Sandy Ch. 03

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Sandy 3: The students prep and take their final exam

Thank you to all who have made me a favorite author, I am quite touched, and thank you also to those who have favorited my stories. I do this for you all, but I didn’t expect such a great response. For those who haven’t read my other stories in this series I suggest you read the first two parts. Thank you again for all those who have read what I’ve put forth so far. I’ve gotten people telling me to use italics, others said MORE CAPS, and still others told me less. It’s my style, but it is not a *SHOUT*, it is more to GRAB you and see what I am attempting to convey.

Amber was beside herself as she rested in bed in the early morning light. She thoughts back to her boyfriend Marc, now in NYC, and she missed him. However, that cock Sandy strapped on and used on her felt SO good. She had to have more sex with Sandy! It was too hot and too enjoyable and it beat the guys she rejected at school. It was now for the first time she noticed the pain of last night, or lack thereof, from her becoming a woman. She had experienced sex, lost her virginity, to a woman!

JJ was on his way to work for Saturday morning and Amber decided to visit her instructor downstairs. She went to the apartment door and knocked. Amber told the visitor to enter. Sandy was seated at her desk working her term paper for her masters degree.

“Amber! My newest student returns. What is it? Did you leave something on my night stand?” Sandy asked as she looked up.

“No…umm actually I wanted to tell you last night was just…just…ummm.. really …” Amber stuttered to answer

Sandy stood up from her desk, walked over, and stood in Amber’s face and said, “Hot?”

Amber blushed and replied, “Yes, it was really hot. I can’t stop thinking about it. That cock felt so good, I really want more lessons. I want to continue …and to be truthful I couldn’t stop thinking about it.”

“I haven’t stopped thinking about it either, but I am busy with my work now. Maybe you could come back later, after lunch, we’ll have tea and I will teach you another lesson,” Sandy said.

Amber was a little disappointed and told Amber she really wanted something now, she would do anything, and surely study hard on any new lesson. Sandy relented, but said it would be a brief lesson.

Sandy told her student to go over to a small chest and find the incense burning stand and take out a cinnamon stick, the stand, and grab the Zippo lighter from its case next to the incense. Amber did as she was told, set it up on the floor on an old cooking sheet Sandy had been using and with Sandy’s nod lit the incense, watched the stick burn, smolder, and glow red hot as the scent of cinnamon filled the room. Sandy got on the bed and patted it for Amber.

Amber asked, “Why did you have me light up incense? Are we about to smoke some pot?”

Sandy was a little shocked, “You seem to be too good a girl to be into weed. Why? Did you want some?”

“No, it is just that is what people use incense for most of the time isn’t it? That and maybe stuff in temples,”Amber responded.

“You’ve been watching too many movies and teen dramas. Your body is a temple and this is our sanctuary. In here you learn, you practice, and you have faith and trust in me. Incense helps an experience, it ties a critical sense to an experience. It adds the sense of smell to something. Just as a smell can trigger a memory it can also enhance a feeling.”

“Kind of like M.S.G. enhances Chinese food seasoning or whatever it is cooked with, ” Amber joked.

“Kind of…Chinese food, I think I’ll get some tonight for dinner, but anyway yes it helps enhance things. Now …inhale deeply and you’ll figure out why I chose cinnamon. You already know, instinctively,” Sandy said as she took Amber by the shoulders and gently pushed her to the bed on her back.

Amber was suddenly in an intense kiss from Sandy. Sandy undid the belt Amber wore, unbuttoned her fly, and found a zipper. Amber was wearing JJ’s Levis, likely she took them or it was a hand-me-down. Amber felt Sandy’s hands working to pull the jeans off her and helped wiggle out of them and suddenly Amber’s panties were being caressed by Sandy’s hand…the heat growing by the minute. Suddenly Amber felt the kiss release, her tongue still moving, when Sandy pulled off her leaving her stunned.

“Why did you stop?” asked a shaken and disappointed Amber.

“Relax my student, part of the lesson. You are aroused, getting hot, and can you smell the cinnamon more now? Sandy asked as she took her top off, ditched her pants, and finally yanked the shirt off Amber, her bra, and panties went too.

“Yes, I can smell it more now. A lot more now,” Amber said.

