She Gets Him Bi – Part 4


She Gets Him Bi – Part 4She Gets Him BiPart 4 – A White and Creamy ChristmasJohn had been looking for work with little luck. He interviewed with Stan, the party host, for the position of a secretary at Stan’s physician office. The interview, as expected, had turned into a thorough hollowing out of John’s rectum, compliments of Stan’s magical penis. However, Stan told John after the intense fuck session that the position had been filled a few days before. John was slightly dejected, but at the same time he had just gotten an assload of cum pumped into him, so he couldn’t be upset at Stan. While searching for full-time work, John had taken the odd job here and there, which were primarily handjobs and blowjobs. Thanks to Alex, he had also been allowed to occasionally rent out the handicap stall at Cock Tails. The stall came with a glory hole, and John sold very cheap oral and anal services to the patrons of the gay bar. Usually a dollar for a blow and two dollars for rough, bareback buttsex.Despite not finding a solid job, John was in good spirits. It was Christmas morning and he had faith that it would be a wonderful day. As he stood naked over the bed in the guest room, he grabbed the flower-print panties he had laid out and slid them over his hairless privates. John hopped on the bed and used his cell phone to take a selfie of his shapely bottom in the girly underwear. Then he wrote a text to his friend, wanting to send his new photo.TO: Nicky/NickMerry Christmas! Don’t you just love the feeling of panties in the morning? ;-)Hitting send, John smiled as he awaited a response. It didn’t take long before John heard the vibration notifying him of a new message.FROM: Nicky/NickHey, sexy gurl. I agree. Here’s hoping we each get more than just our stockings stuffed today!! :-)John got off the bed with a big smile. Opting not to wear pants, John walked his panty-clad buns out of the room. As John walked down the hall he could smell things baking. He walked into the kitchen expecting to find his wife, Tiffany. Instead he saw Krystal operating the oven. Krystal was wearing only a thong and apron. Upon seeing John enter, she smiled and said, “Good morning! I hope we didn’t keep you up last night.””Not at all.” John said. “Good. Because we had some pretty amazing sex last night. I can’t believe me, Kyle, Tyrone, and your wife all fit in that bed. It was a tight squeeze, but there’s also something naughty and fun about sleeping with your naked bits on someone else’s naked bits.”John smiled. “I’m glad you had fun. I think we were all doing a lot of fucking last night.””That’s true. Was it fun having Alex spend the night in bed with you?””One of the best nights of my life.”Krystal giggled, pouring herself a cup of coffee. “That’s wonderful. Tell me about some of the things you two did. As kinky as you both are, I bet it was wild!”John chuckled, blushing, and replied, “He started by giving me an early Christmas present. It was a gay porn DVD and a new buttplug.””Well that was sweet of him!””So he had me undress, pop the plug in, and press play on the DVD. Then he allowed me to pull down his pants and kiss all over his dick.””That’s awesome!” Krystal said, taking a sip of coffee. “You two are basically a real couple now.”John blushed again. “I really like his penis.”Krystal smiled. “I know you do. And your wife knows too.” Krystal took a sip of coffee. “So then what happened?””After kissing and licking his cock, he had me lie on my stomach. He didn’t want to risk me messing up the sheets, so he put my pillow under me. Then he straddled me from behind, took the plug out, and slid his dick inside me. He fucked me softly while we watched the porn together.””Did you cum from having him inside of you?” She asked. “Absolutely. I let out a massive puddle of cum on my pillow in the middle of him pounding me.””I love that! Did he cum inside your ass then?””No.” John answered. “After I spunked all over my pillow, he pulled out and rolled me onto my back. Then he slid his cock in my mouth and emptied his balls in my throat. So much cum, and I didn’t miss a drop.””What a great start to your night together. Did you do anything else after that?”John smiled. “It got a little crazy after that. He made me put my face in my pillow, in my own cum, and held it there. Then he