Sally and her Black Lover Eddie Visit Me


Sally and her Black Lover Eddie Visit MeSally and her Black Lover Eddie Visit Me[Author’s note: This is a true story. Sally and Eddie really do exist and live in Pennsylvania. Sally’s story was related to me through voice messages and e-mails and I agreed to write it down and publish it so that large, mature white women can realize that there are men in this world who appreciate and worship large women. Sometimes the worshipers are white men and other times the worshipers are black men. But, no matter what a man’s skin color, these obese women shouldn’t be ashamed of their looks and should give every suitor a chance. This is a continuation of Sally and Eddie’s story and tells what happened when they came to visit me.]PrologIn a previous story (Sally Dates a Black Man) I related how Sally met Eddie and they became lovers. I’ve stayed in touch with Sally and told her how much I enjoy having her tell me what she and Eddie do in the bedroom (and in other places). But I’ve missed seeing her and having sex with her. Recently, I found myself planning to stay at a motel near where Sally lives. I called her and asked if we could get together again. Sally told me that she would love to see me again but, since she and Eddie now have an exclusive relationship, it wouldn’t be right for her to see me alone. I really wanted to see Sally and realized that if she brought Eddie along, I might also get to see her and Eddie having sex together (which would turn me on immensely) so I suggested that both she and Eddie visit me together. That way, I could get to meet Eddie and Eddie could get to meet me. To my great relief, Sally agreed and told me that she would ask Eddie if he would like to meet me when I was at the motel.The next time that I spoke to Sally, she told me that she had asked Eddie if he would like for us to get together. She said that Eddie was agreeable and was actually interested in meeting me. I asked her if Eddie was bisexual since it’s always been my dream to be fucked by a black man and I knew that would also turn Sally on too. Unfortunately, she said that, to the best of her knowledge, Eddie was straight. I pressed her and asked if she thought that Eddie was even the least bit interested in trying bi but she said that he had never mentioned it. On the other hand, she said that Eddie did enjoy it when she put her glass dildo up his ass so perhaps he wasn’t as straight as he claimed to be.Now I was even more interested in meeting them. Not only would I get to watch Sally and Eddie having sex together which would excite me very much, I might even get to play with Eddie. I resolved that, at the least, I would get to suck on Eddie’s large uncut cock (which Sally had told me was a marvelous tool) and, with even more luck, I might get Eddie to fuck me with it. I would tell Eddie that it excites Sally to watch men fuck me and would he do it to please her. Hopefully, this would turn out to be a great evening for all of us.A little more about Sally and Eddie. Sally had been my SSBBW girlfriend. Sally and I are the same age, 70, and we both have an extremely high sex drive. I always enjoyed having sex with Sally. She is very orgasmic and would cum several times during each of our lovemaking sessions. On occasion, I would invite friends of mine to join us. Each time, Sally thoroughly enjoyed having sex with these men while I watched and she would always have several intense climaxes.Unfortunately, I had to move away and could no longer see Sally. We stayed in touch by e-mail and phone and Sally told me that she missed having a man in her life. Most of all, she missed the sex. I encouraged her to go on a dating site to find a man and she did. The first man Sally met was a young black man named Eddie. Sally said that Eddie was around 40 with short curly hair and very dark skin. Sally is a big woman, a VERY BIG woman with enormous tits and a large ass. Her size has always bothered her and she was concerned that it would turn Eddie off. But it didn’t. Eddie told Sally the she was the kind of woman that he was looking for, a much older large white woman. While Sally had never dated a black man, she and Eddie hit it off. They had a great night of sex on that first date, Sally stayed overnight at Eddie’s place, and they have been lovers ever since. Chapter 1 – Sally and Eddie ArriveI was all settled in at the motel and was waiting for Sally and Eddie to arrive. I made sure that I had ice and liquor at the ready. If Eddie was reluctant to play with me, perhaps some liquor would loosen his inhibitions. But, no matter what, I was going to get to watch Sally and Eddie playing and that alone was enough to get me excited. Every time I thought of Eddie’s black cock entering Sally’s white body, my cock would twitch. I resolved not to jerk off since I wanted to be ready to really enjoy the evening.At the appointed time, there was a knock on my door. I opened it and there stood Sally and Eddie. I invited them in. Sally gave me a big hug and I planted a big, open-mouth kiss on her lips. My tongue slipped into her mouth and, sure enough, Sally’s tongue responded. I didn’t want Eddie to get jealous so I quickly broke the kiss but not before my hand slid down and gave her marvelous ass a squeeze. Sally then said to me: “Joe, this is Eddie, my new life companion.” I turned to Eddie, extended my hand, and told him I was glad to meet him. He returned the handshake and told me that he was glad to meet me too. I felt his strong hand squeezing mine and Eddie kept the handshake going for a little longer than necessary so perhaps Eddie was a little jealous after all. This was his way of telling me that he had observed my kiss and hand on Sally’s ass and to let me know that Sally was now his woman and no longer mine.Not wanting to be confrontational, I said to Eddie “Sally has told me a lot about you and says that you’re the best thing that has even come into her life.” I stressed the word ‘come’ a little and I was sure that both Eddie and Sally got the message. “Yes” he replied “Sally is the woman that I was always looking for and now that I’ve found her, I’m never letting her go. She’s everything that I want in a woman and I hope that I’m everything she wants in a man.” “Oh yes” Sally quickly interjected “Eddie is everything I ever wanted and I love that he too has come into my life.” Sally also stressed the word come and I knew from the smile on her face that she was thinking about when Eddie cums in her. Hopefully I would soon get to see that myself. Even