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sexy momLike any teenage boy I jerked off a lot. I had my secret stash of adult movies and magazines I would masturbate too on a daily basis; as well as to all sorts of porn I would find on the internet. I had never thought of i****t in any way, shape or form but one of my friends told me about this website that had every genre of porn, pics and stories. At first I never looked at or read any of the i****t topics but I guess curiosity finally got to me and I began to read the i****t stories. The more I read the mom/son and brother/sister stories I did find myself becoming very aroused. Soon after that I was jerking off to my first i****t story, one about a mom and son. It ended up being one the best ejaculations I had ever had.After reading and jacking off to these stories for a couple of weeks I began to look at my mom in a different light. I began to see her not only as my mom but as a very attractive older woman. She was in her late 40’s, she looked great, she had an athletic build due to the fact she worked out every day. I noticed her very nice ass, her long blonde hair and her nice size tits. On one story as I jerked off to it I pictured it being me and my mom. That was an incredible orgasm; I never shot that big of a wad before. I was now beginning to understand why i****t was taboo, it felt so good jacking off too I could only imagine what it was like to actually do it. The gears in my head began to turn as I slipped more into this dark forbidden realm of i****tuous thoughts. I began to fantasize more and more about my mom and my sister. Then I had the thought appear in my head to try and make my dark passionate dreams come true with either my mom or sister. I figured that my mom would be my best bet to get an i****t fantasy with, I don’t know why, maybe because my dad was always away on business or working late so I figured that perhaps my mom was horny.I planned out the whole thing. My older sister was in collage so I did not have to worry about her catching us, assuming I could get my mom into an i****tuous act. I decided to wait until my dad was away for the week on one of his trips so he would not be around; that would leave just my mom and me. Finally what I decided to do was to make sure my mom caught me jerking off in my room. I really wasn’t nervous; I was actually turned on thinking about having my mom catching me jerking on my eight and half inch cock. When I got home from school I normally would jerk off but I waited a couple of hours until my mom would be coming home from work. When it was getting closer to when she would be home I got naked and laid down on my bed leaving my bedroom door open. I heard the garage door open so I went to work stroking my cock. I heard my mom call my name but I did not answer, I knew that would get her to come upstairs to my room and I was right as I heard her coming up the stairs. I closed my eyes imagining my mom naked as worked my hand up and down faster and faster on my erect prick. Then I heard my mom, “Honey are you…” She didn’t finish the question as she stepped into the doorway of my room getting the shock of her life; ‘catching’ her son jerking off. I opened my eyes to see her standing there with a look of disbelief on her face; I quickly noticed that she didn’t leave! My mom stood there for what seemed like hours but it was only 20 or 30 seconds before she spoke. “Matt stop that!” I didn’t of course I kept right on going as I could feel my load building up. “Stop that right now!” she said again but not leaving and not turning her head either. “I will…I will mom…give me a minute.” I wanted to cum in front of my mom.I knew that my mom would know what I meant when I said I would in a minute. She just stood there watching her son jerking off on his bed. I began to groan as I could feel my ejaculation building up quickly. Then I moaned out “I’m gonna stop mom…give me a moment…” As my eyes glazed over with an intense lust driven haze my eyes fixed on my mom. I began to say to myself, ‘she is watching! Mom is gonna watch you get off!’ I was stroking my cock as fast as I could, nearly pulling it off it felt like to me. Then my cock erupted to my pleasure and in front of my mom. My spunk began to spew out, shooting up a couple of inches into the air then real load exploded out of my cock. Nice big spurts of my hot splooge pumped out of my prick, the first large spurt shot up in the air. The rest though just pumped out of my shaft quickly covering my hand and cock with a thick white sticky coating of sperm. I think my mom was surprised by how much cum I milked out of my prick and to my dirty delight she watched the entire show. Then when I was done, all too soon for my taste, my mom turned around and left without saying a word. Then she came back with a wash cloth in her hand. She walked right up to the side of my bed; my hand and cock were covered in my sticky spunk. Trying not to look at my still erect prick with cum all over it she handed me the wash cloth. “Here clean yourself up. Get dressed and come downstairs when you are done and ready for dinner.” I caught my mom glancing at my cock; she blushed and quickly left without saying another word.I felt oddly satisfied having gotten off in front of my mom. I felt like I lived out one of those i****t fantasies’s I read stories about. I went down for dinner and my mom acted like nothing had happened although she did not make much eye contact with me. I began to feel guilty for having jacked off like that now so I apologized to my mom. “Um mom…um sorry for what happened before.” At first she did not say a word as though she were debating what to say to me then she finally spoke up. “Matt, don’t worry about it. I know and understand teenage boys love masturbating as well as do older guys. Your dad used to do that in front of me too; long ago when he had time. Any way I knew you were jacking off when I found your secret stash of porn.” I actually became embarrassed when she told me that, I had some very graphic magazines and movies in my small collection. “Don’t worry I didn’t tell your father just like we won’t tell your father about what occurred early. OK Matt?” I nodded yes, “OK mom but I’m still sorry.”She looked at me then smiled, “I’m sure if your dad had a cock as big as yours he would be jerking it all the time.” She blushed after she said that and I thought to myself, ‘YES! My mom DID enjoy watching me jerk off!” She picked up her dishes and began to go into the kitchen suddenly stopping as she got to the doorway. She stood there for a moment and asked her if something was wrong. She shook her head no then looked over her shoulder giving me an odd look I had never seen from her before. “I must feed you really good to make you cum that much!” She turned and left as I smiled wickedly thinking that maybe I could get away with jacking off again in front of her.Later that evening I was sitting in my room playing on my computer when mom came into my room wearing her bathrobe. She gave me another odd look, “What’ up mom?” She didn’t say anything for a moment but then she smiled and blushed a bit, “Every time I come in here now I kind of expect to see you jerking off.” She stood there looking at me and I had an odd thought. My dirty mind was working hard so I just blurted out, “You sound disappointed mom. Do you want me to hop up on the bed and jack off for you?” Then to my delightful shock she didn’t say anything! My mom folded her arms, bit her lower lip and looked around nervously. “Well Matt…I am your mom but…” I gave her a huge wicked, dirty smile and said what she couldn’t. “You want me to! You want to watch me jerk off again!” She gave me a very small nod yes as if she was afraid someone would see her nodding yes. This was such a dirty, taboo, nasty fantasy come true; especially for all teenage boys who have wet dreams about their moms. I immediately got up off of my chair and went over to my bed pulling my sweat pants off I got up and laid down on it. I was naked from the waist down and I spread my legs so my mom got a great view of my cock and balls. My cock was starting to get hard as I looked at my mom. At first she was very embarrassed to look but I kept telling her, ‘come on mom, you can look.’ Then she walked over to the bed and glanced down at my cock. “Are you sure you can do this for your mom?” I smiled and nodded yes. Then she blew my mind but what she said and did next. “I thought maybe I could help you get erect. I don’t think I’m as hot as those women in your porn collection but maybe I can turn you on a bit.” She opened her robe and I got to see my mom in the hottest, sexiest lace bra and panties. My cock shot to full erection in a second. I smiled at her then pointed to my cock, “Fuck mom you are hot! Look at how fast you made my prick hard!” She gave me smile as she climbed up on the bed and sat at my feet looking at me as I started to stroke my prick. My eyes were fixed on my mom’s hot, athletic body. She had a firm stomach as my eyes traced down her body to her pussy. She changed her position getting up on her knees so I could get a better look of her pussy area. Considering how low her panties went I knew she had to be shaved or at least have a very small patch of pubic hair. My eyes then went up her body to her very nice tits. All I could say as I looked her was ‘fuck mom you are so hot!’ She blushed as said that and as my pace increased as I stroked my prick. Pre cum was really oozing out of my prick more than ever had before. I didn’t realize how powerful i****tuous lust was until that moment in time. I laid back against my headboard look at my mom and stroking my cock. I didn’t go very fast because I did not want to cum to quickly and I wanted to drive my mom wild watching how long I could jerk off in front of her. Her eyes were fixed on my cock and on my hand working up and down it. She began to inch a little bit closer, a little bit closer then she very slowly reached out with her hand towards my cock. I thought to myself ‘oh shit she’s gonna give me a hand job!’ I let go of my cock allowing it to stand straight up like an eight and half inch flag pole. What a feeling it was when my mom’s finger tips touched my cock. I made it twitch as she lightly ran her finger tips up from my balls to the underside of my cock head. “It’s so big.” was all she said as she kept running her finger tips up and down it. Shit, I wanted to cum right then and there! I was enjoying not only the feeling of her fingers playing with my cock but the very nice up close view of my mom’s tits. Then she looked up at me and said, “Do you mind?” I just nodded no and instantly her hand wrapped around my cock and she began to give me a great hand job. She placed both hands around my shaft and began to stroke it with both watching it in her hands the whole time. Then she fondled my balls with one hand while continuing her hand job with the other. I let out several moans and a few ‘oh mom that feels so good.’ She smiled at me and then kept eye contact with me as she really began to jerk on my cock hard and fast. I couldn’t help it but my eyes kept wandering down to her tits. I was fascinated by how the bounced and jiggled in her bra. My mom caught me starring at them, now I blushed and looked away. “It’s ok Matt. You can look at my breast’s if it gives you pleasure.” Then she let go of my cock allowing it to slap against my stomach. She allowed her robe to slip off of her then with out missing a beat, she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra! In a very slow, sensuous, nervous manner she took it off. I could tell she was very embarrassed but she had nothing to be embarrassed about her; she had great tits. Her nipples were hard, her areola were about the size of a quarter. “Damn mom, you have great tits. How big are they?” She looked down, blushing, “36C.” They looked great on her frame, they looked larger than that. Now she reached forward and pressed my cock against my stomach with one hand and very lightly ran her finger tips up and down my cock, leaning over as she did so I got a great view of her awesome tits. I reached out to touch them but she stopped me. “No hon. We are already doing so much wrong…just lay there and enjoy my hand job. OK Matt?” I said yes.She grabbed my prick again with both of her hands and began to jack me off like a pro. I loved getting to see her tits bounce all over with the up and down jerking motion she was doing with my cock. I wished I could play with her tits, actually I wanted to suck on her tits and I pictured my cock between them as well. My mom was so good and giving a hand job! She alternated between using two hands, then to one fondling my balls with my other. She would stroke my cock fast, then slow, then twist her hand around my cock squeezing pre cum out of my prick head. I loved seeing all of my sticky pre cum all over her fingers. I could feel a great wad building up in my cock. My mom could feel my cock stiffening too. She slowed her pace, glancing up at me she said, “Let me know when you are close to cumming.” I groaned a yes as she went back to jerking me off, her great tits dancing to the rhythm of her hand.My orgasm was building very quickly now, in a frantic voice I told her I was going to cum. She released my cock which made it slap against my stomach again. “Why did you stop mom?” She didn’t answer me, in fact my mom moved back a bit while still on her knees she leaned backwards placing her hands on my bed. What a view! Her legs were spread a bit, her hot body was bent backwards and her fantastic tits looked great from that angle. She didn’t say anything as she tilted her head back too. Then it hit me! Holy shit she was taking position to let me cum all over her! In a flash I was up on my knees with my cock in my hand jacking off only inches from my mom’s pussy. Then she glanced up at me, “Matt stand over me.” was all she said in a low whisper. I stood up straddling her body just a bit. Now I was not holding back on stroking my cock I was going to give my willing mom a nice cum shower! I had seen this scene in a couple of my movies and one of magazines. I had jerked off before to them but never thought I would be acting out the scene with my mom! I could feel my spunk preparing to erupt. I jerked on my prick faster and faster, looking down at my mom’s tits and her body, groaning out loud. “OH yeah mom. I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum all over your hot body!” I said that too her over and over again until the first small spurt of cum launched out my prick and landed on her face! Then a nice huge spurt of my hot splooge shot out and splattered all over her great tits. “Oh yeah mom, here’s more cum.” Quickly another surge of my spunk erupted as I aimed for her tight stomach; BINGO! I got my spunk on her stomach and in her belly button. The next spurt I aimed for her panty covered pussy, I wanted my sticky seed on that. I couldn’t close my eyes; I was enjoying this way too much not to watch my prick spewing out cum all over my mom. I bent my knees just a bit and shot some more of my jizz onto her neck. I was purposely aiming for her mouth which my mom had opened just a bit. I jerked out one last small spurt cum which I scored a hit on her chin and I think I got in her mouth. I saw my mom quickly lick her lips and swallow. I couldn’t milk any more out of my prick, to my disappointment. I stood over my mom stroking my cock hoping I had more in me but I didn’t. Our eyes met as she looked up at me and looked down at her. She stayed in that position for a minute or two longer allowing me the joy of surveying all of my spunk all across her body, face and in her hair. I gave her a very approving smile, happy with her letting me do that and very happy that I gave my mom a good hot, sticky shower with my splooge. I stepped away from her and sat down on the bed. My mom looked down at her spunk covered body then looked at me giving me a blushing smile. She sat up, grabbed her bra and robe then quickly got off the bed and headed for my bedroom door. Just as she got to the doorway I called out to her, “Hey mom! Thank you. That was great.” She glanced over her shoulder at me, “We can’t tell anyone.” Then she left. I sat up on my bed as I did my mom poked her head into my room. “You are welcome Matt.” She smiled, looked at the ground then said in a low voice, “and thank you too.” I heard her go into her room and after a few minutes the water to shower was turned on. I sat on my bed as happy as could be but little did I know that even in my darkest dreams that this was just the start of a taboo, sexual fantasy week for my mom and I.The next day I was dying to tell a couple of my friends that not only did I jerk off in front of my mom but she asked me to jerk off again, allowing me to cum all over her tits! All day in school I could not concentrate, I was thinking about my mom, her tits and hoping that I would get to do that again to her. I pretty much rushed home with a raging hard-on; I needed to rub one off and of course doing it thinking about my mom. When I got home and got upstairs into my room I found my mom had left me note on my computer screen. All it said was, ‘Please don’t masturbate until I get home.’ I yelled out “YES!” as now my mind filled with dirty, nasty i****tuous thoughts and feelings. I was going to get to jack off again in front of my mom. Time seemed to almost stop as I waited until my mom got home.When I saw her pulling in I ran downstairs, naked, with my rock hard cock aching to release a nice big cum load. I sat down in the sofa in the family room. I turned it so it was facing the direction my mom would take coming into the house from the garage. I was smiling away as my erect cock twitched in anticipation of mom. Pre cum was oozing out of my prick, slowly running down my shaft. Then I heard my mom come in and as soon as she rounded the corner she stopped dead in her steps as she saw me sitting there naked with a very stiff cock. “I did what your note said mom. I haven’t jacked off.” She looked a bit shocked and blushed a bit but she didn’t say anything as she walked over to me. “I swear I have had a hard-on all day. I wanted to jack off when I got home but then I saw your note.” I said to my mom. She very slowly bent down on her knees between my legs. She gave me an odd look as she kept staring at my cock. I thought I saw her lick her lips as she reached out for my cock. I thought I would blow my load as soon as my mom’s hand gripped my cock. “You don’t mind if I take care of your erection?” I shook my head no. To my pure dark delight she began to jerk me off. I laid back in the chair, just watching my mom stroke my cock. “Oh yes mom! You are so good at that!” I started to go into an erotic trance as her soft hand worked up and down my prick. This time my mom wasn’t making eye contact with me, her attention was solely on my cock. She would jerk me really fast then slow down before squeezing my cock milking out pre cum. When she ran her fingers over the head of my cock, rubbing my pre cum all over it I thought I would explode right then and there. Then she went back to slowly jerking me off but I noticed something was missing, I wasn’t