spanked my bare bottom until we were both hard again. Alex let me up and told me to masturbate onto my pillow, so I shot a second pool of cum on it. The entire time he made me compliment his penis, and tell him how lucky I was to have him in my life. He put the pillow on my side of the bed, but about halfway down the mattress. Then he got comfortable, had me lay down with my face again in my own cum, and that’s when I realized why he put the pillow where he did. My face was right next to his pulsing erection. We turned out the light, and he slipped his penis in my mouth, then passed out. I held his cock in my mouth all night. He came after a few minutes, but didn’t pull his softened cock out, so I just passed out with it in my mouth, like a pacifier.”Krystal had one hand on her pussy, telling John, “That’s so fucking hot. And you got TWO wads of cum to eat. You two are so cute together.””Thanks.” John said with a smirk. “Where is he anyway?””I sent him out for some groceries. I needed more flour for my baking.” Krystal said, turning her back to John.”And where’s Tiffany?””Kyle, Tyrone, and your wife are still resting in the bedroom. We were all pretty exhausted ourselves.””Good.” John said. “I’m glad Tiffany is having fun.””Oh she is. She can’t seem to get enough of Tyrone’s cock. I will say, it’s a damn nice one.”Krystal took off her apron and tossed it away. Then she tugged her thong down to mid-thigh and pulled open her buttcheek and one of her ladylips. “So I know I don’t have a big, meaty cock.” She began. “But I loved your recounting of your night. And I love those girly panties you’re wearing. Think you’d be able to eat my pussy? I have no idea when Kyle and Tyrone will be up.””Of course! I still like women too.” John said, getting on his knees behind Krystal’s beautiful ass and cunt.Krystal giggled. “Oh I know you kind of do. But I’d estimate your life is at least 80% cock now, if not more.”John couldn’t really argue, but he still smacked Krystal across her butt. “Just for that, I’m going to eat your little puckered ass too!””Well get in there and get started, you panty-wearing whore.” Krystal said, pulling John’s face into the balıkesir escort crack of her ass. John inhaled her aroma and immediately began to flick his tongue against her wrinkled anus. He was aware of himself becoming erect as he tasted her backside. John used his tongue and licked from Krystal’s taint up to the tip of her crack and back down. He spit onto her anus, and started to slowly work a finger up her bottom as his mouth refocused to her pink pussy. John’s tongue reached out and found Krystal’s clit.Krystal moaned, enjoying the sensations. John could tell how aroused she had gotten hearing about him and Alex because her clam was extremely juicy.”You really like hearing me talk about Alex making me his cocksucking bitch, huh?” John asked.Krystal moaned before answering, “Yes! I’m just so proud of you, and so is your wife. You had a fetish for cocks and playing with other men, she let you explore it, and your sexual world just exploded. We both love that you’ve become addicted to sucking penis after penis and that you don’t hesitate to bend over and let cute guys fuck you up the ass.”John continued to lick Krystal’s labia, his finger now two knuckles deep inside her asshole. Krystal moaned as she continued explaining her joy over John’s sexual conquests. “Your little ass was built for women’s underwear, too. Your cock is actually a decent size for being so submissive. But your butt definitely belongs in sexy panties, coaxing men to take out their peckers and use you for kinky sex!”John’s erection was testing the material of the panties as he kissed and sucked Krystal’s vagina, his finger now sliding in and out of her anus with ease. Krystal squealed as she achieved orgasm, juice squirting from her pussy onto the floor. She lightly began slapping her clit, squirting even more lady cum from twat. The squirts slowed to little drops slipping out of her cunt, which John licked up. He then pulled his finger from her asshole and sucked it into his mouth. “What flavor. Mixing your pussy juice with the taste of your ass is amazing!” John said. Krystal giggled. “Why thank you! And it looks like you enjoyed yourself, too.” She noted, running a finger over John’s pantied erection. “Is this a wet spot? Did