SARAH and BIG JIMWhen Sarah and I enjoyed a varied sex life occasionally she had sex with both men and women and would always tell me about the times I was away working to try to make ends meet and it happened. At first I wanted to be present when she had these experiences, but later in our marriage we came to an understanding that both of us had desires and due to various commitments couldn,t always be together so as long as we told each other later found it one heck of a turn on. I already told you how Sarah ended up,on the end of Big Jim Reid’s cock well a few weeks later I had to work and son Rick was away at university so Sarah and Jim teamed up with other friends for the weekly pub quiz and won by a large margin so Sarah invited Big Jim back and of course as no one else was home soon they were kissing hotly and she then excused herself to slip into something more comfortable which of course was the suit she,d been born in! Big Jim like me loved to suck and play with my wife,s big tits and as he illegal bahis did she ran her hand up and down his semi erect prick loving the feel of the smooth skin as it hardened to her touch. Now she leaned over to lap all over his balls then the shaft till it was covered in her saliva so when he eased the tip in it didn,t hurt so much, but she discovered now her pussy had stretched to accommodate such a monster cock and soon he was pounding her, his cock going further than any cock had penetrated before and she couldn,t believe the sensations coursing through her entire body. She always loved the way my cock made her climax with multiple orgasms, but Jim’s penis reached the parts no man could reach and she revelled in the feelings coming many many times before Jim unloaded and spurted so much cum that even after he withdrew it gurgles as it oozed back out if her well fucked fanny and down the cheeks of her arse and inner thighs to pool on the bed sheets so much she had to change them later in order illegal bahis siteleri to sleep. Once she,d gone to the toilet to pee out most of Jim,s heavy ejaculate she was ready for more action, but this time Big Jim spread her legs and kissed her sensitive clitoris knowing how much she loves to get as well as get oral sex and soon he was making love to her with his tongue, fingers and mouth till she had multiple orgasms again, barely able to utter “Come on Jim Love FUCK ME!” And did he ever! Sarah said she thought he was in so deep that she feared he might cum in her mouth though he was fucking her twat! They fucked three times before Jim said he was tired and had to get sleep because he had to,open his shop at 8am. After Big Jim left Sarah took a bath, then changed the cum soaked bed sheets, her pussy so sore she,d had to put antiseptic cream on it, but still found it difficult to sit down comfortably. She,d rarely said her cunt was sore early in our marriage except perhaps when I canlı bahis siteleri took her virginity and that time we were both sore, but in our youth things like that quickly healed. Most quiz nights after that I attended as I Wasn,t working and Big Jim had started going out with a pretty young thing who he told me he was fucking a lot so we Didn,t invite him back to,our house so often. I recall one e evening in the pub when the girl Ellie was sat next to me, Sarah in the ladies, and Jim getting drinks I asked her. “If you don,t mind me asking how old are you Ellie?” “Twenty three.” She replied. “Ellie why is a young girl of twenty three dating Big a****ls who,s forty seven?” “Well it,s Not his money as I have plenty. I love his BIG COCK!” I smiled. At least she was honest. But things Didn,t work out for Big Jim and Ellie and even after they broke up Big Jim couldn,t really explain what happened till one night after he,d had more beers than usual he confided to me “Ellie is a real nymphomaniac! Even my big cock couldn,t seem to satisfy her! She even fantasises being a a “gang bang” and I think from the way she talks she,s taken part in a few. I love Fucking, but I just couldn,t keep,up with her and I doubt she,ll ever find a man who does!” TBC

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