“And yet I haven’t added more, sure there is more burnt from the stick, but I haven’t really added anymore to it. What you smell is the smell of sex. You’re smelling my own excitement and yours. It only gets more intense from here,” ankara escort Sandy explained.

Now, once again, two similarly shaped and lovely nude women returned to making hot love on Sandy’s bed. Resumed with their kissing Amber closed her eyes and her teacher now began to finger her moistening folds and take glistening juices to rub over her clit and tease and gently squeeze and entice it. Amber moaned aloud at how good it felt and hugged Sandy closer. Sandy smiled, her student responded well to her ministrations.

They moved into a delicious 69 and Amber felt herself getting hotter and hotter. She wanted to have more sex, she needed it, she craved it, and found herself saying in a guttural breath to Sandy, “Fuck me again.” That is what Sandy was waiting for and then opened the drawer where she kept the dildo. She inserted it into her own hot folds and squeezed herself around it and flexed her folds. Amber begged more and asked why Sandy was doing that. “I am heating it for you darling. I don’t want cold latex in you… I want it to feel like a cock. I need it to feel like a real cock. With that Sandy strapped it on, got it ready, and the reached into the drawer again and took out a pair of silk gloves that were very dense and completely hid Sandy’s hands and feel inside. Amber felt two hands, inside heavy silk caress her shoulders and massage them. Amber purred and asked about the gloves.

“They are another sense enhancer for the experience. Now, no more talking my student. Endure, listen, smell, and experience,” Sandy the instructor told her student.

Amber allowed herself to just feel the gloves on her shoulders, clearly with Sandy’s hands inside, and heard the sucking and sticky sounds as the dildo came out of Sandy’s folds and it then heard the elastic bands as it was strapped on Sandy’s crotch. She then felt the first nudge of the well shaped, hot like body temp, and veined cock enter her. She moaned, winced a little, and pushed back in a sigh.

Sandy started to really pump into Amber, she tugged around her torso, pulling her closer, and really going at it. Faster and faster. Amber’s eyes rolled back, she panted, and she screamed as a climax hit like a ton of bricks. Quickly Sandy’s glove went over her mouth and she thrust in even harder magnifying the climax.

Amber came back to ground and caught her breath. She then, pulled off, turned around, and grabbed Sandy to kiss her. “Down girl!” was the only thought in Sandy’s mind, but then again the student was driven to a mad orgasm. Amber got on her back, spread her legs a little, and motioned for her lover to take her again. Sandy smiled and got on top of Amber and reinserted and this time had the gloves on her inner shoulders and told her to close her eyes. Amber closed her eyes and Sandy delivered on another high power fucking session ending it with squeezing her bulb and forcing a squirt of her juices into Amber just as her next climax hit. Amber slowed and fell asleep.

Sandy laughed to herself and brought her folds to Amber’s face. “Hey, what about me? I need some pleasure too. Strap it on yourself crotch and gimme some pleasure!

Amber was shown how to collect her juices into the reservoir and learn to control the bulb. With some experience and teaching surely she’d get good. Sandy got on all fours and told Amber to get behind her and start licking.

Amber proceeded to lick and then got on all fours behind Sandy. She was not use to this: another woman in front of her on all fours, her own folds behind a large dick, and the woman wanting to be fucked. She was a bit awkward at first, it isn’t as easy as it look ladies, it takes some skill and practice to get the balance and rhythm. With proper coaching and teaching Amber proceeded to bring a head-swimming orgasm to Sandy.

After giving Amber a smack on the ass on the way out as she was ushered to the door to allow her to finish her work Sandy resumed her work on her paper. She had new material to work with now.

That evening Sandy’s lessons continued with Amber learning more about how to accept the gloves, take voice direction, not speak, learn to listen more, pay attention to feeling, and also keep her eyes closed and learn the use of blindfolds. The lessons continued for Amber at some times, JJ at others, and through it all over the next few weeks Sandy still went to her classes and worked on her paper. JJ worked and Amber attended school.

Sandy began to wear Sunbeam Raspberry Body spray from Bath & Body Works and would always spray it on her before sex. Neither JJ or Amber seemed to mind, they both said they loved the odor. Sandy smiled to herself every time she sprayed it on herself.

Towards the end of the semester as Sandy prepared to hand in her paper she needed a conclusion and with that she prepared her two students for their own final exam.