you start leaking precum while eating my snatch?”John nodded. “Told you I still enjoy a tasty slit.””Such a naughty boy. Let’s allow that spot to dry on those cute little panties. I wouldn’t want you to ruin them with a full load of cum…yet.” Krystal said. “Yes ma’am.”Krystal pulled her thong back up between her buns and asked, “Don’t you want to see the special cookies I’ve been baking for you?””Yes please.”John watched Krystal’s thonged ass as she opened the fridge, pulled out a plate of cookies, and set it on the table in front of John.”Penis cookies!” Krystal shouted with glee.John felt his cock throb as he studied the erotic baked goods. Krystal giggled. “Complete with little pubes and cummy dickheads. Isn’t that fun??”John nodded. “Those are the best looking cookies I’ve ever seen.””Well go on…put one of my fresh dicks in your mouth!” Krystal said with a smirk.John immediately grabbed one of the cookies and shoved the head into his mouth, taking a bite. “Just another way to keep your mouth full of cock!” Krystal said, laughing.John finished the cookie within another two bites, saving the hairy balls for last.”Those dicks are delicious! Especially the cum around the head.” John said, noticing that his previous erection was returning inside the flowery panties.”Thank you.” Krystal told him. “I’m glad you approve of my penises.” “I think he’d approve of most, if not all, penises!” A voice shouted.John turned and saw Alex standing in the doorway, a bag of groceries in each hand. “I think you’re absolutely correct.” Another voice said.John turned around again and saw Kyle, wearing only boxers, in the other doorway to the kitchen.”Morning, baby!” Krystal yelled, hugging Kyle tightly.”Morning.” Kyle responded. He then looked at John. “Tyrone is in the shower, but Tiffany asked me to send you to her room. She has a Christmas morning treat for you.”John wasted no time making his way through the hallway to the master bedroom. He pushed the door open and saw Tiffany on the bed, naked, with her legs cracked open.”Ty spunked on me, sweetie. Come lick it up and taste him!” Tiffany said.John waltzed in, still wearing only the flowery panties, and put his face between Tiffany’s legs. He took a moment to admire her fresh-fucked pussy and her beautiful butthole. Then he leaned in and began licking up the fresh cum from her butt cheek, just inches from her two glorious holes. “He tastes so good, doesn’t he?” Tiffany asked.”He sure does!” John confirmed, as he continued to lick the sticky goo from his wife’s nether region.John continued until his wife’s privates were sparkly clean. Tiffany looked at him and giggled. “Merry Christmas my little sperm vacuum.” She said.”Merry Christmas!” John replied, kissing her passionately on the lips. “Let’s head out to the living room and get to opening our presents!”John nodded in agreement, and left the room with his wife as they headed to the living room. Tiffany didn’t even put on underwear. She just walked through the house in the buff, all of her lovely bits exposed for the viewing pleasure of their guests. Tiffany took a seat on the couch next to Kyle and Krystal. With Kyle and Krystal in their underwear, Alex had also removed all of his clothing aside from a pair of red boxers with two gold bells on the front; Christmas boxers. He was in a recliner.John took a seat on the floor next to Alex, who eyeballed John’s underwear. “Nice panties.””Thank you, Master.” John replied. “He almost came in them when he was eating my twat. But I made him settle down so he didn’t ruin them yet.” Krystal informed everyone.Kyle spoke up, saying “I’d be mad, but then I fuck your wife constantly. I suppose it’s fine if my girlfriend makes you pleasure her pussy and ass with your tongue.””Thank you.” John said. “And you are delicious, Krystal. My wife taught me how to properly practice cunnilingus and analingus, and they are two of my favorite activities.”In the middle of the room was a large tree, decorated with ornaments and lights, and several presents underneath. “Alex, John told me about all the beautiful anal sex you gave him and his bottom last night.” Krystal said with a giggle. “I think he’s still starving for more of your cock.””I’m sure escort balıkesir he is.” Alex chuckled. “There will be plenty of time spent today with my cock each of his