better, perhaps I would even get to play with Eddie before I watched him fuck her.Our play on words finished, I invited them to sit on the bed and have a drink. I hoped that a little liquor would help to loosen things up. They sat on the bed and I sat opposite them on a chair. While we sipped our drinks, I looked at Eddie. Just as Sally had told me, Eddie was young, about 40, with short curly hair, somewhat tall, and very good looking. His skin was very dark and contrasted strongly against Sally’s pale whiteness. From his handshake, I knew that Eddie was strong and, from the obvious bulge in his pants, I knew that Eddie was well endowed. Hopefully I would soon find out just how well endowed he was.We sat and sipped our drinks and made small talk. Initially Eddie had appeared somewhat tense and stressed (who wouldn’t be when meeting the man who used to be his woman’s lover) but the liquor and small talk soon had him more relaxed. But there was still some tension in the air and Eddie resolved to show me that Sally was indeed his woman. He turned toward Sally, wrapped his arms around her, and planted a big kiss on her lips. Instantly Sally responded, opening her mouth and slipping her tongue into Eddie’s mouth. They kissed deeply and I watched their tongues play back and forth. As they kissed, Eddie brought his hand up to Sally’s large breast and began to caress and fondle it.I was thrilled to see Sally and Eddie kissing and Eddie feeling Sally up. This is what I had hoped would happen and, sure enough, they were starting to give me the show that I was looking for. I was sure it would go a lot further before the night was through. With any luck, I might even persuade them to stay for the night and leave in the morning. Who knows what might happen between now and then? Now it was Sally’s turn to show me that Eddie was her man and how much she enjoyed being with him. As Eddie fondled her breast, she moaned and, while still kissing him, moved her hand to his crotch and began to rub up and down. They knew that I was watching and so they kept kissing and fondling each other. I, in turn, was in heaven. I was seeing the woman that used to be mine now in the hands of a strong, young, virile black man. What made it even more exciting is that Sally is 70 and is still as sexual and active as a woman half her age. I was sure that I was going to get a real show tonight. “Beautiful” I murmured, “I love watching the two of you together.”Chapter 2 – I play with EddieI continued to watch Sally and Eddie kissing and making out, mesmerized by the experience. The darkness of Eddie against Sally’s whiteness was such a turn-on. And the contrast in their ages made it even more exciting. I knew that Sally was enjoying showing off Eddie to me and Eddie was demonstrating that he was in control. I didn’t care who was in control as long as I got to play with Eddie and to see the two of them playing with each other.Finally they broke the kiss and returned to their drinks. “Well” Sally asked me, “What did you think of that?” “I think that the two of you look perfect together and hopefully you’ll show me even more before the night is through.” I replied. I then asked: “Sally, did you ever tell Eddie how much it used to turn you on to watch me playing with other men?” “Yes” she replied. “I told Eddie that you used to bring other men over to your place and I would watch them fuck you. That always got me very excited.” I turned to Eddie and asked: “Well Eddie, what do you think about that? Did you ever think about you playing with another man?” “No” Eddie replied. “I’ve always been straight and only fooled around with women. But Sally tells me that you’re bisexual. Are you thinking about playing with me?” “Yes Eddie, I’ve thought about it a lot. I’ve never been with a black man before and it’s very exciting for me to watch you and Sally together. But it would also be very exciting if I could get to play with you and have Sally watch. You know that really turns her on. How about it? Are you game?”“I don’t know Joe, that’s a big step for me. I’ve never done anything with a man before. But if Sally wants to watch us together, I’ll do anything to please her. Is that what you want Sally?” “Yes” was Sally’s one word reply. And, with that one word, I knew that I was going to get fucked by a black man before the night was through.“We’ve got on a lot of clothes. Sally, how about if I watch Eddie undress you and then you can watch me undress Eddie? Would that be OK?” I asked. “Sure” she replied. “Eddie, would you please help me to get more comfortable?” With that, they both stood up and Eddie again kissed her, a long and deep and passionate kiss. His hands moved up and down on her ample ass and I knew he was giving me a show. Then he began to unbutton her blouse. He took it off and reached around to unhook her bra. From the way he easily took it off, I knew that he was now an expert at that. Soon Sally’s enormous breasts with very large areolas and nipples were exposed. Her nipples were already hard but Eddie bent down, took one nipple in his mouth and began sucking on it while fondling the other one with his fingers. Sally moaned with pleasure and I could see her nipple getting even bigger and harder. Sally had already removed her shoes and Eddie now put both hands on the waistband of her pants and slid them down. Simultaneously, he also pulled down her panties. He was showing me just how experienced he was at undressing Sally. As he came back up, he slipped his middle finger deep into Sally’s pussy and began massaging her. Sally shivered and reached out to steady herself. I knew that Eddie was going to make her cum. In just a few moments, Sally cried out: “Oh Eddie, Eddie, you’re making me cum. Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop.” With that, she tensed up and her body convulsed in an intense climax.