Sex With Friends…5


Sex With Friends…5Doug’s huge tongue explored my mouth playing tag with my tongue till he captured it in his sucking lips. Pulling my tongue deep into his mouth Doug pulled back an slammed through my inner anal sphincter muscle ring. I opened my mouth and cried out in an agonizing silence cry as Doug’s massive cock head invaded my last anal refuge.The heels of my feet drummed into Doug’s hips as he grind his cock in my butt, my hands grasping frantically at the close cropped hair of his head as he passionately kissed my opened mouth.Doug took his sweet time sexing my butt just like he said, slow, easy and steady. I wish that I had paid more attention in Biology than I did, cause right now Dough had his steel hard cock deep in my butt and his very rigid cock head was lodged deep in my rectum where my inner muscle ring had gripped on to it and was not releasing him.Each time Doug would grind deep and pull back I could feel my insides pulling with his cock head. This gave Doug great pleasure to feel my insides holding his cock head.Doug was passionately kissing my face and lips with each stroke of his cock he became more frantic with his sexing. Doug gripped hold of my shoulders çorum escort in his vise like grip and rammed his cock as deep into my butt as he could. Whimpering like a puppy dog. Doug’s cock started to throb and I could feel his entire penile shaft as it expanded, Doug’s cock head exploded and a powerful stream of baby making fluid shoot from it’s tip and struck the insides of my rectum. I had never had a stream of spunk hit the walls of my inner sanctum, my legs opened as wide as possible I bit into Doug’s shoulder and upper chest with each spurt of spunk that struck my insides I hunched back trying to get more of Doug’s cock into my butt.I could feel each spurt as it emerged deep from with in Doug’s cock till it struck the walls of my rectum. I wrapped my legs around Doug’s mid section and held on to as Doug emptied his spunk into my anal cavity.Tears streaming down both sides of my cheeks, Doug tenderly kissed them away and held me tightly till he was through emptying his load. Than he slowly pulled his cock back, I felt my insides tug and hold his cock head till it slipped from it’s grip.Doug pulled his cock slowly from my butt and rolled to one side, holding me escort çorum in his arm he pulled me to his chest and held me as he got his breath back and whispered. ‘I ain’t never had a fuck like that before, damn David. You’ve got the best boi pussy I’ve had. I got to send Brian in you stay here till he comes, this time he’s gonna fuck you right’.Doug eased from the bed staggered towards the door, as he opened the door, Brian almost fell into the room. Doug giggled and told Brian ‘fuck him slow and don’t be in no hurry’.Brian came in looking at me on the bed and said ‘lift your legs bitch, Doug seem to have fallen in love with you. So I can’t bust that ass like I want but I’m gonna fuck that ass good’.I watched Brian mount the bed and roughly lift my legs and place my heels on his shoulders. I looked between my thighs and saw his rick black colored penis waving like a broom handle. I looked up at Brain and he said ‘guide my dick into your ass bitch’.As soon as I touched Brian’s cock it twitched and slipped from my grasp. Brian looked at me and said ‘don’t play with me, put that dick in your ass’. I git hold of his cock again and guided it to my puckering anus.As soon as çorum escort bayan Brian’s cock head touched my aching anal opening he lunged deep into my super lubed butt hole. He sunk balls deep at once and started to grind his stiff cock up into my body.I caught hold of Brian’s sides and tried to hold him back from my butt, it was no use he kept grinding deep into me till he unloaded his spunk than he pounded my butt till his cock stopped throbbing. He pulled from my anus and I could not hold back all their spunk cam flowing from my anal opening like a leaking faucet.Brian begin to laugh and call Doug ‘hey man come look at this bitches ass, I swear it’s coming like a real cunt’. Doug poked his head through the door and said to Brian ‘put the bitch on his knees and fuck him till he stop coming’. Laughing Doug left the door.Brian came to the bed and twisted my ankles till I was on my stomach and lifted me to a kneeling position and mounted me from the rear like a dog. His cock slipped effortless into my anus I grimaced in pain as Brian lunged quickly in and out of my butt hole making wet slurping sounds as he sexed my butt hole.Once again Brian gripped hold of my hips and rammed deep into my butt holding me close to him as he emptied his male spunk into my rectum. When Brian was through he pulled from my aching anus and I fell to my side and pulled up into a fetal position and cried myself to sleep.

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