Saving my college Career


Saving my college CareerSaving my College CareerI was the first person in my family that ever attended a college and/or university. It was a very daunting experience for a naïve girl with no idea what college is suppose to be like. My parents who were self-made millionaires who came to the States with nothing but their clothes on their back never finished school. They couldn’t give me the moral support that I really needed to succeed in college but helped financially They thought college is for the high and mighty not the working class In my parents’ mind they will always be working class even though they were self made millionaires. I was out in the wilderness by myself trying to navigate the perils of college life. It was bad enough that no one in my family thought I could do something with my life, but my coworkers and supervisor were also not supportive as well.When I was in high school, I was a descent student but not considered to be college material. Many of my teachers thought that a blue collar gal such as me could not make through college. I was on the track team one year and I was on the school newspaper. I wanted to become a writer or a political journalist but my family and friends said to me that a girl like me doesn’t go into high flouting career. They just tell me get a clerical job and don’t get lofty ideas. I didn’t listen bahis şirketleri to them. When I entered junior college, I was so shocked to see that I wasn’t getting A’s and B’s like I did when I was in high school. I studied all the time and I didn’t understood why my college grades were not up to snuff. College isn’t like high school at all. I had a C- average when I left junior college to transfer to a 4 yr college. As I entered 4 yr college, my grades were dropping so I was on academic probation. I was told by the university that I must go back to the junior college to get my 2 year degree in order to be readmitted. So, I went back to the junior college and was hooked up with a 4 yr academic counselor to help me the way. He was in his mid forties at the time and I was about 19. I really liked him and we got a rapport going on. I saw him as a substitute father figure who understood my angst about college that my father couldn’t relate. As we got to know each other, the counselor started to come on to me. He complimented me on my breasts and he said that there were so beautiful. He locked his door so no one would barge in. He started to go behind my chair and started to massage my shoulders then proceeded to be breasts. At first I was so scared, but I really enjoyed his strong hands caressing my tits. He said to me, “Contessa mobilbahis your grades are not up to snuff. The University is now being very selective about giving seats to incoming transfer students. You really have to do well here.” After he told me the dire news, he had taken his cock out of his pants. It has very huge. I was so amazed since I was still a virgin. His cock was about maybe at least 9 inches long and his pubic hair was ginger. He started to pump his cock and try to cum for me. He did gave me a pearl necklace and gently rubbed the cum off my tits. After that he French kissed me and felt my wet pussy. He had me sucking on my huge nipples. I left his office with wet underwear. I really couldn’t concentrate on my studies. I was concentrating on his beautiful big cock and ginger public hair. Sometimes, I rubbed my tits against his hairy chest. It felt so good. We were having this affair during the duration of my attendance at the junior college. Almost every day after class, I would visit his office and he would lock his door and we start to fuck and suck each other until he had his next appointment. He always kept an open slot every day for our rendezvous. I was wondering if his secretary ever figured out that we both were having an affair. She probably did figure it out later on. If it wasn’t for the fact bahis siteleri that he and I were having this taboo affair, I would never have gotten readmission to the university. Also, my father was good friends with the junior college president which help my counselor lover to pull some strings.He attended my graduation at the 4 year college to see me walk across the stage which I was very appreciative. I knew it was wrong that I had an affair with a married man yet with my junior college counselor but I had to do what I had to do. If it wasn’t for his connections to the University, I would not have a four year degree hanging on my bedroom wall. We still kept in touch on and off for less than a decade I graduated. I went back to school to get a second bachelor’s at one of the University’s campuses. I informed him that I graduated with a second bachelors after that I got a political appointed government job. He was pretty good about getting back to me. He didn’t bother to congratulate me on my political appointment and on my second bachelors which was out of character for him. He was retiring as I getting my second degree. I sent him a retirement card and thanked him for his “help” and moral support over the years. I never mentioned our affair in the card. It has been a decade since I was in contact with him. To this very day, I never will forget what he had done for my college career and what he had done to introduce me to pleasure. Last I heard he moved to Virginia to retire. Big Red wherever you are. I will never forget our time together. At least you deep down believed in me.

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