“Would the two of you like some help?” I asked. Without waiting for an answer, I moved toward them and began sucking on Sally’s nipple as Eddie continued to finger her. Soon Sally had another climax. I slid my hand down Sally’s belly, into her slit, and found her clit. It was big and distended and I started to rub little circles on it, the way I always used to do. I knew that would really excite her. With that, Sally had her third climax.We stopped to give Sally a rest. When Eddie took his finger out of Sally’s pussy, I took hold of his wrist and sucked on his finger. Sally’s pussy juice tasted wonderful and I kept sucking on Eddie’s finger. It was now time for me to make my move. With my other hand, adapazar escort I began rubbing his crotch. For a man who said he was straight, I could feel his cock growing in his pants. I kept sucking on his finger and rubbing his crotch as Sally watched, fascinated. She had seen me with other men before but never with her new black lover. I resolved to give them both a good show.I was tempted to kiss Eddie but I didn’t think that he was ready for that yet. Rather than break the mood, I just reached around and fondled his ass. His ass cheeks were firm, just like the rest of him. I then unbuckled his pants, pulled down the zipper, and slid his pants and underpants down. Instantly his cock popped out, straight and big and hard. His cock was everything that Sally said it was. The shaft was big and thick and dark. Since Eddie was already excited (who said that he wasn’t bi?), the uncut foreskin now covered only part of the head which was also dark. Under the foreskin, I could see that the ridge at the bottom of the head was big and I wondered how I was ever going to take it all in my ass but I would worry about that later. I knelt before him so that I could worship his cock. I reached around to again hold his now bare ass cheeks. I wasn’t going to let him pull away although I knew that he wouldn’t. Gently I put my lips against the tip of his cock and slipped it into my mouth. For the first time in my life, I was sucking on a black cock, a big black uncut cock, and I wasn’t going to stop. Being careful not to sc**** him with my teeth, I began to suck on him. Eddie’s cock was big but I did manage to get it into my mouth. I sucked on it and was able to draw the foreskin forward. Then I took my hand, wrapped it around that enormous long shaft, and pulled the foreskin back. I had never done that with a man before and I was thrilled. I never realized just how much fun it is to play with an uncircumcised cock but I was now finding out. I continued to play with the foreskin, moving it back and forth over the head of Eddie’s cock with my suction and my hand. Sally had told me that she does that to Eddie all the time and he loves it. From the way that he started to buck and move, I could see that Sally was right. In and out, I sucked on his marvelous cock. Just like me, Sally had told me that Eddie has a soft, sensitive spot just under the head so I slid the foreskin back and massaged it with my tongue. Eddie’s response was to moan softly and I knew that I was getting to him. I’ve been told that I’m a good cock-sucker and I resolved to give it my best for Eddie’s first male blowjob.Sally had told me that Eddie has nice balls and I wanted to find out for myself. I took my right hand off his ass cheek and gently grasped the sack. It was big and full and I knew that it must have a lot of cum in it. Hopefully it had enough cum in it for several climaxes because the night was young and I had a lot planned for us.Chapter 3 – Eddie Fucks MeSally had moved so she could watch me playing with Eddie. I knew that my sucking on Eddie’s cock had really turned her on. She pressed her legs against my back and started massaging my shoulders. She was now facing Eddie and he reached out to fondle her big breasts. He took them in his hands and began rubbing his fingers over the erect nipples. Sally was now so turned on that she took her right hand off my shoulder, slipped it into her slit, and began gently rubbing little circles on her clit. All three of us were now involved; me sucking Eddie’s big uncut cock, Eddie massaging Sally’s massive breasts, and Sally rubbing circles on her engorged clit. I was hoping that Eddie wouldn’t cum because I wanted him to save that for my ass and he didn’t. But Sally did cum. Her magic finger on her clit brought on her fourth climax, just as intense as the prior ones. She started to lose her balance and had to reach out and hold on to Eddie. At this point we all decided to take a break.Sally and Eddie sat down on the bed and Eddie removed the rest of his clothes. At this point, I too got undressed. After all, I didn’t want to be the only dressed person in the room. I suggested that we return to our drinks and talk for a while. As we sat, I asked Eddie what he thought about getting his first male blowjob. He said that, except for the psychological aspect of it, it really wasn’t any different from getting a blowjob from a woman. He did tell me that I had sucked his cock really well although he did make a point of telling Sally that she too sucks his cock well and he really enjoys it when she does. Not only was Eddie young, handsome, and virile, he was a diplomat too. “Well Sally, what did you think about seeing me sucking on your lover’s cock?” I asked. “Joe, that really turned me on, especially seeing how much you and Eddie were enjoying it. Are you going to suck it some more and make him cum or do you want Eddie to use it differently on you?” she asked. I told them that, if Eddie didn’t mind, I wanted him to slip it into my ass and fuck me. “What do you think Eddie, are you up for it?” I asked. “I don’t know.” was Eddie’s reply. “I’ve never fucked a man in the ass before.” “It’s just like anal sex with a woman.” I told him. “Close your eyes and you won’t know the difference. What do you think Sally, would you like to see Eddie top me?”Sally told us that she was very turned on by what she had already seen but that it would be especially nice if Eddie would fuck me because she knew that I had never been fucked by a black man. With that, we all agreed that Eddie would give it a try. But first he wanted Sally to suck on him to get him hard again while I got ready.I got out a rubber and some lube. Sally sat on the edge of the bed and Eddie stood before her. His cock was still semi-erect and the foreskin was again covering the head. Fascinated, I watched as Sally gently took that big black rod into her mouth and started sucking on it. Instantly Eddie started to stiffen and grow. I stood there transfixed by what I was seeing. Here was my former lover sucking on a big black cock while I watched her doing it. Sally, who up to the recent past had never even thought about dating a black man, was now eagerly sucking on his tool and enjoying every second of it. I too was enjoying it. Like I had previously done, she reached up, took his balls in her hand and gently massaged them.