getting to watch her tits bounce kayseri escort bayan up and down with the jerking motion of her arm on my cock. “Hey mom, can I see your tits? I wanna watch them bouncing up and down while you jack me off.” Without a word she let go of my cock, allowing it slap against my stomach. She stood up, still in her business clothes, dress pants, dress shirt and jacket. Leaving her jacket on my mom unbuttoned her blouse to just under her bra, and then she pushed her bra down under her tits. My mom dropped back down to her knees and went back to stroking my cock. She was nice enough to lean back so I could watch her nice tits bouncing up and down. Her nipples were hard so I knew she was enjoying pleasuring me. My teenage guy hormones were kicking in big time as I watched her perfect mounds bouncing in unison with the jerking motion of her hand. I knew last night she wouldn’t let me touch her tits but maybe now I could get away with it, no matter what I had to try. I slowly reached my hands out, moving them directly towards her giggling mounds. My mom saw what I was doing but never told me to stop. Then I touched them, I touched her hard nipples first with my finger tips and as I flicked them around my mom moaned! She didn’t tell me to stop! ‘YES!’ was what I mentally yelled out. I slowly began to move fingers all over her tits before fully holding them in my hands. They felt so good, warm and soft to my touch. I went wild fondling them and playing with my mom’s nipples; it was the first time I had ever touched breasts and I loved it. Now my thoughts went wild, I thought about what it would be like to suck on them and what it would be like to fuck them too. I had seen that in many of my dirty magazines, porno movies and sites on the internet. I suddenly realized I was so lost in my dark, dirty world of sexual thoughts about my moms’ tits I didn’t notice not only was she was moaning but her eyes were glazed over as she stared at my cock while she jerked me off. Then it hit me how close I was to blowing my wad.I was bent forward so I could play with her tits as ease, now I groaned out to my mom my warning. “Oh yeah mom, I’m gonna cum.” Then I just blurted out, “Mom I wanna cum all over your face and tits. Jerk me off all over them please.” She looked up at me with a shocked look and stopped stroking my cock. For a moment I thought I had ruined the moment but my mom gave me a small smile and went back to working my cock with her hand. Then she sat up on knees and then bent her head over my cock so all I could see was the top of her head covered with long blonde hair. I thought that when she bent her head down over my cock I saw her opening her mouth at the same time but I couldn’t believe my mom would let me cum in her mouth! Now I could feel my cum load building up and I strained not to cum, I wanted to hold back as long as I could hoping to make myself blow a huge load all over my mom. Then I yelled out, “MOM! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Then the most pleasurable feeling I had experienced shot through my body as my ejaculation erupted! I could feel my first spurt of cum jet out of my cock, I had no idea how much and where it went as all I could see was the top of my mom’s head. I kept groaning ‘oh yeah mom make me cum’. Then another small spurt shot out as my mom leaned backwards aiming my cock towards her. I never thought I would ever see my cum dangling from my mom’s chin and on her lower lip. I think that visual made me erupt like a jizz volcano. As my mom jerked me off she said in an almost a whisper, “Cum all over me honey.” My mom jerked spurt after spurt of cum out of cock and I blew my spunk on to her tits, her blouse and business suit jacket! I loved it! I loved seeing my cum all over her and I loved my mom for jacking me off. I gave her such an evil grin as spurted my cum on her. My mom looked like she was in some sort of sexual daze as she jerked on my cock, intentionally letting me cum all over her tits and her clothes! All good things have to come to an end and this unfortunately did too as my mom milked out the last small gob of cum. Then she just sat there on her knees for a minute or two. Both of us took in everything. I enjoyed looking at my spunk on her chin, on her great tits and watching the cum stains forming on her blouse and suit jacket. Finally I spoke up, “Sorry mom for cumming on your clothes.” She looked at me still acting a bit dazed, “Um…that’s ok. I will get it cleaned.” She didn’t wipe off my cum from her chin, then I noticed how covered her fingers on her right hand were from jerking me off. It was a combination of pre cum and jizz. Then she stood up, leaving herself as she just as she was with her shirt and jacket still open showing off her nice tits with my cum running down them. “Why don’t you get cleaned, dressed and we will have some dinner.” She acted like nothing had happened between us. I stood up and headed upstairs. I turned around and saw my mom playing with cum on her fingers. “Hey mom thanks. That felt so good.” She just smiled at me and went into the downstairs bathroom. Dinner went as normal, no mention of anything that we had done. After dinner I went back up to my room to do homework. An hour or so later my dad called my mom from his business trip. In only a few minutes I could hear my mom arguing with him from her bedroom so I decided to sneak down the hall and listen in on the argument. As usual my dad was staying longer on his trip which was upsetting my mom. She was arguing that she was sick of him always being gone, leaving her alone. It went back and forth for about ten minutes until my mom said, “Fine, Craig and I will see you whenever you come home.” I very quietly went back into my bedroom, back to doing my homework. My mom came down to my room a few minutes later to tell me that dad extended his trip another couple of days. I thought to myself, ‘great, I will have more time with you giving me hand jobs every day.’ I asked her if she was ok, as my mom seemed a bit down. She smiled and said yes, adding at least she had me around to keep her company. Then she commented that I looked hard at work so she would leave me alone to finish my homework.Maybe a half hour went by and my mom was knocking at my door and asking if she could come in. I told her to come in as my attention was focused on my homework. “Craig, why don’t you take a break? You have been working so hard I think you could use one.” I told her I would be done in a few minutes then I would break. She was still behind me when I just turned around. She was standing there wearing a very hot teddy and a pair of those boy short underwear. It was a great sight! “Well when you are done, if you would like we could watch a porno in my bedroom. I will give you a hand job if you would like.” She said it in such an innocent and seductive way. Wickedly smiling at her I said I would be down in a few minutes. I loved what was happening while my dad being away. Quickly finishing up my homework as my mind was filling with erotic thoughts of my mom I rushed down to her bedroom. “I’m ready mom.” She smiled at me as she went over to her TV and put a DVD into the player. “Craig, why don’t you get naked and hop up on the bed.” I had my clothes off in less than second it seemed like and I was up on my parent’s bed, wildly excited. I was sitting with my back propped up on pillows as she sat down next to me. I was already beginning to sport an erection which she pointed out. “Wow you are already hard. I guess you like me jacking you off.” I nodded yes. “Do you want to watch the movie all the way through or do you want me to just skip to the money shots?” I couldn’t believe my mom was asking me that. I said that we could watch the movie straight through until I was ready to cum then we could skip to the money shot. She started the movie and very slowly began to stroke my hard cock. This was a dirty fantasy come true, watching a porn movie with my mom jerking me off! I loved how my mom was not rushing getting me off, just slowly stroking my cock. “Are you enjoying this Craig? Is there anything else I could do to make this more pleasurable for you?” I immediately blurted out, “You could jerk me off topless so I could see your tits.”My mom stopped yanking on my prick. “Boy you really like my tits. It has been so long since any man has admired them.” I looked at my mom and that dark voice, the one that controls my hormones, took over my mouth. “Well mom I love your tits. They are a great size. Even my friends think you are a hot mom. I would actually love to suck on your nice tits.” As I said that I reached out and grabbed my mom’s tits. I could feel her hard nipples through the teddy she was wearing. My mom blushed big time as she sat up on her knees. “Really? Your friends think I am a hot mom? That is so cool; it’s nice that some guys think I am hot. It’s actually more flattering that it is teenage boys considering all the hot women you have to choose from.” As she said that she grabbed her teddy and began to pull it off. As soon as I caught sight of her tits I leapt up onto my knees, held her tits in my hands and then wrapped my lips around one of her hard nipples and began to suck on it. I heard my mom moan and not tell me to stop. She took off her teddy as I went to town sucking and licking her tits as I held them in my hands.My mom went crazy, moaning while running her hands threw my hair; needless to say she didn’t mind having her tits worked orally by her son. Then I felt her hand grab my cock at first she merely stroked it. But as I sucked on her tits she began to run my cock head all over her stomach, rubbing my pre cum all over her tight abs. When she ran my prick head over her belly button she stopped, held my cock steady and began to slowly thrust her belly towards my cock; basically she was fucking her belly button with my cock. “Oh yes baby, suck my tits. Your cock feels so good in my hand, so hard, throbbing and hot. Mmm, yes sweet heart, you sure know how to make your mom happy. You are such a great tit sucker.” I looked up at her as I quickly flicked my tongue across her hard nipples. My mom smiled as she slowly jerked me off, running her other hand through my hair, “Oooh yes honey. I remember when you were a baby and I breast fed you. Even then you never wanted to stop sucking on my tits.” That made my cock twitch, my mom felt that, grinned and stroked my shaft faster. “You liked hearing that didn’t you; just like you enjoy having your mom stroke your nice, hard cock.”Then she pushed me off of her tits and told me to sit back on the bed again. She never lost her grip on my cock. As I laid back she gave me a wild sex filled look. “Now it’s time to make you cum.” ‘Wow’ I thought to myself. ‘I’m seeing another, more sexual side of my mom. This is fucking great.’ My mom surprised me in what she did next. She didn’t sit back down next to me; instead she laid down next to me, resting her blonde head on my stomach only a couple of inches away from my cock! I heard her tell me to watch the movie which I could hardly do seeing as how my mom’s head was so close to my cock and she was stroking it with every intent on making me blow my wad as quickly as possible. I grabbed the DVD controller and skipped ahead to the money shot, I lucked out and it was one where the guy blow’s his spunk all over the woman’s face. I pictured that was me jacking off on my mom’s pretty face. Between watching the porno movie and my mom’s great knack at stroking cock my own orgasm was about to explode much to my delight. “Mom…mom please don’t stop! I’m gonna cum all over the place!” She responded at first by stroking my cock even faster, her head still lying on its side on my stomach, inches from my prick. Then I heard her say, “That’s it baby, I want you to cum! Just cum all over! Cum for you mom.” And I sure did!I gave her a very nice grunt and my cock exploded with my hot sticky seed spurting out all over. I could feel my mom bend my cock back towards her as she kept jacking me off. “Keep cumming, keep cumming for me honey! Oooh yes sweetie, give me all your sticky cum.” I never thought I would hear my mom talking dirty like that to me, not to mention jerking me off. I felt like I would cum forever as spurt after spurt of my jizz erupted out all over my shaft, her hand and on her face too! After she had milked me dry my mom sat up, and then turned around. She had my spunk all over her hand, in her hair and all over the left side of her face. I saw my spunk very slowly running down her forehead, cheek, nose and I had gotten some of my spunk on her lips too. My mom smiled, “Wow Craig I never had a guy cum that much before! How do you like the look of your mom with your cum on her face? Does it please you?” I nodded yes as she slid off the bed. “I’m going to go clean off in the bathroom. Then I will clean you off. Keep watching the movie you like hon.” I watched my mom walk off, her mouth watering tits gently dancing up and down her hot ass moving just right in her boy short panties. She was in there for about five minutes before she came back out, her face clean and with a wash cloth in her hand. I wanted to suck on her tits again as she walked towards me and then sat back down on the bed. She very gently wiped my semi erect cock clean, glancing at me and smiling as she did. “Do you want to stay here a bit longer and watch the movie with me or do you want to go back to your homework?” I was not a fucking fool. Every sexual urge, every dark taboo desire told me to stay and that is what I told my mom.When she was done she told me to spread my legs and then she sat down between them resting her back against my chest. She reached behind herself, grabbed my cock and placed it standing up against her back. She looked over her shoulder, grinned at me, “I wouldn’t want that poking me in my back. This way I can feel you getting hard again as we watch the movie.” She looked forward for a moment then turned around again. “Oh and Craig, you can play with my tits.” As she said that she grabbed my hands and placed them on her very nice breasts. I worked on fondling her tits, pinching and pulling on her nipples as we watched the porno. I noticed my mom had her hands between her legs and judging by the motion of her arms and her moaning she was getting herself off in front of me! My cock suddenly got hard again as a dark thought flashed into my head. “Can I help you get off mom?” was all I said and as it turned out that is all I needed. Her hands immediately pulled mine from the fun I was having playing with her tits right down to the waist band on her boy short panties. She rubbed them around her abdomen for a few minutes, allowing me to feel the fabric, allowing me to become even more excited at the fact that only this thin piece of cloth separated my hands from her pussy. Then she placed my left on back on her tit, holding my other hand with her own. Then she very slowly guided it down between her legs, allowing my fingers to run over her pussy. Even though she still had her panties on I didn’t care, my mom was rubbing her pussy with my hand! As my hand and hers rubbed up and down her pussy, my mom was moaning louder and louder, rubbing her back up and down on my cock. I was quickly becoming hard again, under these circumstances who wouldn’t? Then she started to squirm around between my legs groaning like one of the adult film stars on the porno playing in the background. “Oh yes…oh yes…make me cum! That’s it Craig, oh yes that’s it! Make me cum…Make your mom cum!” I rubbed her pussy as best as I could, incredibly I could feel her wetness soaking threw her boy short panties. Then her ass rose up in the air, she screamed out loud as I kept rubbing her pussy. Her head bent down as her hands shot to her tit’s, sucking on her own nipples she yelled out, “I’m cumming honey!” Then her hands slapped down on either side of my thighs as she rocked her hips back and forth almost like she was trying to fuck my hand as I rubbed on her. Her body heated up, sweat was rolling down her back as she panted like a dog, groaning wildly as her orgasm hit. I was so turned on and excited knowing I was getting my mom off.She collapsed back on to me, her eyes closed, breathing hard she laid on me for a minute or two. I removed my hand from her soaking wet crotch and I very slowly massaged her tits with both of my hands. “Did you like that mom? Did I do good?” Her eyes snapped opened, glowing with delight. She smiled at me and said yes I did great. She hadn’t had an orgasm like that in awhile and it felt great. She let me play with her tits for the next ten minutes as we watched the movie before she spoke again. “Honey, do you want to get me off again?” I said ‘oh yeah mom I’d love too!’ Then she instructed me to very slowly slide my hands down her body, down under her panties! My cock was oozing pre cum all over my mom’s back by the time my finger tips got to her waist band, and then I very slowly slid them underneath! I felt my mom’s small patch of pubic hair as my fingers made their way to her wet pussy lips. She was watching my hands the entire time, moaning and very, very slowly rubbing her back up and down my cock. I felt such an incredible rush as my fingers felt her wetness and her pussy lips. I began to rub her wet, swollen pussy lips with my fingers, I didn’t know if she would let me finger fuck her. “Oooh yes. Do you feel how wet you made my pussy? Do you like my pussy Craig? Do you like how wet your mom’s pussy is?” I whispered into her ear ‘yes’ as I rubbed up and down on her lips. She moaned softly as I did this then she said, “I can feel how hard you are. I can feel your sticky pre cum all over the small of my back.” Then she rubbed the small of her back up and down on my shaft a bit faster saying, “I bet I could make you cum right now. That feels so good getting you off with my back, feeling your cock explode with your sticky jizz all over my back. Would you like to do that or can you wait?” I honestly would have loved to have had my mom get me off like that. I was so horny she could easily have gotten me off just by rubbing her back up and down my prick. I sure would enjoy spewing my spunk all over her back too, I would have pretended I had just been fucking her doggie style or I had been fucking her hot ass and I was doing my money shot all over her but something told me to wait. “I would love to cum all over your back mom but I can wait. Just don’t rub my cock so fast otherwise I will cum.” Then my mom reached behind herself, wrapping her arms around my head she gently pulled my head forward. She rested her head on my chest then moved it over to her shoulder turning it towards me. “Kiss me Craig.” Our lips met in a very passionate, forbidden kiss. Her tongue darted into my mouth, exploring my mouth before we began to French each other like two horny teenagers. She let go of my head as we continued to kiss, I watched as she then began to play with her own tits, massaging them as well as pinching her own nipples. The she pulled her lips away from mine, “You can finger me. I want you finger fuck me, ok?” Shit, she didn’t need to ask that! I escort kayseri happily slid several fingers into my mom’s hot, wet, tight cunt