of cum erupts from my cock and fills her ass. As we ride out our climaxes I grab her by her hair and push her face back to your pussy. “Don’t leave her out…” I say “make her cum to like a good little girl.” “Ooh yesssss!” you moan as Amanda licks my clit. “I look over and see Jill and man are on the floor exhausted from their fucking, and still watching us. I look back in time to see Amanda insert fingers from her other hand into your pussy as she keeps fucking your ass with her other hand. I move to you sliding my cock out of her with a pop. I can see my cum start to leak out of her ass and along her pussy lips. I make it to your breasts and start to suck hard on your nipples. “Cum for us baby, show us how much you love your naughty fun.” I say. “Ooh my god yesss!” You moan as you start to cum, feeling your body getting weak. You fall back onto the floor. Amanda keeps licking your pussy as orgasm after orgasm passes through you in waves. I look down and see my cock is still hard. Jill comes closer to us and says “I want to taste their juices on your cock.” as she starts to suck me. “You naughty girl you know that’s my cock.” you say with a wink. “Oh fuck!” is all I can say as my cock starts to slide in and out of her mouth. I see Amanda get up and go to her purse. She pulls out a vibrator and give me a naughty smile. She moves back to you and starts to rub it along your pussy. I can hear a soft hum from it as it touches your clit. The vibrations makes you jump making me trust my cock farther down Jill’s throat. You turn back to Amanda with lust almost dripping from your eyes “Where did you get that?” you ask.“It’s the one I got from one of my friends.” she says. “I know its not as big as the cock Jill is sucking but it will have to do for now.” she says as she starts to slid it into your pussy. I hear you start to moan as she teases you with it. I look down and say “Don’t stop now your mouth feel so good Jill.” Her tongue swirls around my cock head as I look up at you. As your pussy starts to tighten from the vibe on your clit, it starts feeling like your going to squirt.“Oh god your going to make me cum again.” I say as my hips start to move causing me to fuck Jill’s mouth. Amanda move so she can suck your clit while she starts to fuck you with the vibrator. I reach for your breast and pull on your nipples causing you to moan. I hear Amanda say “That’s it take my cock baby, show me what a good little fuck you are, so I can be the same.” I reach over and slap Amanda on the ass and tell her to get back to eating your pussy like a good little girl. I grab Jill’s head and start to move my cock in and out of her mouth faster and faster. Feeling my cock moving in and out of her mouth as I see Amanda licking your pussy has me rock hard and ready to cum. “YESS… YESS… YESS…” I hear you scream as you cum. I see you start to squirt as your cum covers Amanda’s face. Watching this I cum in Jill’s mouth filling it faster then she can swallow. Amanda get to her knees and wipes your cum from her face. She looks at you and says “We really must do that again.” Jill releases my cock from her mouth and says “I couldn’t agree more.” I find my watch and check the time. We’ve spent most of the day there, and now really have to go. We all grab your clothes and start to get dressed. “Come back anytime you want to try on some more out fits. I’m sure we can find something that will satisfy your needs.” Jill says with a wicked little smirk. “I’m sure I’ll be more the satisfied.” you say as you give Amanda’s ass and my cock playful squeeze as we head for home.

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