ends.””Yay!” Krystal squealed. “Sweetie, I think you should open your presents first.” Tiffany said to her husband. “That shiny blue box is from Tyrone.”John reached under the tree and grabbed the box his wife had specified. He removed the packaging.”It’s not in its store bought form. I might’ve tested it out first. Tyrone wanted me to be sure you’d like it.” Tiffany said.John reached into the box and extracted the present from Tyrone. He set it on the floor and stared at it, admiring its beauty.”It’s very nice.” John said, his cock twitching with excitement.”I knew you’d love it!” Tiffany exclaimed. “A nice, thick, black dildo! And he specifically got the model with the suction cup so you could keep it on the wall of the shower. Isn’t that neat?””I love it, Mistress!” John answered.”Every time you shower now, you can experience a wonderful black penis!” Tiffany giggled. “And like I said, I tried it out, so I know it’s a great toy.””I hope I get a chance to thank him properly.” John said with a wink. “But so far he’s spent all his time inside you.””Well he should be out of the shower soon and you can beg him yourself. He might say no, because he’s big into pussy and tits. But like they say…no harm in begging a man to give you his cock.”John blushed. “He also signed your email up for a fun newsletter called Big Black Toys for Little White Bois. It comes out once a week, and each email features articles, stories, and pictures revolving around black penises. There’s a Dick of the Week picture you can masturbate to, contests for users submitting pictures of their loads, and even a section for guys like you to list their contact information in an effort to attract correspondence from well-hung men.” Tiffany added. “Wow!””Yep. Tyrone is so thoughtful. He recognized your love for cocks and turned it into two beautiful gifts. I really think I love him.” Tiffany said. Alex cleared his throat. “Open mine next. It’s the box wrapped in white wrapping paper. The color of your favorite thing – semen.”Everyone laughed as John grabbed the box from Alex. As John tore away the wrapping paper, he uncovered a shoebox. “I hope you like them.” Alex said.John opened the lid box and his eyes went wide as he saw several DVDs inside. “Most of these are guy/girl porns. I know you like to fantasize about being the girl when you watch those, so I specifically picked these.” Alex continued. John held up the first.”You’re pretty good at sucking dick already.” Alex began. “But I figured you might enjoy watching this one. Who knows…maybe you’ll pick up some new techniques on giving great head.””Thank you so much!” John said, holding up the next DVD.”This should be obvious.” Alex continued. “You have a butt. You love when guys fill it with their dicks. If you find yourself alone, you could use Ty’s dildo in your ass while you watch these beautiful sluts take cock in their rectums! I bet you’d cum on yourself very fast.” “I think you’re right.” John answered. “I’m so turned on by anal and watching it just makes me crave thick penises up my own asshole!”John then examined the third and final DVD.Alex chuckled. “I think we all know that the girls you find most attractive are the ones with the full package: a set of swinging balls and a big cock, to go perfectly with their big tits and cute asses. And maybe this video can convince you to take yourself to the next step and get implants.””The girl on the cover is so hot. I wish I could suck her off as she gets fucked.” John said. “And I wish it was my cock in her ass.” Alex said. “She could fill your mouth with her sperm, and then I could slip out of her bottom and do the same, cumming down your throat.”John was very erect inside his panties. He set the movies down and looked at Alex, saying “Thank you so much, Master. I do hope you’ll let me thank you properly.”Kyle leaned over and grabbed a square package wrapped in red paper. He handed it to John.”Last one. This is from both Alex and I.” Kyle announced.John tore the paper open and saw the back of a picture frame. He quickly flipped the frame over to see the picture.”I couldn’t figure out what to get you.” Kyle said. “So your wife suggested that Alex and I touch our dicks together and give you a picture of it. It will be hung in the guest room, so even if we aren’t here, you can look at and fantasize about our