and went wild fucking her with them. She looked down at her panties moaning as she watched my hands underneath them. She couldn’t actually see my fingers sliding in and out, in and out of her pussy but neither of us cared. She was moaning with approval as I was fingering her. Then I decided to talk dirty to my mom. “You like that mom? Your pussy feels so good. It is so tight and wet! I want to finger fuck you every day! I wish I knew how you tasted.” She said it felt great; I was doing a great job fucking her pussy with my fingers. Then she kissed me again and then told me to pull my fingers out of cunt, she wanted to watch me taste her wetness. I eagerly did what she said; I pulled them out and replaced them with the fingers on my other hand. My mom watched as I put my fingers with her pussy juice into my mouth. Wow! Her pussy juice tasted great. When I pulled my fingers out of my mouth my mom grabbed them and licked on them. Now I pulled my other fingers out of her pussy and watched my mom lick her own sweetness off of my fingers. As she did that she began to finger herself. She made a few thrusts into her own pussy with her fingers then pulled them out and offered them to me to lick clean. This went on for the next ten minutes or so, we took turns fingering her pussy and feeding her pussy honey to each other, taking time kiss each other to see how she tasted on each other’s lips. After doing this for that long of a time brought my dark yearnings to an even higher level. Now when I took my turn in her pussy I decided to leave them there and just finger fuck my mom to her orgasm. “It’s time to make you cum mom.” was all I said to her as I wildly drilled my fingers in and out of her slurping wet pussy. My mom grabbed her tits letting me watch her alternate between licking and sucking on her nipples while moaning. It took awhile longer before I made my mom orgasm again which was fine by me. I loved making her squirm between my legs, I loved listening to her moan and I loved watching her playing with her own great tits. I felt her pussy tighten up as she closed her thighs on my hand, I knew before she started moaning she was going to cum. “Faster honey, faster! Fuck my pussy with your fingers faster! Oh yes that’s it! Make mommy cum! Make me cum!” It was dirty hearing her talk to me like that and I loved it! Every time she groaned out ‘make mommy cum’ just brought out such dark lustful yearnings in me. Then she screamed out loud and I could feel her pussy release her sweetness, coating my fingers with her warm sticky honey. When she had subsided I pulled my fingers out of her wet pussy. My mom grabbed my wrist and held between our faces. We both licked my fingers clean before allowing our tongues to meet again in some very hot, i****tuous tongue action. I had a raging hard on now which my mom could easily feel pressing against her back. She spun around so that we were facing each other; her nipples were brushing up against mine, which was very pleasurable. My mom saw the reaction in my eyes when her hard nipples touched mine so she began to shake her body side to side rubbing her nipples across mine. I had to let out a nice moan which made my mom smile. She kept complete eye contact with the entire time. My cock was right up against her boy short panties, slowly rubbing back and forth on my shaft. “Sweetheart are you ready to cum again?” I gave her a huge smile as I shook my head yes. She gave me a wicked grin and then very slowly she began to slide down my body. Oh wow the feeling of her sweaty body slowly sliding down my prick nearly made me explode! My mom started lick my nipples before lightly biting on them, it drove me wild! My mom kept on doing that which began to drive me crazy with lust. “I want to hear you beg me to make you cum.” my mom suddenly said. That was so easy for me to do and I started begging her to make me cum.”Please mom…please make me cum! I have to cum so badly! Please mom! Please be a good mom and make me cum.” After begging her for a minute or two, enduring her expert ability to drive me wild via my nipples she spoke up in a very seductive manner. “Well since I have been such a naughty mother and made my own son so hard, I guess I should be a good mother and make you cum.” Then she kept sliding down my body, I didn’t know what she had in mind, was she going to jerk me off, give me a blow job…I just had no idea and I didn’t care. I was watching wild eye as my cock reached her tits, I could feel it slowly sliding between her tits before the head of my prick popped out from between them. My mom saw the desire in my eyes and now she stopped and began to very slowly rub her tits up and down my cock. She didn’t say a word as she began to fuck my cock with her tits! I kept screaming in my mind, ‘Mom is fucking my cock with her tits! A tit job! She is giving me a tit job!” She kept looking into my eyes as she worked my prick faster and faster between her breasts. Her nipples lightly brushed against my body and my pubic hair only adding to the intense pleasure. Then she very, very slowly slid my cock between her tits bending her head down to watch it. Suddenly I felt her tongue tickling my cock head then she stopped and looked up at me. “Oh I’m sorry baby. I was just so curious to see how your pre cum tasted.” I responded with ‘you taste me any time you want mom.’ She gave me a very hot, seductive look and then went back to fucking my cock with her tits.Faster and faster she went working my cock between her succulent mounds. “I want you to cum all over them. Show mommy how much you love her tits and cover them with your sticky, tasty, creamy spunk.” At that moment I wished my dad would stay on his trip all month! My mom rubbed her body up and down on my, allowing my hard shaft to slide between her tits over and over again. I did not last too long as my insatiable lust took over my body and all I could picture in hormone ridden teenage brain was cumming all over my moms’ tits. That mental visual playing out in my mind made me lose track of reality as I did not warn my mom when I going to explode with spunk. Suddenly I groaned and my hot jizz began to pump out of my cock. My mom quickly balanced herself on one hand as she used her other to keep my cock pressed between her breasts. She kept working her body up and down my cum spewing shaft. As I looked down at her she was looking up at me. “Oh yes Craig. Keep cumming! Oh god your cum feels so good on tits!” I could see my white sticky seed oozing through my mom’s fingers so I could only imagine how cum covered her tits must be. Once when my cock head popped out of the top her tits some spunk shot out and landed on my stomach. I knew could tell by the feel I was making a huge sticky mess between her tits, on her hand and all over my cock. I was enjoying every spasm and for a moment I didn’t think I was going to stop!When I did finally stop my mom let go of my cock. My shaft slapped against my stomach, covered with a huge sticky mess of my jizz. She sat up and held her tits in her hands, showing off all of the spunk she had worked out of me. Then as she looked at me, sitting on her knees she massaged my cum all over her tits, massaging it into her skin like it was lotion. “Wow honey. I never had anyone cum that much before! I didn’t realize that an i****tuous action like that would make anyone blow that big of a wad.” She grabbed the towel she had used before to clean off my cock, taking her time my mom very slowly wiped off my cock and my stomach. “I think we both need to take a shower to get fully cleaned up from the mess I caused you to make.” I was thinking we were going to take a shower but my mom dashed those hopes when she said told me she needed to make a phone call. I left reluctantly and my mom could tell. She said maybe next time her and I could shower together.————————The phone call she makes from the mom’s point of view:I talked to my sister Alicia for awhile, wanting to tell her what my son and I had just done and wanting to tell her some other dark feelings I was having. I finally just blurted out, “I caught Craig masturbating yesterday when I came home from work.” My sister went silent for a few moments before responding. “Wow, I was not expecting to hear that. Did you watch him or bust him?” Now I was silent for a bit but my sister kept pressing me. “You watched him didn’t you Samantha. What was it like? Did he know you were watching?” I couldn’t believe how my sister was taking this but in another way I wasn’t. “Yes I watched him…all the way to completion. It was so odd and I felt so dirty for doing it but…since my husband is never home…I couldn’t resist.” My sister said, ‘so he didn’t see you did he?’ I got very quiet and then I admitted to my sister what happened.”Um…well Alicia…he does know I saw. I stood in his bedroom doorway and watched him jerk off.” Alicia was quiet for an eternity. “Wow! I bet he loves having a mom like you! He sure wasn’t bashful. I guess it would be ok to watch, I mean it’s not like you two fucked…or did you go that far?” I knew I had just opened Pandora ’s Box with my sister but I didn’t think I could close the lid now. “Well…please don’t anyone…promise me!” “You did do something…now I’m curious. Of course I promise I won’t tell anyone. So what happened next?”After dinner last night, before I went to bed…um…I…asked Craig if I could give him a hand job. He said yes of course.” My sister responded back ‘well of course! What son wouldn’t let his mom jack him off if she asked?’ “Well then…I…I…took my bra off and let him cum all over me.” “No you didn’t! Oh my god Samantha! And did you do anything today?” I broke down and told my sister that when I got home my son was sitting there naked waiting for me and how jerked him again. I told her about my fight with my husband, how unwanted I was feeling and that to get back at him I told my sister what I had done with my son. Watching the movie, jacking him off on my face, letting him finger fuck me and then fucking him with my tits. When my sister finally spoke again the first thing she said was, ‘Craig got off that much. Wow! I would have loved to have seen that!” I was shocked but relieved. I commented on how she was taking all of this, Alicia then said. “Well, you have needs to. Your husband isn’t taking care of them. You and I would be going down on each other when we were teenagers. so I don’t know. It is weird but yet it does sound kind of hot. I can see how it would be a turn on, he’s your son, and it’s a forbidden taboo thing which would only add to the erotic ness of it. If your son will let you jerk him off, makes me want to see if he would let his aunt do it too! I have needs to.” My sister was a single mom, the jerk she was with left her just before she had her baby 8 months ago. Now I felt ok with telling her what was on my mind. “Alicia the thing is I am so turned on by making my son cum, I want to take it further but I don’t know how. I don’t know if I can cross the mother son line anymore than what I have.””Well how much further do you want to go?” I thought for a moment then I figured I would just spill it all. “I want to give him a blow job. I tasted a bit of his pre cum and I just want to have it all in my mouth. You know how much I love the taste of cum.” My sister replied, “As much as I love it.” “And I want to fuck him. I know my son would fuck me like a wild man. And since I had my tubes tied I can’t get pregnant so he could fuck me, cum inside of me and we don’t have to worry about anything. I know this is so wrong but I want him. I want my son in everyway possible Alicia.” “So that’s why you called me, you want your younger sister’s help. Well I think I can do that, after all what are sisters for but under one condition though.” I asked her what that was and was oddly pleasantly shocked by her condition. “I want to join in. Listening to you and thinking about this, it would be so dirty, nasty for me to have some sexual fun with my nephew. It is really turning me on thinking about it and thinking about how much you say he cum’s. I will have our mom baby-sit my son and let’s say I come over tomorrow. Just go along with what ever I decide to do. And trust me; we will give Craig a sexual fantasy he will never forget.””Really? But we are starting down the i****t road.” “Oh come on Samantha, you majored in psyche. You know how normal it is for boys his age to have wet dreams about their mom’s and/or sisters. It’s called the Oedipus complex. We had thoughts about dad which is why we ended up so many times eating each other out. When you went down on me I would pretend it was dad licking me. Besides I know Craig would enjoy it, I saw the way he would look at my tits as they swelled up and now that I am breast feeding and they are still large.” I thanked my sister and told her to call me at work when she was ready to come over, we would meet and give my son a surprise.When I left for work the next morning I snuck out, avoiding my son Matt. I was still very uneasy about what I was doing with him on one hand and on the other I was getting the physical attention from my son that my husband has been neglecting. I did leave him a note, I told him not to jack off when he got home, to wait for me and I wanted him naked as soon as he got home. I figured that would give my son all sorts of dirty thoughts throughout his day at school.My sister called me at work part way through the day to tell me she could not find a baby sitter so she would not be able to come over that evening to ‘help’ me with my son. She asked me if I was still going to pleasure my son and I said yes. She then asked if I was going to more to him that what I had been doing and I said I didn’t know. Here is how that conversation went.“Oh come on Samantha. You know you must be driving Matt crazy. You have to do more to him; you told me last night you wanted to.”“Yes but I was hoping you could come over and kind of help me with that. But now you can’t. I don’t know what to do. A part of me knows this is wrong but another growing part of me is really enjoying this.”“Well then just let go and give into that part. Have some fun with your son. Do some things that you know your husband wouldn’t do because he is too busy or he just wouldn’t. Remember, you have a very horny teenage boy as your sex toy; play with him.” After I hung up with my sister I thought about what she said and she was right, I needed to let go and have some fun with my son. I decided not to take a lunch and to leave early so I could surprise my son. As I drove home my mind wandered through a dark fantasy land of erotic sexual things I wanted to try and experience, things I could never get my husband to do but now I had my son to try it out on. I ended up getting home only a half hour after my son got home from school. As soon as I got in the house I called out Matt’s name, he came running downstairs and met me in the family room. He was naked and had a very nice erection going. “MOM! You’re home early? So are you going jack me off or give me a tit job? I have been thinking about cumming all over your tits all day.”I gave my son a wicked, happy smile. It was so nice to have someone find me that sexually desirable that they thought about me all day and the first thing they wanted to do when they saw me was to get off. I placed my hands on my sons’ shoulders and thought for a moment before answering him. “Just stand right there Matt.” He did as I said with a smile on his face. I slowly stripped off my shirt and tossed it off to the side. I played with my tits for a few moments; my sons’ eyes were glued to me. “Do you want me to take my bra off Matt? Would you like to see my tits?” He gave a wild nod ‘yes’ with his head. I crossed my arm across my tits. “Oh no Matt, you have to ask me.”“Mom, take your bra off. Please take off your bra.”“Why?”“I want to see your tits. I would really love to cum all over them too.”I smiled and turned my back to my son, I let him undo my bra. I held it over my tits as I turned around to face my son again. Then I very slowly removed my arms and just let it fall to the floor. I let my son stare at tits for a few moments before I got close to him. I gently took his hands and placed them on my tits. Matt knew what to do. He fondled them at first before asking me if he could suck on them. I told him he could. It sent suck electrifying chills through my body as son licked on my nipples and then sucked away on each of my breasts. It was so different than when my husband would do it. He seemed to do it as if just going through the motions as something he had to do in comparison to my son who truly enjoyed pleasuring my tits. I just let my son play with them for a few moments while I stood there moaning and slowly stroking his hard cock.Then I gently pushed Matt back a few steps. I slowly got down on my knees then I lay down on the carpet on my back. I was still wearing my dress slacks as I looked up at my son. I looked up at my son who looked a bit confused. “Matt honey, I want to watch you jerk off and I want to cum all over me.” He grinned big time as I motioned to him to stand over me. I had him straddle my body at my hips; he seemed to tower over me as I laid there, his feet and ankles touching either side of my hips. “So mom, you just want me to stand here and jerk off all over your body?”“Yes sweet heart. From my stomach up, I just want to watch your cock spurt out your cum. I really love the feeling of hot spunk landing on my body.” As I was saying this I very sensuously rubbing my hands all over my stomach and tits.“Even your face or is that off limits?”“I know you really want to cum on my face don’t you Matt?” He said yes so I told him he could cum on any part of my body from my stomach up and if he could hit my face then I wouldn’t mind.I loved watching my son standing over me and jerking off all over me. His cum felt so good splattering all over my stomach, my tits and on my face. After….. was done I opened my eyes and looked at my son standing over me. He looked so incredibly happy at what he did. He smiled and asked, “How was that mom?” I sat up and looked down at my body glistening with his spunk all over it. My son’s cum stuck to my face like sticky glue. “That was really good honey.” My son stepped aside to let me get up. I grabbed my shirt and bra, leaving his cum all over me. “Ok honey I want you to remain naked for the rest of the night. When you are ready to jack off again come find me.” My son smiled and said he would be seeing me in a few. I went up stairs to my room, shut the bedroom door and went into my bathroom. I stood in front of the mirror for a few minutes just looking at …. spunk all over my body and my face. I wiped is cum off of my face, hesitated for a few moments before taking my first taste of son’s spunk. Needless to say I licked my fingers clean of all his tasty jizz. Then I spent some time slowly rubbing his spunk all over my body as if it was lotion. I smelled like I cum but I didn’t mind, I kayseri escort would take a shower later. About an hour later my son came searching me out, his prick was hard and bright red. He found me in my bedroom; proudly he held his rock hard cock in his hand. “I’m ready mom. What do you want me to do?”I had changed my clothes into something more comfortable. I told him to stand there and to keep hold of his nice cock. I got down on my knees in front of him and placed my hands on his hips, keeping him just a couple of inches away from my face. I looked up at my very happy son. “You don’t mind if I watch you jack off again. I just want to be up close so I can get a good look. Now let me know when you are ready to cum, OK?” He nodded yes as he began to jerk on his shaft.It was so erotic being inches away from my son’s prick, being that close and watch his hand speed up and down his hard shaft. I think he knew I was going to let him cum on my face again; I guessed that considering how fast he was jerking himself off. He ran his hands through my hair several times moaning softly, ‘Mom you have such a beautiful face, I can’t wait to shoot my wad all over it.’ I smiled at him, my guess was right. I was becoming lost in my dirty, taboo thoughts and erotic desires to watch his cock erupt with his hot, sticky salty cum. My husband would never do this and at that moment I was so glad I had a son who would.As he jerked himself off faster and faster he groaned a bit louder. “Mom I’ve been watching some Milf movies on the internet. They all ended with the guy’s cumming all over the mom’s faces. It made me so hard.””Were you imagining it was me? Did you imagine yourself jerking off all over my face?” “Fuck yes mom!” I could tell by the amount of pre cum being milked out of his cock that he getting closer to his climax. I watched as cock changed colors as more blood rushed to his prick head. My son’s cock went from red to deep purple-red shade. I could see his cock head swelling up. Then my son frantically yelled out, “Oh god mom I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum all over your face!”I don’t know what came over me, I heard my sister’s voice in the back of my mind just saying over and over again, ‘Come on Samantha, do it! You know you want to. Make your son happy.’ I tilted my head back an inch or two and opened my mouth. I didn’t stick my tongue out; I just left my mouth open. My son suddenly said in a very excited voice, “Can I really mom?!” I nodded my head yes and said softly, “If you want to ….. If it will make you happy.” My son’s first spurt of jizz shot out of his cock and landed on my nose and forehead. I kept my eyes closed as I had a feeling my son would adjust his aim and I was right. …. unleashed the rest of his cum load into my open mouth. My son kept groaning over and over ‘oh yes mom, oh yes mom!’ as he jerked himself off into my mouth. Spurt after spurt of his thick, hot salty jizz landed in my mouth and I held it there, not wanting to swallow it all until I knew he was done. I opened my eyes just enough to watch my son milk his last spurt out of his prick. It seemed to move in slow motion, just like a porn movie. I watch his spunk shoot out of his cock and a moment later I felt it hitting the back of my throat. I held his cum in my mouth a few more moments before I closed my mouth and swallowed his huge wad. …. gave me a wide eyed looked and smiled as he watched me swallowing all of his spunk. I reached up and wiped off the cum from my face with my index and middle fingers. I opened my mouth, slid them in and sucked them clean. I didn’t say a word to my son; I just gave him a smile and stood up. He looked at me, still a bit in shock I think. Shocked that I just let him cum in my mouth and that I swallowed his wad and didn’t spit it out. “Ok honey, why don’t you start on your homework and I will start making dinner. When you are done with your home work we can watch another porno movie if you would like.””Serious mom? That would be great. I’m glad I don’t have a lot of homework tonight!” Then he quickly ran off to his bedroom to get started. I smiled to myself as I went downstairs to start on dinner. I had the taste of my son’s cum in my mouth all the way up until I served dinner. I felt a bit guilty and dirty for what I did, that was up until my husband called from his business trip. He was going out to eat, having a great time. That just intensified my feeling of having my own fun with our son. Although dinner my son was very happy to show me how hard he was and to tell me that he was almost done with his homework. I had never seen ….. eat his dinner that fast and then rush off to finish his homework but he had the incentive of having more sexual fun with me. It seemed like no sooner had I cleaned up after dinner that my son was back downstairs beaming away that he had finished his homework and was ready to jack off for me again. He was sporting a very nice erection.I led him into the family room where we had a big screen TV. I handed my son a couple of porno movies; on the way home I had stopped by an adult store and bought a couple of Milf adult movies for my son to get more idea’s from. “Why don’t you pick out one we can watch while I go upstairs and change.” I gave my son a quick kiss on the cheek and headed up to my bedroom. I knew he would enjoy picking out a movie from that selection. I put on a pair of boy short panties and a matching bra, a lace bra, then headed back downstairs. My son already had a DVD playing. He looked at me with a huge smile on his face. “Mom! You bought all Milf movies! You are the best!”I sat down next to my son, patted his thigh and we started to watch the movies. My son was naked so I found in entertaining to watch his cock become stiff. I told him he could finger my pussy or play with my tits while we watched the movie. He instantly reached over with his hand and slid it down my boy short panties. I let out a moan as his fingers ran over my clit as he slid them into my pussy. My son then began to finger fuck me, rubbing my clit with his thumb.“Wow mom you are so wet!” I was so horny and laid my head back on the couch, closed me eyes and just moaned ‘yes I am’ to my son. Then I asked him not to stop that I wanted him to make me cum. I let myself get lost in the passionate feeling my son was giving to me. After a few minutes I pushed my bra down so I could start to play with my tits. I rubbed my own nipples, moaning louder as Matt fingered me faster. I felt my son reposition himself on the couch so I opened one eye to look at what he was doing. He was up on his knees, his hard cock bobbing up and down with pre cum dripping out of it. He was leaning towards my tits but quickly stopped when he saw my eye open.“I was going to suck on your tits mom. Is that ok?”I smiled as I closed my eye again. I held my tit up to him. “Yes Matt you can suck on my tits.”His free hand took my own as he began to fondle my tit. I felt his wet tongue flick across my hard nipple and then he gave it a light suck. I let out a loud scream of delight to let him know I approved. Then he circled his tongue around my areola before he clamped his wet lips down on my nipple. As Matt sucked on my tit he used his tongue to play with my nipple. At the same time I was fondling my other tit, pinching my nipple trying to make myself get off quickly. Then I felt my pussy clench down on his fingers and I unleashed a flood of pussy juice all over his fingers. My shot open as I cried out in delight, “OH god Matt! Yesssssss!” He kept finger fucking my pussy, the slurping noise was still audible over the sucking noise he was making on my tit. I arched my back and wiggled around on the couch as my body jolted from the intensity of my orgasm. It was more than I could take as I opened my eyes after my orgasm subsided. Matt had sat back down, his fingers glistening with my wetness. I was still breathing hard as I grabbed his hand licked my sweetness off of them. I held his hand with one hand and began to stroke his very hard and throbbing cock. I looked into Matt’s eyes; the lust I saw in them was beyond anything I had seen in my husbands’ eyes for years. He leaned back, expecting me to just jerk him off. Well I didn’t. I was so overcome by my own hormones, I thought about what my sister said to me and watching my hand slide up and down his cock was more than I could take. In a move that even took my son by surprise I quickly got on my knees on the couch, bent my head down over his lap and slid his hard prick into my mouth. He tasted so good and it felt so dirty sliding my son’s prick into my mouth. Matt let out the loudest moan. “OH FUCK MOM!” was all he said as my tongue danced all over his hot throbbing cock. I slurped down his pre cum as if it was a tasty desert. My son placed a hand on my head as I wildly worked my mouth up and down his cock. My mouth was quickly filling with his pre cum and my saliva, I was salivating like a hungry dog as I sucked away on Matt’s cock. As I held his shaft with one hand I fondled his balls with my other making my son moan even louder.He kept groaning over and over ‘oh yes mom suck it! Suck my cock! Please don’t stop.’ That only encouraged me even more to continue with my oral pleasuring of my son. I opened my eyes for a few moments just looking down at my son’s cock going in and out of my mouth. I felt like such a dirty, slutty mom. My mouth was filled with my son’s hard prick and very soon it would be filled with his cum. I closed my eyes and worked his cock faster in and out of my mouth, applying as much suction as could to his throbbing cock as my tongue licked all over his shaft.Then Matt raised his hips up and squealed “MOM I’m GONNA CUM!” I prepared myself for my son to erupt in my mouth and down my throat. It actually had been a while since I had a guy shoot his wad in my mouth, Matt’s dad really didn’t like blow jobs. I was so caught off guard by the amount of spunk that burst out of Matt’s cock. He out did his father by what seemed like gallon’s! I couldn’t handle all his cum that seemed to stream out of his prick non-stop. I swallowed as much and as quickly as I could but it was not nearly enough. His jizz ran out of my mouth as I kept working his cock in and out of my mouth. I could feel his hot sticky cum running down the sides of my mouth and down my chin. The salty smell of spunk hit me hard as well. He finished his ejaculation pretty quickly; it seemed he blew his entire wad in just two spurts. I opened my eyes as I kept swallowing his load and what I sight.Talk about a messy blow job. My son’s balls and cock seemed covered with his load. I sucked him dry as quickly as I could before letting his cock pop out of my mouth. I glanced up at Matt, his eyes said it all, they were filled with lust and joy; I knew he really enjoyed getting a blow job from me. I licked off as much of his spunk as I could off of my face before I used my hand to just wipe it clean. Without thinking I then licked my hand clean. Then I went to work cleaning up the mess I made of his balls and cock. I ran my lips up and down his shaft a couple of times before I just held it with my hand I licked it like an ice cream cone. Then I bent down further into his lap and sucked his balls into my mouth. Once there I licked and sucked his balls clean before I allowed them to slid out of my mouth.“Oh god mom, that was awesome! I never had a blow job before. Thanks for letting me cum in your mouth.” I smiled at my son as I now stood up on the couch, straddling him. I looked down at my son smiling. “It’s your turn now Matt.” I motioned him to give me his hands. He reached up and placed his warm hands on my boy short panties. As soon as I let them go he knew exactly what to do, he pulled my panties down to my ankles. I placed my hands on his head to steady myself as I stepped out of them. My son’s eyes were fixed on my wet pussy. I fingered myself a bit as I kept looking down at him.I pulled my pussy lips apart and said, “Matt, you get one lick. Make it good or won’t let you continue.” Then I slowly lowered my pussy down onto his face. He had his tongue sticking waiting to press it against my wet pussy lips. Just before the tip of his tongue touched me I reminded him he only gets one lick. I lowered myself down and my son gave me a great, very slow lick. He ran his tongue up and down each of my wet pussy lips in one continuous motion, flicked it across my clit before ramming it as deep as he could get into my pussy. I felt him wagging the tip of it in my pussy like a snake’s tongue. I let out a moan and smiled at the same time. Matt kept eye contact with me the entire time. Then when he pulled his tongue out I stood back up.“How was that mom? Can I eat you out?” “That was really good Matt. Yes, you can lick my pussy and make me cum again.” I told my son to get up as I sat back down on the couch. I laid myself back as I spread my legs wide. My son moved between them before kneeling down. I rubbed my pussy as he moved his face closer. I placed my hand tenderly under his chin, “Now make mom cum.”I let my son lick me into a wonderful, delightful erotic bliss. He really had no idea what to do which made it feel so good. I loved how sloppy he was trying to please me. I could tell he enjoyed how I tasted the way he lapped at my pussy. A couple of times he sucked on my clit as drove his tongue deep into my wet pussy. A couple of times he looked up from between my legs and asked if he was doing a good job. I moaned yes, placed one hand on his and gently pushed his face back onto my pussy. I used my other hand to play with my tits. My son watched me fondling my tits, playing with nipples, tugging on them, pinching them and then I raised one up to my mouth and he watched me flick my tongue across my own hard nipple.I started to grind my hips into his face as I could feel my own orgasm building. Matt suddenly stopped and looked at me with a dirty little smirk. I asked him why he stopped and he answered with, ‘Will you fuck my cock with your tits again? I want to cum all over them.’ “Oh you dirty boy! How did I ever raise such a dirty, horny son? Of course I will but only if you jack off on them. I love watching you jerking off and I love watching your cum shoot out of your cock.” He grinned ear to ear and said he would jack off for me any time I wanted. Now he slid a couple of fingers into my pussy and started to fuck me with them. I was not expecting that and I responded by letting out a loud ‘oh god Matt!’ Then he went back to licking me as he kept finger fucking me. I couldn’t last under that delightful pleasuring. I placed my legs over my son’s shoulders then I wrapped them around his neck and locked them as I felt my orgasm building. Then I used my legs to pull his face into my pussy as my orgasm hit. I grabbed my son’s hair as well and just rubbed his face all over my pussy. His tongue never stopped lapping away at me. I squirmed all over the couch yelling out ‘oh god yes! Oh god yes! Don’t stop honey, don’t stop!’ I only released my son once my orgasm had subsided. I lay there, feeling nearly spent. My son sat up straight on his knees, his chin and lips glistened from my wetness. He grinned at me and asked if he did good. I was still breathing hard and all I could say was ‘yes you did great.’ I noticed his cock was becoming erect again but I knew he still needed more time. So I asked him if he would take off my bra and suck on my tits for awhile. He jumped up as I leaned forward and nearly tore my bra off. Then he positioned himself so he could play with my tits. His cock was pressing against my abdomen, very close to my pussy. I was so tempted to grab his cock and insert it into my pussy but I was still afraid to take it to that level. I was happy that my son didn’t try that, he seemed to be enjoying just fondling my breasts and sucking on them. After a bit I had him stopped and told him to just watch the movie with me. We sat and watched a couple more scenes; I wanted to give him a nice rest. But when the next scene came on in our Milf movie it was a tit fucking scene. Matt asked me if I was ready to let him fuck my tits so he could jerk off on them. I smiled and asked him if he was ready and he said yes.So now it was turn to get on my knees between his legs. I held his cock in my hand for a moment before pressing it between my tits. “Matt honey, would you like to hold my tits together around your cock?” His hands shot down to my tits, he grabbed them and pressed them together. Now I began to move my body up and down, making my son’s cock move up and down between my tits. I was enjoying fucking my son’s cock with my tits and I could tell he was loving it just as much. Matt kept giving me instructions, telling me when to speed up and when to slow down. I licked his cock head a couple times just to bring back the recent memory of me giving him head. I knew my son enjoyed it when I would talk dirty to him so I would ask him if he loved watching his cock fucking my tits. He said ‘oh yeah mom’. Then I asked if he liked it because I was his mom and he said that made it even better. I worked his cock for sometime, I knew it would take awhile considering the wad he let go in my mouth.“Matt are you ready to cum? Remember I want to watch you jerk off on my tits.” “Oh yes mom, I’m getting close. Don’t worry I will jerk off jack off on your tits! I want to cum all over them and watch you lick my spunk off of them afterwards.” I smiled and thought, ‘what a naughty son I have.’ After a bit longer I could feel his stiffening and judging by how his eyes were glazing over I knew he was very close. Suddenly, in an almost frantic tone he screeched out, “Stop mom, stop. I’m ready to cum.” He let go of my tits and I leaned back a bit, now holding my tits in my hands. I held them up to my son as if they were a prize. Matt grabbed his cock and wildly jerked on it. He leaned forward just repeating himself, ‘I’m gonna cum on your tits mom, and I’m gonna cum all over them.’Then a small spurt of his jizz shot out his cock and hit me on the chin. My son aimed his cock right at my tits and with just one more stroke he blew his load. I pressed my tits together and just watched him jerk off all over them. It was not a big load but it was enough that it made him very happy. He watched with a wild look as his cum landed on each of my tits with some of it landing on my areola and nipples. “That’s it Matt. Oh yes Matt keep it up. Cover mommies tits with your cum!” As quickly as he started my son was done. I kept a hold on my tits as my son stopped jerking on his cock. He let it go and I decided to lean forward to suck him dry. Quickly Matt grabbed his cock and helped guide it into my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down on it a couple of times, sucking as hard as I could. Then I let it slid out of my mouth. I held my tits up as I bent my face down and very slowly licked them clean. I saved the spunk that was on my nipples for last. The entire time my son and kept eye contact both of us enjoying the i****tuous moment. When I was done I looked at the clock. It was getting late and I knew my son was drained dry for the night. We shut off the TV and went up stairs. Matt asked if he could just sleep with me and I said that was fine. It was odd sleeping naked next to my son but I did enjoy it too. As I went to sleep I thought that I would have to call my sister tomorrow and let her know what my son and I did. I knew she would want to know

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