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seeing her playMissing home I’ve been away from home for over 6 months doing lots of traveling for business and every day at least twice a day me and my wife we talk and sometimes was just a short conversation and others was just a long conversation about her daddy or mine and about other things that might be her mind I’ve noticed though being gone and she kept bringing up different aspects of sex. Some of our conversations more intense talking about what you would like to do to me and to others let me watch and much more. I totally understood her sexual frustration I wouldn’t blame her if she was doing something and wouldn’t tell me. But she did know that I am a very open person and nothing what upset me I’m not a jealous person now let me explain there’s been plenty of times I have seen my wife be with other men and women and vice a versa and we have a very open relationship to it actually it’s a turn-on for both of us. Soma Corso travels a beautiful lady on evening sitting at the bar having some dinner by myself as she walked in and we struck a conversation after several hours of talking she started coming on to me putting her hand on my lap and leaning over towards me. As much as I would love to have some fun with her I was always thinking about my wife. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri She excused herself and went to the bathroom I called my wife explain to her briefly what was going on her voice was kind of strange she was cool she said have a good time enjoy yourself you deserve it I asked her if everything is okay and she says yes very much so I said great I’ll talk to you later and we hung up the phone the lady made her way back. We ordered another round of drinks and had some more conversations and eventually we parted ways making arrangements for another night. After a couple days went by I found a break in my schedule and I was coming home I was so excited I didn’t even tell my wife. I was looking forward to showing up and surprising her I had this great idea that we were just hugging kissing basically make love. As I was making my way we talked and she told me she was having some friends over this weekend and she asked me how everything was going I told her it was great I said we’re getting closer and I can’t wait to see you soon she says me neither. Couple days went by and I finally made it back to the house it was a Saturday night about 11:30 p.m. as I pulled in to the driveway I noticed a car but I did not recognize as I made güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri my entrance into the house I noticed the kitchen was disarrayed with wine bottles and food on the counter. I walked my way towards the back of the house where I heard some noises looked out the window and scene two men and my wife my wife was naked with a feet in the pool sitting on the edge another man sitting next to her and one in the pool the man in the pool had his arms on her legs it look like he was licking her. They were laughing talking and you could tell she was having a good time I didn’t want to disturb her I want to see what you do it was exciting for me to watch knowing that she knew I wasn’t around and I want to surprise her but this was more of a surprise for me than it was for her. As I sat there and watched she laid back the guy on the deck started kissing her I am with her tits in the man in the pool yes he was playing with her. She rolls to her side started giving the one guy a BJ. She moved over the guy in the pool came out and he started having sex with her she was moaning and screaming and they were all having a great time. With your legs spread open and the guys taking turns playing with her pussy and ass I was more aroused güvenilir bahis şirketleri and I have ever been in a very long time I started stroking my cock as I pulled it out of my pants. The longer they went on the more aroused I got. Watching her have her have her fun with those guys was unbelievable. Finally the one has shot his load on her pussy and tits I truly after the other one shot his load into her mouth and on her face as she was cleaning herself up with her fingers and also sucking off each guy I was cutting myself. Finally made my way into the bedroom clean myself up. Walk back out through the backdoor out to the front sat in the car and waited a few minutes got out of the car and walked into the house again like I was never there. But this time they were sitting around the table talking and laughing I walked in the door yelled hello and they said we’re out here I walked out to say hello to everyone that’s my wife got up gave me a hug and a kiss we sat around and talked I had myself a glass of wine we laughed and we choked for about 30 minutes they finally said goodbye and left my wife went inside. As I made my way back into the bedroom she asked me how everything was and I said that was fine I’m glad to be home she said me too I asked her how her night was with a smile she says it was great. I got myself undressed walked out to the pool I took a swim my wife followed and did the same we are in the pool talking and laughing jumped up on the side of the pool with my feet dangling my wife came in between my legs and so wow was waiting for this.

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