The parents were headed away for the weekend and asked that Sandy please keep an eye out and make sure no wild parties escort ankara are held and if so to please do whatever she could to keep an eye out for nothing to get out of hand. They offered her some money for her troubles, but she said she’d be home anyway and agreed to keep an eye on the two.

Saturday night approached. Sandy had made plans with JJ, but told him to tell Amber he was going out that night to spend time with a friend. When JJ asked why Sandy told him that Amber was looking to see if the three of them could go to the movies and since she intended on being him they needed a reason to not be there. However, what JJ didn’t know is that earlier in the day Sandy had told Amber nearly the same thing: she too told was to tell JJ she was spending time with a friend, so he’d not believe them to be home and find something else to do that night. That night indeed had quite a set up.

As Saturday night approached Amber was informed to knock Sandy’s door at exactly 7:45PM that evening and JJ to do it at 7:55PM. Both siblings ate together earlier from delivered Chinese food. They each told the other they were leaving and went to their rooms after they cleaned up dinner.

Meanwhile downstairs in her apartment Sandy prepared the bed, put out the stand of incense, lit candles, lowered the lights, and sprayed her body with the raspberry body spray and smiled. At exactly 7:45 Amber knocked on the door and was let inside and saw Sandy was naked and kissed her and told her to get on the bed. The embraced, kissed, and then Amber was told this was their final exam: During the entire time she was not to speak, only moan, breath, and listen to the commands. She was to focus exclusively on the sensations and the moment. Amber agreed. At that point she was blindfolded with a soft silk scarf and asked if she was comfortable. She nodded and then was then commanded to get on all fours. Amber was asked if she liked the candles and set up along with the smells. Amber nodded.

Sandy gently got up and went back to the open door to her apartment. A few moments later JJ came down and before he could say a word he saw Sandy’s finger go to her mouth in a “quiet” gesture. JJ smiled and walked up to her. She motioned for him to turn around. He did so and as he did he felt a soft silk scarf go around him blindfolding him.

In his ear Sandy whispered, “I am very proud of you. You’ve cum quite far. Tonight is your final lesson. No talking. Just focus on the moment, listen for commands, and above all focus on pleasure and remember to react to the body.”

With that and a nod from JJ she began to strip him naked at the door and told him to keep quiet. She embraced him and made sure their bodies pressed together for a few moments, allowing and causing the scent of raspberries to get all over his skin. She then started to blow his rigid cock and then led him towards the bed. Before getting through the door she handed him the silk gloves and he put them on without question.

Each sibling knew the other was out, after all they each told them the other was going out. Each was about to have some great sex with Sandy. Neither could wait. Neither could Sandy.

Amber’s nude body was on all fours on the bed, blindfolded and awaiting pleasure, and Sandy gave her folds a few quick licks. Amber swooned. Now getting on the bed JJ started to reach out and put his glove-wearing on shoulders. He reached out for the first, and seemingly only, pair of shoulders he found.

Sandy slowly got off the bed and with her head between the two siblings said, “I am ready! Baby, let’s do it my student.”

With that and the smell of cinnamon magnifying sexual arousal, the smell of raspberries assuring Amber that Sandy was behind her and that Sandy was in front of JJ he eased his hot cock into the alluring and lovely folds ahead of his cock. Both siblings moaned and did their best to just focus on feeling and not speak.

Amber felt the realistic dildo creeping into her folds, it was hot, and felt so real. She’d need to ask Sandy where she got that great and realistic feeling latex pleasure-bringing device.

JJ felt the folds of, whom he believed was Sandy, grip and squeeze his cock. He moaned, massaged the shoulders ahead of him in the gloves, and kissed the back in front of him.

Through the darkness of their blindfolds the two fucking siblings now listened to the pleasure they were clearly brining the other party, smelled raspberries and cinnamon mixed with sexual excitement. A little bit of glowing light was present with the candles. They relaxed, enjoyed, and kept going at it. Every few minutes Sandy would move her head between them and say he well they were doing and how great it felt.

It was JJ’s first round and Sandy knew he’d pop soon. Amber was close to climax, she could tell. A few moments later she told the two of them—to each of them individually it would seem—to wrap their legs around her. JJ did, thinking it was Sandy, and Amber ankara escort bayan did the same. Intertwined and locked in their doggy style hot fuck sensations were too high and they mutually climaxed. Amber noticed how powerfully the dildo in her was shooting, how hot and quick it came, and how GREAT it felt.

