Sam and Jill pt 2


Sam and Jill pt 2Sam and Jill pt 2By Way2BdgStorycodes: m+/f+; plastic; orgy; wraps; bound; bagged; xPlastic OrgyA year has passed, and now there are four crazy couples in our neighborhood. I am Tim and my wife Jill, Sam and her husband John, Susan and her husband Jerry, and Tom with his wife the dominatrix Jenny.We do thing as we planned or spontaneously. Sam and Jenny who often provoke it, just what was happening tonight. I was sleeping when I heard men voices. I opened my eyes and saw three hooded men on my bed. They seem were fucking something wrapped tightly by thick layers of cling wrap. One man was under it, another at front and the other one at the rear of it. I heard female voice emitted from it, it was a moan and a gasp of air. The thing was a woman! She was thickly wrapped with her hand behind her back. Suddenly, I felt erection on my cock. “Like it don’t you? That’s Jill inside the cocoon, Tim! Your wife was ****d! Willingly, of course.” a female voice. ” What the hell…!” I tried to speak and move but I couldn’t. I realized that was Susan’s voice. Then, I felt warmth engulfed my already full erect cock. Susan! I shouted, but only mmhhm came out from my mouth. She’s naked. “Relax, just enjoy it,” another female voice. She is Jenny, and naked too. I looked down and I saw Sam sucking my member hungrily. I know she has a crush on me and often do anything she could think of to get to me. Sam now was on my lap, riding my cock and I could do nothing but moaning. My body was wrapped from my neck to ankles to a chair and O-ring gag inside my mouth, only my head and my cock were free. I assumed Jill was gagged by O-ring gag too.“Here, use this on her,” ordered Jenny. The guys fucking Jill’s head retreated his cock and cover Jill’s cling wrapped head with plastic bag. It’s barely fitted her wrapped head, but he forced it down and sealed it with zip tied on her neck. Jill begun to twist and wriggle. This excited the three guys. They hold her body firmly. Two of them who were fucking her slowed their pace. They enjoyed the view rather than fucking her pussy and asshole.“Sam, you want it too, right,” said Jenny. So while Sam was on my lap, bornova escort bayan Jenny zip tied Sam arms on her back at her wrists and elbows until they were inline. Then Jenny slipped a plastic bag on Sam’s head, and clasped it on her neck with zip tied. Susan also occupied with me. She tried to bag me, but it was too small for my head. No matter how hard she pulled, it did not slide down.“Susan, it barely fit females head, here, use this instead,” said Jenny, handing over a silicon-swimming cap. “But I want to see his face, how about a clear shower cap,” ask Susan. “What ever…” replied Jenny. So, she covered my head with it and stepped back continued masturbating. Sam was on the verge of a big orgasm and riding me even wildly, then she cums. Immediately Susan tugged Sam off my lap and she landed on the shiny wooden floor. Sam gasping for fresh air almost u*********s but no one helped her. Instead, Susan begun riding me, and Jenny zip tied Susan arms the same as she tied Sam’s and the bag sealed Susan’s head tightly and clasped it with a zip tie around her neck. Susan fucked me passionately. She never left her eyes on my face and kissed me through the plastic, probing her tongue inside my plastic covered mouth. “All this time I want to fuck you so bad…,” said Susan.On the bed the guys were reconfigured their position. I recognize one hooded man, He’s John, and he was holding my wife’s head. He was staring at her face enjoying her peril. Jill almost passed out but he just French kissed her mouth, probing his tongue into the concaved plastic between her lips. Then Jill passed out. John just left her like that, stepped out the bed, and checked on his wife Sam while Tom and Jerry had unfinished business with the u*********s Jill. John pierced a small hole with a pen on the concaved plastic between Sam’s lips and left her there on the floor. John then grabbed the masturbating Jenny, which is Tom’s wife, and Jenny was the one who suffocated Sam. So John tied Jenny as she did to Sam, ‘his wife’, with arms behind and elbows touching. John put O-ring gag on Jenny and started wrapping her legs with cling wrap together up to her escort bornova hips, her tummy, her arms, and her breasts. He wrapped them very tight. He continued wrapping her neck