Sarah’s Feet (A Fond Memory)


Sarah’s Feet (A Fond Memory)I found this pic a while back and it reminded me of a great true account, and a fond memory from my past. The girl in this pic looks almost EXACTLY like the girl who pretty much made my foot fetish official when I was about 15 and she was 14. I thought I’d share the story in a casual way (and I’ll try to keep it short and sweet if I can) for you foot lovers who may enjoy the sentiment. So without further ado.. I think I was in about the 7th grade when I started noticing girls’ feet and feeling turned on about it. It started off pretty simply. I liked it when girls wore plain white ankle socks. I’d start getting aroused when I’d see a girl in short shorts and socks, or when watching them taking their socks off. This was also about the time when I started looking at porn (hentai being a big part of my porn appreciation development), and though I didn’t really have a foot fetish that I could identify as such per se, one of my favorite things was when a girl wore nothing BUT a pair of white socks. One day I was in science class in the 7th grade, and there was this cute hispanic girl who sat in my field of view. She always wore flip flops and she would dangle them, or arch her foot, with her instep against the ground, heel in the air, and I could see the soles of her bare feet. I identify this experience as the first time I started wondering what her feet smelled like, and began thinking about sucking on her toes and licking her soles, stuff like that. As before it pretty much progressed from there. As the next several years went by I became more and more turned on by female feet, actually starting to watch them intentionally and look at porn with feet included. Maybe not foot fetish porn specifically for a while, but that kind of activity would definitely start shortly after the experience which was the reason for my writing this post. I grew up in the suburbs of Austin, Texas. One hot Texas summer day when I was about 15, my best friend at the time, who I’ll call Sarah, rode her bike all the way to my house to play some Street Fighter (she was a total tomboy/anime canlı kaçak bahis nerd). We lived in different neighborhoods, but went to the same middle school and had become best friends and stayed that way for a few years. Now our neighborhoods were probably at least six miles apart from each other, but we were young, fit, and full of energy and excitement about it being summer and getting to do basically whatever we wanted during the day, so we often made the bike trips to each other’s houses. Truth was, we were attracted to each other, but she had a boyfriend. Not that that stopped me from trying to be with her, but I digress. So she showed up at my house sometime in the mid afternoon, all hot and sweaty in these butt-hugging jeans (which, yeah, did make her cute little butt look amazing, btw), a black, girl’s tee, and classic black and white converse. What an outfit for a six mile bike ride in 100 degree weather, right? Anyway, we played Street Fighter Alpha 3 for a while, and I admit, I was kicking her ass the whole time. Somehow, we started wrestling playfully on my bedroom floor. We took a break, just kinda laughing and goofing off. At some point she took her shoes off, revealing to my pleasant surprise, her bare feet in black toenail polish, which had started to peel off I guess because of sweat, or having been on those plump, juicy toes for a couple of days at that point. I know this sounds like something an avid foot lover would fabricate, because yeah it’s straight out of a scenario from one of the pics on this site, but I k** you not, that smell, vaguely of vinegar and honey and sweat and the rubber soles of her shoes (you know, that perfectly sweet stink that could ONLY come from a teenage girl going barefoot in converse and completing strenuous physical activity in the summer heat). Now, I was an only c***d, I had no sisters, and had never had like, a REAL girlfriend at that point, so although I had been curious and turned on by the IDEA, I had never been smacked in the nose with that sweet feminine stink before. Until then I wasn’t sure if I would like online bahis it. Well, let me assure you now, that, yes, I FUCKING LOVED IT. I must have gotten a boner instantly, I mean, I don’t know how I could NOT have. So somehow we ended up wrestling again, this time on my bed. At one point she laughed, shoved her foot right in my face and said “Smell!” Now I knew she was k**ding, or trying to gross me out, so in order to do the same to her (but I think subconsciously to fulfill my own horny teenage desires), I grabbed her foot and did just that, pressing my nose against her toes and taking a nice big sniff. I remember distinctly that her toes were still sweaty and sticky, which of course drove me crazy. Now, remember that pic at the top of the post? Her feet actually looked very very similar to that. She had that kind of shapely, plump, meaty foot. Hard to describe it with words, but they were incredible like that. We were both surprised for a second at my reaction, but what was even more surprising was that she didn’t seem particularly grossed out or anything. She kinda just looked at me with wide eyes. Kinda jokingly she was like “EW! Do you have a foot fetish or something?” Not really feeling embarrassed or ashamed of that, and being that she was my best friend who I could be honest with, I told her “Yeah actually I kinda do.” Then she was like, “So you like my smelly feet?” (or something like that) and again I was honest and told her that I did and that I thought she had really cute feet. She laughed playfully and, kinda lovingly making fun, she shoved her foot in my face again. I happily took her foot in my hands and sniffed it again. This time she didn’t pull it away, but kinda just watched me do my thing. I think she was really more curious than anything. Since I was in so deep already, I just kinda candidly asked her if I could massage her feet. She didn’t have a problem with that, and she let me. We laid on my bed while I rubbed her feet, sniffing them periodically. Eventually I got the courage to ask if I could maybe suck on her toes. Again I think she was curious, makrobet güvenilir mi or hell, maybe the idea turned her on too, because she let me. I was in heaven, and boy did I go to town on those toes, even stealing a lick of her soles from time to time. She asked me if it really turned me on, like, sexually. Since things had gone in my favor up to this point, I remained honest with her and told me that it did, and I mentioned that I was kind of embarrassed because I had an erection which was becoming pretty damn noticeable in my shorts. She said something like “Yeah I noticed, it’s alright…” What happened next damn near made my head explode. I remember her kinda biting her bottom lip and sliding her one foot up the leg of my shorts while I tended to her other with my nose and mouth. She started wiggling her sweaty and sticky toes on my hardon. Of course, being 15, and only having had one blowjob and a couple of movie theater handjobs at that point in my life, it wasn’t long before I shot my wad on Sarah’s toes. In my recollection it was the biggest load I had ever popped off up to that point. She was kinda turned on I think, at least her face indicated she was. She pulled her foot out of my shorts and, I guess in order to be silly, she wiped her cummy foot on my shorts. Small price to pay for what I had just received as far as I was concerned. We never really talked about that incident again and of course, eventually, life took us in opposite directions throughout high school (we went to different schools) and into college. However, from that day forward, I was in love with feet. I haven’t really been able to duplicate the experience since. I mean, I’ve sucked on girlfriend’s toes and gotten a footjob or two since then, but I guess it was because it was the first time my fantasy had come to life. Plus, a lot of girls my age don’t go around barefoot in shoes AND shove their foot in your face the way a 14 year old girl would. Furthermore, much to my dismay, most of the girls I get involved with these days somehow bring up that they think feet are gross, so I don’t mention my secret desire for fear of grossing them out. I guess I may never have that kind of excitement again, and that’s ok. Sometimes, when I’m all alone, I’ll think back to that hot summer day, and rub one out, a dedication to my Sarah’s perfect feet.

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