Sassy goes to the library…..


Sassy goes to the library…..Here comes that beautiful Sassy into my lab here at Wannabe U. She is always so perky and on her that is absolutely erotic, a real turn on for an old guy like me. Today she is in a short, pleated skirt with a matching vest covering another sheer white blouse. Like all her blouses none of them need to be wet to show off the dark tone of the skin underneath, those enticing breasts with nipples that seem to be painted to the outside of the blouse.I stand to greet her but need to sit quickly because of my immediate arousal which my slacks don’t hide very well. If ever there was a young lady who could make my anatomy 101 class so great to be teaching it is Sassy. She sits in the front of the class distracting me with her periodic “winks” from under her skirt or the occasional high cut shorts she wears. She doesn’t need heels since her long, muscular legs set her apart from any of the other girls in my classes.I have taught pre-med classes here for many years and have had all sorts of experiences with these young people needing the classes to move forward in medicine. Sassy is setting a new standard for me this year with her enticing ways and obvious teasing of me to distraction. I often lose my place during a lecture as she sits provocatively right before me. From my frustrated position I can see the men in the class ordu escort casting sidelong glances her way in hopes of getting her attention. She ignores them and remains focused on tormenting me alone…..much to the torment of the others. Thank goodness when the class is finally over and I can retreat to the safe barrier of my desk.Today Sassy wants me to accompany her to the medical library to review some coursework. I do this often with any student who asks but for Sassy I cannot get to the library fast enough. It is early evening, late dusk and the library will be open just another half hour. The librarian gives me the key to one of the small conference room while giving Sassy a knowing glance. Sassy and I enter the middle of the rooms at the very back of the stacks and sit next to each other with the large plate window next to the door across the table from us. People are strolling by within easy view but Sassy pays them no attention as she fishes out her book. She opens to the marked page which turns out to be the male reproductive organs and asks me the one question that let’s me know what is on her mind; “What are the different ways the blood can bring the penis to full erection”?As I react Sassy rubs her left thigh against my right one which gives her an immediate response to the question. She looks in my lap and mutters; escort ordu “Oh!! My!!” at about the same time I moan lightly. Sassy places her hand under the table and rubs the outline of my penis through the tented pants. She has me in her complete control.It has probably been a half hour though it seems like seconds but a classroom bell sounds announcing the closing of the library. Outside people hurry to exit, some glancing into the room where we are, most just in a rush to avoid a scolding from the slender, grey haired guardian of the books. Sassy makes no move to leave so I resign myself to eventual discovery and exposure to the faculty.Then all the lights switch off and the darkness would be complete if not for a few security lights. Our room is mostly dark and Sassy and I are soon up on the table, rushing to see how intense is my erection and her reaction to it. We are shedding my clothes when I feel another set of hands wandering over my body. I am confused until I see the silhouette of the librarian against the backlight. This is unbelievable. I feel my penis shall explode. It has been removed from the confines of the trousers and the librarian is fellating me in a way I never have been. Sassy is holding me for her while I rub her breasts through the material though the part of Sassy I most desire remains just out of reach.This ordu escort bayan is pure ecstasy. I am the only one with my clothes partially removed. I can hear Sassy squish when she moves a bit and the satisfied sound from the librarians mouth as she continues to engulf me…..deeply. Now the seconds have turned into endless hours that I hope will continue for days. Soon, the familiar feeling all men have starts to build within me and I begin a more guttural moan. The climax builds and the librarian responds as she must have done so many times before. Sassy seems to know exactly when to tighten her grip on the base of my penis which she does just as I am ejaculating. For that brief, gripping moment I know a pleasure I have never known before. Sassy loosens her grip and the sensation of all that sperm moving through my urethra,out the end and into the librarians waiting throat is more than I can bear. Sassy leans over and gives the librarian a soulful kiss allowing some of the sperm to dribble out between them. All my energy, my blood is in my erect penis that very slowly becomes flaccid as the librarian continues to lick my shaft.I am physically spent and the two of them help me stand and get dressed. Neither of them seems the least mussed and all is normal. Sassy and I gather our things and leave the librarian to close up behind us. Finally, as we cross the commons to the parking lot I am finally able to speak. I ask Sassy how on earth she came to such an arrangement. She smiles coyly at me and says simply as she opens the door to her car; “He’s my husband”.

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