bare dicks.””Wow! This is incredible!””What was incredible was the blowjob your wife gave us after taking the picture.” Kyle added. Krystal pointed at John and giggled. “Look how hard he is! I’ve never seen anyone so turned on by cock before.””Thank you all so much!” John shouted. He then looked at Alex, still in his red boxers.Tiffany had noticed the bells on Alex’s underwear, so she told her husband, “It’s obvious you’re dying to suck his cock, sweetie. Just go over and jingle his bells already.”John crawled over to where Alex was seated, the others watching his butt swivel in the women’s underwear he had on. John placed his hands on the waistband of Alex’s boxers and looked up, asking, “May I?”Alex shifted his waist forward and nodded to John. John tugged on the boxers, getting them to mid thigh and releasing Alex’s swaying boner from captivity. John grabbed the base of the penis, holding it steady. Then he leaned in and kissed Alex’s throbbing knob.Tiffany began to rub her exposed crotch as she watched her husband licking and kissing the beautiful specimen. John cupped the balls and gave each of them a kiss before sliding his mouth over the veiny shaft.Krystal dropped her panties to the ground and took a seat beside Tiffany, sucking her nipples and squeezing her breasts as Tiffany continued to massage her own wet slit. Kyle had become erect by this point, as he stared at John’s pantied buns while watching his head bob up and down on Alex’s cock. Standing up, Kyle dropped his boxers to the ground, allowing his own stiff pecker to be free. Krystal cheered when she saw Kyle unleash his monster. “Yay baby! Go give that slut a hard pounding!”Kyle got on his knees behind John, who still had a mouth full of Alex’s manhood. John felt Kyle reaching into his panties and pulling them down, exposing John’s helpless backside to the crowd. “Time for jolly St. Dick the slide down your chimney!” Kyle said, spreading John’s buns apart. balıkesir escort bayan Kyle ran the tip of his cock along the crack of John’s ass. As Kyle prepared to penetrate John, John continued to suck and lick and and jerk on Alex’s hot dick. Alex was breathing harder and harder as he instructed John, “Yeah, that’s it. Suck my fucking cock like a whore. Yes, yes, I’m going to empty my balls in your mouth you little slut!” His words only made John slurp with more fervor. Tiffany was thoroughly enjoying seeing her husband used by the two men, and having Krystal’s face buried in her wet pussy made it even better. Krystal’s tongue was tracing up and down Tiffany’s labia, occasionally pausing so Krystal could deliver delicate clit kisses. Both of Krystal’s hands were in use, with fingers from one exploring Tiffany’s love tunnel, while the index finger from the other was pushing its way deeper into Tiffany’s anal cavity.Kyle playfully slapped his cock against John’s bare ass cheeks. John slid his mouth down Alex’s penis, balls deep. Alex grabbed the back of John’s head and held him on his dick, which was now throbbing at a rapid pace. John teased the underside of the pecker with his tongue, causing Alex to finally erupt. John felt his mouth filling with warm goo from Alex’s hose. Spurt after salty spurt shot into his mouth. John swallowed the delicious cream as quickly as it flowed into his mouth. Once Alex had completely drained his balls, he pulled John off of his lap.”Amazing little cocksucker!” Alex announced. “I’m going to have my dick in that mouth a lot over these holidays.”Hearing these words, combined with Krystal’s oral skills, caused Tiffany to climax, her twat squirting a broken water pipe. Krystal giggled as she lapped up Tiffany’s lady cum. Once that was done, Tiffany repositioned Krystal and dove into her moist crotch face-first, returning the favor.”My turn.” Kyle said, moving John onto his stomach on the floor. Kyle grabbed John’s discarded panties and said “Put these in your mouth.”John opened his mouth and accepted the underwear as a makeshift gag. Kyle’s penis was dangling over John’s butt like a predator about to attack its prey. “Yeah baby, fuck his tight little asshole!” Krystal encouraged. Kyle winked at her as he spread John’s cheeks open and spit directly on his hole.Kyle rubbed the saliva into the anus before placing the tip of his manhood against the opening. “This won’t take long.” Kyle