Scene at “the Mart”


Scene at “the Mart”I get off work at midnight on Fridays I am always too stressed to just go home, so over the last couple years, my wife and I have been doing our weekend shopping at Wal-Mart at 1:00 in the morning on Saturdays. She goes home from her job in the afternoon, gets a nap, then when I get home, out we go.For some reason, Rita was in an especially horny mood when I walked in last weekend. She handed me a vodka /monster drink and looked to me as if she had had one or two already herself. She also looked even hotter than usual!! Rita is only about 5’1” with a set of boobs that are huge, but she rarely shows them off. Tonight, she had on some nice heels, a loose fitting set of elastic band shorts and a tee-shirt. However, unlike her usual attire, she had cut the tee shirt at the top of the neck line, and then ripped it part way down. She had on my favorite bra, that pushed her DD cup breasts together and shoved them out on a shelf I referred to as I my trophy shelf!!! I could see a good four inches of dark cleavage shadow as I greeted her with a kiss.She slapped my hands away playfully and told me to get moving because she had things to get done tonight before there was going to be any fun. But then as I sat on the edge of the bed, changing into a more comfortable set of shoes, she stopped at the door, bent double at the waist and pulled the leg hole of her shorts to the side to show me that her bald beaver had no underwear covering it tonight!!As we drove through the empty streets, her hand played over the front of my cargo shorts. Within a minute, I was hard and horny and she just laughed. When I reached to cop a feel of her breasts, she intercepted my hand and brought it up to her mouth. She then began sucking on my middle finger like it was the perfect cock!!! Now I do not know if any of you other guys have a woman who does, this, but when Rita does it to me… It feels almost as good as if she were taking my cock all the way down her velvet throat!!I about swerved off of the road twice before we turned into the Wal-Mart parking lot and I went to grab her right there in the car like we used to a couple decades earlier before k**s, but she just laughed and told me to wait. As we walked across the parking lot and she stuck her hand in the back pocket of my shorts and squeezed, I let my hand fall from her shoulder to her far breast and played a little myself. All the time I kept thinking that this just could not get better…. But it was about to!I grabbed the cart and we immediately started through the produce. She reached in a pile of tomatoes, and pulled out two large red tomatoes that filled her hands and held them up in front of her breasts and said, “How do you like my tomatoes?” I laughed and reached in a bin on the other side of the cart and handed her a honeydew. “I think that these are more your size!!” She laughed and agreed and put her veggies in the cart. Then, as I looked at her big breasts nearly spilling out of her shirt I added, “You know I‘d do anything to taste your honeydews right here in the store!”Her eyes flicked up at me with an evil fire “Tit for that,” she said pointing at the bulge in the front of my shorts, I gulped. Rita has always been free-spirit in the bedroom, but we have not even done it in every room in the house that we have lived in now for 12 years!! Yet there was no mistaking the look in her eyes. She was hot and ready and willing to do it right now!!She turned and picked up a cucumber and looked at me with evil intent as she put it in the cart… On and on it went. Every step seemed to find new opportunities for double entendre. “Let’s look at the meat.” “I am a breast man.” “That’s a good thing too!” “Look, a package of breasts and a big hunk of meat, is that a drum stick?” She was leaning over to pick up things on the bilecik escort bottom shelf and brushing by the front of my pants or patting my ass. I got spectacular views of her cleavage time and again as she leaned into the cart.She then took the cart from me and I followed her. Early on in our marriage, I had had a habit of walking behind and falling into step with her in stores and rubbing my cock up the crack of her ass. It took only a second of watching her ass moving down the aisle for me to fall right into step with her and let my tent pole once again feel the friendly touch of her ass. She suddenly stopped and looked back and up at me and she grabbed the front of my shorts and pulled me up tight against her. Then she broke the kiss long enough to say, “I am so wet right now, I going to start feeling it run down my leg if I don’t get some relief!!” Then she leaned back and we kissed some more.We broke the kiss when we saw a man in his 30’s entered the aisle, tookke a step, looked at us, and turned around and headed toward the next aisle. “Screw him, “ I whispered, to which Rita replied, “No, I want your cock, not his!”She then led me into women’s apparel and maybe I was just paying too much attention to her, but before I knew it we were standing in the aisles full of sexy panties and bras and night shirts. Rita grabbed sexy bra