shopping with her.


shopping with her.Me and you are walking around the grocery store. You had asked me to come along and I was just sitting around, so I figured why not. We are walking through the fresh produce section when you ask me to go over to the fruit and get you a bag of apples while you are looking through the veggies. I smile and nod, saying sure and walking away to go fetch them as you watch my ass in my pants as I go, unable to help yourself for a few seconds before going back about your business until I return with the apples. As we make our way out of the fresh produce section you stop and push your cart off to the side and out of the way. saying you have to go to the bathroom and asking me to come. I laugh as I say “gosh, can’t do anything yourself?” in a teasing tone as I follow you towards the bathroom door. As I follow you through it you turn around to face me just as the door shuts, pushing me up against it as you reach for the door lock so no one else can come in and pinning me between you and the door with your firm, delicious body. I squirm uncomfortably and say “not here…” half heartedly as your left hand moves to my hip and your right slides up the back of my neck and into my hair as you press your lips against mine, your leg forcing it’s way between mine as we kiss. I try to turn my head to get you to stop, but in response you tighten your grip on my hair and hold my head in place. your bahis siteleri canlı lips seperating from mine with one last nibble on my bottom lip as you move to my ear instead, biting a little hard on my earlobe and tugging on it with your teeth before slowly running the tip of your tongue up the inside of my ear, whispering “we both know you like it” before pulling your head back to look at me with a wicked little grin that says prove me wrong if you can. Taking a few seconds to look into my eyes before you press your lips back against mine firmly, your left hand sliding from my hip to the button of my jeans, grabbing and tugging it open as well as unzipping them. After you have them completely undone you release my hair and move both your hands back to my hips, squeezing them hard and using them to spin me around so I am now facing the door. I let out a yelp and look back over my shoulder at you, saying “stop. someone is going to notice we’ve been in here for so long”, but you completely ignore my half hearted attempts to get you to stop at this point, not really caring and knowing me well enough to know it turns me on. Your hands go to the sides of my jeans and tug them down to my thighs, then your left arm slips around my waist and your fingertips dive into the front of my thong, brushing over the top of my pussy before sliding two of your fingers between my lips, rubbing lightly casino firmalari for a moment as you hear my light moans and feel that I am already moist, causing another smile as you lean against my back and nip the outside of my ear, whispering “see, I knew you like it, I know you all to well my little slut.” as you finish talking your lips move to my neck, lightly biting and licking along it as your fingers find my clit and begin rubbing it in little circles, occasionally pinching lightly just to make me jerk and yelp a tiny bit. My moans are getting louder, but I am biting my lip to try to keep from being as loud as I want to be. your free hand now moves to your shirt, disappearing inside of it for a second and then reappearing with a large carrot in it that you had grabbed and hidden while I had walked away to get your apples. you spit on it and use your fingers to rub it in before you reach down to my ass and pull the little string of my thong out of the way. Once that is done you slide the carrot between my ass cheeks, letting the tip of it brush against my tight hole and push against it but not inside just yet as you say “tell me how bad you want it, slut” in a firm tone. I whimper softly from being teased and also going this far in a public bathroom. I’m quiet at first and just stare at you, in response you push the tip of the carrot into my ass, only the first half of an casino şirketleri inch or so and stare at me in expectation, your fingers on my clit stopping completely until I comply. After a moment I let out a frustrated sigh from being teased so much and say much louder then I mean to “please fuck me! please! just put it inside me already!” as I finish you thrust the carrot up my ass all at once until the tips of your fingers holding the end of it are against my hole. “that’s a good slut..” you say as you begin to thrust it in and out of me, slowly at first, but quickly speeding up as your fingers go back to massaging my clit and rubbing my now very wet pussy. I’m moaning and panting softly as I reach back with my left hand to grip my own ass cheek and spread them apart. you can’t help but watch the carrot disappear inside me over and over for a couple minutes until you suddenly stop with the carrot still all the way inside of me and grin as your hand lets go of it. “don’t stop!” i plead as you slip your hand out of the front of my thong also and fixing the back of it as your hands go to my pants, ignoring my plea as you yank my pants back up with the carrot still shoved up my ass and spin me around, fastening my pants again and giving me a simple kiss before raising your fingertips that are wet from my pussy to your mouth, licking them for a second then unlocking the bathroom door and opening it. “come on. we have shopping to do” you say with a wink and step past me, slapping my ass through my jeans and grabbing it roughly one more time as you step out the door and I follow, carrot still deep inside of me and very frustrated, to continue our shopping…

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