School of Sex 2


School of Sex 2Next day, a new girl was brought to the school. Mr. Thomas has some contacts in the town who bring fresh girls to be employed as maids. Most of them came from very poor families. After reaching the place they accept their fate as their families depended on their salaries. The new girl was taken to Mr. Thomas by the lady who brought her. Mr. Thomas looked at her. The girl was good looking, but very small, hardly 13 or 14. She must be a virgin, he thought. The lady said, “This is Rose, Sir, She is the eldest in the family. They are very poor. Please give a job, they need money.””OK”. But is she ready do all the job a maid is supposed to do here?””Yes I have told her.” The lady turned to Rose and said, “Look here, I have already told you, this is a boys’ school and you have to work as a maid here and you will have to do all those jobs the boy would ask you to do””Yes, ma’m” Rose replied. Miss Mary came to the room. She looked at Rose and asked the lady. “So you have told her what we need here.””Yes ma’am, She knows she has to serve the boys””It is not just serving. She will have to do all jobs like cleaning the room, washing their clothes, getting them the things they need. She will have to sleep in the same room.”Rose was shocked with the last comment. The lady never told her that. So they meant that she will have to have sex with the boys. She did not know what to say. Going back means no money. Her family was looking forward for her money. The lady had assured that she will get some advance too.”Do you agree?” Mary asked. “Yes” Rose replied looking down. After the formalities, the lady went back with the advance salary of Rose and an handsome commission for herself.”Assign her to Robert.” He was asking for a new maid for long” Thomas said.”Oh, No. Not Robert.” Mary said, in a low voice, “He is a maniac and this one is new, he would destroy her” I would like to send her to Martin the new boy” He will be mild””But he himself is very young and has no experience””Not without much experience. Martha says he was not bad last night.””Oh you sent Martha to him””She is shared between Ron and Martin””OK, alanya escort bayan as you wish, said Thomas. “But this asshole Robert is going to eat my head once he comes to know about this”Robert was the biggest and the senior most boy. He was totally spoilt and was notorious for being very harsh to his maids. He was a sadist.”Mary took Rose to Martins room. Martin was lying on his bed. He was thinking about Martha and about her soft mouth on his cock. He was having an hard on and he was fondling his cock when Mary opened the door and came in with Rose.””Mm mm, Oh you are having a good time yourself” Mary did not elaborate. “Here is your new maid, Rose. Now you don’t have to do anything yourself, she would help you.” Mary said it with a meaning looking at his bulging pajamas.Mary went out closing the door. Martin did not know what to do. Finally, he asked her to sit down on the bed.”You are new here””Yes, just came today.” There was silence, both of them did not know what to say further.Then there was a knock on the door. Martha came in. “Miss. Mary sent me, She asked me to see whether the new girl is serving you properly. And she was right this girl is just sitting down and chatting., Hey, stand up, can’t you see Sir needs some urgent attention”Both Martin and Rose could not understand what she meant. “Sir, please stand up” Martha said.When Martin stood up, he was nervous. He could not hide the bulge in front of his pajamas. “What is your name?” Martha asked. “Rose”.”Come here” Martha took the hand of Rose and put it strait on his cock over the pajamas. Rose blushed and her face became red. Martha covered her palm over Rose’s and pressed it over his cock. “Kneel down girl” Martha said. Rose hesitated. But she got scared looking at the tall imposing girl. She knelt down in front of him.”open his pajamas”Rose began to tug at the strings with trembling hands”. Then it fell down to his feet exposing his fully erect cock. Martin blushed. Martha laughed loudly. “Wow, so it looks like this! I did not see it yesterday. But you came in huge load sir, it almost filled up my stomach.” She laughed again.”What escort alanya are you waiting for?, Suck it girl, it is not going to bite you.”Rose hesitated. Martha pushed her head towards his cock. It touched her face. She could smell the musky smell of the boy’s cock. That was the first time she has ever seen let alone smelled a boy’s cock. “Open your mouth and take it inside”Martin could feel the warmth of her mouth encircling him. He closed his eyes. He was afraid that he would shoot anytime. Martha was smiling. It was really funny to see two clumsy ones trying to have sex. “Move your head” She told Rose. “And Sir, hold her head and you can fuck into her mouth if you want” she told Martin. Martin did not want this to happen like this. He felt very awkward.”Martha, you go, It is alright””Are you sure? Miss Mary wanted me to see that you are happy with this girl””Don’t worry, I will be” He bend down and pulled his pajamas up. Rose got up. Martha was not very happy to leave the room. She wanted to see the two making love in front of her. But she had to leave.”Sorry,” Martin said when she left. “It is OK.” “But I am supposed to do these things here, that is what they told me””Yeah, but not this way.” ” You sit down”He took her hand and pulled her and made her sit near him. His cock had not become soft, when he touched her it began to rise again.Suddenly, he wanted to kiss her. He pulled her towards him. Rose became very tender. She liked this boy. He is so kind and handsome, she thought. She felt his face touching hers, his lips was on hers. She kissed him back. It started slowly, but became harder and harder. Now their mouth were open and his tongue was inside her mouth. She felt his hands on her breast. Her nipples became hard. She felt her pussy becoming wet. She held him tightly. He mildly pushed on the bed. Now both were lying on the bed in tight embrace kissing. His hands were now bold, he began to unbutton her blouse. Her white bra was exposed. He covered it with his hand and pulled it up. One of her breast, small, soft and very fair, came out. He began to fondle her breast. Then she alanya escort felt his warm breath on her breast. He started licking her nipples. His other hand was on her other breast. He pulled it out and began to suck on both breast alternatively. She was in heaven. So this is what they call sex. This is really good. She felt his hand taking her hand and leading it towards his cock. He made her hold it. She encircled her palm over his hot hard cock. He had pulled her skirt up and was rubbing his palm over her panties. He slowly put his hand inside and touched her clit.It was like an electric shock to her. She shuddered. She lifted her ass when he tried to remove her panties. Now she was naked.He removed his shirt and pajamas. She looked at his hairless but muscular chest and smiled. He could not wait. He climbed over her. His cock touched her pussy. With shivering hands he guided it into her. But the entry was difficult though her pussy was dripping wet. He pushed and she winced. Then with a hard shove he drove his cock into her. She cried out. The sudden pain was terrible. She wanted to push him away. But he had her in a tight embrace. His mouth was over her mouth and he began to push and pump. She could feel the warm wetness and she was not sure what it was. His hand were pressing and kneading her breasts and his tongue was inside her mouth and he was pumping into her fast with long and hard strokes. Then suddenly he cried out and came into her. She could feel his warm cum shooting into her, it soothed her pain. He was lying on her totally exhausted. He became suddenly heavy for her. Then slowly her fell on her side. She got up and saw there was blood on the bed sheet. She was scared, she got down from the bed and the blood began to flow down her thighs in a thin line. Martin was worried. Has he hurt her? She ran to the bathroom and began to wash herself with warm water. He went behind her.”Hey are you alright?” He asked with concern. “Yeah, it is OK.” She was trying to hide her pussy by covering it by her hands. He removed them and looked. No more blood. Thank God. “Paining now? I am sorry””No, It is OK now, the pain is not so much.” I am alright” She tried to smile. He took her in his arms and brought her to the bed. “Lye down,” He embraced her. She put her face on his chest. He was almost rocking her like a baby. And slowly they both fell asleep.

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