said, easing his tip past John’s sphincter slowly. John moaned through his panty-stuffed mouth as he felt Kyle enter him from behind. Kyle spit more saliva onto his shaft, rubbing it into his manhood as he slowly inched further inside John’s fuckhole.”That’s so fucking hot, baby!” Krystal said, still enjoying Tiffany’s eating of her snatch. “I love seeing your dick in his ass!”John clamped down harder on the panties in his mouth as more of Kyle made it inside him. “Shove it on in there baby!!” Krystal shouted, squeezing her tits and nipples as Tiffany tickled her clit.Kyle pulled his dick back out a couple of inches before pressing forward again, this time making it balls deep within John’s backside. Kyle rested his penis inside John fully as he reached around and pulled the panties from his mouth, tossing them aside. “You like how my cock feels inside of you?” Kyle asked.”Yes sir! You feel incredible.””Tell me how bad you want me to pound this asshole of yours. Beg me to fill you up with spunk, you slut.” Kyle demanded.”Please.” John answered. “Slam my undeserving ass with your masterpiece of a cock! And then fill me up with your amazing semen! Pretty please!!”Kyle chuckled and flexed his hips back, removing half of his cock. He then quickly thrusted forward, slamming into John’s asshole as requested. This made John moan involuntarily with overwhelming pleasure. “Can you feel my cock against your prostate?” Kyle asked.”Yes!! It feels incredible!” Kyle smiled and began fucking John’s ass with long, full strokes. He got into quite a rhythm with his penis sliding in and out, in and out, in and out.”I’m cumming!” Krystal shouted, bucking her hips and grinding her twat on Tiffany’s face. “I’m about to.” Kyle added, managing to slightly increase the speed of the anal pounding. John flexed his sphincter as tightly around Kyle’s dick as he could. “Cum in my ass! Please!!” John begged.Kyle switched to slower, more deliberate thrusts, his balls smacking against the bottom of John’s buns with each penetrating drive. Finally Kyle held his cock all the way in John’s rectum and moaned very loud as his cock erupted, spewing hot semen all over the inner walls of John’s anus. Kyle shot several spurts of his spunk into the abused hole. “Holy shit!” Alex exclaimed. “I have to get a picture of this.”Alex grabbed his phone and focused on the scene before him. With Kyle’s dong still inside of John, so much sperm had been released that it was leaking out of John’s ass and down his sack. Alex snapped a picture to capture the moment:”John, look at what Kyle did to your ass.” Alex said as he showed him the picture. The photo, mixed with the sensation of Kyle’s shaft and semen swimming in his ass, caused John to finally lose his own load. With a yelp, John shot his load out. Due to his position, John’s cum managed to get all over his cock, belly, and the floor below. Kyle finally withdrew his manhood from John’s twitching fuckhole. Cum was still flowing out like a white, sticky river. “Damn, sweetie!” Tiffany exclaimed. “I think that’s the biggest load you’ve ever had up your little bottom. I’m so proud of you! You really let Kyle make your ass his bitch!”John flexed his anal rim, feeling even more of Kyle’s cream leak out and further coat his balls. “Well that got intense.” Said a voice.John looked behind him and saw Tyrone standing in the living room doorway, wearing only a black robe.”I knew your wife said you liked cock.” Tyrone continued. “But you came like a girl having Kyle’s dick up your ass.”John blushed.Tyrone turned to Tiffany. “Did you tell him our news?”John looked at his wife.Tiffany giggled. “Oh yeah! I guess there’s one more present for you, sweetheart. I’ve got great news for you.””What’s that?” John asked.”Well first, it’ll no longer be a guest room. It will now be your room permanently. But the great news is…Tyrone is moving in!!”John felt his arousal begin to return as more of Kyle’s spunk leaked from his stretched anus. Tyrone took a seat on the couch next to John’s nude wife and looked him in the eye. “If you’re a good boy, I might finally let you taste this cock your wife is always raving about.”Kyle laughed. “Merry Christmas!”Will John finally get to service Tyrone’s big black cock now that he’s moving in? Stay tuned!

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