“Careful” I warned her “You don’t want Eddie cumming yet.” She momentarily stopped what she was doing and admonished me: “Don’t worry. I have lots of experience sucking on Eddie’s cock and I know how to bring him to a full erection without making him cum. They’ll be plenty of cum for him to pump deep into your ass-pussy, you sissy little girl. Maybe I should have Eddie fuck you bareback, just like he does when he ass-fucks me so that you can feel the full effect of taking a black man’s seed into your sissy white ass. How about it Eddie, do you want to fuck him bareback?”Suddenly it was Sally who was in charge. Not only was Sally directing the action, she was putting me in my place, calling me a sissy little girl. Not that I didn’t have a fem side. In the past, whenever Sally watched other men fuck me, she would call me Josephine and say that I was a sissy little girl. Sometimes she would even make me put on nylons and panties and a slip before I got fucked. She would then fasten a set of pearls around my neck and all that would make me very docile and submissive. But I didn’t need to be docile and submissive today. I wanted Eddie to fuck me and secretly I hoped that he would fuck me bareback so that I could really take his seed into my body and be his bitch. Since they were in an exclusive relationship and Sally was taking Eddie’s cum into her body multiple ways, I wasn’t worried about an STD so I hoped that Eddie wouldn’t mind fucking me bareback.Eddie seemed a little surprised at me being referred to as Josephine but Sally reminded him that when other men had taken me, I was in a fem mode called Josephine. She told Eddie to refer to me as Josephine, fuck me bareback, and to use me like a woman. Eddie promised that he would. Sally continued to suck on Eddie’s cock while I kneeled on the bed. When he was big and hard (that didn’t take long) she got up, put the rubber aside, and proceeded to lube up his cock. Sally then put a generous amount of lube on my ass hole. To get me ready for Eddie, she slipped her finger into the hole and started moving it around. She began to slide it in and out. Sally mentioned that I was very tight and should relax so I could accept Eddie’s cock into me. “How can I relax when it’s so big and I’m so tight?” I asked. “I can easily take Eddie’s cock in my ass.” was her reply. “Now don’t be a silly girl and protest. You’re going to take him and not complain. Do you understand?” “Yes, Mistress Sally, Josephine will obey you and take all of Eddie without complaining. I promise.”By now I was kneeling on the bed with my ass hanging over the edge. Eddie stepped up to me, held my hips with his strong hands, and pressed his tool against me. An electric thrill ran through me. I was going to get fucked by an uncut black man for the first time, he wasn’t wearing a rubber, and he was going to fill me with his seed. The tip of his cock soon found its target and he began to press forward. Feeling his hands holding my hips and knowing that I had to take it, I let myself get into a submissive, docile mode. After all, it was my secret desire to be fucked by a black man and now it was happening. I relaxed and waited. The head of Eddie’s big cock started to enter me. It hurt. But I had promised Sally that I wouldn’t complain and she was sitting next to me, holding me and encouraging me to be brave. “Relax, open your mouth and breath in and out that way.” she explained. “That’s what I do it when Eddie ass-fucks me and I can take all of it so Josephine can too.” I relaxed and did what Sally told me. Eddie kept pressing forward. It continued to hurt but I knew that it would until I got used to it. To make it a little easier to enter me, Eddie had slid back the foreskin. Once the big ridge at the base of the head passed my ass muscle, it got a little better. More and more of his shaft was going into me. Soon I felt Eddie’s balls slapping against mine and I knew that he was fully in me. He held it there for a while and, as my body got used to that massive invasion, the discomfort abated.Eddie began to stroke in and out. Again the pain returned but it soon dissipated as I got used to it. His hands continued to hold my hips as Sally rubbed my shoulders. My secret dream had come true: I was being fucked by a black man and loving it. “That’s a good little girl Josephine. You’re taking all of Eddie’s cock and not complaining. What a good little girl you are. You’re making Mistress Sally very proud.” Then Sally turned to Eddie. “How does it feel to be fucking this sissy white girl?” she asked. “You’re right Sally, it feels just like when I’m fucking you. But ‘she’s’ so tight, I don’t think that I can hold off for long. Do you want me to cum?” “Yes” both Sally and I cried out in unison.Eddie continued to stroke in and out of me. Then, to help him along, Sally reached out and took Eddie’s balls in her hand. She began to fondle them and run her finger along the ridge that runs from below his balls to his asshole. That’s all that it took. I felt Eddie getting even larger and harder. He pressed forward all the way into me and, with a sharp intake of breath and a loud cry, Eddie came. I could feel that first spurt of hot cum going into me, followed by several more intense spurts as Sally massaged his balls and helped to empty him. From what Sally had told me, Eddie often has ten or eleven spasms before he’s completely spent. Without the rubber, I could feel every spurt of hot cum going into my body, filling me, and truly making Josephine his sissy white bitch. And while I enjoyed being filled with his seed, I hoped that he still had more cum left in him as I wanted to watch him fucking Sally.“How did you like fucking Josephine?” Sally asked Eddie. “Well, ‘her’ ass was really tight, tighter than you, but it felt the same as when I’m in your ass so I guess that it’s the same. But I’m no fag, I’m still straight.” was Eddie’s explanation. But both Sally and I knew that Eddie could now swing both ways, no matter how he explained it. Hopefully there would be future meetings with Sally and Eddie and hopefully Josephine would get the chance to feel more of Eddie’s hot cum filling her ass-pussy. “What a good little girl you are. You took Eddie’s big cock without complaining. Now Josephine is Eddie’s woman, just like Sally,” I had never thought about it that way but, at that instant I realized, just like Sally is Eddie’s white woman bitch, Josephine (me) is now Eddie’s white sissy bitch.Eddie pulled out of me and went into the bathroom to clean up. I follow him. I could feel his spunk dripping out of my now-distended ass. “You made a lot of cum and I can feel it all in me.” I told him. “I always do.” was his reply. escort adapazarı “Well, I hope you still have some more in you. After all, you need to take