and her head completely without leaving any opening. Then he adds the second layer from her toe to her head, and then the third layer was applied. John took a plastic bag, and slides it over the wrapped head. Then he took a new roll of cling wrap and wrapped Jenny’s head repeatedly until the whole roll was used up. Jenny twisted and wriggled hot and unable to breath. Instead, John lifted her feet and lean them on his shoulder. He tore small hole over her asshole and shoved his cock into it. He hugs her leg while fucking her hard. Then he said, “You know something Jenny, I love wrapping too. Tight isn’t it.” Tom watched his wife being wrapped so thick almost as if she was wearing a helmet and being fucked hard, made him wanted to abuse Jerry’s wife, Susan that was now reaching her third orgasm on me. After pierced a small hole on Jill’s gapped mouth, which was u*********s, Tom moved behind Susan, turned her facing him by lifting both her thigh, and swivel her body using my cock and her pussy as a pivot. Tom bent Susan forward so her mouth was in front of his cock. Susan arms were tied behind her back, so Tom have to support her body. He did it by holding her neck with one hand. Quickly he pierced a hole on her mouth with a pen (Where all the pens came from. Who cares…!) and shoved his cock into her throat until her face pressed to his pelvis then he let go his hand from her neck. Susan however managed to steal a breath when he pierced a hole but now she was panicking. The weight of her upper body was supported only by his cock inside her throat. I cum, the thrill of what just happened made me cum. On the other hand, Tom begun pushing his pelvis hard on to Susan’s face and her pussy pushed hard on my cock and it pushed my back to the wall. Suddenly my cock gains back its erection, more erect, big, and hard than before. Tom’s continuous pushing power, channeled through Susan’s vulva has stimulated my cock. Now it seems my cock was going to penetrated Susan’s bornova escort cervix. Jerry saw what was going on. So he had enough with my wife’s pussy and planned to fuck Jill’s throat. Jerry took 2 feet long black double headed dildo and slipped both heads all the way each to Jill’s pussy and asshole. He tapes it crisscross her crotch then he laid my wife on her back that pressed her bound arms on the bed.Then he forced my wife Jill to spread her leg split straight like a ballerina, which caused Jill regained her consciousness as she felt pain on her pelvis joint and shook her head in protest. Jerry eased her by massaging her clit. With her sigh, he continued his plan by wrapped her legs to a bar on the headboard with cling wrap and admired his handiwork. Then Jerry shoved his cock steadily all its eleven inch long into Jill’s mouth all the way into her throat. His pelvis pushed hard on her chin and the dildo in her crotch was pushed against the bar. Then he held it like that for a minute before allowing Jill to gasp. Jill felt like her three holes were being rammed simultaneously by three police baton sticks, and amazingly, she want it more. “Come on Jerry hit me with everything you got. Suffocated me with your cock for two minutes until I passed out Jerry. I’m sure Tim wouldn’t mind as he doesn’t have a gut doing it to me” mumbles Jill through an O-ring gag. Before Jill said another words, Jerry’s cock was already in my wife’s throat and relentlessly fucking and suffocating Jill relentlessly. Finally, he plug Jill’s throat for two minutes before he cum deep inside her throat. The last one minute, Jill was trashing her body wildly as she was dying for air. That was what Jerry wants; her desperate struggle made his cock more erect and after two minutes inside Jill’s throat it shoots its load directly into her stomach. Without mercy, Jerry kept his cock for another minute inside my u*********s wife’s throat, while caressing her fully wrapped head except for her mouth. Then Jerry yanked his cock from her mouth. It comes out with a plop, and amazingly, my wife regained her conscious. I am so relive to see that. “OK, party is over. It is three am, already. I have to meet a client at eight.” Tom announced, He pick up the fully wrapped Jenny, his wife, carry her on his shoulder, and walked home naked. The rest followed, leaving me and Jill still bound by layers of cling wrap. Crazy neighbors!

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