Series- Sex With My FWB, Part One: Orally Pleasuri


Series- Sex With My FWB, Part One: Orally PleasuriSeries- Sex with My FWB:Part One: Orally Pleasuring the Balls of My FWB. !I had a married FWB ( Friend with Benefits ), that I would meet up with occasionally for some sexual fun. He would get a motel room and we would spend all afternoon until early evening together exploring each other’s bodies and fucking like banshees until it was time to go home to our prospective spouses. He especially enjoyed my oral skills on his balls . He would always ask me to lick and suck on his balls, as his wife would not ever do this for him. It was something he craved, but lacked in his marriage and was something I would give him every time we got together. This is usually how I did this for my dear married friend.I would have him sit on edge of the bed, naked and have him open his legs for me so I could kneel in front of him, on a pillow for comfort, and begin to work the cock and ball area for my good friend. I would start by kissing the inside of his thighs down by his knees and work my way up kissing and licking and caressing his inner thighs from the knees up to the top right where his balls rested and then back down the other side of his inner thighs. I then would go back up that side with my mouth and back down the other side again. I would repeat this several times, adding my tongue more and more each time I went. I would then reach over and begin to spread his legs open, more and more wider, until his legs were spread completely open, with his balls exposed and hanging down below his cock; as they fill up with his load of cum for me.Then I reached over for his hanging balls. I bent forward and would kiss his upper legs and hip areas all around his balls, kissing from side to side and then onto his upper thighs. Then I would kiss the bottom and back side of his thighs. I would do this for both of his thigh areas for a few minutes as he would begin to caress my hair and moan softly. It was intoxicating to hear. I would then stick out my tongue and lick all the areas I had just kissed. I never would kiss nor lick his bursa escort balls themselves, not at this time. I enjoyed his anticipation as my mouth went everywhere around his balls, yet never touched them, not with my hands nor my mouth. I could hear his breath catching as I would get close to his balls yet move away before contact. Only my hot breath would be felt on his twitching balls themselves. I would then motion for him to stand in front facing the end of the bed and I would then sit on the edge of the bed facing him. I would open his legs wider for me and reach out for his balls hanging below his erect cock that was bobbing in front of my face. Looking up at his face staring down with me, I could see the heat building up in his eyes with anticipation and need. So I would lean forward and once again lick all around his balls for him, never licking onto his ball sacs as he swayed in front of me. Once I knew he couldn’t take the torture anymore I would then proceed to suck his balls for him.I would take his balls into my hands and present them to my mouth. And I would then lick his balls with my tongue. I would make long lapping licks up and down his balls and all around them. I would lick on his balls like it was an ice cream cone, letting each ball sac fall downward as my tongue reached the topside of his ball. I would then proceed to the next ball and do the same thing. I would lick and lick away on his ball sacs like a thirsty a****l drinking water, making lapping noises softly for him to hear as he watched me. After several minutes doing this on his balls, I then opened my mouth and took one of his ball sacs into my warm wet mouth to begin sucking on it. At the same time, I caressed his other sac with my hand. I would gently cup his ball in my hand and close my fingers all around the nut. I would caress his nut in my hand as he would begin to softly moan and shift his stance above me so I had a better access to his hanging nut sacs for him. I would roll his nut in my cupped hand while sucking on his other nut for a minute or two and then release both. bursa escort bayan I would then look up at him and lean forward and blow on his hot wet balls until my wetness dried. Then I would suck in the other ball sac and caress the previously sucked ball sac. I would repeat this action several times until I knew he was at the brink. I would then pull away to prolong his erotic agony.After rubbing his thighs and talking to him for a minute so he could relax a little, I would then turn my attention back to his gorgeous balls. I would reach out to hold both of his ball sacs upwards and away from his legs and proceed to lick all around his nut sacs. I would then take one ball sac into my mouth, as far into my inner mouth as I could, and suck away on it. I would suck my cheeks inward all around the nut itself and then release the air around the wet nut. I began doing this first gently and gradually more pressure was used when I sucked inwardly on his nut until I would hear the sucking noise that. my mouth made against his warm and wet nut itself. I would roll the first nut in my mouth with my tongue. I began to push my tongue against his nut that was laying in his ball sac. My mouth was sucking and my tongue was licking at his ball as My tongue roll ihis nut around in my mouth at the same time. As I was doing this, my other hand would be constantly caressing his other ball sac, that was just outside my mouth and filling with his first cum load for me.I would then alternate to the other sac and suck on it gently at first and then harder and harder. As I sucked his second ball sac, I would then roll it around in my mouth with my tongue as well. I would caress the wet ball hanging now outside my mouth and resting in my hand. I was rolling his wet nut gently around with my fingers and squeezing the nut inside his ball sac for him as he would sigh and moan for me in pleasure. I would return back to the first ball sac and repeat the sucking and licking on his hardening and full balls and nut. I would go back and forth from one ball sac to the other until I escort bursa would hear him moaning uncontrollably and feeling his legs shaking.Once I knew he could no longer take all this attention on his balls, I would release them from my mouth and hands. I then stood partially up from the bed and moved upward to his cock head. I held his cock shaft at the base with my interlocking fingers, just above his ball sacs. I opened my mouth right above the tip of his cock at the slit. A second later I felt his first cum shot explode out of his balls and out of his cock, going straight into my waiting mouth. It was a strong blast that usually hit the back of my throat and bounced backwards onto my tongue. His cum was hot and thick, landing right into the center of my waiting tongue for me.I would gather his cum in my mouth on my tongue. When he was done shooting his cum load into my mouth, while he was holding onto the top of my head to steady himself, I would then pull off him. As he caught his breath and looked down at me with half focused eyes, I would open my mouth widely, stick out my tongue, and show him his creamy white thick cum load resting in the center on my curled tongue. I would let him look at it and then once he had seen it, I would look straight into his eyes, tuck my tongue back into my much, and swallow all his delicious cum down my throat.He would always say something like…..” Oh Fuck that’s Hot! “. I would then open my mouth, once again stick out my tongue and show him that his cum was all gone, all swallowed by me. I would then roll my tongue all around the inside of my open mouth and let him see the remnants of his cock’s white cum cream coating the walls of my mouth. I would then partly close my mouth, run my tongue all around the outside of my wet lips and lick off the little cum droplets that were present. I would encircle my lips with my tongue, around and around, several times. He was always left breathless by this point, standing there trembling and his cock twitching in front of my face.And usually this was just the first few minutes of our time together………* Please look for the upcoming sequels entitled:1. Orally and Digitally Pleasuring the Ass of My FWB2. Orally Pleasuring the Cock of my FWB3. Stroking the Cock of my FWB4. Being Fucked By My FWB

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