care of Sally too.” “Don’t worry, I’m always good for several rounds.” “I’m sure you are, I’m sure you are.” was my admiring reply. And admiring it was. Here was a young black man with a large uncut cock, always ready to fuck. And big mature Sally was the lucky recipient of this fantastic black stud. I knew, just like Sally had told me, that she would never go back to a white man again. She may let me fuck her but I would never be as good as Eddie when it came to satisfying her insatiable sexual thirst. Chapter 4 – Sally’s TurnNow it was Sally’s turn. I was sure that Sally had really enjoyed watching Eddie fuck me, especially since he had fucked me bareback. From past experience, I knew that watching me get fucked really turns her on. Not that Sally ever needed being turned on. When I was with Sally, she had always been ready for sex, any time and any place. Now, with her young black lover, she was even more ready. When they had both arrived, I could see just how young and vibrant she looked. She certainly didn’t look 70 and it appeared that even her aches and pains had abated. There was a spring in her step and a twinkle in her eye. But why not? She was getting the best sex in her life several times a week from a man who adored her and would do anything for her. What more could she want?After we had rested for a while, I asked Eddie if he was ready for more. He told me that he was always ready and what did I have in mind. I told him that I knew that he and Sally had sex often and I would be very interested in watching them. I knew that Sally had been very turned on by watching Eddie fuck me so I was sure that she wanted to play. I told them to do whatever they wanted and I would watch.Just like at the beginning of the evening, Sally and Eddie were sitting next to each other on the bed. Only this time, they were both naked. Again Eddie put his arm around Sally and gave her a big kiss. And again, Sally opened her mouth and proceeded to kiss Eddie back, their tongues working together. Immediately, I saw Eddie’s erection start to rise. In just a few moments, he was again hard as a rock, the head of his penis out from the foreskin and all big and distended. Without hesitation, Sally reached down and took his stiff cock in her hand and began to stroke the turgid shaft up and down. Without missing a beat, Eddie reached up and began to fondle Sally’s tit, searching for and rubbing her erect nipple between his two fingers.Watching them kiss was even more erotic than at the beginning of the evening. With them both naked, I could look at the contrast of their skin, Sally’s white hand around Eddie’s dark shaft and Eddie’s dark hand on Sally’s pale breast. Even watching them kiss was very erotic. Eddie has very big lips and they appeared to totally envelope Sally’s mouth. Again, the darkness of his complexion against Sally’s paleness was extremely exciting.At one time, Sally had told me that she would be reluctant to be with and kiss a black man. But there was no reluctance now. Rather, she appeared to be devouring Eddie, her kisses all over his face, her hand firmly grasping and stoking his cock. Before Sally had met Eddie, I mentioned to her the old adage: Once you go black, you’ll never go back. After she met Eddie and had sex with him, she reminded me of what I had said and told me that it was indeed true. While she had enjoyed sex with me, she absolutely loved sex with Eddie, her permanent black lover. She said that she would never go back to having sex with a white man over a black man. And, from the way that they were going at it, I knew that to be the case.After they had been kissing for a while, Eddie had Sally lay back on the bed with him beside her. He then proceeded to alternate between kissing her lips and kissing and sucking on Sally’s big breasts. Sally loved it and moaned in appreciation. Then, I saw him slip his finger into Sally’s now dripping pussy, put his thumb on her clit, and begin to massage it. In seconds, Sally had yet another climax, her legs clamping together on Eddie’s hand.Even though I was just supposed to watch, seeing them together was too much for me. As soon as Eddie withdrew his hand, I kneeled down at the foot of the bed and got between Sally’s legs. My mouth enveloped her clit and I began to gently suck on it. From past experience, I knew Sally loved that. Sure enough, she again began to moan. “That’s it Joe, that’s it. Keep doing it. Keep doing it. A little more, a little more. I’m going to cum.” I continued to suck on that erect little knob of flesh and, sure enough, Sally reached down, held my head firmly against her pussy, and clamped her large fleshy thighs around my head as she had yet another climax.I wasn’t sure what Eddie’s reaction would be to me playing with Sally but, frankly, at this point I didn’t care. He had had his fun with me and now he was about to fuck Sally. All I wanted was a little piece of the action. “I hope you didn’t mind me helping myself to Sally’s pussy. It was all open and looked so inviting that I just had to have a taste.” I told him. “Oh, I don’t mind white boy. But let me show you how it’s really done by a Black Master.” he replied. Eddie now replaced me between Sally’s open thighs. His large mouth clamped itself on her pussy as he also began sucking on her turgid clit. I could see him moving both his mouth and his tongue in a rhythmic motion as he held Sally’s hips. Instantly Sally began to thrash around as his very talented tongue went to work. “Oh Eddie, Oh Eddie, Eddie. I’m cumming again.” In seconds Sally had yet another violent climax. But it didn’t stop there. Eddie kept sucking on Sally’s clit and Sally kept cumming and cumming and cumming. The two of them never stopped. I was beginning to understand why Sally had said that she would never leave Eddie and she hoped that he would never leave her.After a few minutes of intense climaxes, Eddie showed me why he was her always-ready black lover. Lifting himself up off the floor, he slid up on Sally’s body. Sally knew just what to expect and she lifted her legs high and spread them wide. I could see that Eddie’s pole had stayed long and rigid and hard. Fascinated, I watched as the now-exposed large head of his cock found her hole. With a single fluid motion, he started to slowly enter Sally, deeper and deeper and deeper until he had buried its entire length in her and his balls were against her ass. Sally let out a gasp of surprise as he filled her, more than I ever had, but didn’t complain. Instead she wrapped her legs around Eddie’s back as he began to stroke in and out of her. In only a moment more, she had yet another climax. His big, long, hard cock could bring Sally off like no other man could.But Eddie didn’t stop. He kept stroking in and out of Sally. Each stroke brought on sighs of pleasure and enjoyment from Sally. Expertly he kept it up, alternating between long and slow strokes and short fast strokes. He was a fuck machine and Sally was receiving the benefit of a young virile black man in the prime of his sexual prowess. Minute after minute Eddie kept fucking Sally and Sally kept telling him just how much she was enjoying all that he was doing to her. Meanwhile, I marveled, watching his big black cock going in and out of her white body. There was something just so erotic about watching this young black man on top of this very large older white woman with his cock filling her and Sally enjoying it so much.