from one rack and turned and pressed a soft cup to either side of my face as she stood up on her tip toes and whispered, “Some day some hot little teenage slut is going to put this bra on. The bra you have had on your face!” She then turned it around and stuck my face in one of the cups. “Sniff it!! That’s it! Smell hot young slut!” She then hung that bra back up and took my hand and ran it over the formed cups of the bras. My mind was seeing flesh filling each of the cups and my balls were rising so tight that walking was becoming uncomfortable.Rita grabbed a pair of g-string undies meant for a teen girl that said, “Naughty but Nice”, pulled them off of their hanger and after looking up and down the aisle, thrust them down her shorts, only to draw them out a moment later. She thrust them at my mouth and said, “See how wet I am?: I could smell the musk of her desire in the now moist cloth that she held to my face. “Open up and taste me!” And so I did. Her juices filled my senses with the most erotic flavors and scents!! It about drove me nuts to think of her being so turned on in a public place.“I bet I can stay silent in one of the changing rooms while you suck my cock.” I blurted out when she pulled the now soaked panties out of my mouth. She cocked one eyebrow and said, “Oh really? You don’t think after all of these years, that I can’t make you lose all control? It’s a bet!”We snuck around the corner and went into one of the changing rooms. I figured security had seen us and so we probably would not have much time, so the second the door closed, I dropped my shorts to the floor. Rita reached behind her and unsnapped her bra. Her magnificent boobs were soon hanging free and she was on her knees. My cock always looks huge in her tiny hands and as I looked down, she pursed her lips together and rubbed the head of my cock over her full red lips! Instinctively I reached and took two hand full’s of her hair and as she opened her lips, my purple cock head began to pass over those lovely lips.Now I do not know what it is about a woman, on her knees, when she rolls her eyes up and looks at a guy as she swallows his cock, but it has to be the most incredibly hot moment in a man’s life!!! Inch after inch of my cock slid into that perfect mouth and as she hummed, I had to fight the urge to groan. With one hand she grabbed the base of my cock and began squeezing my cock as if she were squeezing the last drop of toothpaste from my tube!! escort bilecik Her other hand lightly cupped my hairless balls as her manicured finger nails began to lightly drag over my tight nut sack’s ridgesShe pulled back and let my glistening cock escape the hot grotto of her mouth. It glistened with lust, and my head was swollen and turning darker by the moment! “Don’t make a sound, remember!” She warned me, and then in one smooth motion she fed my cock into her mouth and down her throat until she buried her nose in my belly. I grabbed for the walls of the room for support and threw back my head. I was doing my best to stay silent, but when she has me deep in her throat, Rita can do this swallowing thing with her throat that absolutely milks my cock.After a couple of minutes of this and all that had led up to it, I couldn’t help it. A deep moan came from my toes and stopped just short of a roar!! It was just dying on my lips when there was a knock at the door. My cock sprang out of my wife’s throat and streams of cum and spit flowed all over her chin and breasts. “Whoever is in there, you need to finish whatever it is you are doing and come out!,” came the voice just outside of the room. I looked down at my wife who was trying her best not to burst out laughing or convulse in a fit of coughing. I grabbed a shirt that had been hanging on the wall when we got into the room and I reached down and wiped her face. Rita took the shirt and began daubing up my cum as I pulled up my pants. Less than a minute later, we sheepishly opened the door to see a large gentleman standing a few feet away with a disgusted look on his face. An older woman stood back at the cash register, leaning to the side trying to get a glimpse of us. Rita giggled, and the guy said, “Okay, I am going to have ask you both to leave the premises immediately.”I thought about asking to be allowed check out with our groceries first, but my wife simply walked over to the cart and grabbed up the cucumber, shoved it lasciviously between her breasts and turned and looked at the man. “I want this cucumber, unless you want to take it from me.” He just shook his head in disbelief and motioned us toward the door. Rita turned for the exit and I followed, trying not to laugh.We got out to the nearly empty parking lot and Rita slowed and took my arm. She looked up in my face and I am not certain what I expected to see in her eyes, but what I saw was perhaps the hottest pool of lust I have ever seen. “You lost the bet. You owe me…. Big time.” I looked around and realized that at this time of night, we were about the only people at the store, but not in it!! That was when I realized that the fun had only begun!We kissed deeply and fiercely. She