Saturday Night Anal

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People know what happened between us, she said as we were leaving.

This is a work of fiction, something I shared with my long term girlfriend. We sext a lot, and this looked ready to publish.

Let me tell you something about my girlfriend Simran first; She isn’t the typical size 0 figure you would have in your mind, she’s got the curves with wide hips proportionate to her 36D boobs. But her best part is definitely her ass, her work on her ass at the gym really shows and it’s also the central focus of this story. She’s not too tall and she has a cute and attractive round face and she wears glasses.

It was Saturday night and we planned to go clubbing. I told her I’ll meet her there directly because I was working that Saturday. I reached the club at 8pm and she reached there within 5 minutes of me. I was in my regular work formals, a dark blue pant, plain white shirt and black leather shoes, Simran loves to see me in formals, it turns her on. I hugged her and gave her a peck on her cheek following which I checked her out. She was wearing a white lace crop top (one of my favourites) and I could see her light pink bra underneath and it canlı bahis was quite evident because the top left very less to the imagination. She wore a dark blue jeans and I really loved this outfit. I said she look very hot and she hugged me again and gave me a kiss on my lips.

As it was Saturday there were no tables available, so we had to sit on the bar stool. These stools are quite high and we could have a good view of the club. But I couldn’t take my eyes off her, I was rubbing my hand on her back to tease her and she was liking it. She had a vodka shot and I was having my regular, a pint of beer. We were chatting about our day and also I was moving my hands on her naked waist and stomach. She had 3 shots and suggested that we hit the dance floor.

We were dancing and I must say that Simran is very sexy when she dances, she can move her body and she maintains eye contact with me, which is very turning on. She turned her back towards me to grind her ass on my pants, I’m sure she could feel my hard on. I was also touching her ass and I slowly moved up to her waist, soon enough I brushed her boobs and lay my hands on her neck and planted bahis siteleri a kiss there. She turned around and was astonished looking at my hard on through my pants. I asked her what is she gonna do about it; She brushed her hands on my crotch and just winked at me. We headed for a few more drinks.

As we were having drinks, I asked her about the earlier question I asked, she pretended for awhile that she didn’t understand, but then she said that we could take this to the common bathroom and settle it.

So we were in the bathroom and I locked the door and I started kissing her as I held her and touched her soft back. We broke the kiss, I turned her around and pushed her on the platform there. Then I slowly kissed her back and also gave her a few spanks, which made her laugh. Then I told her I want her ass and I can’t wait anymore. She took my pants off, and looked at my cock like its a gift. She got on her knees, kissed the head and took it in her mouth, she was sucking gently and they she started sucking harder. I was almost on the edge so I told her to stop. I unbuttoned her pants and was shocked to see that she skipped her panties and bahis şirketleri this turned me on further. I told her that I want to fuck her ass and before she could react I pushed her down on the platform. She hadn’t sucked a lot and my cock was not lubricated enough, but I wanted to fuck her so I didn’t bother and pushed my cock in her ass. I felt tight but pushed harder and moved in further, Simran let out a loud scream, I know this was because of the lack of lubrication. She looked back at me and said fuck me baby. This turned me on and I pushed my whole cock inside and started thrusting her hard and fast, as I fucked her ass she was moaning and shouting in pleasure, I knew she was loving this. I was holding her waist as I fucked her even harder until I was getting ready to cum, I told her I’m gonna cum and within seconds I came, and filled her ass with a huge load of thick and hot cum. As I took my cock out of her ass I could see prints of my fingers on her waist and I told her. She just smiled, then we got dressed and I kissed her again for a few seconds. Following which we decided to leave.

As we were walking out I could look at the prints on her waist clearly. People know what happened between us, she said as we were leaving. I told her I know and that I could be ready for another round by the time we got home, she started laughing and give me a kiss on my cheeks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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