“When are you going to cum?” I asked him. “Oh, I can go for an hour if I want to. I’m not ready to cum just yet. I’m going to enjoy all the pleasure that I can get from Sally’s sweet pussy.” And Eddie continued to pump Sally with his unstoppable tool. I wondered just how long Eddie really could go and then I got an idea.I was sure that Eddie could hold off as long as he wanted but I was going to speed things up. Not that I wasn’t enjoying watching Eddie continue to fuck Sally. Rather, it was the most erotic thing that I had ever seen, even better than when I had watched my other friends fuck her. It was just that Eddie, having fucked me and now fucking Sally, thought that he was in complete control of the situation. I was going to change that a little.Retrieving the tube of lube that was on the table, I spread a generous amount of lube on the middle finger of my right hand. Quietly stepping up next to Eddie’s ass, I used my left hand to spread his ass cheeks while, at the same time, I found my mark and quickly thrust my lubricated finger all the way up his ass. Eddie froze in mid-stroke. “What are you doing?” he cried out in amazement. “Just helping you to cum” was my reply. “Now just relax and enjoy what I’m doing to you. I’m going to rub your prostate gland and give you the most intense climax that you’ve ever had in your life. Bet no one else has ever done this to you while you were fucking. You’re going to love it.”With that, my finger searched for his prostate gland. As would be expected for a young man, it wasn’t enlarged. But it was there and I began to stroke it with my finger through the wall of his rectum. “How does that feel?” I asked. “Nice” was his one-word reply. “Good, now you go back to fucking Sally while I stroke you at the same time. You’re going to love the combination.” Having recovered from the initial shock of having a foreign finger shoved up his ass, Eddie relaxed and again began stroking in and out of Sally, only this time at a slower and more measured pace. I followed that pace, my finger rubbing the prostate at the same rate.Now it was I who was in control. I knew that, no matter how hard Eddie tried, he couldn’t hold off cumming, not with his cock buried deep in Sally’s pussy and my finger up his ass stimulating his prostate gland. In just a few moments, I felt him beginning to tense up. “Stop, stop” he cried. “You’re going to make me cum.” “That’s OK Eddie, just relax and enjoy the feeling. You can’t hold back any longer so just let yourself cum. You’re going to really enjoy this climax.” And, with my words of permission, Eddie made one last thrust deep into Sally, again cried out, and came.I could see Eddie’s ass cheeks contracting with each spasm. And I could see his balls contracting each time that he pumped more cum into Sally. At the same time, I could feel cum flowing through the seminal tubes and moving past his prostate gland. It was an incredible feeling for me and I’m sure that it was incredible for Eddie too. Not to be left out, Sally, knowing what I was doing and feeling Eddie thrust deeply into her and start pumping her full of cum, had a climax too. It was probably the most intense climax that either of them had ever had.After we had all separated, I asked him: “Well Eddie, how did that feel?” “Wow, that was fantastic. Where did you learn to do that?” he asked. “See Eddie, us old folks have learned some tricks that you young people don’t know about yet. I’ve got some more tricks I can show you after we give Sally a little rest. I’m sure Sally is eager for more and the night is still young. Are you looking for more Sally?” Sally’s affirmative nod and big grin was all the answer that I needed.Chapter 5 – A Few More Tricks with SallyAfter we had all rested for a while and had more to drink, I asked them if they were ready for more. Both Sally and Eddie agreed that they could go for another round. This time, Eddie would fuck her from behind. First Sally started by stroking Eddie’s cock to get it hard. In seconds he was erect. While she was stroking him, I got between his legs and took his turgid tool into my mouth. I could taste the combination of Sally’s pussy juice and Eddie’s spunk on his cock and it tasted wonderful. “Suck that cock Josephine” Eddie commanded, remembering how Sally had called me Josephine. “Yes, Master Eddie” I replied. “I’ll suck it as long as you want. Just don’t cum because I want you to cum in Sally again.” “Don’t worry, I’ve got plenty of cum still in me and Josephine hasn’t tasted a black man’s cum yet. Keep sucking my cock and I’ll give you a big present.”I knew exactly what Eddie meant but I also knew that it would be fruitless to protest. If I said no, both Sally and Eddie would admonish me and insist that I take his cum in my mouth anyway. Besides, I wanted to taste his cum and this was the perfect opportunity. After all, just how much cum could he have left in him? I soon found out. I continued to suck on Eddie’s big lollipop while Sally began to massage his balls. In a little while, I felt a few drops of pre-cum in my mouth, thin and watery. How could this be? Eddie had cum in my ass and had pumped a gigantic load of cum into Sally’s pussy. Did he still have more in him?I kept sucking on Eddie and Sally kept massaging his balls. Then Eddie said to me: “Josephine, put your finger up my ass again like you did before. I liked that.” So he did like it! Perhaps Eddie was more bisexual than any of us thought. adapazarı escort bayan His ass was still lubed from the last time that my finger had been there so I inserted my finger all the way in, found his prostate gland, and again began rubbing it in time with my