Sams lesbian encounter III


Sams lesbian encounter IIITrembling, Sam stood arms to her side. Was it fear, was it excitement, a combination of both, she no longer cared. Her eyes widened as her mouth was being invaded by Mary’s tongue. Frozen she didn’t know what to do. Mary held Sam’s head softly as her tongue snaked around Sam’s mouth. Reaching down Mary caressed her her firm breast. Circling the flesh colored areola with her finger, Sam inhaled with short quick breaths. She felt her nipple respond as Mary rolled it between her fingers and thumb. Removing her tongue, Mary kissed Sam’s lips softly before moving to her neck then ear. Her head swimming with thoughts of desire, fear, excitement, she knew one thing, she wanted to feel Mary’s hand between her legs. Reaching up, she bursa escort grasped Mary’s hand on the side of her face. Slowly moving down ward she parted her legs and pressed against her wanting vagina. Mary’s heart nearly stopped, feeling Sam’s soft warm lips against her hand. Moving slowly she bent down and kissed Sam’s breasts softly. As she sucked Sam’s nipple into her mouth, she moved her hand up ward pressing a finger between the outer lips of Sam’s moist womanhood. Sam felt lightning run through her body as Mary bit softly on her stiff nipple and her finger enter her. Sam moaned softly as Mary moved her finger in and up to her stimulated clitoris. Sam’s knees weakened as Mary suckled her other nipple and rubbed her clit. Sam moaned louder as she felt bursa escort bayan the beginning of an orgasm wash over her. Pressing Mary’s head against her breast she whimpered, more. Pinning her against the door Mary slid a second finger in Sam’s wet vagina, moving them in and out. Mary felt her hand being covered with liquid as a second orgasm raced through Sam’s body. No longer able to stand, she hung onto Mary as they moved to the bench along the back wall. Mary looked into Sam’s eyes as she lowered her head to kiss her again. Sam sucked on Mary’s tongue as she slid it in her mouth. Sam’s sent filled the little room as Mary removed her fingers. Sam began to sob as she watched Mary lower her head between her legs. Mary pressed her cheek on Sam’s escort bursa shaven vaginal area while moving a hand up to Sam’s right breast. Mary felt her panties being soaked with her own desire as she took in Sam’s oder. Turning her head Mary kissed Sam’s lower abdomen working her way over and down to Sam’s leg. Lifting it slowly she could feel her body tremble as she kissed the inside of Sam’s thigh. Sam clutched at her breasts, squeezing her soft flesh between her fingers as her breathing quickened. She threw her head back as she felt Mary’s lips in her fleshy butt cheeks. As Mary pushed Sam’s legs upwards towards her chest she smiled as she looked at Sam’s pink hole. She watched as Sam’s juices ran out of her swollen vagina and down to her wonderful ass hole. As she moved her tongue outward, she lowered her head to taste Sam’s nectar for the first time. Sam jumped as she felt Mary’s tongue touch her. She had to press her hands on her mouth to cover her scream.

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