She Says It’s Not Her, But…


She Says It’s Not Her, But…This is a true story. Some time ago I came across a sexy video on the Internet of a couple fucking titled, “Fucking My 10 Years Older Neigbor Missionary Fuck”, which caught my eye because of the title. It’s been one of my fantasies for a long time to have some well-hung young stud fuck my wife! The video kept my interest because of the good pounding the guy was giving the woman. The couple’s faces were partially obscured because of the angle of the camera except for glimpses of the woman’s face through their flailing limbs and once or twice when the man looked back over his shoulder at the camera as if to confirm it was indeed recording his conquest. I saved the URL in my bookmarks and didn’t come back to it for quite a while.Then, one night I was browsing my old bookmarks and came upon the link and clicked on it. As I watched the video for the second time and in slow motion I got a better view of the woman’s face and was amazed at her resemblance to my wife!!! On about the third viewing I got curious and turned on the sound for the first time. The audio was obscured like the video by a loud playing classical music piece, Carmina Burana, which is itself associated with a celebration of sex. However, through all the noise I could still make out the couples’ voices at low levels. I listened to them more carefully and that’s when I recognized the husky breathless feminine voice of my wife.When I heard that I immediately set about downloading the video to my desktop where I could process it using my various software programs to clean up the video and audio and more completely examine the details.The more I worked on the raw video, viewed it and listened to it to appreciate the details, the more convinced I became, that I was indeed watching my wife getting fucked by a well-hung younger guy.The dialog seemed stilted; like two people fucking for the first time. The guy kept asking for confirmation that he was pleasing and the woman seemed quiet, nervous and perhaps even a bit afraid. But, regardless of their discomfort, both the young man and the older woman were definitely enjoying some serious hard fucking.With güngören escort the video on my desktop and with complete control, I was able to take my time to adjust the sound and pull out the dialog, which follows.Unfortunately, the posted video has the foreplay and seduction parts of their time together edited out, which I would have loved to watch! I expect those parts were cut out, because they showed their faces too clearly and would have revealed the couple’s identities. —So, as the posted video starts, it seems the young man has just pressed his cock into my wife’s pussy and is getting positioned to do some hard fucking. His first comment seems to confirm my assumption.He was honest, but hesitatingly remarked on my wife’s pussy, saying, “This is… a very loose pussy!”I was a bit surprised how honest he was. I figured he had only just penetrated her and perhaps this was the first time they had fucked. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been so surprised by her pussy’s lushness. I’m sure she started out tight and dry when they first started playing, but rapidly got very wet and very loose as she got turned on. Nothing would have turned her on more than having some young guy with a big cock seduce her. I’m sure this stud mastered my wife’s hot buttons. After all, he managed to get my usually shy and conservative wife completely undressed and really worked up before pushing his big thick cock into her pussy.As he picked up speed and his balls began slapping my wife’s ass, she responded to his comment on her pussy in a whisper, “Is it?” That’s just like her, too! Uncomfortable discussing genitalia; conditioned by her Mother to be prudish.She was whispering because she was nervous as hell and unsure of herself at this point. She was in an insane situation for a little church girl; laying naked underneath a naked man other than her husband. However, I bet it crossed her mind how many times I had told her how delicious her pussy is when it’s so very wet and so very loose!Her younger stud was still uncomfortable with the situation and asked, “Are you sure this is enough cock for you?”To which she quickly answered in a husky escort güngören voice, “I think so!”Again, the short answer was typical of my wife, because she’s always uncomfortable talking dirty and that includes talking about her body or her lover’s body for that matter. He responded, “Yeah?” as if he was still a little unsure of himself. He was probably having a hard time reading my wife’s responses. She wasn’t very vocal at that point and I bet he didn’t know that she always concentrates at the beginning of lovemaking to get the feeling of the friction on her clitoris and feel the penetration deep inside tummy.I’m not as thick as her young lover in the video, but I’m fairly thick. My wife sometimes comments that she can’t feel me inside her. The fucking she was getting from her young lover was different; he was longer and thicker. The only thing that would make her hesitate would be that she was very nervous about letting him HAMMER HER MARRIED PUSSY!!!She seemed to get the feeling a half minute further into the video when she remarked, “Oh yes! This is good!” She was breathlessly reassuring her younger lover. I could see he was stretching her pussy from the girth of his thick cock and I could tell she was feeling that burning sensation along with the stabbing pressure down deep inside her. His big cock was touching her where she’d never felt a cock! These new sensations were bringing out the sexiest part of my wife and she was beginning to lose control of her senses!He hardly had breath to reply, “OK!!!”They then went into a long series of, “Ohs and Ahs and Aws” until he broke the string of a****l sounds to remark, “I’m gonna cum with you!” as if his hot cum shot deep inside her pussy would be a reward for her submission. She acted like she thought so, too!She didn’t respond audibly, but my wife rewarded her lover by moving her left hand to gingerly grasp the base of his cock; wrapping her fingers around as much of his thickness as she could. She then set aside her cell phone, which she had been holding in her right hand for some reason and placed her right hand on the flat of her stomach just above her hairy pussy. My wife güngören escort bayan learned somewhere that the sensation of pressure on her stomach during foreplay and penetration heightens the sensations of arousal and penetration. I have no idea how she learned that and I’ve not seen another woman do anything like that.Hearing no response from my wife on his announcement that he was, “gonna cum” with her, he tightened up his pounding and drove his cock deeper suggesting he was indeed on the verge of shooting his was into her pussy. Then, as if asking for final permission, he asked, “You want my cum?”This time my wife didn’t hesitate an instant and loudly and enthusiastically proclaimed, “OH YEAH!”That’s when the posted video ended; before she came or he finished cumming.—Her lover must’ve posted the video of my wife and himself on the Internet for everyone to see; which really turns me on!I regret he edited the posted video segment leaving out the sexy foreplay as well as the final climax of their fucking. I would have loved watching him seduce her, overcoming her resistance to the point that he removed all her clothing (except for her sport socks). She’s so very very modest. I would’ve also enjoyed watching and hearing them finish; hearing her scream as she often does during orgasms and watching him pump his hot cum into her. It would have been hot to watch all of it dribble out of her wet and loose pussy and down the crack of her ass!—I told my wife about the video and when she denied it I showed it to her. She cried as she watched it. But, she wouldn’t admit what she did and wouldn’t tell me who the guy was. We had awesome make-up sex after half an hour later when I found her pussy was soaking wet and extremely loose just like in the video. When she came she had an orgasm like I had never seen her have before screaming shaking and kicking.I don’t let her forget it the video. Every time we made love after that I whispered how I would love to watch another younger well hung guy fuck her like that guy did in the video. When I first started that talk she complained that it wasn’t her in the video but has all but quite denying it now. She seems to respond with total arousal to the idea of any handsome, young and well hung guy approaching her for sex.I don’t know but what she is still meeting the guy and I love it that way! I would still like to watch it though!THE END

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