sucking. Instantly I felt Eddie’s cock get bigger and harder in my mouth. I knew that I was soon going to taste a black man’s cum for the first time and I was eager for it. He didn’t disappoint me. In a few moments, I felt those contractions welling up through his cock and got a surprisingly big mouthful of cum. I swallowed it. Now Josephine had a black man’s cum in both her ass-pussy and her stomach. Guess that doubly made me his sissy white bitch. I thought that Eddie was done for a while but his cock never went down. Now Sally lay on her side and lifted up her leg. Eddie got behind her massive ass cheeks and slipped his cock between her legs. Ever to be helpful, I guided his tool into her pussy. I had never been too successful at fucking Sally that way because my cock isn’t long enough. But Eddie had no trouble, not only entering Sally but also going in deep. She grunted in approval as he entered her and began pumping her. This time it took Sally longer to cum because her clit wasn’t getting any stimulation. I took care of that by lying down facing her and sucking on her clit while Eddie fucked her pussy. I thought that Eddie might be upset because I was again playing with Sally but he didn’t seem to mind. Rather, he told me to keep doing it and to help Sally cum.In a few minutes, Sally did cum as Eddie kept pumping her from behind. I asked him if he needed a finger up his ass again to make him cum but he told me that he would cum on his own. Sure enough, he was soon filling her pussy with yet another load of cream. When he pulled out, Sally lay on her back. I could see his creampie starting to ooze out of her. “Lick it up, Josephine” he commanded me. Why not? After all, I had already swallowed his cum. What’s a little more? Obediently, I began to lap up his cum and Sally’s pussy juice. It tasted delicious. Besides, I had a plan of my own to show Eddie that Josephine wasn’t just a sissy and that Joe could also fuck Sally. And if he didn’t like it, well, that’s just too bad.After I had licked up all the cream from Sally’s pussy, I slid up on her body and just lay there on top of her. It felt good to have Sally under me again. Sally must have enjoyed it too and realized what I was going to do. I held myself up by my arms and looked at Sally questioningly. She looked back at me and nodded. Then she took her fingers and began to massage my nipples. In the past, that always made me hard and it did so again. I slid down a little and my cock entered Sally’s slit. I maneuvered my cock into her vaginal opening and pressed forward. Sally was so lubricated from her pussy juice and Eddie’s cum that my cock easily entered her. I pressed in as much as I could. I knew it would never be like Eddie but I did the best that I could.Eddie, who had been lying beside Sally, suddenly realized what was happening and protested to Sally that no one else was supposed to fuck her beside him. I knew that Eddie would take offense but I had to be in Sally again. “It’s OK Eddie” Sally told him. “Joe’s a very old friend who gave me comfort and encouragement when I didn’t think that any man would be interested in an old fat woman. He deserves to enjoy me again. Besides, you’re my lover now and I would never cheat on you with anyone else. Just let Joe fuck me for old time’s sake.” Eddie pouted a little but did nothing to stop us.Now it was my turn to please Sally. I knew that I could never be as good as Eddie but I would give it my best. I had been holding off all night and I was ready to cum. But I wanted to prolong it as much as possible and enjoy the feeling of being in Sally’s pussy once more. It felt good although I realized that, from having Eddie’s big cock in her so often, it was a little more stretched out than I remembered. Good. That way I wouldn’t cum too fast and I could give Sally another nice fucking. I was sure that I would make her cum several times, just like Eddie does, before I had to unload my seed in her. I began a nice easy stroking in and out of her. I told her just how good it felt and how happy I was that she was giving me an opportunity to have sex with her again. I had planned on pumping Sally for a long time before I came. But Eddie had other ideas. As soon as I entered her, he got up and picked up the tube of lube. He lubed up his middle finger and came up behind me. Just as I had done to him, he spread my ass cheeks, found my asshole, and plunged his finger deep into my body, asking me: “How does that feel, white boy?” That was it. There was no need to answer. I knew that I couldn’t hold off. As soon as his finger went in, I began to feel my orgasm rising in me. With a loud yell, I popped. All my saved up cum (which wasn’t nearly as much as Eddie makes) flowed into Sally. She hadn’t cum yet so I continued to stroke in and out of her with my rapidly-softening cock. Sally kept encouraging me and, knowing that Eddie had forced me to cum by fingering my ass soon brought on her orgasm. Eddie had won. He had showed me that he was still the Master and that Sally was his and his alone.With my pathetic attempt at sex over, Eddie indicated that it was time to leave. I was crushed. I wanted more. I was sure that Sally also wanted more. I implored them to stay for the night. The room had a king-size bed and I assure them that there was room for all three of us on it. Sally cautioned Eddie that we all had consumed a lot of alcohol and it might not be a good idea to drive. So, with Sally’s encouragement, Eddie agreed to stay for the night. I was elated. I had always dreamed of spending a night with Sally and another man. It was now going to happen.Chapter 6 – The Next MorningBy now we agreed that it was pretty late and we should go to sleep. Sally lay on the bed in the middle with Eddie and me on each side of her. It was hard to fall asleep but I turned out the lights and lay there. We both reached out and took Sally’s breasts in our hands. We fell asleep massaging and kissing Sally. She, in turn, fell asleep holding each of our cocks in her hands.It was hard to stay asleep. Soon afterward, I woke up and decided to again play a little with Sally. I reached down to finger-fuck her. To my surprise, Eddie’s hand was already there, fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit. Sally was moaning contentedly. I slipped my finger in alongside Eddie’s but it wasn’t really that good. Then I remembered that Sally is very rectally sensitive. Taking that well-used tube of lube again, I lubed up my middle finger and slipped it under Sally. She knew what I was going to do and raised