Sex History and Profile – for more sex and more fu


Sex History and Profile – for more sex and more fuMy Sex Preferences and HistoryGood sex requires that you have more than “sketchy” knowledge about the sexual preferences and sex history of your partner. Sex is more fulfilling if “you’re not wondering if“. If you know what your partner likes to do right from the start, you can explore a range of possibilities. Maybe even investigate some new territory, if you feel like it. In the heat of sex, you don’t want to be asking questions, you want to have a good time. Sex History is important information that should know, but might be reluctant to ask. Fill out survey for him, give him one to fill out. Then have a great time . .. .General Info about youHeight ______ Weight ______ Body Type ______ Age ____ Race _____Married__ or Partnered __ or Recently separated__, or perm departnered or divorced __Cock size ____ Cut (Y/N) ____ First Name _______ Birthday MM/DD/YYYY _________Personality “ I would describe myself as primarily ….”Extroverted/outgoing ____ Introverted/shy ____ Middle of the road ____Preferences “ I would describe myself as primarily.” : Gay __ Straight __ Bi __ Bi-Curious __ Role during sex: Leader/Initiate __ or Follower/wait for instructions __ or Either/both ___Your favorite sex “role” is: Top __ or Bottom __ or no consistent preference__Would you describe yourself pendik escort as a “fast cummer” __ or “slow cummer” or “depends on situation”__Frequency you like sex (times per week): __ or month __Do you like to be “edged” (Y/N) __ Can you cum more than once (Y/N) __ Revival time ___ minsDo you prefer to “cum first” __ “cum last” __ OR no preference/ whatever happens, happens __Are you Verbal (like talking during sex) Y/N __ If Yes, Reporting on feeling and instruction on how to do it better __, Dirty talk __, expressions of pleasure __ OR NO chit-chat person” (its distracting) __How long do you want a sex session to last:I like “quickies” as fast as possible__ OR I like to stretch things out __ OR Doesn’t matter to me __How much time for sex: 5-10 mins __ 30 mins__ more than 30__ whatever happens, happens __You’re looking for: additional sex session __ guy or are you more a NSA (no strings attached) guy __?Do you like foreplay __ OR to “get right down to business”__ ?Have you participated in a threesome?__ group sex? __ a circle jerk?__ paid for sex?__ Recreational / enhancement d**gs? Alcohol __Grass __ Cocaine __ Heroin__ other ________Enhancement d**gs? Poppers __ Erection enhancement: Vigra __, Calis __, Other _____________KEY for answers: (A= Love it, B=Welcome anytime, C=Will do it if turns partner on, F=Not a escort pendik fan of idea)For “preliminaries” (warm up) check all you like as possibilities: (A,B,C,F)__ Conversation __ being undressed__ cuddling __ massage__ Porn__genital fondling__ kissing__ Drink/420 to relax/PoppersFor sex (when RECEIVING) I like (A,B,C,F) (answer all choices): __ to be sucked__ to be rimmed__ foreplay__ to be fucked __ prostate massaged__ nipple play__ to be jerked off__ to be kissed__ getting facials__ to be edged__ to be fondled be subordinant __ dominant__ either is OK___For sex (where I am GIVING) I like (A,B,C,F) (answer all choices):___ to suck___ to rim__ foreplay___ to fuck ___ give prostate massage__ 69___ to give hand jobs___ to kiss__ doing facials___ to edge___ to fondle__ nipple play*New areas I’d consider further exploring (A,B,C,F,?) (answer all choices):1__Anal sex9__ Caverning17__Photo/Vids2__ Rimming10__ Snowballing18__Circle Jerk3__ Sex toys 11__ Bondage 19__Threesome4__ Poppers 12__ Pumping20__ Group Sex5__Viagra / Calis13__Felching21__m4mw 6__ Electro Stim14__Humiliation22__vibrators7__ Prostate massage15__ S & M8__ Sounding16__ Water Sports*Note #s those you’ve tried_____________________________________________________________*Note those you like to try______________________________________________________________*Note pendik escort bayan those you’ve never heard of _______________________________________________________My preferences for cumming is to (check all that apply)When I am RECIEVER__ cum in a guys mouth, swallow? ___ Y/N___ Y/N__ cum in a guys mouth (with condom)_____ cum in a guys ass (bare)_____ cum in a guys ass (with condom)_____ hand jobs and jerk off exclusively___Kissing… I don’t like kissing on lips ___ Do like kissing ___ French kissing (Tongues) is great ___When another guy jerks you off, do you like . . . A firm ___ or gentle __ hand?A fast and aggressive stroke ___ or slow and easy ___?Top of stroke includes going over edge of cock head ___ or include shaft only ___?I like “head massage” (circular friction with flat palm on cock head mixed with shaft work ?___(Y/N)My favorite friction is with lube____ a dry hand ___ Either is fine with me, just keep it coming ___?I like to be edged (Y/N) ___ If Y, when you say stop do you ___ really mean it __ don’t mean it __ Ass play I like my asshole touched and stroked (Y/N)___Fingering is OK (Y/N) ___Massage of prostate is OK (Y/N)__ I really like it__ Is guaranteed to get me to orgasm, go for it ___PornI don’t care for pornography __ I like pornography__ I would like to include it as a prelude to sex __How “out there” are you in terms of your M-M sexuality?I’m on the DL, confidentiality is essential __ Out there to select friends/acquaintenances __ I’m out there and completely open about my MM sexual interests and activities __

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