JJ felt his climax hit him like a ton of bricks! He shot and shot and shot! He held onto the shoulders, shuddering, and panting with much excitement! He loved every moment and couldn’t wait to do more. A few moments passed and JJ withdrew his cock.

Sandy asked, with her head between them as they each panted, “Feel good my student?” Both nodded, still not speaking and breathing heavily.

Sandy had candles atop the card table and the table was a few feet away from the center of the bed off to the right. Sandy sat in the chair by the card table, naked, and turned on to high hell. She told them both to sit on the bed and face her voice. Each did so thinking the other had gotten up.

“My student you may remove your blindfold and whatever you do you are not to speak. Go ahead,” Sandy said with a “point of no return” feeling.

JJ and Amber took off the blindfolds and found their eyes hurt by the sudden jump from darkness to candle light, but both could clearly begin to see Sandy sitting in the chair and they focused and focused until they realized by listening still, they were still in a heightened sensory mind-set that they were not alone on the bed, there was another breathing!

Sandy waved to the two of them and made eye contact with each as suddenly JJ and Amber, through still focusing eyes, noticed each other. Both were clearly shocked, but did not speak. Partly still under Sandy’s commands and partly shock.

Sandy spoke, “Don’t say a word. Control. Focus. I won’t give you cliches you find in other stories about how perhaps you both always loved each other and you should share family love. Nor will I ask you to examine if you really enjoyed it or the like. Instead I will simply confess some things to you both.

First, I know you both wanted each other and I further know you both loved that. Perhaps you’re even thinking of going at your next round now. However, before I tell you what I was about tell you…JJ, go to the bathroom.”

JJ did as he was told, he knew to listen, and he had to go.

When he returned Sandy had given Amber a t shirt to wear and motioned for him to sit next to Amber again on the bed. Both were eager to hear what Sandy had to spill.

Sandy resumed, “The paper I am working on for my degree is a study into the psyche and history of incest, a collection of some personal stories from interviews, and in the final part of the thesis I am seeing if it can be cultivated and learned. Not from cliched “I caught him masturbating” or “She was drunk” cliches, but through senses and pleasure. My own twist was the idea of leading two parties into it through establishing a tacit desire and then masking the scent, the feeling, the sound, and the sight. All that could felt was feeling, pleasure. The first sense. So my students, for the sake of research I have questions for you about what you think now. I am sure you have questions.”

Amber spoke first, but she did not scream in anger, nor wretch, or the like. She realized it was done, she had the orgasm and it is was it was. She’d deal with that soon. She asked, “Why us? Why incest?”

“Well do you remember how I’ve spoken of my brothers a few times? I am sure by now you realize I have been sleeping with my two older brothers for some time. Perhaps someday I’ll tell you more about it if you wish. For me it started when I read the story “State Fair”, it was so hot. It spoke of a girl named Denise and her brother and the incest, animal sex, and lesbian sex she experiences at the state fair. As for the two of you….you both live in the same house. What about you stud? You’re awful quiet,” She turned to JJ

JJ was not able to speak. He was on display, his cock shrived up. He worried about his sister, Sandy, and more. He seemed ready to leave.

“Now come on stud! You’re one of my prized pupils, you have confidence. I am not going to tell anyone and your sister isn’t mad. Stay here,” said Sandy.

JJ did as he was told and spoke. He asked if Amber enjoyed his loving prowess, if she felt it was good, and asked her to rate him. She gave great feelings and told him it was truly amazing. JJ felt better. JJ finally asked a question, “Why did you chose us? Why not another pair of siblings?”

Sandy sighed, “That’s a good question. I am not going to be here much longer. The paper will soon be handed in, I will graduate, get my degree, and hopefully find work at an institute or hospital. During that time I will likely move out of here. You both need someone to enjoy your sexual energy, new found skills, and keep satisfied. My gift to you for the research: You have each other now.”

The three of them spoke until later hours, decided to go out for late night ice cream, and then return to Sandy’s den for a hot session of “study hall.”

Thank you for reading my stories. If I get enough positive feedback I could continue this or write a prequel.

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