up her hips to give me access. I slid my middle finger into Sally’s ass and put my thumb into her pussy. I moved my fingers around, rubbing both her vagina and rectum at the same time. Seeing what I was doing, Eddie moved up to Sally’s clit and began to rub little circles on it. That was all it took. In seconds, Sally had yet another of her intense orgasms, clamping her legs together and crying out in total ecstasy. We both had done well and Sally was a very satisfied woman.We continued this way throughout the night. At one point, I woke up and decided to fuck Sally again. I figured that, with Eddie asleep, I could fuck Sally longer before I had to cum. Thinking that I was going to fuck her again got me semi-hard. I got on top of her. Sally woke up and obligingly spread her legs and began rubbing my nipples. I slid in and quietly began stroking in and out. I didn’t want to wake up Eddie. But Eddie did wake up.He didn’t say a word. Instead he reached for the tube of lube again. The next thing I knew, he was behind me and I felt his hard prick pressing between my ass cheeks. How did he get so hard so quickly or did Eddie always have a perpetual erection? Who knows? Who cares? What I did know was that I was being ass-fucked again and I was sandwiched between Eddie and Sally. I stopped moving and let Eddie enter me fully. I must have been getting used to it because, even without extra lubricant, I didn’t have too much trouble taking all of Eddie’s big cock in me. I held still and let Eddie fuck me. I knew that if I started pumping Sally again, I would cum and I didn’t want that. So I just let Eddie have his way with me.Meanwhile, Sally was thrilled. She knew what was happening and kept encouraging Eddie, telling him “Fuck her Eddie, fuck her. Make Josephine your sissy bitch again. Fill her ass-pussy with your cum.” And Eddie, always prepared to please Sally in any way that he could, did fuck Josephine again. After what seemed an eternity (how could he hold off from cumming for so long?), I heard him grunt and press that long, thick shaft deep into me. Again I felt those wonderful spurts of his seed being pumped deep into my very willing body. At that, I came and so did Sally.We finally did fall asleep and stayed asleep until the morning. When we woke up, Eddie was ready again (as usual) so I sucked him to get him extra hard and watched him fuck Sally missionary style. No matter how much I had watched him fucking Sally the night before, I still marveled at seeing his black cock in Sally’s white body. I held no animosity toward Eddie. I knew that they had both found what they wanted and I was happy for both of them.Finally it was time to get up and move on. But, before we got out of bed, Sally told us that she had one last treat for us. I knew what that was. Sally always ended our overnight lovemaking sessions by giving me a blowjob. Now she was going to give us both blowjobs and I was going to get to watch her sucking Eddie off. I had never seen her give Eddie a full blowjob (although she had told me that she had blown Eddie on their first night together) so I was eager to see it in person.Sally got between Eddie’s legs and took his already-hard cock in her hands. Did I mention that Eddie is always hard and ready? She slid Eddie’s foreskin back and took the big knob of his prick in her mouth. I watched as she alternately used her mouth and hands to slide the foreskin back and forth over the head. How I wished that I was uncut so that she could do that to me. Eddie kept telling her how much he was enjoying it and to keep doing it that way. His words and approving moans spurred Sally on. Minute after minute she kept sucking on his black candy cane. I wondered how she could do it without her jaws getting tired but Sally was now an expert cock-sucker, especially on one particular black cock.Finally, after what seemed an eternity, Eddie grunted and came again. I could see Sally’s cheeks getting full and she swallowed his cum, once, twice, three times. How could he still have so much cum in him? Sally was very happy. She had related to me that, after the first time she swallowed Eddie’s cum on the first night they were together, she always looked forward to her morning treat before she left Eddie’s apartment to return to her family. She wished that she could live with Eddie full time but that can’t be.With her mouth still lubed from Eddie’s cum, Sally took my cock in her mouth. The blowjob was good and swift as I couldn’t hold off as long as Eddie. When it was done, Sally told me how much she had enjoyed blowing me again. I appreciated her kind words but I knew that they didn’t ring true. I had lost Sally to Eddie and I could never regain her back. But that didn’t matter. I had seen them together (which thrilled me) and I was happy for both of them. As I had said once before, theirs is a match made in heaven … sexual heaven that is.EpilogA few days after our fantastic night of sexual adventure, Sally called me. After they got back to Eddie’s place, they talked about the meeting. Eddie admitted to Sally that initially he had been a little jealous about sharing Sally with another man. But he agreed that I had been a special person in Sally’s life when she needed support and encouragement so it had been OK for me to meet with them. He also acknowledged that it was me who released Sally from her sexual inhibitions, taught her a lot about sex, and showed her what an orgasmic person she is. Without my encouragement, he never would have met her.A little later, Eddie mentioned to Sally that he had liked his first man-to-man experience and had really enjoyed fucking me. He stressed to her that he wasn’t bisexual or gay (yeah, right!) but that he wouldn’t mind having me visit them again so long as, with Sally’s approval, he could play with me. Sally assured him that she appreciated his open-minded attitude toward meeting me and was thrilled to watch him use me like a woman. They agreed that the next time I was going to be in Pennsylvania, they would invite me over to Eddie’s apartment to spend the night. They only have a queen-size bed but Sally assured Eddie that all three of us can fit on it and she will be incredibly happy to have a man sleeping on each side of her.I can’t wait until I’m back in Pennsylvania again.The End(For now)[Author’s note: Please look for more adventures of Sally, Eddie, and me in the future as they occur. Since these are true stories, they have to wait until I can get to visit with them again.]

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