Scheduling Daughter’s Friend


Scheduling Daughter’s FriendScheduling Daughter’s Friend———-Sitting in my favorite out-of-sight spot at work, I overhear many conversations from casual chitchat to some very intense private talks. My private space is important for me to relax and get away from the everyday activities for even a short time, recharge my battery so to speak. One afternoon, my youngest sister, Ashley, and one of her friends were sitting around talking quietly. Usually I ignore my sister’s conversations as being c***dish and boring, but my attention was peaked when I heard them talking about Dad.”Does your dad hang out in the barns a lot?” the girl asked keeping the question as casual as she could. She looked down to the end of the barn where Dad was stacking some grain feed bags in the storage area.”Well, yeah, duh, he is working, not really hanging out. He does lot of stuff all over just depends on what needs to be done. Frolic keeps him busy with chores,” Ashley replied.”Oh, you mean she tells him what needs to be done, and he does it?” The girl’s curiosity about him continued. “Does she have a list that she gives to him?” “Yes, everyday she makes a schedule for all of us and our chores. It is posted in her office. Why all the questions Simone, have you got the ‘hots’ for my Dad or something?” Ashley giggled and poked her in the side with her fingers, and Simone’s face turned bright red.”Um, well, he is hot Ashley. All those muscles bulging, just look at them, he moves those huge grain bags like they were nothing. I wish my dad looked like that.” türkçe bahis Her eyes were glued to dad. “I just want to get him down and kiss him everywhere and let him have his way with me,” she chirped longingly in her tiny voice.”Oh my, too much information Simone, you probably don’t even know what ‘having his way with you’ would be. You might get way more than you expected for sure,” Ashley laughed as she spoke.Simone remained quiet hearing Ashley speak. She had a far-away look on her face as her tongue flashed out and wet her lips. It was like I could see her brain working, imagining my dad touching her and doing naughty things. Her facial features kept changing and her hands were drifting to her crotch, touching it lightly.At that moment, Dad came walking toward the office and past the two girls, he smiled and stopped right in front of them, and directly below me. The back of his t-shirt was damp with sweat and clung to his body like saran wrap.”Hello Girls. Ashley, have you finished straightening the tack room yet. I see several bridals hanging over the last stall down there, which need to be put away. Sorry to interrupt your little meeting, but this work needs to be done. Get to it,” he spoke to Ashley, but his eyes were on Simone and her hands clutching at her crotch sitting on the hay bale.Ashley leapt up quickly and headed down towards the bridals. Dad stood not two feet away from the bale Simone was sitting on, his crotch at her eye-level. She could see the outline of his manhood pointing down his pant leg and bahis siteleri she again licked her lips as her fingers dug deeper into her crotch. Dad smiled seeing her blush as she kept looking at his bulge.”Simone, do I need to come up with something for you to do as well?” he teasingly asked as his hand adjusted himself for her benefit. He ran his hand up and down the bulge watching her eyes move with his hands. “I think I can find something for you to do while Ashley is finishing her work.”Dad reached out taking the girl’s hand and stepped toward well-hidden slot filled with items between two stalls with him. She did not resist him. Once inside the slot, her back was up against the wall and his hands started groping her small breasts. A small moan of surprise and pleasure escaped her lips when his hands deftly slipped inside her top and tiny bra, rubbing the lovely soft mounds, feeling the tiny nipples harden instantly at his touch.”You like this, do you Simone?” his voice was low as he continued groping and feeling the young girl’s breasts. He moved his hands to her buttocks feeling the fleshy plumpness as he squeezed them gently. His body was pressed tightly against hers and he reached between her legs, rubbing her crotch with his large hand, trailing a finger where he knew her slit was under the jeans. She moaned again as he caressed her, prodding into her crotch with his finger. “Do you want more little girl?” he whispered into her ear as he began kissing her lightly on her neck and shoulders. She youwin nodded, throwing her head back to give his lips more skin to kiss and her arms clutched at his torso. Receiving her nod of approval, he unbuckled and unzipped his jeans. Her hands went to the top of them and pulled them down until his cock poked her chest.Looking down at her, the blonde hair obscured my vision, but she obviously began kissing and caressing his cock. His hands were holding her head gently as he began pumping in and out slowly. I could hear her gagging as his length went down her throat and the quick intake of breath as he pulled back. She continued to suck and lick his cock as it disappeared repeatedly into her mouth.I saw him stiffen his backbone and slow the rhythm of his strokes into her mouth. He pushed it in her mouth deep, holding her head tight and shot his cum down her throat. Simone gagged as he pulled back and his seed shot out around his cock from her mouth several times. He released her head from his hands, but she continued to hold his cock in her lips, her own head now moving freely on his manhood, sucking and licking him, her hands still clutching his buttocks, pulling him into her face.When she finally pulled her head back, she looked up at him with her cum filled mouth, showing it to him and swallowed it. Her eyes were bright and she was smiling up at him.”Did I do a good job?” she whispered quietly to him. “Will you have Frolic put me on the schedule for this job?””Well, I do not think Frolic will put this on the schedule, but if you are around me while I am working, I am sure that I will be able to take a few minutes of time to let you work again.” He smiled, lifting her up with his hands, kissing her lips and patting her butt as he stuffed his cock back into his pants.

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