Sex with my younger neighbour


Sex with my younger neighbourOur neighbours opposite are a mid 20s couple with a young baby. As we are on good terms, I know that he works overseas quite regularly, while she is left struggling wih the baby sometimes. I can hear them argue when he comes home so I suspect that all is not harmonious in their household.I often work from home and have joked with the her that, next time he is away on business, she should find a baby sitter and we could go out for some lunch and some drinks. My suggestion has never been taken that seriously until she rang on the doorbell the other day and said is that lunch still on offer?I was a bit surprised as I opened the door. He had left for business again earlier in the morning and they had an argument before he left for the the airport. The weather had been good recently and she was wearing a very nice short summer dress. She had got lost her pre baby body and was looking lovely. I was thinking that people may look at us and wonder about an older man, well only 42, and a younger girl.As illegal bahis there a couple of nice pubs nearby, we decided to walk to the nearest one and decided to sit in the beer garden with our drinks. I’m not sure if it was intentional but after about 20 mins of putting the world to right, she crossed her legs and I got a lovely view on her white lacy knickers. As we had more drinks this happened more often and I tried not to look…not an easy thing to do.Afer a couple more drinks, she was obviously feeling the effect of the alcohol and sunshine so suggested we went home to carry on our conversation. We lived only about 5 minutes away so we were soon in her house. She asked if I had noticed her flashing her knickers and I had to confess I had. She walked over to me and started to kiss me passionately, forcing her tongue into my mouth.My hands moved up the back of her naked legs and grabbed a firm arse cheek in each hand. God she felt beautiful with smooth skin. We continued to kiss as I moved my hand around and started illegal bahis siteleri to rub her pussy through her knickers. She let out a soft moan so I pulled them down so I could feel her wet pussy and rubbed my finger over her clit. She had a very neat brazilian which I prefer to being all shaved. I continued to rub her clit and pushed a finger slowly into her tight pussy. She let out another moan, this time a bit louder.She was so wet, I inserted another finger and started to finger fuck her young pussy. This continued for a few minutes before she announced she was going to cum so I contined to push my fingers in and out of her. Suddenly she tensed and I could tell by her body that she was having an orgasm, she moved herself my fingers and let out a long satisfied moan. After a few minutes, she had recovered and said how much she liked older men and now it was my turn.She wasted no time and unbuttoned my jeans and pulled down my boxers. My hard cock sprang out like it was trying to escape. She commented canlı bahis siteleri on my cut cock saying that she had never seen one before. She reached out and wrapped her fingers around me and starting to move her hand slowly up and down my cock. To be honest, given what had already happened and that a stunning young girl now had my cock in her hand, I wasn’t sure how long before I would cum myself.She got down on her knees and started to lick my cock, pushing her tongue into my slit. She obviously knew what she was doing as she cupped my balls and took my whole cock in her mouth. She them started to suck me, moving her head up and down my cock whilst gently squeezing my balls. It was no good, I was going to cum and felt the usual sensation of my cum getting ready to squirt. I told her that I was going to cum and she kept sucking me. I started to cum pumping my cum in her mouth which she started to swallow. It felt that double or more the usual amount of cum as she swallowed every last drop.She stood up and kissed me, I could taste my spunk on her tongue bit it was just so sexy.Her husband is due home in a couple of days, so I hope we could go to lunch again before he does so. The thought of fucking that beautiful young girl is making me hard as I write this.

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