led me toward her little car and steered me toward the passenger seat. “Get in; it is time to pay up!” She then tossed me the keys and told me to put my window down and hand her a drink. I was not about to argue. She was a woman possessed and who was I to argue with the a****listic desire of a woman in the throes of heat?!?!She stepped back and closed the door and put her drink on the roof of the car just above my window. Then, after looking around the nearly empty lot, she pulled up her shirt and bra, dropping her huge tits into the night air!! She then leaned chest first against the side of the car, dangling her full milky breasts right at my face!! Then I heard her from above the roof. “Suck my tits, baby. Suck them hard!”I needed no need of any other encouragement. I quickly fed first one breast and then the other into my hungry mouth. My wife tastes so good. I could smell the perfume she had placed between her breasts earlier in the day, mixing with the passion fed heat of the moment. I tell you it was more intoxicating than the vodka from an hour earlier!!!With bilecik escort bayan one hand I pulled and stroked, lifted and kneaded one breast, while I did my best to coax her other breast into producing milk!! I knew I would fail, but that was no reason not to try. I felt her nipples harden and lengthen and my tongue tattooed a passionate rhythm of lust into her tender flesh.Above me I could hear her moaning and encouraging me to bite and suck her until she came. I saw her hand take the cucumber and though I could not see what she was doing, the motion of her body left no question as to where the veggie was now being inserted and it’s affect upon Rita.We were both so into what we were doing that we neither noticed a car pull into the lot and park a set of rows over from us.I looked out the front window and a group of five black guys, all looking to be athletes at the nearby college, were heading toward the store entrance. They were probably 30 feet away and it was dark, but they just kept going. All of them, but one short, thin guy at the back o the group. He suddenly shoved one of the guys away and began walking straight toward us, while the others laughed and went on into the store.I heard Rita above me say, “Don’t stop sucking me. Don’t stop.” I caught a glimpse of the guy stepping up behind Rita and then I saw the shadow of his huge cock as it dangled between his legs and as he aimed it at my wife’s ass. He suddenly grabbed my wife and pulled her back from the car and aimed her head into my window and bent her over the door!! From that angle, I could only imagine how exposed my wife’s ass and bald pussy were to the youth. He sqatted down and said, “Mind if I have some fun too?” I laughed and said, “Help yourself, but only if you have a condom!!” Rita moaned and grabbed for the zipper on my shorts to free my quickly reviving dick from their canvas covering.I watched as suddenly the guy buried his face in my wife! “She arched her back and turned and looked at me. “My God he is eating my pussy!!! Oh my God!!! “ She said in what I am sure she thought was a whisper was more of a yelp!! “Oh God, he just tongued my asshole!!!”He laughed and I saw him stand up. He tore open the condom pack and then moved behind Rita. She had my cock in her hands by now and was just beginning to “polish my head with that twisting motion of her head when he sank his cock in. She froze, and then my cock popped out of her mouth as she looked at me and said, “My god, he is fucking huge!!” Her eyes got large. Then she moaned as I could see him pull back.She cried out as he slammed into her, and I grabbed the back of her head and aimed it down into my lap. She only hesitated a moment and then she began pumping the shaft of my cock with her hand as she used her tongue and lips on the head of my cock! My hands worked their way under her and soon I was busy with her incredible tits, as I watched the young stud outside the car steadily build both in intensity and speed his long deep thrusts into my quivering wife’s body.Suddenly, I saw the k** slam hard into my wife. I could see his hands spreading her ass cheeks wide and a thumb pressing flatly against her puckered hole. She arched her back and screamed, and at that same moment, my own orgasm overcame me and I watched as pearly streams of jizz shot out of my purple cock head and onto Rita’s chin and dangling tits.For long moments after that, the world just spun out of control. When I finally opened my eyes, I saw the k** throw his used condom on the ground and head off toward the story with a somewhat unsteady gait. My wife stirred and said, “I think you better drive.” So I helped her out of the window. There was a puddle of her juices on the ground and after I helped her into the seat, I saw the river of her cum that had flowed down the side of the car.It is a good thing that she does not weigh much; because by the time we arrived home 15 minutes later, my wife was so far asleep I had to carry her into the house.I can hardly wait to go grocery shopping again next week!!!

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