Sex Angels, or…..


Sex Angels, or…..Last month, I told you about my awful day at the hospital, centering on the deaths of two teenage studs in a car crash, followed by Dr Meadows force-fucking me for the umpteenth time, like he does with all the other nurses, too.Well, this is a happier story. Maybe. Not sure. But on Sunday night, I got the fucking of my life from the ghosts of those young stallions!I had already checked out their pre-crash photos, and they were both gorgeous! Their faces and torsos, which had been mangled in the accident, were every bit as mouthwatering as their big cocks, relatively untouched. Their names were Derek and Jonah, and they were brothers. (Ironically, the two girls who died with them in the crash were sisters, but at at they went out happy, as large amounts of semen were found in both their cunts!)But let’s get to the meat of the matter. (Pun most definitely intended.)Sunday was insufferably hot. I struggled to fall asleep, my naked body tossing and turning until well after midnight, when I finally did drift off.It wasn’t long, however, till I awoke (?) in a state of unbearable arousal: my breasts were so hot and swollen, nipples fully erect, that I felt they were going to explode! My body in general was on fire, and my cunt was pulsing, throbbing burdur escort with the wet, urgent need of penetration!Running the fingers of my right hand down my aching tits, sweat-soaked torso, all the way down to my crotch, I opened my legs wide, that I might give myself at least some semblance of release. But just as I was about to plunge those fingers deep into the center of my womanhood, my wrist was grabbed by a strong male hand. “No need for that,” a low but authoritative voice said, “WE can take care of you.”I raised my head, only to see Jonah gripping my arm!”Wh-what’s going on?” I managed to get out of my mouth before Derek appeared from my left, grabbed me by my underarms, and dragged me to that side of my bed. Both young Adonises were naked, fully erect, and glistening with the glorious sweat of pure, masculine lust!Derek pulled my unresisting body further to the left side of the bed until my head lolled backwards over the edge. Knowing exactly what he was about to do, I reached back with both arms, seeking to grab his beautiful cock.”No,” he chastised me, gently but firmly. “Lay your arms on the bed, palms down. We want you docile, like the good Catholic girl we know you are/”I did as I was told, of course, surrendering my head escort burdur to this—man? ghost? angel?—and then received another command, this time from Jonah. Obeying immediately, I parted my thighs, drawing my legs back, feet arched, toes pointing, just the way men like it.Derek and Jonah invaded me at precisely the dame instant, the former gripping my compliant head as he fucked my mouth, while the latter grabbed and raised my oh-so-willing thighs as he violated my slit. The sounds of Derek and Jonah’s flesh weapons penetrating my mouth and cunt were exquisite, and this, combined with the sensations emanating from my entire, powerless body triggered a convulsive orgasm that seemed to go on forever.After I had finally stopped thrashing about, and had gone limp on the bed again, Derek, now deep in my throat while his brother’s dick was still sunk to the hilt in my twat, told me to take off my thin neck chain with a tiny crucifix at the end. “We can’t cum till the crucifix is gone.”Fear overcame me at this point: I had wondered if these young bucks were men, or ghosts, or angels.I hadn’t even thought of the possibility they might be demons!My mouth was still full of cock, but I tried to shake my head “no.” But then Jonah scared me into submission, burdur escort bayan face grimacing in anger as he growled, “Take it OFF, slut!I did so, Then things got even MORE frightening. The brothers, who had paused their thrusting in and out of my now-terrified body for several seconds, SIMULTANEOUSLY EXPLODED their jizz into me, just like when they first penetrated me. And their cum was scalding hot, burning my mouth, throat and womb! I finally managed to jerk my head free of Derek’s monstrous dong and SCREAMED in pain! “What have you done to me?” I begged of them, sobbing uncontrollably.”Wrong question,” they answered in the same, eerie unison with which they’d taken me. “it’s what we’ve done for you!And then they vanished. Traumatized, ravaged, full of sticky, still-burning loads of who-knows-what, I fainted.It was dawn when I came to. I was no longer burning, but the dried evidence of possible demon seed was everywhere. I didn’t have Monday off, so I forced myself to eat and shower, practically scrubbing my flesh off during the latter activity.When I arrived at the hospital, there was a definite buzz in the air. I asked what was going on, and the answer made clear what the last thing the brothers said to me was all about.Dr Meadows had died of a heart attack the night before, at roughly the same time the Diabolical Duo were banging me,You know, I reflected, they did no permanent damage, and I did have a satisfied feeling in my cunt.Maybe I’ll stop wearing that crucifix at night!

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